Chapter 120 – Sovereign King Ship

At the surrounding zone of the underworld fog, the demon was startled and immediately soared into the sky to look at the depths of the island.

“How did this happen…… what is it doing?!” He seemed to be very astonished.

“What’s going on? Take me up there.” Xiao Chen called out from below. Relying on his instinct, he could tell it was most likely caused by Keke.

The demon waved his hand and swept Xiao Chen up into the sky with the black fog, Xiao Chen stood along with the demon at a high place. After that, the demon brought him to the depths of the island, they stopped at the region filled with smoke and dust. At this place, they could clearly see the scene in front, a mountain peak had actually been destroyed.

The snow-white little Keke was fleeing in disarray among the range of hills, its speed was extremely fast, it was just like a streak of white light flying past. And behind it was a jet-black metal engraving, it was carrying an overflowing magic aura and chased after the little critter like a little mountain.

The forest trees behind it were destroyed, the mountain rocks were split apart, a wide avenue was opened up by the little critter and the jet-black metal engraving.

Xiao Chen felt a burst of headache, this snow-white little critter was really too undisciplined, just a few days and it already caused such a huge disturbance, this legendary jet-black metal engraving was actually found by it. The little critter was messing around too much.

Xiao Chen clearly remembered the scene at the ghost town on that day, the divine artifacts that bombarded the ghost town at that time included the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel, Ancestral Dragon Horn, Golden Halberd, and also this Metal Engraving that is emitting black fog.

How did Keke find it?

The demon also furrowed his brows and said to himself, “It is too reckless, how did this happen? The Metal Engraving is not as easy to find as the Golden Halberd, as for where to find it, I also haven’t a clue after all these years, and it is actually found by this little critter. But how can the Metal Engraving be touched so carelessly, it really is too reckless!”

At the distant place, Keke’s cries of fear could be heard from time to time, the little critter had obviously received a fright. It knew it had caused a disaster and wanted to break away at all cost, but it was an impossible wish. If it was not for the protection of the seven-colored sacred tree on its head, the snow-white little critter might already be in danger a long time ago.

“Quickly think of something to save Keke.” Xiao Chen was very anxious, he unconsciously used a commanding tone to talk to the demon.

“I also have no means of saving the little critter, my power is not enough to stop the Metal Engraving’s attack. That is one of the very few divine artifacts in this world, although its power is sealed at this dragon island, it is still not something that be can stopped by anyone.” The demon heaved a sigh, he was feeling powerless.

“Then what do we do?” Xiao Chen revealed an anxious expression.

The demon furrowed his brows, but it only lasted for a moment before he said, “I think it will certainly be unharmed.”

“What makes you say that?” Xiao Chen also gradually calmed down, because he knew getting anxious wouldn’t solve anything.

“At that time the golden halberd was unable to do anything to the both of you, and this metal engraving ought to be almost the same as the golden halberd, surely that little critter will be able to get away smoothly.” The demon speculated as such.


A rumbling sound transmitted from a distant place, a cliff was destroyed by the metal engraving, and Keke escaped into the mountain range in a hair’s breadth. It disappeared from Xiao Chen and the demon’s line of sight.

The rumbling sound echoed in the depths of the mountain range in unbroken succession, it caused tens of thousands of beasts to flee and yelp. The mountains trembled unceasingly, the smoke and dust filled the whole sky, and the dragon roars transmitted from even further away. It seemed to be their response to everything that happened at this place.

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Only until a quarter of an hour later, everything finally calmed down. The explosive and rumbling sound could no longer be heard, that mountain range was extremely quiet. Even all the vicious beasts had already escaped from this region, everything was just that quiet.

Xiao Chen felt his heart sunk, the demon also had a bad premonition, he brought Xiao Chen and hastily rushed over there. They only saw a complete mess in the depths of the mountain range, the broken forest trees and the range of the caved in zone was too wide, it seemed like a calamity had just taken place in this region.

That powerful metal engraving disappeared, as if it had never appeared to begin with.

“Keke……” Xiao Chen called out loudly, “Little monster……”

A rustling sound transmitted from the destroyed woodland, a white light flashed from among the disordered leaves, a snow-white little critter sneakily poked its head out. It patted all over its body with its little paws out of lingering fear, it was really humane. After that, it let out a long breath and squeaked a few times, it seemed to be confused at the disappearance of the metal engraving.

Xiao Chen was in a good mood and found it laughable, this little critter actually knew how to be afraid. The demon brought Xiao Chen and landed over there, Keke raised its head to look at them, then it kept squeaking unceasingly, as if it was telling Xiao Chen what happened just now.

“You sure know how to invite disaster, you little devil. Keke, you are seriously too undisciplined, I am really a little scared now, if I bring you with me away from this dragon island, I really have no idea what kind of disturbance you will cause in the future.” Xiao Chen felt a bit dejected, it seemed like he could already see some of the bad things that might happen in the future.

The snow-white little critter turned its head to the other side, it seemed to be unable to accept this.

“Where did the metal engraving go?” Xiao Chen asked.

Keke blinked its big eyes and shook its head in puzzlement to express that it didn’t know.

“That was a genuine divine artifact! It couldn’t have disappeared like that golden halberd right?” Xiao Chen felt something was not right.

Keke felt a little upset, then it exposed an innocent look, its pair of eyes were filled with sincerity, it seemed to be saying it really had nothing to do with it.

Xiao Chen was completely speechless, he really didn’t know what to say anymore.

The demon searched every nook and corner of this region for about half an hour. In the end, he faced upwards and let out a long sigh, he really couldn’t understand what was going on anymore, just what did this snow-white little critter do, it actually made not one, but two divine artifacts disappear, it was really a little unbelievable.

“You really had no idea how it disappeared?” The demon looked at this young little critter doubtfully, he wanted to confirm it one more time, but once he saw that sincere and innocent look, he completely relinquished the idea to go on searching, he felt really helpless in front of this little critter. ⌈1

The demon controlled the underworld fog, sweeping Xiao Chen and Keke into the sky, then they left this place and flew towards the beach.

“Wait a moment.” Xiao Chen opened his mouth and said somewhat unnaturally to the demon, “You should know, Lunhui Wang and the other two are skeletons, if we rashly enter the immortal’s mainland like this, it might cause some unnecessary trouble. I want to borrow something from you.” ⌈2

The demon was not someone stupid either, he guessed what Xiao Chen was saying in but a split second, he couldn’t help but remain silent. Only after a long while did he finally say, “You have the nerve, you actually planned to take advantage of me. But fine, it does not matter, those casted off skin no longer served any purpose for me anyway.”

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Speaking until here, he changed direction and quickly rushed towards the depths of the dragon island. This distance was practically nothing for a practitioner of his level, they quickly arrived at the peak of the snowy mountain. After digging out the ice coffin and folded the skin properly, he gave it to Xiao Chen as a present.

Although he felt a bit disgusted at the demon’s skin, Xiao Chen still received it. After all, these will be the three skeletons’ clothing from hereafter.

They quickly set off after that, flying towards the coastal area of the island.

The demonic cloud rolled at the seaside, the baleful aura soared into the sky, this place could even be said to be the underworld. One after another ghost shadows were struggling and screeching within the dark fog, the negative aura bubbled up frantically. A few especially huge shadows stood in there like small mountains, the baleful aura released by them was the thickest.

After landing on the golden beach, the demon brought Xiao Chen, Yan Qing Cheng and the others into the dark fog. He opened his mouth and said, “We will begin to summon the Sovereign King Ship now.”

Xiao Chen bit his middle finger and let the blood flow along the finger, dripping a few drops of blood on the diagram drawn by the demon. Although there were only a few dozen drops, it was already very effective.

It was as if the drop of blood had divinized, it emitted a glaring red light, and then it actually started to move at high speed, moving along the diagram like a crimson divine snake. The glaring red light moved on this gold beach at lightning speed.

In the end, the dim blood light actually spread all over the entire diagram. The black fog in the sky became thicker, the ghost screech was deafening, those huge shadows standing tall in the sky faced upward and let out a thunderous roar, which shook the heaven and earth.

The chilly wind spread far and wide, it swept towards the depths of the gold ocean, a vast and terrifying aura seemed to have crossed space-time, transmitting some kind of information there.

The wail of the ghosts and howl of the wolves made this place extremely noisy, the gloomy aura filled the entire world, it caused all the vicious beasts at the outer region of the island to tremble. It seemed as if this place had already became a true underworld.

Xiao Chen and the rest could see one after another ghost shadows swaying in their surroundings. They could vaguely see countless bones of the dead floating in the sky, the watery blood filled the whole sky, it was a genuine land of death.

Xiao Chen and the rest could barely stand even with the protection of ancestor god Suirenshi’s burial cloth. There were ghost shadows all around them, the baleful aura caused their hair to stand on end, their scalp to feel numb.

“Wuu~ Wuu~” From the distant gold ocean, a mournful screech transmitted over as a response to the ghost screech of the Nine Underworld Formation, it seemed like a huge monster was rushing over at high speed from the ocean.

“Wuu~ Wuu~” The mournful ghost screech became louder and louder, the dark fog at the lower altitude of the beach gradually raised. It allowed them to see the scene in the Taboo Ocean clearly. A mountain-like black ancient ship drifted over like a ghost. It was overflowing with baleful aura, the boundless gold Taboo Ocean began to roil violently.

Sovereign King Ship!

Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng were incomparably shocked, the legend was really true, there was really this kind of ancient ship that had experienced the vicissitudes of time. It was drifting all year round at the Taboo Ocean.

“Wuu~ Wuu~”

The Sovereign King Ship’s entire body was shiny black, just looking at it made one feel terrified, it seemed as if that place was connected to the underworld, connected to the gates of hell, it really made one scared witless. Compared to that divine ship flickering with seven-colored radiance, it was as different as the night and day.

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