Chapter 168 – The Might of Dragon Ginseng

The snow-white little critter had a look of happiness and satisfaction across its entire face. The half an inch long amethyst old ginseng firmly embraced by it was almost as big as the snow-white little critter itself. Keke puckered up its cute little nose and took a bite of the ginseng with a “crunch”. In that instant, a colorful light soared up and filled the entire courtyard with a bewitching aroma.

This kind of bizarre event was really too astonishing. The multicolored light actually enveloped the entire courtyard. It was as if Keke was embracing a multicolored sun. The refreshing fruit fragrance made people endlessly intoxicated. The heavily scented fragrance was too strong. It was as if it had seeped deep into people’s bones in an instant and made them completely intoxicated.

The external layer of the old ginseng was amethyst in color, but the interior was flickering with multicolored brilliance. There was absolutely no ginseng flesh, there was only a honey-like sticky liquid. The bright, sticky, and colorful liquid slowly flowed out from the old skin.

At this moment, even the people on the main street were able to smell this bewitching fragrance.

Xiao Chen, Keke, and Tenax were completely revelled in enjoying the old ginseng. This was truly worthy of being the spiritual item guarded by the dragon, it was too extraordinary.

The sticky multicolored liquid dissolved immediately after entering the mouth. That kind of flavor was too wonderful for words. Xiao Chen felt the pores all over his body open up. His whole body felt incomparably relaxed. The liquid dissolved into countless specks of light in his mouth, and rushed into hundreds of veins in his four limbs.

“Gulp…” The fatty swallowed the saliva with all his strength. How he wished he could rush over there at once to snatch a bite or two.

Fairsky, who was usually keeping his manners in check, was also not much better at this moment. He forced himself to turn around and secretly swallowed his saliva.

“There’s enough for everyone, you guys should also come over here.” Xiao Chen smiled as he called out to the fatty and Fairsky.

The snow-white little Keke was a little unwilling. It was willing to share it with Xiao Chen and Tenax, but not so much when it came to other people. It cast a side glance at the two with its big black eyes, then it exerted itself physically to swallow up a big mouthful of multicolored liquid. In that instant, it involuntarily shut its eyes and groaned unceasingly as if infatuated.

“Forget it. I will absolutely not rely on external forces in my martial way.” Fairsky refused.

The fatty swallowed his saliva with all his strength and said, “I really want to eat it, but I am not a practitioner. I’m afraid I won’t be able to bear this kind of spiritual item. I usually only eat tortoise stew but I still end up with a fierce nosebleed. I’m afraid I won’t be able to enjoy this kind of good thing.” He felt rather regretful as he swallowed his saliva.

Looking at his gluttonous appearance, even Keke exposed a scornful expression. Xiao Chen smiled and tore a small piece — about the size of a fingernail — from the old ginseng. He passed it to the fatty and said, “Why not try a little.”

“Okay!” The fatty was very straightforward. He immediately swallowed it after receiving it.

He ate very straightforwardly, he also fell very straightforwardly. He seemed to be making a big fuss at the same time he turned over on the ground, “Hot! Hot! Hot!! It is comparable to a vitality soup stewed with one thousand tortoises. I can’t stand it anymore!”

Looking at the fatty again, he was having a nosebleed and his entire body was turning red, as if he was getting cooked thoroughly.

Fairsky hastily rushed over to help. And at the same time something unexpected also happened to Xiao Chen.

Of course, it was not like the fatty who couldn’t handle something so strong. Rather, a powerful gravitational force occurred in his body and directly gobbled up the essence of the multicolored liquid.

The divinization of the acupoints that hadn’t occurred in a long time showed up again!

The Baihui Acupoint ⌈1⌋ at the top of the head was an important acupuncture point in the human’s body. At this moment, it was just like a bottomless pit as it crazily absorbed the powerful spiritual energy that had just entered Xiao Chen’s body. The inexhaustible life essence was like a river flowing back to the ocean. All of it concentrated on a single direction! At last, it was condensed into a speck of resplendent light. The Baihui Acupoint was getting divinized at high speed!

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It was much faster compared to the divinization of the other acupoints in the past. Xiao Chen felt a little helpless as it was happening again. He was unable to control this powerful spiritual energy according to his will. All of it gathered towards a certain point and divinized a certain acupoint, independent of his wishes.

It didn’t end with just this. A black vortex actually appeared on the Toil Palace Acupoints ⌈2⌋ on Xiao Chen’s left and right hands. They were crazily depriving more than half of the old ginseng king in his hands.

Keke and Tenax were quick enough as they grabbed the other half. The remaining part was immediately transformed into one resplendent light after another as they rushed into the black vortex at the hollow of Xiao Chen’s palms.

The Toil Palace Acupoints were located at the dead center of the palms. Its position was very special. At this very moment, the black vortex on Xiao Chen’s both hands made them seem like the hands of a demon. Words were unable to describe how bizarre it was.

The essence was gathered at lightning speed. The multicolored liquid was all transformed into brilliant rays and assimilated into his body. Afterwards the pitch-black vortex slowly faded. In its place, two specks of resplendent multicolored light were fixed on the hollow of the palms. The Toil Palace Acupoints on both hands were completely divinized. Compared to the other acupuncture points, they were like lamps in the dead of the night!

Keke and Tenax shared the other half of the old ginseng king equally. The first half was completely plundered by Xiao Chen’s three major acupoints. The three specks of light had fused perfectly with the acupoints. The light specks were the acupoints, the acupoints were the light specks. They were completely divinized and when compared to the ordinary acupoints, they were like three bright moons in the night sky!

Half of the multicolored old ginseng king was actually able to divinize three major acupoints. It was easy to tell just how much life essence it contained. One must know that the eggs of the Tyrannical Dragon, Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, etc. were only able to divinize a single acupoint each.

This was practically a Dragon Ginseng!

Xiao Chen profoundly felt the mysteriousness of his secret art again.

He wasn’t able to refine the tremendous essence and use it to increase his own power. All of it was gathered in the acupoints and formed the three resplendent light specks. However, Xiao Chen was not disappointed. After all, that huge volume of spiritual essence was still amassed into his body and not wasted.

Just at this time, as if mysterious arteries and veins appeared in his body, the divinized acupoints were all connected.

The Shang Hill Acupoints in the left and right foot, the Center Palace Acupoint in the chest, the Shoulder Well Acupoints in the left and right shoulders, the Toil Palace Acupoints in the left and right palms and the Baihui Acupoint at the top of the head. The eight major acupoints formed a resplendent light speck. At this very moment, they pulsed violently, and emitted glaring rays of light that directly burst out from his body.

It made Keke and Tenax who were closest to him to jump up with fright. The eight major acupoints seemed to be linked up by an unseen vein!

The life energy was actually circulating between the eight major acupoints. That kind of connection couldn’t be seen with the naked eyes, and yet, he could feel it very clearly. That life energy continually flowed at great speed between the eight major acupoints.

The life energy was exceptionally vigorous!

Xiao Chen felt as if he had nine lives! The vigorous life energy made his skin circulate with glorious brilliance. Even his flesh and bones were filled with abundant multicolored light. It was as if they had been thoroughly tempered.

Every inch of his skin was brimming with power. It was as if his body was made out of adamantium. Vaguely, Xiao Chen could feel like he was reborn.


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The divinized acupoints upgraded Xiao Chen’s Vajra technique. Although he did not obtain that enormous essence and thereby broken into the Historia realm, Xiao Chen’s body had still undergone a transformation. The ordinary spears or swords wouldn’t be able to injure his body anymore.

His physical body had reached a freakish level. Only a very few among his peers could have physical body as powerful as his.

The life energy was even more astonishing. If he was to sustain injuries now, they would be healed in the shortest possible time.

The body was a treasure box, the inside contained treasures.

Nobody knew how much secrets the body was hiding. Nobody knew the true limits of the human body. Historia, where one unearths the treasures in one’s body and opens the doors to the hidden potential of the human’s body!

Xiao Chen, it was as if he was already looking up at that dazzling treasure, as if the treasure of life was waiting for him to unearth it.

The price to pay for the divinization of the acupoints was too demanding. After leaving the dragon island, Xiao Chen felt that this kind of opportunity was hard to come by without the dragon eggs. However, he found a new hope today.

The human body possessed three hundred and sixty five main acupoints. If each and every one of the main acupoints changed into a light speck, if three hundred and sixty five main acupoints were divinized, what kind of transformation would take place? Xiao Chen was all the more looking forward to that day.

When everything finally calmed down, it seemed like there were divine flames throbbing in Xiao Chen’s eyes. The divine light flickered in his eyes!

When he remained in one place, his body was like a lofty mountain, majestic and motionless. When he moved, it was as if the stars had fallen on mother earth and shattered everything in their path.

Xiao Chen’s body flashed and disappeared from the courtyard. Afterimages appeared in every directions in the sky. The space seemed to have been ripped apart. He seemed to cut through space as he moved.

The fatty whose nosebleed had finally stopped had an annoyed expression as he said, “This is unreasonable! People eat the old ginseng and become so healthy and active, while I get a nosebleed.”

Fairsky was instead getting envious. He felt that Xiao Chen’s state seemed to have improved to some extent.

“Your power level increased?”

“No, only my body became more powerful. The power and speed have increased by a wide margin.”

“That is still not considered leveling up?”

“No, Historia is where we open up the treasures in our body. I haven’t pushed open any doors.” Speaking until here, Xiao Chen faced Fairsky and the fatty, then he said, “Can you guys scout out Dugu Jianmo, Katalina’s freak brother, Windfeathers, and the other people’s residences for me?”

After listening to Xiao Chen’s brief explanation, the two of them finally realized. He actually wanted to find all the strongest warriors of the youth generation, and not only those few from the south.

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Three days ago, the strongest youths had showed up in Celestial City. They had gathered together for a short duration and triggered an unforeseeable domain. Xiao Chen’s targets were these people.

“Are you crazy?” Fairsky looked at Xiao Chen with shock, because he could already feel the battle intent coming from the other person’s eyes.

“I urgently need to wage a fierce battle. I can already see a whole new world right before my eyes. I only need to push myself to the limit to break into that new world in the shortest amount of time.”

“If you want to challenge them, why is there a need to make me scout out all of them?” Fairsky looked at him doubtfully. He had a bad premonition.

At last, Xiao Chen’s words made Fairsky’s premonition came true.

“I am not going to challenge them. I am going to kill all of them! One after another. After ten continuous battle, I might come back here on the verge of dying.” Speaking until here, Xiao Chen said to Keke and Tenax, “Tonight, the both of you don’t go anywhere. Just wait for me at home. I will definitely be back to recuperate before daybreak. At that time, if someone wants to break into this residence, come one kill one, come two kill two!”

“This is too crazy!” Fairsky was a little flabbergasted.


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