Chapter 51 – Big Purge

Such a dreadful Taboo Ocean, even the sky was already enclosed!

Fallen Angels have ability comparable to the demigods, they were revered as an ancient deity clan by some weaker races! And this kind of existence…… was also unable to resist the sealing power of the Taboo Ocean.

And not far away, a human Martial Artist who is capable of flying, also perished within that divine light at high-speed. That was a demigod level expert who was keeping watch at the outer region of the island, to wait and provide support for the young experts from their own side. That was an extremely powerful figure in the world of immortals.

Immortalis and Nirvana level practitioners normally don’t tread on the mundane world, the demigod level expert from Zephyrus realm could be considered a figure that is already at the top of the pyramid in this secular world. They can contend against the legendary ancient Fallen Angel race, and strive against the Sacred Dragon. However, they are also unable to resist the sealing power of the Taboo Ocean.

All the young experts at the outer region of the island completely fell apart. Even demigods can’t break out of the Taboo Ocean, how will they ever leave? They will be trapped here for eternity. This day, the panic spread over the entire Dragon Island. To them, this sudden unforeseen event was like the end of the world.

There are no hope on the Dragon Island, only despair awaits on this island!

The divine radiance above the Dragon Island finally diminished, everything slowly returned to normal, the sea area in the vicinity gradually calmed down. The divine radiance is already gone, but one can clearly feel, there is a mysterious power in the seawater separating this Dragon Island from the outside world.

For close to one month, Xiao Chen was indulged in training, strength is everything!

Only until the big event that occurred on Dragon Island today did he finally stop. Very soon, he found out what was happening, this is also a shocking news to him! However, it is pointless to indulge oneself in despair. Right now, he can only consider the problem at present, panic will surely ensue on this Dragon Island. If they were given a push by some people who use their heads, the next few days will be an incomparably dangerous period!

Xiao Chen confined himself in between a rocky precipice, he must not get caught up in the starting point of this dark period. The most important task at the moment is to stay alive.

As a matter of fact, in the next three days, everything was as Xiao Chen had expected. A bloody storm blew across the island, a cruel purge was conducted!

It was definitely not only one or two person pushing their back, there ought to be many people who add fuel to the fire. It caused the desperate people to feel apprehensive, the battle royal and slaughter caused many young experts to fall!

No matter where, there are always some schemers, this is the first purge on the Dragon Island. It is impossible to tell who was the driving force behind the scenes now, only after the island has calmed down would there be some clues.

In the following three days, many practitioners were on the verge of despair, they practically went crazy. Many of the female practitioners among them faced a disaster due to their charm. The beastly nature of the despaired crowd completely broke out, what they didn’t dare to do in the past, what else do they have to worry about now?

For a period of time, everyone committed a sin, the strong survives, the weak dies, that became the only truth on the Dragon Island. In merely three days, nearly half of the practitioners on the Dragon Island are dead, several hundreds of people had lost their life! The monsters fully enjoyed the meal.

This is an awful disaster, this is a big purge initiated by others!

In those incomparably dark, and chaotic three days, some truly terrifying experts also fell. They are the enemies of those driving force behind the scenes. Everything finally come to an end now.

After the cruel purge had come to a pass, the island gradually regained its former tranquility. Everyone was already on high alert, all of them started to think about their own survival in the future.

Originally, everyone who entered the Dragon Island was a representative for their own clan. It could be said that they should all be opposing each other, but forming an alliance now will become a trend! If they want to live on, they must come together, and expand their strength.

The treant’s valley is a good example, during the three days of purge, it is not that there are no people pushing them to go wipe out the treant’s valley, many people have a voracious desire for Zhao Lin Er’s peerless charm, some people went to attack in despair from time to time. However, only more corpses piled up in front of the treant’s valley, the besiegers suffered a disastrous death. They were unable to seize the treant’s valley, this make people notice the importance of forming an alliance. Only when they come together would they have the power to survive.

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However, only the people inside the treant’s valley know, they were only able to preserve the treant’s valley by mere luck. Even though there were a few powerful treants who participated in the battle, they were still incapable of stopping the practitioners who attacked them crazily every now and then. If the terrifying youth did not come out from the depths of the treant’s valley in the most crucial moment, they would have lost the battle.

That youth was around two meter tall, he has a long dark green hair, his strength was practically as powerful as a fierce dragon. Most of the practitioners who rushed into the treant’s valley were finished off by him.

As soon as the battle in the treant’s valley concluded, Yaluo De and Chaos left immediately. It was because Yaluo De already know that he wouldn’t be able to subdue the treant in that valley. He set out with Chaos in order to form an alliance of their own.

Not long after the purge ended, a few dozen alliance appeared at once. Among them are the “Nature Alliance” set up by Yaluo De and Chaos, the “Dharma Alliance” set up Buddhist Yizhen and his senior apprentice, the “Undying Alliance” set up Yan Qing Cheng and Lande, the “Radiance Alliance” set up by Light Spell Master Schroder, the “Blue Rain Alliance” set up by female psychic Lanyu……

No matter what, the treant’s valley is still considered the first alliance, after the big purge, all the powerful experts formed their own alliance one after another, all in order to expand their strength. Forming an alliance already become a huge trend, only in this way will they have enough strength to survive.

Obviously, the founder of some alliance are those driving force behind the purge. They are now beginning to recruit soldiers to expand their forces.

In about two to three days, some alliance already recruited forty to fifty people. And right now, there are only six to seven hundred people on this Dragon Island. For an alliance to have a few dozens of people could already be considered very terrifying. If they keep this up, they will inevitably become the overlord of this Dragon Island.

There are no lack of schemers within the weaker alliance, and those practitioners who didn’t join an alliance, many people united together to spread the news, they do not want an overlord on this Dragon Island, they don’t want an emperor, they want freedom and equality!

To prevent a super-alliance from emerging, a harsh regulation had gradually been accepted by the majority. That is: One alliance can’t have more than ten people, otherwise all the other alliance will combine forces to eliminate that them.

Thereby suppressing the appearance of a powerful force.

This regulation is supported by the majority of the people, because they clearly know what does this imply. They were able to avoid a dreadful outcome. Otherwise, someone might become the “emperor” of this Dragon Island, someone might become the overlord, and many more people would be enslaved. They will have no choice but turn into an obedient pawn.

This is what the schemers didn’t foresee, all the people who entered the Dragon Island are elites, the schemers were only the first to rise in revolt. After the rest have calmed down, their wisdom are not much lower than them.


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