Chapter 110 – Eleven Dragon Kings

Just when everyone thought it was over, the Red Dragon King burst into a fit of rage. It rushed towards Keke, a few crimson energy blades were released from its pair of horns. Even Xiao Chen had been targeted.

In fact, when confronting this kind of one meter long young Dragon King, even Seventh Celestial Layer experts like Xiao Chen didn’t dare to be careless, because Syndicate Dragon King would become an existence even the deities wouldn’t dare to provoke once they grow up. Even though they were very young now, they were still as powerful as Sixth to Eighth Celestial Layer. This was their inherent gift, people couldn’t help but be frightened and envious of them.

However, before Xiao Chen even made a move, Keke was already enraged. Although it was deliberately stamping the Red Dragon King before, it didn’t really attack the Red Dragon King. But now the snow-white little critter waved its little paws seriously, seven-colored light screen was formed, not only did it block the crimson energy blade, it also trapped the Red Dragon King with a “whoosh”. After that, the little critter waved its little paws again with no trace of politeness. With a “swish”, the Red Dragon King was tossed on top of a tall ancient tree.

This outcome not only made the Red Dragon King bellowed in rage, it also made the Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King to look at each other. Many practitioners were also stupefied. Of course, those who had experienced the calamity of the ghost town were not too surprised, because they had seen Keke using its divine power before.

The Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King growled, they rushed in front of Keke and let out a snarl unceasingly. It seemed like they were asking something. On the other side, Keke proudly waved its little paws and jumped onto Lunhui Wang’s head. It was “showing off” by “squeaking” unceasingly. ⌈1

It was a really astounding scene. A cute little critter became the focus of a few mystical Dragon Kings. Only Xiao Chen, Lawrence, Yan Qing Cheng, the Solitary Sword Demon, etc. knew why the two Dragon Kings were surrounding Keke and “questioning” it. From the mysterious woman and Amethyst Dragon King, everyone already knew Keke’s divine ability was in fact, the dragon’s secret technique.

A little critter that even knew about the dragon’s secret technique, how could those who knows the inside story not be surprised!

In the end, even though the Red Dragon King was still angry, it didn’t try to attack Keke anymore.

Finally, the little fatty Oxman and that mysterious woman arrived in succession. The Amethyst Dragon King and Black Dragon King followed beside them. With the arrival of two more Dragon Kings, a fierce battle nearly broke out again between the few Dragon Kings. However, the Black Dragon King and Amethyst Dragon King had better self-restraint, and they were much more interested in Keke than the other few Dragon Kings. Those who knew the inside story realized they wanted to fight over Keke’s sacred tree, but the little critter was not concerned in the least.

“Maybe the situation might not be as bad as we thought.” The woman shrouded in colorful mist said to everyone, “I have communicated with the Amethyst Dragon King. According to the legend of dragons, the Ancestral Dragon can undo the seal on this island, but it seemed like it must move away from the dragon island. That is to say the Ancestral Dragon and Dragon Kings will eventually leave the dragon island. We don’t need to force them, so long as we use an appropriate method, we might be able to reduce a lot of casualties.”

Lawrence, Buddhist Yizhen, the Solitary Sword Demon, and Oxman communicated with their own Dragon King and validated the news. Everyone could finally see a sliver of hope, so it turned out the future kings of dragon had to leave this place eventually. Perhaps the Ancestral Dragon Divine Ship was made for them.

They had already gathered five Dragon Kings, they were already very close to nine Dragon Kings. And when everyone realized where did Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen’s Dragon Kings came from, they couldn’t help but feel like they were going to blow up. Their conjecture regarding Xiao Chen’s “Dragon King Cultivation Plan” at that time actually came true.

It was pointless even if everyone felt jealous or envious, the dragons would go crazy and kill anyone who entered their territory if the grasses were so much as brushed by a little wind. It completely sealed their fancy to steal the dragon egg.

In some kind of sense, it was much safer to surround and capture a young Dragon King. After all, even if those dragons lost their divine ability, even if their brutality won over their divinity, they still had a god-like body. They were extremely fierce and terrifying.

Everyone set off under the guidance of five Dragon Kings. On the other side, Xiao Chen did not follow them. Even though many people wanted to borrow Keke’s power to capture the young Dragon King, it was rejected by Xiao Chen. After all, when those Dragon Kings grow up, even deities wouldn’t dare to provoke them. If he let Keke deal with them now, it was equivalent to setting up powerful enemies for Keke in the future.

It was not because he failed to grasp the bigger picture, it was because with the participation of five Dragon Kings, dealing with one Dragon King shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Of course, everyone did not really force him into it, a lot of people were scared that the demon that was following Xiao Chen would harm them.

Everyone gradually distanced themselves. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang stayed behind and followed Xiao Chen again.

The demon appeared in the forest, he looked at everyone’s figure from behind and said, “I daresay they will fail this time, if it was a different Dragon King, they might be able to catch it, but even five Dragon Kings won’t be able to pin down the Dragon King this time.”

“Why? Don’t tell me the legendary Ancestral Dragon finally appeared?” Xiao Chen looked at him in shock.

“Although I have seen eleven Dragon Kings, I haven’t seen the legendary Ancestral Dragon. Maybe it hadn’t been born yet.”

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“What? There are actually as many as eleven Dragon Kings?!” Xiao Chen was very astonished.

“Of course, maybe there might be one or two more. However, to summon the divine ship, you guys only need nine Dragon Kings.” The demon’s words confirmed the written records about the divine ship found by the old woman.

“Is that so…… You still haven’t answered my question, why five Dragon Kings wouldn’t be able to pin down the Dragon King they found this time?” Xiao Chen looked at him in puzzlement, it was hard to imagine just what kind of Dragon King would be able to deal with five Syndicate Dragon Kings.

“Heh-heh, it is not because this Dragon King is very powerful, it is because the ability it possess now is not something the other Dragon King can compare. Because it is the only one that can fly now, the other Dragon King might need a long time before they can manifest a similar divine ability.”

“Why is it so special, don’t tell me there is also a big gap in strength even among the Dragon King?”

The demon laughed and shook his head, then he said, “No, this is the Dragon King’s innate ability, because this is a Winged Dragon King.”

“Winged Dragon King?!” Xiao Chen was very shocked. Because according to what he knows, the Winged Dragon was the only dragon that was not sealed. It seemed like there was only a single Winged Dragon on this dragon island that came from the outside. He still clearly remember how the Fallen Angel defeated and dropped the Sacred Dragon onto the dragon island. Could that be a female dragon and gave birth not long after it was forced onto the dragon island? This speculation might be very possible.

“Is that so, this is really too unexpected.” Xiao Chen heaved a sigh.

Just at this time, the roar of dragons and the practitioner’s yell were transmitted from a distant mountain woods. It was very obvious that they found the tracks of the Winged Dragon King.

“Actually, if you guys find one more Dragon King, you would have assembled nine Dragon Kings already.” The demon laughed faintly.

“What do you mean, don’t tell me other people had already subdued the Dragon Kings?” Xiao Chen felt very excited.

“Of course, the other three Dragon Kings had already been subdued a long time ago. It would be more appropriate to say those three Dragon Kings were the very first to be subdued.”

Hearing these, Xiao Chen quickly thought of those first group of people who entered the depths of the island. It must be those group of older generation experts.

“You must have guessed it already, the older the ginger, the more spicy they are. Although they only have thirty plus people, they are much stronger compared to youth like you. If it was not because of their greed and wanted to enter the dragon’s Sacred Mountain to find the legendary Ancestral Dragon, they might have subdued even more Syndicate Dragon Kings.”

This piece of news from the demon was very shocking, so it turns out they had almost gathered nine Dragon Kings in total without realizing it. It means that they can finally see the hope of leaving this dragon island now.

“Leaving this dragon island is no longer a dream, it is already on the verge of success now.” The demon laughed grimly and said, “Have you thought about it carefully? If you haven’t, you might regret it for the rest of your life. I also don’t want to kill you, why don’t you stay on the dragon island and accompany me?”

Keke who was pretending to be asleep jumped up angrily, it glared at the demon with its glittering big eyes. However, the little critter knew it didn’t have an attack-type magic, it wouldn’t be able to deal with the demon as it is now. Moreover, its confinement technique couldn’t catch up to the demon’s superb speed.

On the other side, Xiao Chen sucked in a mouthful of fresh air, if everyone left, leaving him all alone on the dragon island, that would be very terrifying.

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“Eh? These three skeletons…… their background is quite impressive!” It seemed like the demon had only just noticed Qinguang Wang and the other two skeletons. His voice contained a hint of surprise, “They must have just evolved recently, I have never seen them before. They actually evolved this quickly, how come they only awaken now after falling on the dragon island for so many years?” To be praised by him like this, it was enough to tell how much potential the three of them possessed. He revolved around the three skeletons and said, “Don’t tell me they have a bit of history in their past life?”

“They can evolve into Sovereign King.” Xiao Chen opened his mouth and said. He wanted to listen to the demon’s commentary, so that he could understand more about the three skeleton’s future potential. ⌈2

“Sovereign King? Heh-heh…… That’s a little exaggerated, even if the departed souls and undead creatures evolved to the peak stage, how many could actually breakthrough to Sovereign King since ancient times? Sovereign King is an existence equivalent to the Dragon King. Don’t look at the Undead Emperor in the deathly swamp, he is still a hundred and eight thousand miles away from a genuine Sovereign King.”

The demon’s words immediately gave Xiao Chen a whole new understanding of the Sovereign King’s power, but he was a bit puzzled and asked, “When I was in the ghost town before, I saw the skull of a few Sovereign King, if they were that powerful, how did they die within the ghost town?”

“Impossible!” The demon said with certainty, “Sovereign King can only be sealed, it is impossible to kill them. Oh, now that you mentioned it, the dozen of you were only that powerful, and yet you were able to escape from the ghost town, it was indeed a miracle.”

“They had a complete lotus flower insignia on their skull, don’t tell me they were not Sovereign Kings?”

“Far from it.” The demon let out a cold snort and didn’t say anything else.

Just at this time, the dragon roar at the distant mountain woods gradually got further away. Xiao Chen wanted to witness the result with his own eyes. He turned around to take a quick look at the demon before he took large strides towards that mountain woods. This time the demon did not follow him.

The mountain woods was filled with broken branches and withered leaves, it was very obvious that a big battle took place in this region. The majority of the people already left, only Lawrence and Yizhen’s group were still searching in the vicinity. “It was a Winged Dragon King, that little dragon was really too fast. It only exchanged a few blows with the other Dragon Kings before it soared into the sky.” Lawrence felt a bit helpless and heaved a sigh, then he continued, “We felt it was very strange when we found its trail before, because it was really too fast in the thick forest. We only knew it was a silver-colored Dragon King, we never thought it actually had a pair of wings.”

This outcome was really unexpected. After all, Winged Dragon couldn’t be regarded as powerful among the various dragon races. But a Dragon King just had to show up from this kind of race. This gave everyone no choice but to believe the legend, the Dragon Kings could rise from any dragon race, even the weakest dragon had the possibility of giving birth to the Ancestral Dragon.

A weak growl transmitted from not far away, it sounded like a wounded beast. The instant Xiao Chen turned his head, he exposed a shocked expression. He actually saw that dark brown little dragon again; That tenacious, stubborn, and proud little dragon.

Presently, it was surrounded by a pool of blood, the flowers and plants below its body were stained by the blood. It couldn’t bear the sharp pain and let out a growl. Keke’s big eyes also widened right away, it dashed over there with a swish.

Xiao Chen felt it was a little unbelievable, the last time he saw the little dragon fought with two Dragon Kings, it was already on the verge of dying, because its chest was cut open, even the internal organs could be seen through the wound. It was hard to imagine how it could have survived that.

Walking over there, he found that the wound the little dragon received last time was almost fully recovered, but it received another fatal wound. There was a huge bloody hole situated at its neck and the pair of ribs were almost pierced, according to common sense, this kind of injury means certain death.

“Such a weird little dragon, when we got over here it was actually fighting with the Winged Dragon King. Although it was defeated in the end, this little dragon was quite courageous. It actually has the guts to fight with the kings of dragons.” Lawrence heaved a sigh at the side.


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    One that wanted to kill him and had forgotten his own identity. 

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