Chapter 184 – Smelting Three Divine Artifacts

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and so on were comparatively common. Telepathy, Undying Technique, and the others were comparatively rarer. As for the legendary Reincarnation, Time Control, Extreme Speed, and other such divine abilities were even rarer.

The Weapon Fusion learned by Xiao Chen after breaking through to Historia realm could be considered a rarely seen divine ability. It was the most fitting ability for his one and only way.

Historia, the realm where one slowly open the sealed door in their bodies and dig out the treasures stored within. All kinds of legendary divine abilities required them to train painstakingly before they start to open up gradually.

The first divine ability gave Xiao Chen a nice surprise. He was even more looking forward to the divine abilities he would get in the future!

The jet-black broken sword transformed into sword-qi and circulated within Xiao Chen’s body according to his will, it was like a surging river, then again, it was like a clear stream. With a flash, the broken sword appeared in Xiao Chen’s hand.

Right now, Xiao Chen naturally didn’t have the capability to thoroughly smelt the broken sword. If he had enough power to completely smelt the broken sword and fuse it with his flesh, then this broken sword would no longer exist in this world. It would become a part of his body.


With a flash of light, the broken sword entered Xiao Chen’s left palm. When he waved his left arm lightly, a resplendent sword-qi was launched diagonally and let out a whistling sound. The unceasing torrent of sword-qi bubbled out and formed a dazzling light screen which cut through the curtain of rain with its unstoppable power!

He couldn’t smelt the broken sword, but with the jet-black broken sword hidden in his left palm, it was as if he was wielding the jet-black weapon in his hand. He no longer had to fear the divine weapon. At the same time, he was able to injure his enemy imperceptibly.

Weapon Fusion, since the body was a small universe by itself to begin with, it was possible to fuse everything within the body. After reaching certain heights, not only could he refine all kinds of divine weapons, even refining an immemorial magic mountain and store it within the body was not a problem!

Xiao Chen broke through to Historia realm and the first ability he received after opening the seal was definitely a very formidable and rarely seen divine ability.

Since he couldn’t refine the broken sword for the time being, Xiao Chen walked into the house to take out an ordinary-looking dagger. After that, according to his will, the dagger melted instantly and fused into his right palm. Lightly waving his palm towards a chunk of wood beam, it was cut off in a flash.

The dagger was thoroughly refined. Xiao Chen felt his right palm had the sharp property of the dagger. This was simply unimaginable. If he could smelt a lot of divine weapons and fuse it with his body, wouldn’t he became a living weapon, a moving armoury?!

This kind of divine ability was too freakish!

Next, Xiao Chen continued to smelt a few more swords. The result was as he had speculated. All of them fused into his flesh.

The pitch-black sky was incomparably oppressive. A screech suddenly resounded from the endless darkness and shook the entire Celestial City. The screech was very imposing, it sounded as if it fell from the highest of the heavens, then again, it also sounded as if it smashed the void and came from the ancient times.

Carrying on, the thunderous lightning burst out. One huge lightning after another appeared in the dark sky and made the sky brightly lit.

A divine halberd and a metal engraving burst out with dazzling rays of light in the sky of Celestial City. They attacked in criss-crossed pattern and instantly destroyed the endless shadows in the sky. Those were the shadows of the prehistoric peoples wearing ancient armors.

Was it an illusion?

Nobody knew.

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Celestial City suddenly shook violently for a while. If it was if a huge living body was sighing. After that, all the lightning rushed towards the mother earth and entered the Celestial City.

When the lightning gradually became dimmer. Xiao Chen had seen it clearly. All the shadows of the ancients had been augmented again and then they transformed into one light stream after another as they flew towards Celestial City, blending into the ancient city under the dim light of night.

The tempest stopped at this point. During this pitch-black night, something inconceivable had indeed happened in the sky. However, compared to that time in the dragon island’s ghost town, this was nothing. It was not frightening, nor could it be regarded as unfathomable.

However, this was only on the surface. Xiao Chen had profoundly felt a boundless power shrouding the Celestial City. It was absolutely not inferior to the dragon island’s ghost town on that day.

That means this ancient city was hiding a great secret unknown to anyone.

Otherwise, it was impossible for the golden halberd and metal engraving to rush into the night sky. They were spiritual antiques, surely, they must have realized something one wished to keep secret.

The torrential black light flickered as the jet-black metal engraving fell from the dark sky, directly rushing towards the rainbow-colored sacred tree on top of Keke’s head.

Don’t look at how the snow-white little critter was usually muddle-headed, it was actually very clever. It had once personally experienced the power of the jet-black metal engraving and was fearful of it. The snow-white little critter immediately ran away from this place with a swish.

The jet-black metal engraving did not smash over as they imagined. It was as if it had treated the rainbow-colored sacred tree as its vessel. It became slower over time, and finally, it suspended in the courtyard.

Keke looked at it curiously. After that, it was pleasantly surprised as it transformed into a streak of light and rushed over there. It wanted to put away that jet-black metal engraving. Just at this time, Xiao Chen suddenly had a flash and shouted, “Keke, wait a moment.”

The little critter doubtfully landed on the ground and looked at Xiao Chen in puzzlement.

“Let me give it a try.”

He just comprehended the Weapon Fusion a moment ago. Xiao Chen wanted to give it a try and see if he could take this ancient artifacts into his body.

According to his will, the black light glinted and the metal engraving did not resist at all. It directly fused into Xiao Chen’s left palm. Almost at the same time, Xiao Chen felt his left palm was crushed. The sharp pain almost made him shout out loud. Following closely, the bones let out snapping noise unceasingly as his metacarpal was being reorganized.

At the same time, the jet-black broken sword in his left palm was forced out of his body. Meanwhile, the dagger and swords that were already refined and fused into his right hand slowly rematerialized in his body. After that, they were forced out of the body. However, by the time they fell onto the ground, they had already become a pile of scrap iron. All of them shattered into small pieces.

Such a tyrannical metal engraving. With it alone, no other ordinary weapons were allowed to coexist. Even the jet-black broken sword was forced out.

On the hollow of Xiao Chen’s left palm, a fingernail-sized imprint of the jet-black metal engraving appeared.

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The golden halberd was brimming with murderous vibe. It left a streak of golden light in the sky, similar to a heavenly flame. Then it streaked across the vast sky like a meteor. As it fell towards the mother earth, it left behind a tail light and rushed towards the courtyard.

It seemed to have felt the aura of the black metal engraving from the rainbow-colored sacred tree and Xiao Chen. The resplendent divine light was so dazzling that one was unable to open their two eyes. The powerful pressure pressed down on Xiao Chen, Keke, and Tenax like a huge mountain.

Xiao Chen clenched his teeth. He made up his mind and executed the Weapon Fusion again. He made his move against the golden halberd. The blazing divine light glinted unceasingly. Xiao Chen experienced that sharp pain again in his right palm as his bones were being reorganized. The sharp pain made his entire head break out in sweat.

The golden divine light flickered unceasingly. In the end, all the rays of light finally dissipated and the imprint of the golden halberd appeared on Xiao Chen’s right palm!

Merging two ancient divine artifacts into his palms, this was a really daring attempt even for Xiao Chen. However, he found to his amazement that it was very hard to control these two ancient artifacts. He was unable to take them out smoothly anymore.

To fuse the two divine artifacts into his flesh, that was impossible! At the very least, he didn’t have the ability to do it now.

To manifest the power of the two divine artifacts, that was also impossible. Xiao Chen attempted several times and found that it was hard to manifest the divine power of the golden halberd and jet-black metal engraving. Despite that, his hands had become as solid as the divine weapons.

He was certain, if it was not divine artifacts like the golden halberd and metal engraving, any ordinary divine weapons wouldn’t be able to cause the slightest injury to his palms. Perhaps, even the ancient spear Pasteur wouldn’t be able to pierce through his palms.


Keke let out a squeak resentfully. It jumped onto Xiao Chen’s shoulder, grabbed a strand of hair, and blinked its big eyes to convey its dissatisfaction.

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “What do you need these ominous weapons for? Might as well put it in my body. At least they could be put to some use. They are nothing more than collections if you put them in your treasured tree.”

The snow-white little critter let out a “Hmph! Hmph!” sound resentfully. Then it extended its hairy little paws and waved it twice in front of Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen knew what it meant. It wanted to trade them with two peerless spiritual items.

“Heh-heh, good, no problem.”

From start to finish, Tenax was watching nearby. After the lightning faded away, it already recovered its calmness and aloof appearance.

Xiao Chen attempted to smelt the common swords. As a result, he found that it was possible to bring them into his body. However, if he wanted to refine them, they would turn into scrap iron and be forced out of his body.

With the existence of divine artifacts, no ordinary weapons were allowed to fuse with the body. They could only be stored. The ordinary weapons were too fragile in the face of two divine artifacts.

Xiao Chen laid out all the items he was carrying with him. Which comprised of: Keke’s rainbow jade shell, the jet-black broken sword, Suirenshi’s burial cloth, the iron chain used to lock up the white-shelled tortoise, the phoenix’s feather, and Suiren Gimlet. These were very important items, they couldn’t be thrown away.

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Xiao Chen carefully attempted to fuse these items into his body. Five out of six items could be put away in his body, but they couldn’t be refined. If he wanted to refined them, they would be forced out of his body. Fortunately, they didn’t end up crushed like those ordinary weapons.

What made Xiao Chen most surprised was the Suiren Gimlet, this sixth item could actually be refined and it was not rejected by the golden halberd and metal engraving. This indicated it was a divine artifact on the same level as them! ⌈1

Xiao Chen endured the sharp pain and fused the Suiren Gimlet into his left foot. A very small imprint of the Suiren Gimlet appeared on the heart of his foot.

It was somewhat inconceivable. The Suiren Gimlet looked like a stone yet not a stone, looked like a wood yet not a wood. It appeared to be nothing special, if it was thrown into the pile of stone, nobody would even take notice of it. However, it was able to steadily occupy a space in Xiao Chen’s body in front of two ancient artifacts.

Xiao Chen was getting increasingly positive. The divine artifact that Suirenshi used to achieve the truth was absolutely not as simple as it looked on the surface. All of it was because he didn’t have enough power yet to understand this stone gimlet’s true might.

Of course, this so-called refining was not really to be taken in the literal sense. This was only the initial stage, if he really wanted to refine and fuse them into his flesh, it might take a really long time.

The clouds scattered and the starlight sprinkled down. It was as if those bizarre event just now never happened at all.


  1. Silva: Just… what could it be? A soul protecting artifact?! 

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