Chapter 77 – Realization

Right now, Xiao Chen felt as if his body was indestructible. With his every movement filled with power, he felt unstoppable. His body was also even more agile and nimble than before, any casual movements he made were as fast as lightning, he left behind one after another afterimages in the icy cave.

However, Xiao Chen heaved a sigh instead, he had reached the peak of Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer, but it seemed like he was at the bottleneck. It was very difficult to step over this barrier, the most visible gain this time was the increase in strength and speed.

Xiao Chen had come to realize, in order to make a breakthrough, he had to train hard by himself, everything else could only be considered as assistance.

Xiao Chen walked out of the icy cave, he stood on top of the snowy summit to welcome the morning sun. The tranquil world of ice and snow made Xiao Chen feels extremely at peace. Ten million rays of multicolored sunlight shone on the snowy field, vivid colors circulated on the summit, and just at this moment, Xiao Chen suddenly had an epiphany.

Sunrise and sunset, the cycle of yin and yang, the dazzling morning sun, thriving with life force, burning fiercely, and extremely flourishing. Past its prime time, everything starts to decline, this is a cycle.

But after sunset, it didn’t completely come to an end yet, the sun will rise again after the darkness, and a new cycle will begin. Xiao Chen received a never-ending enlightenment, the flourish and decline of life force is an everlasting cycle.

Lately, Xiao Chen’s heartstring was tied very tightly, he always demanded himself to make a breakthrough, giving himself an immense pressure. This is already no longer the driving force that can push him forward, it is just like entering the declining phase after the golden age. The pressure has already become a shackle that’s preventing him from growing.

All living things under the heavens are composite of yin and yang, one cannot flourish for eternity. He had put a shackle on himself, this was obviously the reason why he was unable to make a breakthrough from the peak of Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer. He must completely relax himself, let the darkness past as quickly as possible, and begin a new cycle full of vitality. He should not be resisting the darkness.

Just at this time, it seemed as if Xiao Chen had achieved supreme enlightenment. He completely relaxed, and freed himself from all worries. He lets his mind wandered in the void, passing through the four ocean and five sacred mountains, soaring to the Ninth Heaven and arrived in front of a castle. He discarded all train of thoughts in regards to training, his complicated mind had turned very simple. The dense fog gradually dispersed, allowing the tower of wisdom to let off brilliant rays…… At this moment, Xiao Chen’s entire person seemed very ethereal. He stood at the summit of the snowy mountain to welcome to morning sun, he had already blended with the nature.

The worldly essence entered from the crown of his head, and exited from the body. Endless amount of spiritual energy blended with Xiao Chen’s relaxed body, he found himself submerged in a fantastic state. Soon after, his body shook violently, it actually produced rumbling sounds, and burst forth with a dazzling radiance.

Even though Xiao Chen’s mind was wandering in the void, he could still clearly felt the transformation of his body. He actually made a breakthrough under this kind of circumstances!

He trained strenuously, yet he was unable to make any progress. However, as he was turning back leisurely, he actually made a breakthrough and entered a new domain.

He successfully advanced to Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer!

The radiance on his body gradually vanished.

Xiao Chen’s heart was at peace, like a well without a ripple. He still maintained that kind of ethereal state, but he could already comprehend to some extend. The dazzling morning sun is burning fiercely, but will decline once past its prime time, the flourish and decline of life force were not only limited to the changes of nature and meditation, it was applicable for everything…… One’s life is like a dream, joys and sorrows come hand-in-hand, who could live on happily in their whole life? The transformation of the world, the changes of time, who could ever hope to stop them?

A flash of insight is better than several years of bitter training. The transformation this time has a really big meaning for Xiao Chen. This was an understanding of the spirit, he has gained an all new understanding in the path of training.

Many alliances gathered in front of the snowy mountain, there were actually more than four hundred people here. The majority of them came to witness the battle, but there were also quite a few who came for the dragon eggs. Everyone entered the snowy mountain, and finally discovered the traces of Xiao Chen. Raising their heads to look at Xiao Chen who was on the summit of the snowy mountain, their face colors changed due to amazement.

Under the morning sun, Xiao Chen’s entire person was surrounded by a faint radiance. It made him look incomparably holy and auspicious in contrast. He practically looked like a deity who was about to split the dimension!

Some people were unable to remain calm, they shouted as soon as they saw Xiao Chen’s back.

“Xiao Chen, where are the dragon eggs you stole secretly?”

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“The dragon eggs on this island belong to everyone!”


This kind of clumsy excuse made many of the audiences feel embarrassed for them, but the few dozen people in front did not feel as such. Many of them were already running towards the snowy peak.

Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton haven’t make their move, yet these people were already making their move. They feared to be outdone by others, they feared other people would get their hands on the dragon egg first. Dozen of practitioners shouted at the same time, they ran halfway up the snowy mountain very quickly.

Hundreds of people far behind the front line felt these people who are ******* for the dragon eggs were too shameless, they started discussing spiritedly at the back.

“How can people be so shameless!”

“Alas, this is the true nature of human!”

“This is nothing, they might do something even more excessive in the future!”

“No matter how powerful Xiao Chen is, fighting against this many is impossible!”


The yell coming from below made Xiao Chen awoke from the ethereal state. After understanding what was going on, he felt very angry, he just advanced to Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer, what was there to be afraid of? If they want to die, then come and get it!

Suddenly, Xiao Chen’s body emitted five dazzling rays of light that seemed to form a linkage with the morning sun at the East.

A few enormous dragon shadows emerged from his divinized acupoints. They were completely made out of resplendent divine radiance. The rays of light were incomparably glaring, the silver-colored Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, the dark green Elephans Draco, the jasper-like Saber Dragon, and the golden Monarch Lion Dragon. With Xiao Chen as the center, the dragon shadows revolved around him, and let out an ear-splitting dragon roar! ⌈1

They are incomparably huge, they are dragons made out of light energy!

Everyone below was completely dumbfounded, they simply couldn’t believe their own eyes! Even Xiao Chen himself was bewildered, he didn’t know how it happened either.

The three skeletons rushed out from the icy cave, they were so shocked that their jaws kept opening and closing unceasingly. Keke was also filled with curiosity, it blinked its glittering big eyes and rolled around Xiao Chen repeatedly. ⌈2

The dragon roar pierced the skies, the enormous shadows continuously float in the sky, they made Xiao Chen looks like a demon god in contrast.


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An ear-splitting noise broke out from the snowy mountain, a terrifying avalanche had taken place from the mountain peak Xiao Chen was standing at. It was like the galloping of ten thousand horses, it was like the thunderous roar of the angry waves, a wide expanse of snow rolled down the mountain like a thunderous wave.

The summit was the same as ever, the dragon shadows were floating around Xiao Chen, his entire body was throbbing with searing light flame, he watched everything unfolding before him calmly.

This was a huge disaster, it was completely caused by the dragon roar, Xiao Chen looked almost like a “demon” right now!

The practitioners at the rear immediately increased their speed to the limit, and rushed towards the snowy peak at the other side. They watched the avalanche below them in awe. Those who lusted after the dragon eggs, those who wanted to rush to the summit, and those who wanted to take the dragon eggs by force were all buried under the thick snow. Even if there were Spell Master and Psychic among them who could fly, they didn’t have enough time to get away. The big avalanche was too sudden, they were already halfway up the mountain, and it happened right in their surroundings, they didn’t even had time to respond!

The vast expanse of snow slide almost filled up the valley at the bottom. Everyone was completely dumbstruck, this was simply too terrifying! Xiao Chen actually buried dozens of practitioners under the sea of snow alive.


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