Chapter 19 – Cold-Blooded & Cold-Hearted

Actually, this servant was not weak, it was only because Xiao Chen executed a lightning fast killing move. It was impossible to allow the opponent any time to react to the attack. Judging from the exchange earlier, it seemed like the opponent next time wouldn’t be as easy to handle.

Without any hesitation, Xiao Chen ran like the wind towards the third person five hundred meters from here. He concealed himself as he got closer to the third person. In the end, Xiao Chen attacked him without any remorse. The operation was very smooth this time, he disposed of his opponent with a single strike!

The bluish green ocean surged up violently, the sea waves washed up the shore. It was as if nothing had ever happened in the coconut grove.

Xiao Chen followed the path he took and returned to the vicinity of the green bamboo house. There was still no traces of Zhao Lin Er, just where could she be now.

The malicious brown haired man had already entered the bamboo house. That pair of male and female servants were keeping watch at the door. In addition, there were still three more servants hidden in the forest securing the safety of this place.

Xiao Chen did not become impatient, he was quietly waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Sure enough, he didn’t have to wait a long time for a golden opportunity. That pair of male and female servants were ordered to go investigate the seaside. Xiao Chen calmly followed them from a distance, only when they were far enough away from the green bamboo house did he accelerate and caught up to the two servants.

After entering the coconut grove at the beach, Xiao Chen finally made his move. Two sharp bamboo spears seemed like green lightnings as they were thrown towards the back of the servants. However, these two were obviously powerful experts. As soon as they heard the sound of the air shattering noise behind them, they dodged to the side. “Plop! Plop!” The two bamboo spears missed their targets and thrusted into the sandy beach.

The real killing moves followed afterwards. Although the bamboo spears failed to hit their targets, Xiao Chen had already closed the distance and was about to execute his moves. Xiao Chen made a horizontal slash with his palm that was filled with glorious divine light, as he cut across the man’s chest. With his right leg, he kicked the side of the girl’s abdomen.

The two servants reacted promptly and lifted their palms to block the attack. Xiao Chen’s palm and leg impacted with their palms. The two seemed to have been struck by lightning, the girl fell back involuntarily. However, the man was not so lucky, his arm had been grabbed by Xiao Chen.


A snapping sound resounded, Xiao Chen completely snapped off the arms of his opponent. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he struck the opponent’s chest with his fist and it caved in. After that, he whirled around as his leg swept towards the girl.

This series of actions could even be said to be carried out in a single breath, everything happened in the blink of an eye.

The agility of the girl was extraordinary, she reacted promptly and actually managed to dodge the leg that was swept towards her. She retreated backwards quickly while withdrawing a scroll and spread it open in the wind. The scroll spread open as she exerted her strength to toss it towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen felt greatly alarmed, he had firmly embedded this object in his mind. Last time Wang Zi Feng used this kind of scroll, a powerful and extremely formidable energy fluctuation forced him to jump down from a hundred meters high cliff. When he saw this similar murderous tool again, he instinctively fell back at lightning speed.

However, the energy emitted by the scroll this time was far inferior than the one last time. Xiao Chen felt that he would be able to resist it. Of course he didn’t actually do it, instead he fled to the woodland, leaving a few afterimages behind as he dodged the attack at high speed.

When the scroll exploded, a three meters long One-Horned Serpent appeared from within the dazzling radiance. It flew towards Xiao Chen’s chest like a sharp spear, and there were many ice spheres following the left and right side of the vicious serpent.

Xiao Chen was somewhat amazed, he could feel that the One-Horned Serpent was an artifact purely made out of energy, and it contained a terrifying power. Moreover, those ice spheres were not illusions but the real thing. This made him somewhat puzzled, just how could a picture scroll contain so many killing tools, it was a strange phenomenon.

Xiao Chen’s body emitted a faint radiance as he changed his position, leaving behind an afterimage in his original location. The One-Horned Serpent and those ice spheres hit the empty air in succession. In the end, all of them crashed on the ground. The approximately two meters long ice spheres all thrusted into the ground, and that energy-converted One-Horned Serpent exploded, creating a two meters deep crater.

“Help……” The female servant shouted loudly. However, her cries for help was completely disregarded as it was engulfed by the sea waves.

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Without saying anything, Xiao Chen pressed on towards her. The girl turned around to flee, but she was stopped by Xiao Chen and got pinned on the beach by a bamboo spear. The sandy shore was dyed red by the blood.

Even though it seemed somewhat cruel, that was the harsh reality. Only by killing would one be able to ensure their own safety. For the sake of survival, one must not hesitate to become a demon…… Without wasting any time, Xiao Chen rushed towards the green bamboo house.

The brown haired man was still in the bamboo house, and the three personnel were still concealed in the dark to protect him. Xiao Chen advanced stealthily while hiding his presence, he planned to finish off the three hidden personnel before he dealt with the brown haired youth.

Xiao Chen got behind a man soundlessly, however in that instance, it appeared as if the man was acting on instinct as he urgently let out an eccentric sound. After that, he drew the Blazing Sword with his right hand and slashed it backward in high-speed.

The scene was a bit bizarre, the longsword was completely made out of flame. The blazing flame was piping hot, however it was unable to burn the palm that grasped the sword.

Evidently, these three concealed men were much stronger compared to the other servants. Otherwise, it was impossible for them to serve as the bodyguard of the brown-haired man. This man’s Blazing Sword exchanged two blows with Xiao Chen, and he was obviously not at a disadvantage.

Xiao Chen sighed and retreated at lightning speed, even if he was able to kill the opponent, it was impossible to finish him off in a single strike. He didn’t have enough time, the other two were already rushing over here. At the same time, the brown-haired man also opened the door and came out from the green bamboo house.

Xiao Chen didn’t wish to go all out against his opponent, he could not afford to sustain another heavy injury now!

“Humph! I suppose you are the one called Xiao Chen? I didn’t pursue you, but you came to me instead. Seriously, there is a path to heaven but you didn’t go and throw yourself into hell instead! If the mountain forest wasn’t so chaotic and dense, I would not need to wait until I have enough manpower to search for you, I would have killed you already at an earlier time!” The brown-haired man smiled coldly, he was very calm. He thought he already had Xiao Chen in the palm of his hand.

Xiao Chen did not say anything, he didn’t have the slightest interest to find out who his opponent was. His plan to weaken his opponent had failed so he firmly retreated.

The three bodyguards were around thirty years old, their skills were indeed outstanding. They tagged along and chased after Xiao Chen.


A few powerful energy fluctuations suddenly spread within the woodland. Eight scrolls were tossed towards eight giant trees and unfolded as they hit the tree trunks. They spread out in eight different directions and surrounded the green bamboo house. Even though they had yet to activate at this point, it was sufficient to block the path Xiao Chen was taking.

“Even though I never thought you would come to counterattack, how could I let you leave my residence that easily. Humph!” The brown haired man had a malicious gaze and his expression was grim.

The eight scrolls were like eight dark doors leading to another world. The scrolls were enveloped by black clouds, it was impossible to see beyond them. Xiao Chen did not rashly break out of the enclosure, he knew just how frightening these scrolls were. He kicked a dried up branch on the ground and launched it towards one of the scrolls.

Apparently, the brown-haired man could control these scrolls, an eccentric sound came out from his mouth. At the same time, his hands moved according to some bizarre movements. That unfolded scroll actually rebounded the dried up branch rapidly and rushed towards Xiao Chen.


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