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Chapter 42 – Retreat

Everything was as Xiao Chen intended, it is not that he did not comprehend the exquisite style. However, if he wants to thoroughly break this imposing Barbarian Tribe expert, it is necessary to use his own specialty against him. Even if he cannot kill him like this, at least it will leave a shadow that cannot be obliterated deep in his heart!

One cannot show any kindness towards their enemy, he wanted to leave a deep scar deep in his heart eternally!

Xiao Chen really wanted to break Chaos into pieces, he didn’t want to leave behind anything that will endanger him. Since they already become enemies, in order to secure his safety in the future, the most effective method is to completely exterminate your opponent.

However, the divine wolf and fierce tiger beside Chaos were growling unceasingly, they emitted burst after burst of terrifying fluctuation. They were like an unbreakable divine armor that protected Chaos’ body. Moreover, a boundless energy constantly rushed towards Chaos’ right leg, trying to force Xiao Chen to release him.

When Xiao Chen and Chaos were in the middle of their fight, the young expert from the Jungle Tribe, Yaluo De, who was several hundreds of meter away, was also in the middle of a battle. An expert whose entire body was covered in a dim radiance stopped Yaluo De’s path in the most crucial moment. He prevented Yaluo De from saving Chaos, he clearly wanted to help Xiao Chen in his quest to kill Chaos.

That was a mysterious Spell Master, he kept executing killing moves against Yaluo De. Only until Chaos sunk into the most dangerous moment did he finally injure the opponent, and rushed over in a hurry. However, he also sustained some minor injuries.

Endless amount of vines stretched at high-speed in the woodland, it spun towards Xiao Chen like a green furious wave. After they saw someone crashed their way through the forest to participate in the battle, the three skeletons that were observing the fight at the sideline all along transformed into three glints of light, and dashed towards Yaluo De.

The terrifying venomous thorns, and those tenacious vines gave Xiao Chen some inconvenience for a moment. However, he was not afraid, he used Chaos’ body as a weapon to smash the venomous thorns and vines.

The venomous thorns shrink back, the vines rush forth crazily, it actually submerged Chaos’ body within. One after another green radiance were emitted by those long vines. It contained an inexhaustible Spiritual Power, those power originated from Yaluo De.

When Yaluo De and Chaos’ power combined, they finally forced Xiao Chen to loosen his hands. It was only natural that Xiao Chen would exert his strength to ruthlessly smash the vines that enveloped Chaos the moment his hands were loose. It caused Chaos’ body to stick so close to the solid ground that even the woodland quaked violently.

When Chaos was saved, he didn’t rush forward recklessly. He quickly retreated along with the vines.

On the other side, the three skeletons actually got in front of Yaluo De. Just then, Yaluo De sent most of his Spiritual Power towards the vines close to Xiao Chen, in this process, he nearly let himself get heavily injured by the three skeletons.

Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang, actually summoned the Dark Underworld Flame, the terrifying underworld flame burned most of the vegetation that was laid out to defend. Now that his Spiritual Power is back, he easily trapped the three skeletons. However, just around this time, Xiao Chen pressed his way here. Yaluo De couldn’t help but hurriedly retreat after joining up with Chaos.

A brief moment of calmness, both sides were standing opposite of each other in the mountain woods. All the observers in the distant held their breath as they watched nervously.

Chaos let out a furious howl softly, his pair of eyes send out an indistinct green radiance. This is the awakening of a beast, he felt that he received the greatest humiliation today, his ego suffered a critical hit, he wanted to press on together with Yaluo De.

However, Yaluo De stopped him, and softly transmitted, “We look down on him too much, let this be a lesson! We cannot continue to fight with him now, there are people glaring at us like a tiger watching his prey. Just then, I was being hindered by someone, that’s why I was not able to come rescue you immediately. Right now, we already sustained some injuries, we must not sustain more injuries because of our fight with him. If that is the case, the people hiding in the dark might make their moves on us. Let us temporarily retreat for today.”

If Xiao Chen and the three skeletons join forces to confront the two young experts in front of them, he knew the odds of success is very low. After all, the two before him were not much weaker than himself. His three skeletal partners are not as powerful as them. He has nothing to fear if it is one on one, but a battle royal will be dangerous.

Right at this moment, Xiao Chen gradually retracted his tyrannical aura. He just stood there motionlessly without saying a word, his tall body gradually exudes a majestic spiritual aura.

Yaluo De’s complexion changed slightly, it was very obvious that the opposing side did not only possess incomparably tyrannical strength. Judging from the aura he emitted now, “strength” was merely one aspect of his power.

“Let’s put down the matter today for the time being!” As soon as Yaluo De finish saying these words, he pulled Chaos who was unwilling to leave along.

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Xiao Chen didn’t say anything, he only stood there calmly and watch them leave attentively. If people do not disturb him, he will not go find trouble for them. However, if they wanted to take advantage of him, he will counterattack with the most appropriate method. This is his living standard.

This battle completely overturned Chaos and Yaluo De’s view on Xiao Chen, they never thought this opponent was powerful to this kind of degree. In his fit of rage, Chaos felt his ego had been completely trampled on.

Never mock your enemy! Yaluo De was a little vexed to come to this conclusion. At the same time, he maliciously hoped Yan Qing Cheng and Lande will also make the same mistake.

Xiao Chen stood there calmly for a long while, only until all the gazes that were secretly spying on him disappeared did he finally let out a breath of relief. He sustained some light injuries, but it doesn’t matter. He possessed an exuberant life energy now, it will be recovered very quickly.

Using violence to curb violence, this is a genuine confrontation of strength. If it was not because his “Center Palace Acupoint” had divinized and promoted his ability by several folds, it might become dangerous today.

Xiao Chen and the three skeletons took a short rest before they continue their journey. After advancing for several hundred meter, he finally found out why Yaluo De didn’t come to the rescue on time. In this region, he discovered traces of a fierce battle between Yaluo De and someone else.

There was an expert hiding in the vicinity that wanted to use him to eliminate Chaos. Xiao Chen knitted his eyebrows slightly, it seems like the circumstances on the Dragon Island is getting more complicated. Clearly, the chaotic battle had already begun.

The strong survives, the weak dies, this is the survival of the fittest on the Dragon Island!

The mountain range moved up and down, after Xiao Chen and the three skeletons pass through a small mountain, a valley showed up in front of them. Since they arrived here, the tracks of the beasts clearly become a lot fewer. The surrounding gradually become extremely quiet.

Xiao Chen began to scan his surrounding carefully. After all, even the crimson ape was unwilling to approach this area, it proved that this place is definitely filled with dangers. Sure enough, he discovered many huge footprints in the valley ahead, each of them was at least one meter long!


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