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Chapter 20 – Negative Energy Pervaded

Xiao Chen retreated at lightning speed, he rushed straight towards the three bodyguards that were chasing him. He voluntarily jumped into the encirclement, however the brown-haired man only sneered coldly. He controlled the scroll and continued to assault Xiao Chen, he doesn’t even care that his underlings were also within the range of attack.

Xiao Chen must break through the three bodyguard’s encirclement no matter what. He raised his attack power to the limit, his body emitted a faint radiance simultaneously. After that he used an indescribable technique to move both hands, stirring up a violent energy fluctuation. After a loud shout, all the dried up branches and pebbles on the ground floated and rushed towards the scroll in the sky.

Naturally, it didn’t only attack that scroll, the rest of the scrolls that had not moved yet were also within the range of attack. The brown-haired man’s expression abruptly changed, he had no other choice but to activate the scroll that enveloped Xiao Chen. From the scroll emitted a burst of terrifying energy fluctuation.

A five meters long white tiger that was completely made up of energy soared into the sky, then it pounced at Xiao Chen who was on the ground. At the same time, a few dozen of energy swords launched out accordingly.

Sensing the terrifying energy fluctuation, Xiao Chen increased his speed to the limit, and narrowly dodged the dangerous attack. The earth trembled violently, on the ground appeared a terrifying hole that was as deep as four meters. Endless amount of smoke and dust pervaded the air.

Even though the three bodyguards were not hit, they were caught up in the aftermaths of the quake and fell within the cloud of dusts. Xiao Chen did not turn back and disappeared within the cloud of dusts, he quickly rushed out of the area sealed off by the scrolls.

Waiting until the smoke and dust totally dispersed, the brown-haired man’s complexion turned pale, then he shouted loudly, “Chase! Put away the rest of the seven scrolls, lead another three bodyguards to chase after him.”

Meanwhile, the unicorn that seemed as if it was sculpted out of a divine jade, treaded on the tip of the branches. It appeared from a distant location while carrying Zhao Lin Er as they rushed over there.

Xiao Chen could feel how dangerous his current situation was, the terrifying energy fluctuation bursting out of the scroll attracted his mortal enemy. He left behind a afterimages in the jungle as he rushed towards the ancient forest rapidly.

When the unicorn caught sight of Xiao Chen’s shadow, it turned around and carried Zhao Lin Er to the opposite direction as if it knew what was about to happen.

The brown-haired man was extremely surprised.

Zhao Lin Er was also shocked that the unicorn did not listen to her commands at all, carrying her randomly around the forest as if it didn’t want her and Xiao Chen to encounter each other.

The Imperial Angel couldn’t help it, but she had to find a way to jump off the unicorn.

Zhao Lin Er saw her chance when Xiao Chen showed up himself, she didn’t want to let this opportunity slide. She wanted to kill him herself but the brown-haired man’s underlings would be there soon.

Awhile later, when Zhao Lin Er and the brown-haired man finally met up, Xiao Chen had already disappeared out of sight due to the delay and also because the forest was a little too dense.

At this moment, the brown haired man wiped off the malicious expression from earlier and confidently announced, “Your Highness, please do not be distressed, he only got away for the time being. By tomorrow, our reinforcements should arrive, even if there were dozens of gigantic apes protecting him, we would be able to completely destroy him with few men to spare!”

“Thank you so much for the help, Mr. Gu Lou!” said the beautiful Imperial Angel Zhao Lin Er with magnificent elegance.

After losing the enemies behind him, he bypassed the Tyrannical Dragon’s territory and slowed down his pace in the mountains. He was able to escape successfully after he finished off his enemies cleanly. This should be counted as a successful counterattack.

With one additional strong enemy, it made Xiao Chen’s situation a lot more dangerous, he needed to start considering how to deal with this.

During the evening, the brown-haired man, Gu Luo, stood in front of the old bamboo house with a grim face, five of his underlings had been killed. He felt enraged and clenched his knuckles so hard that they turned white. Back then he wanted to kill Xiao Chen because of Zhao Lin Er, now he wanted to do it for himself, he couldn’t let him live for any longer.

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Zhao Lin Er was talking to the young unicorn beside the lake, but no matter how many times she asked it to search for Xiao Chen, it would shake its head vehemently and wouldn’t give in.

Right now Xiao Chen was advancing into the depths of the island. He could no longer stay in the territory of the Tyrannical Dragon, because if he did, he would possibly be annihilated the next day.

But of course, before he left, he tore off some clothes to leave some clues behind as a diversion, intending to lead his pursuers to an extremely dangerous territory. If the forces that were chasing him happened to clash with some dangerous monsters, then his purpose would have been accomplished.

When the sun painted the sky red, the fiery red cloud also casted a shadowy orange hue to the mountains. Various howls of beasts could be heard from the distance and horrifying beasts were starting to lurk around the area.


A giant elephant, covered entirely in green scales, with fierce eyes, and two sharp tusks that looked like broadswords, chased after a herd of bison ox not far from where Xiao Chen stood, eliciting high decibel of rumbling noises. And not long from then, a desperate and painful yowl from an ox was heard.

As Xiao Chen glanced pass the branches, he saw the giant green scaled elephant devouring a bison ox. The scene was so bloody that he sighed and thought of how this island inhabited too many terrifying creatures.

Cautiously avoiding all kinds of extremely rare and terrifying beasts that were unheard of, Xiao Chen advanced for eight to nine kilometers, he completely disappeared in a murky and damp swamp before the sunset.

The swamp was eerily silent and other than the tall trees, there were no beasts around, not even a bird. Even the pond and swamp were completely serene…… , it was as if there was nothing at all.

The roar of the beasts resounded again and again from far away, yet it was extremely silent around here, making the difference between the two even more surreal.

The air became more humid as he entered the swamp, and as a distinctive rotten smell from the mud invaded his nose, he frowned, how could he fail to detect the ominous feeling here? The negative energy felt extremely dense, providing the place an eerie atmosphere.

After having travelled about a mile, except for trees, no living things had been spotted. However quite a lot of bones were scattered around in mud and water puddles, some of them half submerged and others laid on the surface, making the dusky swamp somewhat terrifying.

There are many varieties of bones from mighty beasts, ranging from a couple meters up to ten meters in length, but what surprised Xiao Chen the most was that he also saw numerous human bones! From the colours and looks of those human bones, they were most probably from hundreds of years ago.

As the last touch of sunset finally disappeared, the place completely darkened, the swamp turned even more gloomy than it used to be. The gigantic trees around started to look like tombstones in the deadly silent swamp.


A bone shattering noise fractured the silence, making this deadly swamp even more terrifying! Xiao Chen turned back around but did not find anything, maybe some dried bones just disintegrated by coincidence……


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