Chapter 224 – Sengen

“Keke, tell me quickly, how do I save you from the other side?”

At this moment, Xiao Chen was incomparably excited. The little critter did not completely fade away, there’s still hope, there’s still a future waiting ahead of it.

“I also miss you dearly, but… I still want to eat one more Cosmic Fruit…”

Hearing this young and innocent voice, the old ghost beside him had the urge to throw up blood. He bowed deeply to Xiao Chen, and said, “Please ask him to give me a break!”

Finally, the matter had already become clear. The Amethyst Cosmic Writ from last time was indeed an SOS letter, but it was not Keke’s cry for help. On the contrary, it was Emperor Jiang’s ghost official requesting him for help.

Every major power in the dark realm was always on each other’s neck. As the ghost commander of the nether world, it was sealed on the other side by to a freak combination of factors. The ghost commander’s life was very hectic as he had to wage war with others frequently.

And for a law-breaking beast like Keke to suddenly bust into his territory and took up residence there, it gave the ghost commander who was in the middle of a campaign pressure from heavy workload. Even if he wanted to exterminate it, he was actually unable to obliterate Keke’s soul!

He could vaguely guess the little critter’s identity from this. From then on, he was so scared that he didn’t dare to lay a finger on it.

What made Xiao Chen sad was that Keke’s physical body was really no more. This time, only its soul was sucked into the dark realm. Unlike last time when its body was sucked along during the fight with the Golden Lion King.

Although the little critter was young, it was very intelligent. It instinctively knew that it needed to accumulate endless spiritual energy before it could return. Otherwise, the negative energy in the dark domain would hinder its return to the living world.

Therefore, one couldn’t say that the reason the little critter didn’t want to leave was entirely due to greed.

The Amethyst Cosmic Fruit could be found but not sought after. It was the only spiritual item in the dark realm capable of condensing every spiritual attribute. Keke had already enjoyed eight of this. If this was to spread out, people would be scared to death. In fact, the ghost commander was already scared.

Without a physical body, how could Keke return? Anxiety surfaced on Xiao Chen’s face.

The snow-white little critter was not the least bit concerned. It actually yawned and mumbled with a tender voice, “I’m getting sleepy… I miss you very much, I will… tread on the rainbow magic cloud and return as soon as possible…”

After that, the light sound of snoring could already be heard. ⌈1

By the time Xiao Chen left, his state of mind was very complicated. Knowing that Keke was still around, he was very happy. However, once he recalled that the lively and cute little critter no longer had a physical body, he was very sad.

“Wuu~ Wuu~”

Countless souls were struggling as they descended from the sky.

It was easy to get down, but getting up was difficult as expected. Fortunately, he was protected by the lingering light of the treasured tree. Otherwise he would have died tragically in a flash. The myriad of souls were like moths flying into the flame. Looking at those innumerable spirits and hearing those mournful sound, it really made one’s scalp go numb.

However, Xiao Chen was already immune to these. During these past dozen of days in the underworld, he had seen and experienced too much thrill that he was already used to it.

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“So noisy!”

Xiao Chen had yet to run into danger, but the two lethal weapons in his body already became furious. They were roused up from their slumber due to the noise. The baleful aura passed Xiao Chen’s palm and rushed out. Many ghosts were completely eliminated in a flash.

For them, other than their own body, everything could be killed. Being heartless was their nature. Being ruthless was their essence. However, the instant when the two ancient weapons were about to display their might, they restrained their vicious nature for god knows why. They became very quiet and obedient.

Xiao Chen sensed it clearly, the stone gimlet that was held by the stone statue in his chest emitted gentle ripples of light. The ripples spread from Xiao Chen’s chest to his surroundings. The spirits nearby seemed as if they had heard a spirit quelling tune as they gradually calmed down.

This was the first time Xiao Chen saw the stone gimlet manifesting anything out of the ordinary. It was as if the myriads of soul was fast asleep as they remained motionless in the darkness. Xiao Chen spread out the Undying Wings and quickly flew past the region they sealed off.

More than two hours later, Xiao Chen smoothly flew back to the Ninth Underworld Platform. And the stone gimlet returned to its mediocre-looking state.

When Xiao Chen saw Oxman once again, he was almost dumbstruck to find him on the verge of tear. Oxman was forced to fuse with the Gozuki and a small pair of cow horns were actually growing from the side of his head.

“Wuu~ Granny, you are not lying to me right? This is really one of the strongest beast soul? I wouldn’t become like the ox-headed uncle in legend right?”

“Kakaka…” The old woman laughed carefreely, “Just relax, you are one of my later generations, how could I bear to harm you? From now on, your training path will be smooth sailing. You will be like a fish who leap up to the sky and fly like the bird. Your future accomplishment will be limitless.”

“People won’t mistook me as a demon right? Only a fiend would grow horns.” The little fatty was very gloomy.

“Relax, nobody will suspect you as a demon. You look like a calf no matter how I look at you.” The old woman smiled happily.

“I don’t want to live anymore!” Little fatty Oxman used his head to ram into a rock wall. With a loud crashing sound, the few thousand kilos boulder actually broke into pieces by his horns, and his head came out unscathed. Regarding this outcome, Oxman was stupefied at first, then he had the urge to throw up blood. If not because the old woman might possibly be his ancestor, he really would have put his life on the line for vengence.

“I’m just teasing you. Don’t worry, as you get stronger, this pair of horn will slowly disappear. You should be content with your situation, this is but the saintly soul of a genuine Gozuki!”

It was about time they bid farewell to the underworld. Xiao Chen, Oxman, and the Black Dragon King were delivered by the old woman to a desolate desert. She disappeared on the spot after waving her hand a few times.

According to what the old woman said, after entering the endless desert, no matter if they were to lose their sense of direction, so long as they kept going straight, they would be able to leave the nether world and arrive at the beastman’s sacred mountain.

This was the only exit that had yet to be sealed at present.

There were only the boundless great desert as far as the eyes could see. Xiao Chen’s party walked continuously for thirteen days before they finally noticed a hint of light. There was a speck of flickering light ahead of them.

“That’s the boundary of the nether world, we are about to enter the living world!” Oxman was so excited that he shouted out loud. However, he quickly became gloomy again as he stroked his pair of horns, “They will definitely tease me. My reputation will be ruined!”

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“Shh!” Xiao Chen interrupted the little fatty’s complain.

Just at this time, a violent fog rushed towards them from behind. A tornado had engulfed the great desert. The sand, and even the millstone-sized boulders were lifted up to the sky.

For something like this to occur in the deathly still desert, it was extremely strange.

Following after that, a huge pressure fell upon them from the back. That tyrannical aura was undisguised. It felt like there was nobody else under the heaven other than himself, as if the whole world was under his control, that kind of feeling.

A living ancestor had appeared! This was Oxman’s first thought.

Xiao Chen’s complexion became incomparably grave, he knew that was definitely a supreme ruler with unimaginable origin!

Far away, a quintet-colored divine radiance approached them with extreme speed. It was like a multitude of meteors streaking past the sky. The divine radiance contained mighty power. And right below the Quintet Light, there was a mountain of a few kilometers in height flying along, casting a huge shadow in the sky.

“Quintet-colored divine radiance?!” Xiao Chen couldn’t help but cried out in fear.

Oxman was shocked speechless as he muttered, “This trip in the underworld… has finally opened my eyes. Don’t tell me… I will really run into the unparalleled saint demon?”

The quintet-colored divine light wrapped a huge mountain and flew over Xiao Chen’s party. An unbelievable image swept past them, but it didn’t stop over them for a long time as it distanced itself in an instant.

Xiao Chen muttered to himself, “Is this the ancestor of the young Peacock King from the warbeast tournament? Didn’t he leave the Green Primal Feather behind for the later generations? How come the five feathers are all together? Could it be that he made another breakthrough?”

Sengen, an exceptional expert that once looked down at the whole world in the ancient times!

Green, yellow, red, black, and white; these quintet-colored divine radiance had become the nightmare of the deities. There were hardly anyone who could fight him on the same level. Later, he finally suffered a huge loss in the Western part of Middle Earth, but he only continued to become stronger after that. There was almost nobody left in the world capable of killing him. He had even wiped out three senior Buddha in a row.

In a certain sense, Sengen was another name for “man” and “warrior”.

The brilliant lights swept past the sky and illuminated the entire desert.

Xiao Chen’s party was already getting close to the exit of the underworld. And evidently, Sengen also wanted to leave from there. They could see it clearly, there were a few dozen Amethyst Cosmic Trees growing on the mountain swept along by him. There were even two Cosmic Trees that bore an amethyst colored fruit.

“He’s a f-f-f-f-freak! Cosmic Tree is but a sacred article, and he actually found that many! This ancient saint demon is so strong that rules might as well not exist! When he wants Cosmic Tree, he could easily sweep away an entire mountain of it from the nether world…” Oxman was so shocked that he really didn’t know what to say anymore.

As far as these unparalleled supreme rulers were concerned, it seemed like there were nothing in this world that could stop them.

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Although the tunnel that connects the nether world and the living world was very wide, it was still too much for a huge mountain to pass through. With a swishing sound, a scarlet light flashed and cut the huge mountain into two. The shock caused the ground to shake violently. The other half of the mountain was wrapped by the quintet light and instantly pulled out of the tunnel, disappearing from the nether world at this point.

“Sigh…” Oxman heaved a sigh and said, “I want to become strong! Just look at him…”

Yes, he must become stronger, he definitely must become stronger! Xiao Chen saw Tongtian’s Ranga Sword, and now the quintet light of the saint demon, he was unable to calm his heart down. He had a serious sense of crisis. The existences of legend had already shown themselves again and again, this world would most likely enter a turbulent time!


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