Chapter 103 – Secret

The Solitary Sword Demon was speechless.

As for Keke who was looking all over the place on Xiao Chen’s shoulder, its glittering big eyes immediately turned perfectly round as soon as it heard these two words, the Ancestral Dragon. It waved its little paws exaggeratedly, that meant it was totally not convinced.

“Why is the village so quiet?” Xiao Chen noticed how there were seventy to eighty households, but he only saw three to five people after entering the village. ⌈1

“Although there are a lot of houses, the population already declined. In the end, there’s not even thirty people left in the entire village.” The old woman let out a long breath.

Just at this time, a white-haired old man floated into the courtyard like a specter. That was an aged Psychic.

“Fourth Grandpa……!” The little fatty called out without thinking.

The old man answered briefly, then he furrowed his brows and said, “Not good, that evil spirit has reborn, I found his traces.”

“What evil spirit?” The Solitary Sword Demon asked.

“An ancient evil spirit, it has lived for countless years, it was the only malicious spirit that had escaped from the ghost town.”

The old man’s words immediately made Xiao Chen felt a chill. He recalled that old ghost that had undergone several metamorphosis at the snowy mountain. It seemed to have followed them here……

The evil spirit had existed for countless years, it came from the ghost town, it actually originated from the ancient era. This piece of news was really terrifying, it made people tremble in the face of disaster.

Back in those days, the village was originally not located here. Rather, it was in a valley with much prettier scenery, but they found a few dozen stone coffins when they dug the land to build the foundations. Only after they suffered a disaster did they move to this forest.

And not more than three months later, the evil spirit appeared. That was the beginning of the village’s nightmare, they were like animals that were reared in the pen. One or two people would disappear from time to time, the villagers knew it was the evil spirit that snatched those people’s life.

The old woman’s ancestors also tried to resist before, they once thought of ways to eliminate the evil spirit, but everything ended up in failure. Moreover, they invited an even more terrible retribution, it was a dark history etched in their memories for all eternity.

As the old woman slowly explained, Xiao Chen and the Solitary Sword Demon’s expression became heavier. The reappearance of that terrifying evil spirit will definitely be a great threat to their life on the dragon island. The old woman let out a breath, as if she had just woken up from a nightmare. It seemed like a few more wrinkles appeared on her aged cheeks.

In those dark times, the old woman’s ancestors found a few historical remains of some ancient village. There were some written records in those desolate ancient village, only then did they found out the evil spirit was an ancient departed soul, the only evil spirit that escaped from the ghost town, it was not an opponent they could hope to defeat.

Imagine this, if there were people trapped on the dragon island in each generation. And those people’s death were associated with the evil spirit, then some clues will more or less be left behind.

According to ancient legend, some powerful evil spirits could forcibly absorb the vitality of the living, allowing their ghost-like body to transform unceasingly and thereby returning to the sun again. This kind of evil spirit were called Demon. Those written records left behind in the ruined ancient village validated this legend. It was very obvious that the evil spirits on the dragon island were all demons.

Fortunately the malicious spirit couldn’t wreak havoc for a long period, it was only for one year. When the time passed, it would search for a desolate place and fell into a deep sleep. It would continue to sleep like that for a few hundred years until the transformation took place. After that, it will emerge from the coffin again to assimilate the Yang energy.

The old woman’s ancestors had experienced this calamity twice, which caused the population to decline. If they were to go through this one more time, then even after the remaining twenty to thirty people die, it wouldn’t even meet the demon’s minimum requirement. A complete annihilation was only a matter of time.

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“If you say it like that, aren’t we toasted?” Although the Solitary Sword Demon asked like this, he didn’t carry a hint of fear. He was an unfriendly guy, a genuine cold-hearted guy.

“According to some written records we found later, we only have one chance at present.” The old woman took a sip of tea to moisten her dry lips, then she said, “The first three months when he casted off his skin was his weakest period, only during this time would we have a chance of defeating him. Otherwise he will be unparalleled after this time limit. We wouldn’t even stand a chance, he will become a genuine demon.”

The demon had already undergone dozens of transformation, he normally would have reached the perfect realm by now and became an existence that even the god wouldn’t dare to provoke. But because the dragon island was sealed, the demon was unable to break through the shackles. It was firmly suppressed at the realm of demigod, and the demon himself didn’t dare to take the risks and breakthrough forcefully. Otherwise the consequences will be dire, the power of god is not permitted on the dragon island.

Exuvia, Historia, Zephyrus, Nirvana, and Immortalis. The Zephyrus realm of the five major realms was also known as demigod realm. The gap between the practitioners on the island and the demon was as clear as day.

“Within the period of three months? Then we don’t have much time left……” Xiao Chen told them everything he saw on the snowy mountain.

The old woman and old man were appalled, they revealed a terrified expression. The old woman said, “He…… already morphed at an earlier time?! If what you said is true, then two months might have passed already, it seems we…… don’t even have a month left.”

The old man was gathering snow lotus in the vicinity of the snowy mountain, that’s how he found the traces left behind by the evil spirit, but he didn’t discover the three ice coffins in question.

Xiao Chen lowered his voice and asked, “Is there a birthmark at his left wrist?”

“According to what they say…… yes!”

“Then we’re in trouble, when I came to this place, it seems like…… that guy had followed us.”

This news from Xiao Chen was like a comet falling into the tranquil ocean, the heart of the few people on the spot was palpitating like crazy. Their expression took a disastrous turn, chill ran down their spine, and they quickly swept their eyes across all four directions.

The entire area turned deathly silent.

Only Keke was looking all over the place with its glittering big eyes without a care in the world.

Xiao Chen lowered his voice to the greatest extent, and said, “Since he is that powerful, couldn’t we get help from other forces to deal with him? A few days ago, the dragons displayed an out of the ordinary divine ability!”

This was a proposal, and also an inquiry, why did the dragons recover their former power within those few days, it was still a mystery to him. He was completely uninformed regarding the mysterious ghost town.

“The ghost town…… it was the ghost town!” The old man sighed lightly, and said, “Everything was because of the ghost town. I mean, think about it, that demon came from the ghost town.”

The old man didn’t say much, as a matter of fact, they also didn’t know much. All their information was passed down by their ancestors. At the intervals of every hundred years, the seal on the dragon island would be lifted temporarily. The dragons would recover their divine ability on the day of the ghost festival for a short amount of time and attack the ghost town later. They wanted to destroy the divine monolith, as for what kind of secret it was hiding, outsiders like them was unable to find out.

As for the Brass Trigrams, the jet-black Metal Engravings, the golden Divine Halberd, and other legendary divine artifacts, they were also unable to find out where were these hidden. The mysterious dragon island was hiding a lot of secrets, even if they expended a great effort to unearth everything, they also wouldn’t be able to unearth all the secrets. This island seemed to be hiding a gargantuan secret.

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“The dragon island’s divine monolith should be an important clue……” The Solitary Sword Demon thought out loud.

“This misfortune came too suddenly, a disaster shall strike again.” The old woman’s aged face became frailer as she said, “There is a bizarre energy suppressing the power of god on the dragon island. Although they are mainly directed against the dragons, other races had also been affected greatly. Beginning from our ancestor’s era, regardless of how much talent one possessed, they wouldn’t be able to get past Zephyrus Third Celestial Layer.” It was very obvious that nobody on the dragon island had enough power to confront the demon.

Just at this time, the sound of ripping air could be heard from the entrance to the village. Everyone could clearly see a few resplendent sword-qi soaring into the sky. At the same time, they could hear an angry shout, as well as the loud sound of building collapsing, which was then followed by a scream. After that, they could hear the ear-splitting dragon roar.

The old woman, the old man, Xiao Chen, the Solitary Sword Demon, and the little fatty rushed out of the courtyard and ran towards the village entrance at lightning speed.

They only saw a few corpses that had been ripped apart at the village entrance, they were scattered on the collapsed buildings. The body of the woman shrouded in colorful mist trembled slightly, then she threw up a mouthful of blood. She clearly just received the injuries. The Amethyst Dragon King was accompanying her, it also had scars on its body, there were some scales and dragon blood on the ground.

The old woman and the other villagers wore a sorrowful expression, they gathered the corpses together, then they sized up the woman shrouded in colorful mist and the Amethyst Dragon King.

“Is this a Dragon King?”


“What happened just now?”

The woman shrouded in colorful mist was really mysterious, Xiao Chen encountered her several times, but he was still unable to see her real face. The colorful mist was lingering on her body from beginning to end, she appeared incomparably transcendental and mysterious.

“Just now a man with really dense negative aura got over here……”

As the woman shrouded in colorful mist recounted the event, everyone quickly associated it with the demon! Even though he was still in his weakest period, he was still so powerful. The three people in the village entrance were ripped apart by him in almost an instant. And the woman who could control the law of time also sustained a heavy injury, if the wounded Amethyst Dragon King’s blood did not unexpectedly penetrate that evil spirit in the most crucial moment, she might be ripped apart in that moment too. ⌈2

“The Dragon King’s blood can actually restrain him, this is such a wondrous news.” The old woman’s tangerine-like wrinkled skin twitched. It was easy to tell that she was very excited, but it seemed somewhat terrifying. That wrinkled cheeks were almost contorted, she laughed with a quack and said, “This is seriously such a wondrous news, this might be our only way to defeat him. We only knew the mixture of nine Dragon Kings’ blood can lift our curse, but we never thought it can be used to restrain the evil spirit too, kakaka……”


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