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Chapter 5 – Jade Dragon’s Egg

Last Edited on 05th August 2016 by ZetZo

Three days passed in an instant and Xian Chen’s wounds recovered very quickly. He determined that he would be fully recovered within six to seven days.

A flame was throbbing in the forest when night fell. On top of the bamboo stick was a hare that was being roasted until it was golden brown. The grease that dripped on the fire was emitting a “Pssh! Pssh!” sound. The sea salt had already thoroughly smeared the meat, an alluring aroma was lingering in the forest.

Xiao Chen used a bamboo knife to slice the golden brown hare on top of a shellfish plate. Then, he started to wash different kinds of fruit he had plucked from the forest, slicing them into pieces and arranging them on several plates full of fruits. After that, he poured the coconut juice into a cup made out of bamboo before he finally began to enjoy his dinner. After one bite of the springy, slippery and tender rabbit meat, the flavor spread through his mouth. On top of that, various kinds of sweet fruits made his appetite increase greatly.

The sunset glow faded and the night sky took over, but instead of becoming more tranquil, the rumbling sound at the seaside became much louder.

For unknown reasons, the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon had been roaring continuously at the seaside since the sun had fallen. It produced more earsplitting thunderous roars as time passed. The thunderous roars caused a huge turmoil in the bluish-green ocean and mountain forest. The power of the resulting sound wave was extremely terrifying.

The ancient beast was still shouting non-stop even when the entire sky was already filled with sparkling stars. Xiao Chen was surprised by this unusual sound and he was attracted by the dragon’s oppressive roar. He arrived at the coconut grove near the sea-coast under the moonlight.

Silvery lights were flickering all over the body of the fifty meter long Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, making it seem like a mountain made out of silver. On top of that, the sharp horn, the upside-down bony outgrowths, and the eight huge claws that were glittering like frost and snow made the beast seem especially frightening and ferocious.

The earsplitting thunderous roars had already started to gradually calm down. It seemed like the ancient beast went on a rampage on the sandy shore and created a lot of pot-holes everywhere. What appeared on the beach, one after another, were huge and frightening deep ravines.

Xiao Chen’s gaze was completely captivated by it!

At the side of the vicious dragon, a pure radiance was flickering. If one observed carefully, one would realize that it was actually caused by two dragon eggs! The eggs were as big as a millstone plate, the shells were sparkling and translucent as if they were made of jade. The eggs were transmitting a bright and glorious ray.

The ancient dragon had actually laid eggs!

Xiao Chen was extremely shocked. He finally knew why the vicious dragon was being abnormal.

The Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon dug up a big hole at the sandy shore and carefully buried the two dragon eggs in the hole.

The seaside finally regained its tranquility the following night.

The stars filled the entire sky, it was gorgeous and exceptionally beautiful.

After returning to his hideout besides the lake, Xiao Chen started to meditate for two hours. After that, he entered the bamboo house that emitted the sweet scent of vegetation and slowly entered the land of dreams on top of the bamboo bed.

He spent the majority of his day meditating because he knew that regardless of whether he was in the human world or in this unknown immortal world, only by having enough strength would he be able to keep himself alive.

Early in the morning, the tide was rising and falling. The sea was calmly waving back and forth.

The ancient Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon had already left a long time ago, Xiao Chen dug up the big hole at the sandy shore. Two dragon eggs about the size of a millstone plate revealed themselves and they emitted a glorious radiance.

The eggshell was glittering and translucent, as if it was carved out of the finest jade. It was flickering with magical silver radiance.

The dragon eggs that had only ever appeared in legends!

And now, two genuine ones presented themselves before Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen brandished his hand to strike one of the dragon eggs. The dragon egg was flickering with a silver radiance and to one’s surprise, there was not the slightest amount of damage. Xiao Chen was extremely shocked, he increased his strength to strike at the egg again. A brittle cracking sound could be heard coming from the jade-like eggshell and a big crack finally emerged.

Xiao Chen didn’t feel guilty. After all, this was the legendary vicious dragon capable of confronting the Emperor of the Sea, Neptune. This was the most savage ruler of the ocean that would eventually rip apart countless creatures all day.

The sparkling and translucent dragon egg finally broke, and the brilliant silver radiance inside was really blinding. The egg white leaked out and covered the ground. Very soon, the egg white seeped into the sands, exposing the silver-colored “egg yolk” which acted as the core. A magnificent light was circulating around the egg yolk, it seemed like this was the origin of the glorious radiance.

The almost non-existent hissing sound of the dragon was transmitted to Xiao Chen’s ears. To his amazement, he discovered a silvery light rising from the dragon egg. There was a mini-sized vicious dragon baring its fangs at Xiao Chen. It was sending out an extremely powerful life energy.

That was the essence of a Dragon Soul!

He did not hesitate to take that silver radiance into his stomach. In that instant, Xiao Chen felt as if his soul was about to burst into flames. A surge of violent life energy was attacking him from within!

The dragon eggs laid by the ancient beast contained unimaginably strong life energy. After all, they would eventually become vicious dragons in the future! It was only natural that their inborn energy was abundant.

Xiao Chen’s body was entirely enshrouded by a silver radiance and it appeared as if his entire body was enshrouded by a raging flame. What was contained in the essence of the dragon egg was an inexhaustible life energy. Xiao Chen’s body seemed almost transparent and hard to discern. A silver vicious dragon entered his ‘Ocean of Qi’.

As if attracted by the energy within Xiao Chen, the remnants of the dragon egg and essence gathered around his body and attempted to fuse with the dragon soul within him.

Xiao Chen felt as if his body was about to shatter into pieces. His soul and body was about to fall apart!

Just at this moment, the true nature of the ancient monolith, Eternal Restrain: Yellow River, revealed its true nature in Xiao Chen’s mind. The secret method of the Qi-Training Diagram bestowed by heaven acted independently. Xiao Chen endured the extraordinary pain to observe the bizarre things that were happening within his body. The dragon soul in his body was slowly getting refined!

At last, the silver flame, that was pulsating outside of Xiao Chen’s body, gradually vanished after almost half a day had passed. The silver vicious dragon in his body had disappeared and changed into a silver light that was about the size of a grain of rice. It submerged into the left foot’s ‘acupuncture point’.

The acupuncture point was located underneath the ankle. The silver-colored light within the acupuncture point made it seem divine. Compared to the other acupuncture points, it was like a star within the darkness!

After two more hours had passed, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. Even though he absorbed the essence of a legendary dragon egg, his power did not increase at all. Xiao Chen started to ponder, if such an enormous Dragon Essence could barely transform into a silver light about the size of a rice grain and set into the acupuncture point at the left foot, how much Dragon Essence would he need to fill the 365 acupuncture points in the human’s body? And what sort of transformation would occur if all the acupuncture points in one’s body were filled with this light bead?

The sun had already set and the roar of the dragon could be heard from the depths of the ocean. The calm ocean was split apart and big waves surged towards both sides. That obviously marked the arrival of the ancient beast.

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