Chapter 64 – God of the North Star

Lawrence’s complexion turned pale, the sweat soaked his long hair, causing the tuft of hairs to stick together. He floated up with difficulty, and dodged to one side of this space.

Xiao Chen is currently suffering from extreme pain, it seems as if his body is really going to collapse at any give time, but he is unable to figure out how to get out of the space controlled by Lawrence. He lifted up his right hand with difficulty, the terrifying power of space caused his right hand to shudder, the nerves are palpitating violently, he exhausted a lot of strength just to lift his right hand, he pointed it at Lawrence and shoot a resplendent sword aura to towards him, in hope of penetrating him.

Right now Lawrence had also lost his composure, he is soaked by sweat from head to toe, the sweat had already evaporated into mist and concealed him. Seeing that resplendent sword aura charging towards him, he lay out a green radiance in the mid-air with difficulty, and then the charging divine radiance faded away with a “Clang!” The green radiance also break into pieces in midair, the power originated from the space had stopped the attack!

Since the beginning until now, only a short time had passed, but for the two in question, it feels like a century had already passed, they already feel like falling apart.

Lawrence felt extremely exhausted, he didn’t think he would encounter this kind of powerful enemy, the Space Shattering Technique was actually unable to deal with the opponent. At last, he gritted his teeth and moved both hands with difficulty to perform a complicated manoeuvre. He emitted one after another green divine radiance, and formed multitudes of divine blades which whirled towards Xiao Chen!

This is a rain of swords formed by the Spiritual Power of the Space! If the Spiritual Power is strong enough, it is completely capable of shattering the space! Even though Lawrence did not have enough power to shatter the space, this kind of powerful void sword is enough to one up experts of the same level!

At this moment, Xiao Chen could really feel death approaching, the frail looking Lawrence is really too powerful, he is the most terrifying opponent he had come across!

Xiao Chen never thought of giving up, even if he was right before death’s door, he will also do his utmost to struggle, that is his personality.

His arms turned translucent, one can clearly see the flow of blood, his trembling arm bones, and the circulation of energy. There is a possibility that he will collapse at any time, but in this moment, Xiao Chen had no other choice. He raised his Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer power to the limit, both of his hands actually break through the confinement of the space. Even if his body might collapse, Xiao Chen still waved his arms without hesitation. He drew one after another mysterious magic circle in succession.

Brilliant starlight appeared in this space, and seven of the brightest stars appeared in front of Xiao Chen. The North Star Constellation rotated rapidly to protect him, they formed a piece of gorgeous light screen! The entire space was set off by the dazzling divine radiance!

Xiao Chen felt rather excited, he dubbed this North Star Constellation light screen as a “Sealed God”. Originally, it was very hard to successfully draw up this kind of magic circle, but when his life is at stake here, his hidden potential has awaken, he actually successfully drew up this “God of the North Star”. ⌈1

After reaching a certain level, the void sword created from the Spiritual Power of the space is claimed to be unstoppable. Even deities are not able to stop it once it reached the highest level! Even though Lawrence is not that powerful yet, this kind of terrifying rain of swords is also astonishing enough.

“Rip! Rip!” The sound of space getting ripped apart resembled the demonic sound of death! However, something unexpected happen, the layer upon layer of sword rain actually resemble the rainwater going back to the ocean when they make contact with the “Sealed God Light Screen”. All of them were melted and absorbed by the resplendent light screen!

The glaring radiance in front of Xiao Chen is like ten brilliant suns shining upon the world at the same time. It makes people unable to open their eyes, the sword rain transformed into a pure Spiritual Power in the “scoop” of the North Star Constellation. ⌈2⌋ ⌈3⌋ After that it actually lost its way in the “spoon handle” of the North Star Constellation!

Xiao Chen keep waving his hands unceasingly, performing one after another mysterious manoeuvre, as if he was attempting to rip the space apart! The North Star Constellation Diagram become incomparably hazy, then it actually emitted a terrifying energy fluctuation in that instant. It fused with the Void Spiritual Power from before, and was launched from one end of the spoon handle!

Xiao Chen fused his own power and Lawrence’s power together! The resplendent light beam is like an unstoppable divine sword, it swept past Lawrence’s ear, and then firmly clashed with the light wall behind him.

With a loud rumbling sound, the hundred meter square of bizarre space collapsed, it faded away into nothingness. When everything returned to normal, Xiao Chen appeared in the middle of the sea of bones. The bones all over his body are echoing with “Prick! Prick! Pluck! Pluck!” sound. His body endured until the end, and didn’t collapse, his entire person is like the cutting edge of a sword as he looked at the opponent in front of him.

Lawrence’s body swayed for a few times, then he firmly fixed his gaze on the ground, he also fixed his eyes on Xiao Chen. After a long time he finally opened his mouth to talk, “You win, didn’t expect an Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer Void Master, would actually lose to an Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer Martial Artist.” However, he was not dejected, and continued, “Actually, I am not much weaker than you!”

“Is Void Master that special?” Xiao Chen feel that the somewhat ghastly Lawrence is a bit too conceited.

Lawrence laughed bitterly, since he lost after all, he could only mock himself, “I admit I lose to you, but you need not to mock me. Void Master is reputed to be unparalleled among practitioners of the same level. We are the king among the king, both of us are Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer, and yet…… I lost to you today, it makes me feel really ashamed.”

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“I am not mocking you, up until now I have never heard that a Void Master is the king among practitioners of the same level. Because, I come from the human world……”

Xiao Chen could see that Lawrence did not give rise to any resentment due to his loss. He did not label Xiao Chen as an enemy due to this, so he also gradually become more mild. If one is not forced into something, who would willingly want to make an enemy out of somebody?

“You are actually from the mortal world……”

After a few simple discussion, Xiao Chen finally understand what does a Void Master represent. They are indeed the king among the practitioners, and they are as rare as the phoenix feather and unicorn horn. However, he beat a Void Master who are reputed to be unparalleled on the same level today, he is overflowing with confidence, it is possible to break a legend!

At the same time, Lawrence also heard about many things that happened on the Dragon Island recently from Xiao Chen. He entered the depths of the Dragon Island a very long time ago, since the island had been sealed, he has been training close to the divine monolith all along.

“Alliance? Restriction? There will still be a bloody battle sooner or later, the majority of the people might not live for long on the Dragon Island!”

“Since brother Law has already guessed, how about to look out for each other in the future?”

“Very well, I also don’t want to make an enemy out of you.” After a big battle, the complexion of Lawrence became even paler.

“I also did not wish to make a terrifying enemy such as you.” What Xiao Chen said is the truth, the Void Master is the most powerful enemy he had ever come across.


  1. Selutu: Hidden potential = Plot Armor 
  2.  References for those who are confused with the scoop, this is how the constellation looks like: 
  3. Silva: It looks exactly like a scoop.
    Selutu: Don’t you mean “Spoon”? XD
    Silva: well… damn… 

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