Chapter 92 – There really is Ghost

Miserable shrieks that caused one’s blood to run cold were transmitted from a distant place. It sounded like someone was ripped apart by unknown huge creatures. Xiao Chen and the gang looked at each other in dismay, the ancient city was getting more and more terrifying, yet they hadn’t encountered one of those hideous organism or demonic creature that roamed about in the ghost town from beginning to end. They knew once they did, they will inevitably be caught up in a life and death situation.

“Can we…… really get away from here?” The extraordinarily beautiful Rowena broke out in cold sweat, her face was somewhat pale.

“Maybe.” Xiao Chen seriously had no idea, this ghost town was clearly enclosed by an extremely incredible ancient spell. Otherwise it was impossible for them to get lost all the time.


A miserable shriek resounded from the main street not far away, Lawrence quickly flew over there, and surveyed the surrounding from an alley. After that, his face suddenly twisted, he flew back and shouted, “Not good! I saw those Yin Warriors are also making their moves now.”

They saw several hundreds of Yin Warrior and Celestial Warrior when they entered the ancient city earlier, they seemed like ancient fossils. They once turned a blind eye to numerous practitioners, but they are making their moves now, this is definitely not a good news.

Xiao Chen walked to the other end of the alley to survey, he merely saw two Yin Warriors dragging the corpse of a few practitioners toward a distant location. It seemed like they didn’t spend a great deal of effort to eliminate those practitioners. This is really too terrifying.

“We must think of something, this city is too dangerous for us.” Xiao Chen’s mood was somewhat heavy, it didn’t seem like there was any feasible means to get out of here.

The entire place turned silent for a moment. “What kind of monsters are you? Show yourself!” At a distant place, the Solitary Sword Demon’s voice suddenly transmitted here. It seemed like he ran into trouble. Following closely, waves of terrifying growls was transmitted over, along with the angry roar of the Solitary Sword Demon and the ear-piercing hiss of iron sword tearing the void apart.

After a burst of intense battle, the Solitary Sword Demon let out a long howl. It sounded like he was wounded and ran away. This made Rowena and Yan Qing Cheng change their countenance at the same time, they knew how terrifying was the Solitary Sword Demon. If even he was unable to deal with the vicious thing that appeared within the city walls, then the other people wouldn’t even stand a chance.

Instead of entering those expansive main street again, Xiao Chen and the gang rather forge ahead within the alley. It should be comparatively safer since it was unlikely for the huge monsters to show up here. They were exceptionally careful when passing through the doors of the every residences, because according to the information they gathered, each of those former residence was occupied by a vicious beasts. When they just entered the ancient city, many practitioners were eaten alive within those residences.

Fortunately, the vicious beasts within those former residences did not come out. Otherwise it’d be an incomparably scary event. Just thinking about it, if every vicious beasts in the ancient city were to move, would cause people’s scalp to feel numb.

Within the dusky alley, the pavement was spread with black rocks that had been through the vicissitudes of time. It was emitting an ancient aura. Xiao Chen and the gang turned left and right, but they still couldn’t find a way out. They felt it was impossible to leave this ghost town.

A “Tap! Tap!” sound suddenly reverberated within the alley. The eerie noise filled the quiet alley, it caused Xiao Chen and the gang to feel a nip in the air. Practitioners on their level were all light-footed, so this was definitely not a sound they made.

It sounded like someone who wore wooden clogs was following them unhurriedly. Xiao Chen suddenly turned around, but he didn’t find anything. At the same time, the “Tap! Tap!” sound also faded away.

“Go! Don’t pay much attention to it, we should leave this district as soon as possible.” Xiao Chen knew they finally ran into an unknown demonic beast. They were already being targeted.

Rowena had a worried expression. Yan Qing Cheng who had her power sealed was also unable to remain calm. The two rushed in front of the three skeletons, and ran forward at high-speed. Xiao Chen and Lawrence also raised their speed, while taking precautions at the same time, for fear that the demonic beasts would launch a preemptive strike on them.

“Tap! Tap! Tap……!” The sound suddenly reverberated again, and it actually came from the front.

“Ah……!” Rowena cried out in fear, she immediately turned around and ran, Yan Qing Cheng also didn’t lack behind.

A chilly wind was blown from the front, Xiao Chen and Lawrence raised their power to the limit. Looking at the corner of the dusky alley, they could see a burial cloth flapping along with the chilly wind. More than half of the cloth was exposed, it was emitting a fiendish aura. The “Tap! Tap!” sound came to a halt, they could only see that piece of cloth flapping along with the wind, they couldn’t see the demonic beast that hid at the other corner of the alley.

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Rowena and Yan Qing Cheng already hid at the back, Xiao Chen and Lawrence took a glance at each other. They knew it was impossible to break away from that demonic beast now, the other party had already marked them as targets. They could only settle this by force. The two of them walked forward at the same time, the three skeletons also followed them closely. They also felt very restless.


A miserable shriek suddenly resounded from a distant place, it was especially frightening in this quiet ancient street. Xiao Chen and the gang immediately halted their footsteps. And that flapping cloth in front also moved away all of a sudden, that nerve-wracking fiendish aura faded away. The sound of the footsteps rushed towards a distant location.

That place turned deathly silent, after a long time later, the few of them were convinced that unknown demonic beast had really left.

“So scary…… How frightening……” Rowena lightly patted her towering breasts, she said with a startled expression, “Although we didn’t see what it was clearly, I knew we were in grave dangers just now.”

“Fortunately, it already left.” Lawrence also let out a breath, he was actually very nervous too. After all, this is a terrifying ghost town that had already snatched away the life of many practitioners.

“Tap! Tap! Tap……!” The sound of the footsteps reverberated in the empty streets once more. It came from their back! The few who just loosened up didn’t even had the leisure to relax, their face immediately froze up.

“Why is this happening……” Rowena’s voice was trembling, Yan Qing Cheng’s face also twisted, they quickly turned around.

This time, Xiao Chen didn’t fall back. He decided to settle this once and for all. The other party had already locked onto them, rather than running with their tails tucked in between their legs, it was better to settle this as soon as possible. As if he had understood his intention, Lawrence followed him and rushed towards the path they came from.

However, when they rushed backwards, they realized in a flash; This doesn’t seem to be the same demonic beast from earlier, because it didn’t possess that nerve-wracking baleful aura, but they could also feel great dangers all the same.


A huge shadow appeared in the middle of the alley, blocking their path. It looked like a malevolent demon, it was making threatening gestures. Behind that shadow was a pitch-black fog, they couldn’t see a sliver of light. It seemed like the gateway to hell was standing right there.

Without any unnecessary words, Xiao Chen used his hand as a sword, he immediately engulfed it with a resplendent divine radiance, and sent the unstoppable sword-qi slashing forward. Lawrence used the void power to form a rain of light, and enveloped the target.

“Crack! Crack!” The sound of bones snapping could be heard. Following closely, the watery blood splashed everywhere. It was emitting a steaming heat, the scarlet blood flowed along the pavement. This was definitely not a dead person, it was clearly a living creature.


One human head rolled out from the black fog, it kept rolling until Xiao Chen’s foot. It had a malevolent appearance, it must had been really terrified when it was still alive.

“Ah……” Rowena who was behind them let out a shriek.

Without taking another glance, Xiao Chen had already recognized this face. This was a young practitioner who was together with them not too long ago. But everyone had scattered all over the place. This person was clearly not killed by their attacks just now. Because his neck seemed to be tore apart, there was also a deep scar on his face.

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The black fog ahead was still drifting around, but that huge shadow was already gone. They could vaguely see a figure standing in place within the black fog.


Rays of light flashed, Lawrence executed his attacks, one after another light screen was pouring down like water curtain. Its target was the black fog. At the same time, Xiao Chen fearlessly stepped forward, the North Star light screen broke away from his left palm and enveloped the black fog.

“Crunch! Crunch……!” It resembled the sound of crunching, this kind of unpleasant noise transmitted from within the black fog. At the same time, the black fog started to dance wildly, it clashed fiercely with the two light screens that was covering it. It wanted to break free.

“Pssh! Pssh!”

It was like the sound of water dripping onto red-hot iron. The point of contact between the black fog and light screen kept producing this kind of noise. At the same time, a nauseating stench wafted through the air. A yellowish dead water flowed out from within the black fog.

“Demonic Beast, it’s a Demonic Ghost!” Rowena cried out in alarm.

“Kill it quick, otherwise it will attract other evil spirits!” Yan Qing Cheng’s face also changed abruptly, she yelled urgently. Although she was Xiao Chen’s enemy, she didn’t wish anything to happen to them now.

Actually, she didn’t need to say anything, Xiao Chen and Lawrence were decisive people, they were already preparing to execute their strongest attacks. Lawrence completely sealed this space, he couldn’t care less about the stench of the corpse now. The space was enveloped by the green light screen. Him, Xiao Chen, and the black fog already found themselves in the bizarre space. This was Lawrence’s battle space.

“Xiao Chen, do it quick, while I am restraining him!”

The ripple-like void power restrained that black fog, and Xiao Chen was not affected at all. The North Star light screen appeared on his left hand again, and due to the fluctuation of his state of mind, the resplendent star on his right hand actually transformed into a crescent light blade.


The light screen in Xiao Chen’s left hand enlarged, it protected him like a light shield. He quickly dashed forward, the crescent blade in his right hand slashed out like a Heavenly Blade, it ruthlessly tore the black fog apart.

“Wuah……!” And ear-piercing and mournful screech reverberated from within the black fog.

“It seems like the Demonic Beasts are not that strong, both of us are sufficient to get rid of it.” Lawrence’s confidence skyrocketed, he could clearly feel that the opponent was unable to break through his confinement. It was already unable to move the moment he sealed its movement, and Xiao Chen’s powerful attack was unquestionable, it was more than enough to destroy this threat.

The crescent light blade was whirling within the black fog, it resembled a new moon descending between the black cloud. It kept eliminating the darkness. The stench was indeed incomparably nauseating, even when they were holding their breath, they could still feel that nasty odor.

Xiao Chen used his formidable strength to disperse the black fog, a seven to eight year old boy revealed itself. His clothing was very ancient, it was similar to the diagram carved on rock wall. It emitted an ancient aura. He didn’t have a trace of life, his dead-fish eyes were devoid of any light. He was at such an innocent age, yet there was a hint of malicious aura. He firmly fixed his gaze on Xiao Chen and Lawrence. His tattered ancient cloth was already shattered into pieces by the crescent light blade, but his body was not chopped off. His skin already had cracks, it looked just like fish scales. The light blade left one after another marks on his petite body that was as hard as steel. The yellowish dead water precisely flowed out from those tiny wounds.

“It really is a ghost!” Lawrence was somewhat shocked, he believed there was god on earth, because that was the reason why he trained so hard, but he didn’t believe in ghosts. In his opinion, gods were experts that evolved from man, but what is ghost? After death, everything will be lost, everything ought to return to nothingness.

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“The existence of undead creatures were reasonable, since their souls were not destroyed, but a ghost……” Lawrence was extremely bewildered as he looked at this young child that emitted the stench of corpse. He couldn’t feel the fluctuation of soul from the body of the other party. There was only a malicious fiendish aura.

“Let’s forget about that for now, we should eliminate it first.” Xiao Chen controlled the crescent light blade to hack at it unceasingly. After losing the protection of the black fog, this fierce-looking “ghost” was not indestructible anymore.

Within the glaring radiance, his two arms were already chopped off by the light blade. During this process, it actually emitted a metallic noise, it was like a clash between metals. Soon after, Xiao Chen beheaded him with all his might, causing his head to tumble-down. It was not worth to take pity on something as ominous as this evil spirit. Going easy on him would only bring disaster upon themselves.

After he was beheaded, this ancient “evil spirit” was actually still struggling. Its body trembled slightly, its head was also trying to roll away. Lawrence didn’t give him the chance to get away. Xiao Chen also didn’t let him slip away, the two worked together to crush his body completely. ⌈1


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