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Chapter 13 – Unicorn Come to the Rescue

Xiao Chen heaved a sigh helplessly, Zhao Lin Er was really courageous. She actually dared to put her own life on the line and forced him into a dead end. He turned around quickly to flee, he was determined to survive this predicament as he didn’t want to be torn apart by this kind of monster.


An ear-piercing sound rang out beside him, the thick and powerful claw of the Tyrannical Dragon snapped a big tree as it fell beside him. He just narrowly escaped death and had a brief encounter with the Death God.

Xiao Chen didn’t want to die, however he was somewhat desperate at the moment. Once he had been discovered by this ancient beast, was there still any hope of escaping? Even though he was able to break away from Zhao Lin Er, he still found himself caught up in the boundary of death.

“Snap! Snap!”

The noise made by the falling tree sounded like the chains of the Death God, it echoed unceasingly around Xiao Chen. Even though he increased his speed to the limit, he was still unable to outrun the Tyrannical Dragon.


The Tyrannical Dragon bellowed in rage as it faced upwards, the surge of sound waves almost made Xiao Chen lose consciousness. He hastily covered his ears even though the pain still remains, he felt as if his eardrums were going to shatter into pieces.

He rolled on the ground and his body was covered with dirty mud from head to toe. Not far from him, that huge dragon claw impaled deeply into the ground. That claw was extremely sharp, and glittered like ice crystal. Xiao Chen felt cold sweats rolling down his spine, just a little bit more and he would be pierced!

Xiao Chen was not someone who would give up easily, however he really felt it was hopeless now.

As silvery light gleamed, Xiao Chen suddenly noticed the appearance of a tiny horse, that seems to be sculpted out of divine jade, not far away from him. Its pair of black gem-like eyes were filled with fear, however it still dashed on top of the tree branches and recklessly run around the Tyrannical Dragon.

Was it trying to attract the attention of the ancient Tyrannical Dragon? Xiao Chen was very surprised, this young unicorn actually ran all the way here…… just to save him!

The Tyrannical Dragon was indeed distracted by the young unicorn, its malevolent draconian head turned towards the young unicorn that flickered with multicolored lights. After that it roared and charged towards the young unicorn.

Xiao Chen stood up quickly and ran over hundreds of meters in a single breath, however he eventually came to a stop. He was afraid that the young unicorn would get into troubles, this adorable and mysterious young unicorn put itself in such a dangerous situation just to save him. If that was really the case, he would feel guilty just leave it behind like this.

The young unicorn trod on the treetop and ran as fast as lightning. It only left behind trails of light as it disappeared in the primitive ancient forest. Even though the ancient Tyrannical Dragon was as big as a mountain and could cover more than ten meters with a single step, it was still unable to catch up to the young unicorn.

The young unicorn was really too magical, it leapt from the top of one tree to another just like that. From head to toe, it was covered with brilliant lights and vibrant colors. It was as if the young unicorn was really soaring in the sky.

Xiao Chen felt relieved and kept distancing himself without turning back. Naturally, it was not possible to get back to the seacoast as Zhao Lin Er might be waiting for him on the way back. Even though the inner parts of the island might be dangerous, nobody would think of going after him. Perhaps it might be safer for him at the moment.

Under this gloomy and rainy night, Xiao Chen constantly coughed out blood as he ran, he could not turn around nor could he stop. During the time the Tyrannical Dragon was distracted by the young unicorn, he must escape from the ancient beast’s territory!

It lasted until he was more than five kilometers away from the mountain ridge. He fell on the rain water head first, he was finally unable to endure the injuries inflicted by Wang Zi Feng. Lying on top of the muddy water, the blood spilled out from the corner of the mouth and mixed with the rain water.

Xiao Chen felt his eyelids were very heavy, he wanted to lie down and sleep for eternity, however he knew that was not possible. Ferocious beasts roamed around everywhere in this endless primitive forest, as long as the rain ceased a little, he would turn into the vicious beast’s lunch.

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He struggled to get up and turned around to survey the path he just came from. He had already distanced himself from the fierce ancient dragon far enough. He climbed up a giant tree with difficulty, and then passed out on top of a thick branch.

On this rainy night, Xiao Chen felt that the tiny unicorn had apparently arrived at his side. The little guy whose body was as white as snow revolves around him. It blinked its pair of big eyes that was brimming with intelligence, then it extended its front hoof that was sparkling and translucent. It seemed as if it really wanted to touch him for a while, but it was scared and pulled back its front hoof……

At the time Xiao Chen woke up, it was already noon. The heavy rain had already ceased a long time ago, the sunlight shone through the branches and leaves. He expended a great deal of effort to sit up and observed his surroundings.

His surroundings were filled with lush greenery, and there was a Saber-Toothed Tiger looking at him under the giant tree. Among the pile of rocks near him, a snake whose body was as thick as a bucket laid there motionless. Further away from him were several huge crocodiles bobbing up and down in the river.

It could still be regarded as a relatively safe place. Although few of the lesser beasts down there could still be considered a ferocious beast, they were weak and docile compared to those bizarre and cruel monsters.

However, Xiao Chen still felt the need to change location. Around two miles from here, he found a small peak with fragrant flowers and plants. The terrain was comparatively high here, he could overlook everything in the surroundings. Not only for the purpose of keeping a lookout for Zhao Lin Er, he could also detect the movements of the monsters in advance.

Being able to escape alive this time was all because of the young unicorn. Xiao Chen was still traumatized after the event last night.

At the same time, Xiao Chen was puzzled. The legendary ancient Tyrannical Dragon should be capable of manipulating the wind and lightning, it should also possess the ability to move in the air freely. However, he had yet to see that kind of divine power that rainy night. He didn’t see the divine nature of the beast, he only saw the brutal side. Could the legend be false?

That should not be the case!

Similar to the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, many ancient texts should have recorded most of their divine power. The were definitely not a vicious beast with only brute strength!

Xiao Chen recalled what Wang Zi Feng had told him about this island, “It requires a Heavenly Monolith to suppress!”

Could the reason the ancient beast lost its divine power be related to these? Xiao Chen thought about a lot of things……

The vicinity of the small peak were filled with lush green grasses and fine trees, there was even a clear spring flowing swiftly. The spiritual energy here was supplemented by all these factors.

Enjoying the flavor of the not so bad lunch, Xiao Chen lay down on a hammock made out of vines in the forest and started to sample the pineapples which had been soaked in the clear spring. While enjoying the sweet scent of the flowers, and listening to the pleasant song of the birds from a distant place, Xiao Chen felt relaxed.

This time, Wang Zi Feng offered his life to inflict a series damage on Xiao Chen. If he didn’t withdraw and defend in time, he would be dead by now. Even now, he needed to recuperate for at least more than one month to fully recover.

Thirty days! If he could get through thirty days safe and sound, then it will be the beginning of Zhao Lin Er’s nightmare!

Time is equivalent to life, Xiao Chen didn’t want to waste a single second. He immediately operated the Ancient Secret Technique to heal his wounds.

This lush and flourishing forest was covered by vegetation everywhere, it was brimming with infinite plant essence. Xiao Chen stood in the sea of forest to feel the spiritual energy of the plants, then he guided these essence into his own body.

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The tiny green lights started to circulate within Xiao Chen’s body along with the rhythm of his breathing. They were very lively and brimming with unlimited life energy, these inexhaustible energies were transported and absorbed by his flesh, inner organs, and bones……

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