Chapter 212 – Unite

Flowers and petals of all kinds fell from the sky unceasingly. They were sparkling and translucent as they fluttered about like withered flowers. The Buddhist chant, the grief-stricken song, the praying sound… continued to linger on.

“I don’t wish for a long life, only a perfect symbiosis, I don’t strive to live for hundreds of generations, but only this generation. I don’t seek eternity, but only this life…… With my soul as the sacrifice, a thousand generations of deprivation, a hundred generations of torment, I only wish to give this life to the little critter……” This voice reverberated in heaven and earth for a very long time.

The rainbow-colored sacred tree was glittering and made Xiao Chen’s palms almost transparent in contrast. The specks of divine radiance enveloped Xiao Chen, who was in the pool of blood.

The radiance made the night as bright as daytime. The little critter’s death triggered a bizarre event, the heavens were grieving. The entire Celestial City was shaken. Many practitioners were startled by this sudden change and everyone felt an involuntary sadness. They were unable to describe nor understand this feeling.

This was the show of extravagance that only occurred to half of the deities! Those who could make the heavens grieve for them, since ancient times, could be counted by one hand. This was enough to prove that the snow-white little critter’s race was powerful. Many people could already feel their blood run cold.

Many people were already discussing the root cause of this disturbance. All of this happening was due to the death of the young White Tiger.

“The Middle Earth’s tiger clan is too tyrannical. The White Tiger fell in the Warbeast Tournament, who could they blame?”

“Since they took part in the competition, they should have understood and prepared to accept the results. Among the rules of the Warbeast Tournament, it clearly stated they will not be responsible for the death of the warbeasts. It’s a rule even a three year-old child can understand, but they just had to come seeking revenge after the event. They’re so unreasonable and shameless!”

“Everything was caused by this shameless clan, they even made the heaven furious.”

“The Fair family isn’t much better either, because they feared the Middle Earth’s tiger clan, they actually worked with them and let outsiders kill their son-in-law.”

Everyone knew, it was impossible for this disturbance to settle down even with the death of the little critter.

Since he had already made the pledge, Xiao Chen seemed to have sunk into the borders of death. He was fixing his eyes on the sapling in his palm quietly. His eyes didn’t have any emotion.

The rainbow-colored radiance already enveloped his entire body. The divinized acupoints in his body were as dazzling as the stars. At this very moment, they were emitting brilliant rays of light as the boundless life energy surged up violently, restoring his dying body.

Although he remained silent, Xiao Chen was shedding tears noiselessly. He didn’t know if he would be able to see that mischievous little thing ever again. Although the rainbow-colored sacred tree had absorbed Keke’s soul essence, who could say for sure if it would appear in this world again?

The rainbow-colored sacred tree was swaying, like the little critter snoring in its peaceful sleep. Xiao Chen’s heart also thumped in accordance. The radiance of the sacred tree had linked up with the life energy hidden in his major acupoints. Very soon, his entire body was immersed in the dazzling splendor. The ruptured veins were reconnecting, the shattered skin and flesh were healing, the fractured bones were restored……

The crystal clear skin was flickering with specks of light as the bloody scars all over were completely shaken off. The rainbow-colored light raged on like the divine flame.

It was as if Xiao Chen was reborn from the ashes. His body was once again filled with an abundance of life energy. He was already fully recovered in a brief moment. But, how about the little critter…… it still didn’t reappear.

Fear was lodged in the hearts of the tiger duo. In the face of this bizarre event, they had a bad premonition. Even though they appeared to be in good health now, they were afraid that a calamity was looming in the near future.

Without wasting any time, the two immediately rushed towards Xiao Chen. Light blades in the form of tiger claws were slashed toward Xiao Chen’s neck with the intent to kill.

The falling flowers swirled in the air. The petals spread out like ripples of water. With the rainbow-colored sacred tree in Xiao Chen’s hands as the center, the multi-colored radiance rushed forth. Seven colors of radiance instantly sent the tiger duo flying.

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“How did this happen?” The tiger duo were very terrified. After they were sent flying several dozens of meters, they stabilized their figure in the sky and attempted to attack Xiao Chen one more time.

The rainbow-colored sacred tree separated itself from Xiao Chen’s palm. It was actually hanging in the air as it launched a huge light beam similar to the comet tail. If not because the tiger duo was fast enough, it was extremely possible that they might pay a great price as a result. Even so, the flow of their qi and blood was still thrown into disorder by the aftermath, and they nearly fell from the sky.

The rays of light flickered as the rainbow-colored sacred tree descended. It was floating in front of Xiao Chen’s solar plexus and shook unceasingly. After that, it actually entered Xiao Chen’s body as if it was melting.

In this short instant, the divine tree was spreading its vines all over Xiao Chen’s body. The stolons bore into his four limbs and all of his veins. The inky jade leaf, the white jade leaf, the green jade leaf, and the gold jade leaf trembled unceasingly and brightly lit up his internal organs.

The nine divinized acupoints were like nine treasures that linked up with the rainbow-colored sacred tree. All of them were connected by the sapling’s stolons. The rays of light were dazzling. Xiao Chen’s entire body was emitting thousand of streaks of colored light.

Tears had clouded Xiao Chen’s vision. It was the little critter’s treasured tree that saved him, but what about the little critter? Was it really within the sacred tree? Was it possible for it to reappear in this world again?

He felt a pain like a knife being twisted in his heart…

At this very moment, Xiao Chen felt that he shares the same life as the sacred tree. The rainbow-colored sacred tree connected the nine divinized acupoints and implanted itself in his internal organs. It had taken root in his four limbs like a spiritual root of life. The sacred tree had established an inseparable relationship with Xiao Chen. With a wave of his palm, a multicolored light was launched with a swish. That was actually the major divine ability of the dragons — confinement! ⌈1

Everyone present was incomparably startled. The look on many people’s faces were extremely ugly. How did Xiao Chen, who was originally heavily wounded, fuse with the sapling, and moreover, how did he come to grasp Keke’s major divine ability?

There were six demigods at the scene. Other than the tiger duo, who dared to kill Keke, the others came to reap Xiao Chen’s life. For this man who was on the verge of dying to come across such a stroke of luck, it immediately made everyone unable to sit idly.

The six demigods in the sky besieged Xiao Chen and erected a domain to seal Xiao Chen on the ground. Since things had already escalated to this point, it was impossible for them to let Xiao Chen go anymore. Only by exterminating him would they be able to avoid future complications.

Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and soared into the sky with great effort. With signs of total annihilation, his palm blade glowed with inexhaustible splendor as seventeen layers of divine radiance were launched toward the tiger duo from all directions.

The tiger duo were as merciless as ever, energy waves in the form of a White Tiger were launched as if they were the External Incarnation. The light blade sliced through the air as it confronted the dragon’s major divine ability. The night sky immediately became as bright as daytime. The energy waves surged up violently and spread over all ten directions. The waves of aura overturned many buildings in the surroundings.

This was a great clash between divine abilities, this was a great confrontation between power!

Xiao Chen fell onto the ground due to the aftershock, but his body was unharmed. He swept his eyes over the sky coldly.

The tiger woman and company were really astonished. How was Xiao Chen capable of standing off against them? Even if he had grasped the little critter’s divine ability, it was impossible for him to become this strong. One must know that even the little critter was having a hard time against them under these kinds of circumstances; where it was trapped in this domain. At present, Xiao Chen was only borrowing the power of the divine ability, how was it possible that he could become stronger than the little critter?

In fact, Xiao Chen was also surprised at first, but he realized it after thinking about it for a little bit. Right now, not only was it the power of the little critter, there was also the boundless energy contained within the sacred tree, as well as the power of the nine divinized acupoints in his body.

“Even if you have grasped the little critter’s divine ability, so what? Do you think you can breakthrough the domain and escape from here?” The tiger woman was staring at Xiao Chen fiercely. She was extremely angry. Unexpected events kept occurring and made the tiger woman lose her patience. Moreover, her fear was continuously rising, fear that something bad might happen.

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Xiao Chen disregarded her taunt and launched one attack after another unceasingly. He wanted to break free from the resistance of the six demigods.

Life and death confrontation, intense collisions. Xiao Chen was able to resist the domain, but was unable to breakthrough.

The six demigods in the sky was somewhat anxious. Although they were in an advantageous situation, they still wanted to eliminate Xiao Chen in the shortest time possible. Because, with the sacred tree in Xiao Chen’s body, they couldn’t help but worry that some unforeseen event would occur again.

“Great defense, but not enough attack power…” Xiao Chen sighed in his heart. He had presently grasped the “confinement” and “sweeping” techniques among the dragon’s major divine abilities. As for the “destruction” technique, he didn’t have the slightest clue.

How he wished he could immediately behead the six people before his eyes. Even though the sacred tree had fused with him and allowed him to grasp Keke’s divine abilities, Xiao Chen was still unable to fend off the six people in the sky. He could only make his stand on the ground.

“Am I still going to die in this place after all?” Xiao Chen gradually started to feel crestfallen. He never considered getting any outside help. Among the people he knew, only the demon and Lan Nuo had enough power to save him from this crisis, but distant water does not cure present thirst. ⌈2

Just at this time, from the direction where the faintly discernable melody of the flute was transmitted, a sword flew over as the melody came to an end. It sliced through the air, and was launched towards the domain erected by the six demigods.

The sword fell onto mother earth like the heavenly body. It was a powerful sword attack, it felt as if the Ninth Heaven had been engulfed by the boundless ocean! The sword ray instantly tore the domain and opened a pathway. Nobody expected such a powerful expert would interfere. The refined sword broke through the domain and smashed the equilibrium!

Xiao Chen possessed an astonishing gift in regards to battle. He soared into the sky within that very instant and launched the “sweeping” technique of the dragons across the skies!

He swept the tiger woman and company with more than ten terrifying light beams in succession, then he instantly rushed out of the domain and stood in the sky. He looked towards the direction where the melody of the flute came from with a profound gaze, and then he swept his eyes over everyone at present with a cold gaze.


With a flap of the Undying Divine Wings, Xiao Chen rushed over instantly and launched a divine radiance to sweep the tiger woman. She was sent somersaulting in but a moment.

The tiger woman flew into rage out of humiliation. Without the domain erected by the six demigods, it was impossible for her to resist the vicious little beast’s divine ability by herself. She shouted in anger, “Erect the domain, quickly! We can’t let him escape. He must die tonight!”

In reality, who was willing to let Xiao Chen run away? He would certainly become the bringer of calamity in the future.

There’s no way Xiao Chen would let them trap him again. His body moved like a legendary dragon with the ability to control rains and floods as he flew towards a distant location.


“We must not let him run away, we definitely have to kill him!”

The flowers falling from the sky gradually decreased, the Buddhist chant, the sad melody, and the prayers also completely disappeared. Xiao Chen was like the wind and lightning as he distanced himself from Celestial City. He escaped into the uncultivated areas of the Southern Wasteland.

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Although the six demigods were pursuing closely and tried every possible method, they still gradually lost any trace of Xiao Chen in the desolate forest.

Xiao Chen smiled grimly. He had finally broken free from the six people. Going back the way he came from, he moved back to Celestial City stealthily.

It’s time for a massacre!

This was an impulse he couldn’t suppress. Despite knowing that the most appropriate course of action right now was to get away from here, he was still unable to endure it. If he couldn’t kill the tiger duo, how would he have the countenance to face Keke.

The little critter couldn’t die for nothing!

Now, he wanted to cause mayhem in the city.

The people from the Fair family was still searching in the city. Xiao Chen instantly ran into a group of people. He ruthlessly attacked with the “sweeping” technique of the dragons, and instantly crushed these people. Although it was not a technique specialized in killing, it was still enough to deal with these people.


“He’s over here…”

“Xiao Chen is back for the kill!”

Without waiting for them to shout, Xiao Chen had already attacked. He rushed straight for the Fair family.

With a horizontal slash of a palm blade, seven to eight people were chopped in half at the waist. The blood instantly splashed everywhere. Xiao Chen was looking for Fairsnow and Faircloud among the crowd. Another divine radiance swept past with a lift of his hand. More than ten heads were sent flying in a parabola, as blood gushed forth. The main street was dyed red with blood.

He didn’t find Fairsnow nor Faircloud in the crowd. Xiao Chen instantly soared into the sky and rushed out of Celestial City again as he hid in the endless, dark sky.

The six demigods hastily rushed back from the desolate forest. Four of the experts from the Fair family became anxious right away. Among the twenty plus people who died just now, there were seven or eight Historia level experts. This was a loss that shouldn’t have happened! The four ignored the tiger duo and charged toward four directions to gather the younger generation of the family.

As soon as the four people departed, Xiao Chen silently approached from his hiding place and attacked the tiger woman upon encounter!

“This wretched boy!” The tiger duo became furious and turned around to attack Xiao Chen.

It must be mentioned that, the dragon’s divine abilities were really mighty. After dodging the tiger servant’s attack, Xiao Chen ruthlessly sent the tiger woman flying. With a flap of his Undying Divine Wings, his speed was faster than lightning with a push from the rainbow-colored sacred tree. He directly chased for the kill.

With an explosion of light, Xiao Chen sent a diagonal cut with a swish.

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The tiger woman countered, but she was practically unable to resist. Along with the shattering sound, the divine radiance scattered. Xiao Chen rushed past the dozens of divine light fragments toward the tiger woman.


Blood gushed out. Xiao Chen’s palm blade had cut through the tiger woman’s right palm. Shaking his palm blade again, it completely crushed the small arm of the tiger woman. It made the tiger servant pursuing from behind burst with anger. However, it was too late to provide support.

“AHHHHHH!!!” The old woman screamed miserably. She flew backwards as much as she could and broke away from Xiao Chen.

As Xiao Chen was dodging the tiger servant who had attacked from behind, he still managed to sweep his leg across. The blazing divine light narrowly beheaded the retreating tiger woman. It missed slightly and peeled off a small piece of her lower jaw.

As such, Xiao Chen distanced himself without even turning back. He knew that once the two got together, he would need to pay a great price to defeat them. He should take advantage of when they were separated to attack.

“How is this possible? How is this possible!” The tiger woman shouted with a sharp voice. Her face looked sinister, her eyes brimming with an ominous glint as she stared at Xiao Chen’s retreating figure that was gradually disappearing. Then she said with a deep voice, “We must not let that boy amount to anything, kill him! We must kill him tonight.”

The tiger duo immediately gave chase.

Hit and run, that was Xiao Chen’s tactic. At present, he had entered Celestial City again. His target was a lone demigod from the Fair family.


The divine radiance was dazzling as the confinement technique of the dragons was executed. It instantly trapped the old man within. Although it couldn’t completely seal his movements, it was clear that his speed decreased dramatically, as if he was forging ahead in a swamp.

Divine radiance was launched, one after another. After a total of thirty six divine radiances were launched, Xiao Chen finally sealed the old man’s movements.

Without any hesitation, Xiao Chen rushed over with lightning speed. With a roundhouse kick, blazing rays of light illuminated the entire sky and everyone was able to feel the energy fluctuation from this area.


Blood spurted out. The two arms of this demigod level expert were instantly cut off from his body.

The merciless kick was supposed to cut this Zephyrus level expert at the waist. However, the adaptive ability of the demigod was very strong. Despite his movements being sealed, he was still able to instantly defend with both hands.

The instant his two arms were broken, Xiao Chen didn’t hesitate to turn his back to the demigod and attacked his chest with his right elbow.


Blood sprung up as the demigod let out a miserable shriek. His chest was totally caved in. Xiao Chen didn’t turn around and immediately distanced himself after giving him a good kick.

With his head crushed, the corpse fell from the sky.

Xiao Chen had extremely gifted battle instinct. His life and death experiences were also very abundant. The only thing he lacked was power and strength. Now that he had momentarily acquired the divine power of the sacred tree, his battle instincts were raised to the limit.

“Xiao Chen, you *******!”

After Xiao Chen had succeeded with his hit and run tactic, Faircloud and another old man arrived at that location. They let out a resentful bellow from behind and began to give chase.

“I didn’t expect for you to have already broken into he Zephyrus realm yourself, Faircloud. Good, I will remember it. At the same time, I ask of you to remember this, I will definitely take your head, along with your daughter’s!” As the sound faded away, Xiao Chen disappeared in the dark sky far away.

Xiao Chen didn’t dare to go too deep into Celestial City. He was only waiting for his chance in the darkness secretly. Because he was somewhat worried, he was fully aware of how formidable those major clans are. If… an expert of the Immortalis realm really appeared, it wouldn’t be anything strange. At that time, he would really be screwed!

Should he retreat for now? However, he was very unwilling. Hate! Keke was killed! If he didn’t take revenge for it, and just ran away like this, he felt that his heart would be ripped apart by the pain.

However, immortals…… there might really be an expert of the Immortalis realm within the city. That was an existence that couldn’t be challenged. Did he really have to train vigorously and endure it silently for many years before he could take his revenge? Xiao Chen’s heart… felt really sullen and painful.

“Do you want power? I can give it to you, but I have a condition…” A devil-like voice abruptly resounded in Xiao Chen’s heart, prompting him to make a decision.

“I can also give you the power in which you seek…” Another voice suddenly resounded in his heart. It possessed an indescribable demonic nature, “Everything in this world is fair. If you want to gain something, you must first pay for it.”

“Make your decision quickly, the dragon’s sacred tree won’t stay in your body for much longer.”

“It is a very fair deal, as long as you…”

“Time for a massacre…”

“Dye the Celestial City with blood…”

Two demons were enticing him.


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