Chapter 221 – Sword of Ranga

A leg……

Xiao Chen and Oxman didn’t feel horrified, what they felt was only astonishment. In Xiao Chen’s imagination, since the burial cloth was trembling so fiercely, there should be an out of the ordinary artifact suppressed underneath, but… there was only a leg. A stone leg about the length of a thumb. There were no spiritual fluctuations nor the least bit of an extraordinary aura. It was unglamorous and mediocre. There was nothing special about it.

At the side, the naturally perceptive Black Dragon King also sheathed its holy sword. It looked at the stone leg on the ground with suspicion. It was puzzled, because just now it obviously had a palpitating heart, and yet, it couldn’t feel anything now.

Xiao Chen picked up the stone leg. He blew away the dust accumulated on the leg and carefully observed it. The workmanship was crude. They could see it had taken the form of a leg, but it was not very meticulous nor tastefully crafted.

The little fatty was very disappointed as he said, “From how I see this, these three ancient temples are extremely old. They might be Ksitigarbha’s meditation spots back in those days. If there is anything below the base, it should be an extraordinary item capable of quelling the entirety of the underworld. But this really make me speechless…”

Xiao Chen didn’t say anything. He put away the burial cloth and observed this stone leg quietly. He knew that this shouldn’t be an ordinary item. Wasn’t the Suiren Gimlet also like this when he found it? It looked mediocre to the extreme, but the golden divine halberd and jet-black metal engravings were unable to push the Suiren Gimlet out of his body.

“Let’s go, who knows it might be useful in the future.” Xiao Chen put away the stone leg and patted the little fatty’s shoulders.

In the following days, Xiao Chen and Oxman profoundly felt how complicated and disorderly the nether world was. Many magnificent palaces occupied god knows how many miles. Those palaces were so much more imposing compared to the castle of Emperor Jiang. It was easy to tell that the nether world had already become a training spot for these ominous spirits. There were no rules and regulations, this was a place where strength represented everything.

On the thirteenth day. In the lightless underworld, Xiao Chen’s party had arrived at a barren land after trodding over the blood-colored land. They avoided several territories of the ghost and a few dozen evil spirits on the way.

The underworld was boundless with no end in sight.

However, it was on that day, they discovered a gigantic peak. It directly pierced through the endless dark skies of the underworld. The soaring murderous aura was sharp and terrifying!

Although they were still very far away, Xiao Chen and Oxman could feel an obvious drop in temperature, it was as cold as the severe winter in the twelfth lunar month. The breath exhaled by them had already turned into white mist.

“Why do I feel as though there is a sharp weapon pointing directly at my throat, it feels hard to breathe.” Oxman was very bewildered.

Xiao Chen also felt it was extremely abnormal. He looked at the sky-piercing peak ahead and said, “Why do I have a feeling that it is a sword? A giant sword with sky piercing murderous aura!”

“Hmm, now that you mentioned it!” Oxman suddenly realized and said, “Let’s go and take a look. This underworld is refined by none other than ancestor god Suirenshi, he might have left behind some ancient divine artifacts in this place.”

Two men and one dragon slowly advanced towards the piercing killing intent. By the time they were three miles away from the hill, they could already see it clearly, that was a huge stone sword about three kilometers in height. It was standing perfectly straight on the blood-colored, barren land.

It was very hard to imagine how such a huge stone sword was carved. What made people especially baffled was that, the sword edge was just like that of a real sword, it was extremely sharp. Moreover, it possessed a soaring murderous aura. By the time they got within one mile, it was already very hard to get closer.

It was as if the murderous aura had transformed into real blades and were pointed horizontally at their necks. Their skin was cut and the pain was unbearable.

“How is this stone sword so tyrannical?” Oxman was very shocked.

Xiao Chen said with a heavy tone, “This might not necessarily be a stone sword, no matter how I look, it looks like a world-class sword!”

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Oxman’s emotion was unstable. He pointed at the giant stone sword and said, “It looks like there’s handwriting on top of the huge sword…”

Only by reaching Historia’s Third Celestial Layer were they able to barely make out some of the characters in the dusky underworld.

“Let’s get closer to take a look.”

Unfortunately, they were unable to take another step when they were only half a mile away from the stone sword. The murderous aura released by the stone sword had completely materialized and formed an unbreakable domain of death.

Finally, the Black Dragon King had no choice but to unsheathe the dragon’s sacred sword. A brilliant divine light was floating above the two men and one dragon. With the help of the faint radiance, they were able to see three ancient characters on top of the stone sword: Sword of Ranga (诛仙剑). ⌈1

“My @#¥%……” Oxman immediately cried out with a foul word as he continued with a stuttering voice, “We really ran into a ‘big one’. I’m… not dreaming am I? This is actually the legendary… Sword of Ranga! Behind it… is none other than… the father of a living ancestor!”

Although Xiao Chen was from the mortal world, he had also heard of the four unique swords such as the Ranga or Matar. During the ancient war, god knows just how many deities had it slayed. Its vicious name had shaken the heaven and earth, it was unconditionally the foremost of the killing weapons.

“Oh @#%¥, is the owner of the sword also in the underworld?” Oxman felt a chill down his spine, his scalp a little numb, as he said with a trembling voice, “Once that individual start going wild… he couldn’t tell the differences between allies or foes! He even dared to… raise his sword against the ancestor gods… He’s the craziest man… in this whole wide world!”

The rays in the Black Dragon King’s eyes were incomparably sharp as battle intent welled up in its body. If not because it was still too powerless, it might have already manipulated the dragon’s sacred sword to test the power of the legendary Sword of Ranga.

Tongtian, a name even the deities deliberately abstain from!

He had once challenged the ancestor god Youchaoshi with the four Godslaying Swords; Ranga, Matar, Cinnte, and Gaiste. Although he escaped in the end, his bravery had shaken the heaven and earth.

Once angered, he would kill even the gods and demons! Those who died in his hands were innumerable. The four godslaying swords were refined by soaking them in divine blood. Just hearing the name Tongtian, all the deities would shudder in fear.

Later, Tongtian gradually lost his violent nature and no longer went wild. He started to accept disciples and passed his renowned techniques to the later generations. His disciples could be found throughout the world.

To the outsiders, Tongtian was a madman, to the disciples, he was a strict teacher and a merciful father. For his disciples, he had once charged into the spiritual mountain in anger and split the Buddha’s Twelve Grade Lotus in two. He had even waged war against Laozi. Under the condition when both were heavily injured, he cut off a strand of Laozi’s white beard with the Sword of Matar.

It could be said that Tongtian was one of the fiercest persons above the heaven and under the ground!

Little fatty Oxman was already feeling a little giddy. He said with stammering voice, “This ruthless person… why… did he come to the underworld, maybe he’s still… wandering around nearby?!”

Xiao Chen felt the significance of this Cypreus Furnace was all the more extraordinary on this day. Otherwise, how could Tongtian’s Ranga Sword be fixed in this place? After a careful observation, Xiao Chen thought for a while before he said, “Nobody should have touched this sword for at least a thousand years. Look, there are marks of tear and wear on the stone sword…”

“This is strange.” Oxman was puzzled, “This sword is directly pierced into the ground, as if it is being sealed. Then again, it feels as if it is sealing something else. It’s hard differentiate them.”

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Just at this time, three items on Xiao Chen’s person were quivering. The burial cloth, Suiren Gimlet, and stone leg were reacting to something.

In the end, the mediocre-looking Suiren Gimlet actually emerged from Xiao Chen’s body and left behind an afterimage as if charged towards the giant stone sword.

There wasn’t any fluctuation nor divine aura. It looked like nothing more than a stone that could fly. They couldn’t find anything special about the gimlet, and it actually charged towards the sharp end of the Ranga Sword that was buried underground. Without making any sound, the Suiren Gimlet submerged into the blood-colored land.

Following closely, the three kilometer tall Ranga Sword actually started to tremble violently. The blood-colored earth was making a rumbling sound.

“Retreat, quickly!”

Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Wings and pulled the little fatty along to the sky. The Black Dragon King transformed into a streak of black light and rushed towards a distant location. The sharp sword-qi behind them was spreading out like a volcanic eruption. The blazing light beams swept across ten directions. Thousand streak of rays illuminated the entire space in this region of the underworld.

The blood-colored earth was breaking up unceasingly, as if a landslide or tsunami had taken place. The sky was completely enveloped by the sword-qi!

If not because Xiao Chen’s party was fast enough to cover hundreds of miles in an instant, they might have already transform into dust. The earth around the Ranga Sword had already caved in and perished without a trace.

Cracks appeared on the three kilometer tall stone sword unceasingly. A large area of the stone fell off and exposed the real sword blade. The exceptionally sharp blade was as clear as a mirror! This was the true body of the sword.

Hundred miles away, Xiao Chen and Oxman looked at each other in dismay. The Sword of Ranga was indeed very frightening. It was easy to imagine just how powerful was this Tongtian person, for he was capable of controlling four swords like this.

“Is there a need to make so much ruckus upon breaking free? What are you mad about? It’s not like we hadn’t fought before. If we really pit ourselves against one another, it’s hard to say who would be the one to break.”

Xiao Chen was very shocked. He clearly heard the demonic voice of the Golden Halberd. The vicious halberd was startled awake by the Sword of Ranga. Xiao Chen looked at the little fatty Oxman and found that he didn’t hear the voice of the vicious halberd.

“We will meet again on the battlefield!” The Golden Halberd let out a final line of discontent before it fell into a slumber once again.

After the three kilometer tall Ranga Sword fissured the ground, it soared into the sky and transformed into a streak of light. It pierced through the space of the netherworld and disappeared.

On this very day, many practitioners could feel a great change in the Northwest border of the vast immortal’s mainland. Many experts could feel the sword-qi piercing through the skies.

Many people from the Beastmen and Jungle Tribe saw it with there own eyes when a streak of light burst forth from their sacred mountain. It caused the sun, the moon, and the stars to lose their splendor.

At the horizon, at a place nobody knew about, a huge isle was floating in the sky. It was full of life and filled with dense magic essence. The vast isle was like a floating continent.

The isle was full of vitality, the green trees were swaying gently in the wind. The beautiful flowers came in all shapes and colors. All kinds of luster and fragrance were drifting in the air.

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The cranes were flying in the sky, the white apes were jumping from tree to tree, the old deers were chewing on the straws. There were even fairies dancing in the sky and gnomes refining drugs… It was truly a heavenly land.

An extremely handsome youth, wearing a bright clothing, was standing high above as he looked up at the blue dome of heaven. He burst into loud laughter as he stretched his right hand. A huge hand immediately covered up the heaven and earth as it stretched towards a distant location, enveloping that piece of space. The yellowish giant hand attempted to grab the Ranga Sword that was about to fly past. The three kilometer long giant sword was emitting countless rays of light that caused the millions and millions of starlight in the sky to lose their splendor. The sword was shaking unceasingly as it tried to break free from the yellowish giant hand.

However, no matter how much it struggled, even if it was emitting countless rays of light, it was unable to harm the giant hand in the slightest as it was firmly grabbed.

The giant hand grabbed the blade tightly. He was not afraid to be scratched by the sharpness of the blade. The giant hand pulled back to the floating isle quickly just like a huge dragon.

The Ranga Sword was received by the handsome youth who wore bright clothing just like this. In the end, he grabbed the sword blade with all his might as millions of light rushed into the body of the sword. The Ranga Sword was no longer struggling as it slowly calm down. After that, it began to shrink in size.

The giant hand was also shrinking in size until it returned to its original size. The Range Sword in his palm was now about one meter long.

“Congratulation to esteemed master for retrieving the Ranga Sword!” Three beautiful girls were saluting the bright clothed youth.

The handsome bright-clothed youth nodded noiselessly as he lightly flicked the Ranga Sword. The clear ringing sound reverberated like that of a dragon’s cry. The Ranga Sword transformed into a light beam and submerged into his body.

At the same time, the eyes of the handsome youth became incredibly deep. At this moment, it was as if his body had transformed into the blue dome of heaven itself. He looked down at the world disdainfully as he swept his eyes over the endless sky. A sharp battle intent immediately engulfed all ten directions.

“It is about time that I, Skybound Tongtian, send my disciples to the outside world…”

Within the Cypreus Furnace; when the smoke and dust finally dispersed, the little fatty Oxman was dumbstruck. That was because the blood-colored earth was completely deformed. It was as if the doomsday catastrophe had just taken place.

Nobody knew when the Suiren Gimlet had flew back, it was lying on the ground just under Xiao Chen’s foot. And there was a stone leg beside it. The stone leg should have the same origin as the one they found in the ancient shrine. They looked symmetrical and made up the left and right legs.

Oxman was so shocked that his jaws literally dropped, then he said, “For such a great disturbance to occur and it was only for a small stone leg? Was it sealed by the Ranga Sword? No, it sealed the Ranga Sword?!”

Xiao Chen calmly put the two stone legs together. With a “ting”, the two stone legs actually glued together like magnets and made up the lower body. Apart from this, it was still as ordinary as before. There’s nothing special about it. However, Xiao Chen kept it with him like a treasure.


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