Chapter 202 – Unstable Situation Arise Again

The White Tiger suffered a crushing defeat and perished in the battlefield; Goldie’s Shadow Partners were broken and was only left with one life; The five-colored Peacock King was on the verge of dying and survived only because of the protection from the Chaos Green Feather; The Golden Lion King, although its vertical eyes were remarkably powerful, still couldn’t score a win in the end.

The snow-white little critter made an appearance during the finals and swept the floor with its opponents. It ultimately rose to the top and became the true king of the Sacred Beasts in the South.

This was no less than a hurricane sweeping past the Celestial City. Keke’s name had been spread all over the city as soon as the warbeast tournament came to a conclusion. Moreover, its popularity was rising rapidly to the heights of legendary.

In the eyes of the overwhelming majority, the snow-white little critter was cute yet powerful. However, in the eyes of some people, it had already become a thorn in their flesh, they cursed it as the “little monster” resentfully.

Because it forcefully intruded into the competition and changed the flow, many people’s expectations were crushed, especially the owner of the six Saints. They despised the little critter to the bone.

In short, the Celestial City was very noisy, almost to the point of an outburst.

Before the warbeast tournament dropped its curtains, the snow-white little critter was invited to go to the top of a tall platform. That awesome platform seemed to symbolize the sacred beast king of the south. It hadn’t been used for many years already.

The divine platform that was lying unused for a long time revealed itself. The brownish stone stairs were leading up in a spiral. The snow-white little critter sized up the platform curiously. The ten meter tall divine platform looked like a large inscribed stele, the names of a few dozen sacred beast kings were carved on top of it.

While rolling its big eyes, Keke left a crooked paw print beside its name. The people accompanying it wanted to laugh, but they were unable to. This little critter made an outstanding appearance and caused the three warbeast castles to remain very passive. That was because, they permitted the little critter to take part midway in the competition that led to this outcome. In the end, they had to use many good words to convince the master of the six sacred beasts.

This might be the youngest sacred beast king in the history of the South desolate region, but it might be the most power one in the future! The little critter just left and the paw print it left behind started to make big cracks in the surroundings. Those people who originally wanted to laugh were so shocked that they shut their mouth immediately.

After a short rest, the little critter was already jumping around energetically. The exhaustion from the battle was already cleared away a long time ago. There was no need to doubt, if the battle was to continue, it could easily fend them off. The little critter possessed unlimited energy, this made everyone exclaim in admiration involuntarily.

Keke was eating the ginseng king skewers as it walked up the divine platform, causing every spectator feel dizzy. All those skewers were made out from the best parts of old ginsengs. Perhaps, each of those ginsengs were more than two thousand years old. Just who would this be wasteful and feed the snow-white little critter like this? These kind of skewers would cost at least six to seven ginseng kings.

On top of the ten meter tall divine platform, Keke was embracing the white jade box. Its expression was brimming with happiness. The sacred radiance leaking out from the box made it all the more milky white. The little critter was almost infatuated.

Keke directly opened the jade box and took out the relics. The dark brown divine platform was immediately illuminated by thousand streaks of multicolored light.

The sacred beast the once accompanied Buddha, its strength was one that could be well imagine. How could the relics it left behind after breaking through to the Nirvana stage be any ordinary item? It contained an extremely majestic Buddha power.

The relic was as big as a dragon’s eye, it was as lustrous as a pearl, and flickered like the stars. There was an indistinct, yet dense and bright-colored mist lingering in the surrounding of the relic. The mist formed a powerful domain and illuminated everything in the surroundings.

The energy fluctuation was like a stormy sea capable of amassing worldly essence from all directions. It gathered all the brilliance from ten directions and formed a peculiar, yet magnificent scene. The brilliant rays made every object seemingly lose their light.

The snow-white little critter was so happy that it almost passed out from happiness. It threw away the jade box and did something that caused everyone to feel dumbstruck. It directly tossed the relic into its mouth and chewed it like a jelly bean.

Many people had the urge to bang their heads. How could this little critter do such a thing? Its strength was obvious to all, but it was still a cub after all. The power contained by the relic was definitely very terrific. That was left behind by the sacred beast that once accompanied Buddha after all. The little critter actually consumed it directly and did not refine it slowly!

It was a scene that made everyone completely speechless.

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Naturally, only a few people noticed it; the little critter only ate half of the relic, the other half was safely secured in its paw. It used the rainbow-colored radiance to confine the relic to prevent any brilliant rays from leaking out. This was set aside for Tenax.

“Crack! Crack!”

Keke ate the relic like it was eating a jelly bean, it swallowed the relic within two or three bite. Moreover, it creased its nose as if it was saying the flavor was not all that good. This expression really gave everyone a pang of dizziness.

The scene of its body exploding and dying didn’t come true. It was like nothing happened to the little critter at all. It moved its big eyes in a circle to glance in all directions.

In the end, Xiao Chen also ascended onto the divine platform. He was unable to hide it anymore as he had already been exposed a long time ago. He knew that when the warbeast tournament ended, the news regarding how Tenax and Keke were following him would have already reached the ears of many major powers.

Xiao Chen carried Tenax, took Keke along, and left in a hurry. Behind him were glances with many unknown meanings.

Although the warbeast tournament had closed its curtain, the disturbances wouldn’t end just like this.

And on the same day, a major event that shook the entire Southern region of the immortal’s mainland took place; an Immortal’s Temple actually appeared within the borders of the Terra Empire. A mysterious yet magnificent paradise appeared in the sky and caused countless practitioners to flock over.

Reportedly, that Temple in Heaven had already been discovered since yesterday. Only that… someone was forcefully sealing off the information, which caused the news to arrive one day later at the Celestial City.

In barely a single day, they had already discovered four divine weapons, namely the Dragonslayer Sword ⌈1⌋, the Demon Sealing Club, the Sacrificial Altar, and the Immortal Tree.

This was undoubtedly sensational news. Just these four divine weapons could make people go crazy. All of them were antiques with deep history.

The news of the Dragonslayer Sword had been spread around for who knows how many eras already. Reportedly, the sword had once bathed in the blood of countless dragons. One must know that dragons were the representative of the strongest race.

The Demon Sealing Club was capable of sealing demons and pushing the gods back. Its extreme might was unimaginable. Other than the user himself, it was hard to understand how daunting it really was.

The Sacrificial Altar was a rare spiritual item. According to legend, it was built by Laozi and Buddha in collaboration. If the legend was true, one might be able to call upon the wisdom of a few ancestor gods with sincere prayer.

The Immortal Tree was a black metallic tree. If it was planted in one’s family, it could grant immortality to the mortals. As for the benefits a practitioner would receive, there’s no need to even mention it.

It could be said that, these four treasures could cause a huge sensation even if only one of them was to spread out. The ancient treasures that existed since time immemorial were said to possess unimaginable might.

And these were just divine items obtained after breaking through the first seal of the Temple in Heaven. Just how much more ancient treasures could be found within, it was unimaginable. Especially when they thought about the treasure in the heart of the Immortal’s Temple, their minds were already filled with millions of stars. Many people went crazy over this and passed the rumor; that it was extremely possible for an extraordinary artifact to be unearthed, so much so that the item might even surpass a Divine Artifact!

Someone guessed that this Temple must be the historical remains of a certain ancestor god.

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Since it had already come to this, many people suddenly discovered that, the Tyrant Dragon King and Winged Dragon King throwing the match was not due to the reason they initially thought. They left the Celestial City hurriedly with a few powerful older generation experts… all because of the major event that occurred in Terra Empire. They were well-informed and started the journey ahead of time.

The aftermath of the warbeast tournament pales in comparison to the news of the Temple in Heaven. It immediately made everyone in the Celestial City flare up with passion and countless practitioners were already making their way towards the Terra Empire.

To the north of Terra Empire, one of the places that was said to be in the heart of the immortal’s mainland — Middle Earth. The rumor was even received by many practitioners of the Middle Earth, which was said to be vast and boundless. Many famous practitioners were already making their way towards the Terra Empire.

Three days after the clamor, Xiao Chen was still making an all-out effort to tend to Tenax. With the sacred beast’s relic as a source, and the rainbow-colored sacred tree as a conductor, he was nursing Tenax’s body.

He was not in a hurry to rush to the Terra Empire. This world has so many treasures, just who would be able to gather all the divine items in his own hands? He knew his own limits, with his strength at the current level, he was simply powerless to vie for it. Even taking Keke along was out of the question. Rather than taking the risk and cast away his life in vain, he might as well just sit around to gaze at the clouds.

Without a doubt, Tenax was a special kind of Dragon King. Its recovery power far exceeded that of any other sacred beasts.When they were still on dragon island, Xiao Chen was already aware of this. Even in the face of death, it was able to come around.

And a miracle shall happen once again. Those crushed internal organs were actually regenerating under the therapy of the relic and recombined under the guidance of the rainbow-colored sacred tree. Life force gradually returned to that deathly still body.


Tenax had tricked death once again and that feat was not short of reincarnation! After experiencing an extraordinary transformation, Tenax completely regained consciousness.

Although it still couldn’t move about, it had recovered and without a doubt, it even surpassed its former self. After going through the baptism of life or death , it will become stronger and be able to walk even further.

The outside world was in complete confusion. The aftermath of the warbeast tournament had yet to calm down, and the Immortal’s Temple that was floating in the sky of the Terra Empire caused yet another sensation. The Southern part of the mainland was unable to calm down.

The trees longed for peace but the wind would never cease. Xiao Chen wanted to stay out of it, but was that possible?

The warbeast tournament had already made him a superstar. And the faintly discernable temple in the sky seemed to possess some unimaginable magic power too. Although it was a few thousand miles away, it actually caused the jet-black broken sword at his side to tremble incessantly. On the third day, the sword even streaked through the sky! It transformed into a black light and charged towards the Terra Empire.

While looking at the broken sword flying away, Xiao Chen did not go after it. ⌈2

These three days, he was always in deep thoughts, thinking about which path he should take in his training. The performance of the few sacred beasts during the warbeast tournament gave him a great shock. For a divine ability to actually be that formidable and allowed a Historia level cub to fight against a demigod.

When he thought of that, he couldn’t help but admire the innate skills of some races. At most, the Golden Lion King shouldn’t be more than five years old. And Keke was only a little more than one year old. Yet, they were already this powerful at such a young age. There’s a large gap of power when compared to mankind. Just thinking about it was very discouraging.

These three days, Xiao Chen kept thinking in silence, “How can I become much stronger? Maybe I should dedicate my effort into digging out some of the rarely seen divine abilities.”

Only that… it wouldn’t be easy to take control of a unique divine ability.

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To explore an unexplored path, Xiao Chen kept pondering over this. However, just how to come up with a new path?

Although he was merely at the Historia realm, Xiao Chen thought about it very deeply, very far; these three days were the first sublimation of his training ideology. He wanted to become much stronger, he wanted to walk even further, he wanted to return to the mortal world……


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