Chapter 135 – Beast Examination

They were currently situated in a private room. A long table was especially laid out for the two little beasts, with various kinds of delicacies not inferior to the ones the fatty and Xiao Chen were having. As for Lunhui Wang and the other two skeletons, they just stood there like a tree trunk, not touching the food or drinks. The fatty also did not pry much.

The fatty clearly noticed the two little beasts’ fluctuating mood, he asked Xiao Chen in a low voice, “I say brother, do these two little beasts possess intelligence? Why do I feel that I could hear them grinding their teeth towards me?”

“It is not your imagination, this is a fact. You treated a very terrifying little beast as a kitten, and another one as a source of money, how could they not want to bite you?”

In short, this was supposed to be a really pleasant party, the ******* fatty had expressed enough goodwill, he promised Xiao Chen that he could satisfy the tough little dragon’s need by providing it with an opponent everyday, but it did not require the tough little dragon to show up in the warbeast stadium to perform.

The fatty was born in a family with great influence over the warbeasts, although he was not from the main family, he had great talent on this warbeast business. He possessed a sharp intuition, the instant he saw the tough little dragon, his blood boiled for some reason. He felt that he might have just found a treasure that hadn’t been opened yet.

If his intuition was accurate, and somehow unearthed a super powerful warbeast, then his position in the family would inevitably rise many times over. He would inevitably attract the attention of the clan leader and elder. Although it was most likely impossible to claim the position of clan leader, his power and position would rise by a wide margin.

In regards to the request raised by Xiao Chen, he was not worried at all, that was meant to be. The more powerful the warbeast, the more potential the warbeast possessed, the more they couldn’t let it get onto the stage voluntarily. Only this way would they be able to entice more people.

“I say brother, we have said all there is that needs to be said, I have also accepted all your conditions, why don’t we go and see the tough little dragon’s potential?”

The tough little dragon was a little unwilling, it didn’t have a favorable impression of the ******* fatty.

“Don’t worry too much, you tough little dragon, this is all for your own good. The only thing you are lacking to evolve into a Dragon King is a worthy rival. They will keep making arrangements for you in the future.” Xiao Chen lightly patted the tough little dragon’s scales and softly whispered beside its ear.

The tough little dragon blinked its eyes, then it nodded strongly and agreed happily.

This battle maniac! Xiao Chen heaved a sigh.

“I am only representing the family and came to patrol, I didn’t bring any especially powerful warbeast with me. I’m not sure if there is any intellectual beast in this town that is worthy of taking the stage.”

Not long later they arrived at the warbeast arena, from far away they could already hear the roars of the beasts, as well as the excited shouts and shrieks of people.

It was really bursting with popularity!

Warbeasts, they truly deserved to be called the most powerful industry on the mainland.

This place was very big, it was divided into a few battle arenas. Each arena was filled with a multitude of people. All the spectators were cheering as if they were crazed.

Fatty Zhuge Liang quickly found the person in charge of this arena and arranged a “beast examination” with him. The so-called “beast examination” was a language of the trade. It had the meaning of testing the potential of a new intellectual beast.

After knowing the fatty was sent over to patrol by the main family, the person in charge of this place didn’t dare to be negligent and hastily arranged the venue. Beast examination was not something an outsider was allowed to watch, so they got far away from the battle arena.

Because the main target of a beast examination was normally a new intellectual beast on recommendation, their wild nature hadn’t be eliminated yet, nobody could put them under control. Thus, the examination usually took place in a huge iron cage.

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But it was impossible for the tough little dragon to receive this kind of treatment, let’s not mention how the tough little dragon would create a big disturbance by itself, even Xiao Chen wouldn’t agree to it. In the end, they directly carried out the beast examination outdoors.

The manager of the warbeast arena saw that the tough little dragon was only about one meter long, it was so very small, so he made a big deal over a minor issue. As a result, he didn’t send out any ferocious beasts in the beginning. He only released an ordinary leopard. Regarding this, the ******* fatty Zhuge Liang didn’t say much. He only chuckled as he overlooked everything, he wanted to see the tough little dragon’s true strength and was more than happy to see it fight a few more rounds.

The result was very shocking, the tough little dragon only bared its teeth, and that leopard fell onto the ground, paralyzed.

Everyone was extremely shocked, only Xiao Chen knew what the tough little dragon did just now. It felt that it was looked down upon and was getting angry. The tough little dragon emitted an invisible dragon-qi, how could this ordinary beast not be afraid? Its legs immediately gave up and collapsed. ⌈1

The manager of the warbeast arena wiped off the cold sweat. The second time he directly released five male lions. The result was as astonishing as ever, the tough little dragon swung its tail five times and sent all five of the male lions flying.

Looking at this single-horned little beast with a panther-like body, the warbeast arena manager was at a loss for words. A one meter long little beast actually possessed this much power, it was simply inconceivable.

The ******* fatty was so happy that his smile distorted, what kind of exotic creatures had he not seen before? He knew some exotic creatures couldn’t be judged from their size alone, all the more when it came to a powerful warbeast. Clearly, the tough little dragon’s potential was beyond measure, the initial result of the beast examination made him very satisfied.

The warbeast arena manager was already dripping with sweat. This time, he did not try to estimate the tough little dragon’s strength anymore. He directly sent out the most powerful warbeast at this place. That was a giant wolf with white fur, its body length was about six meters long. It was the tallest in the arena and looked down at everyone present. Its pair of wolf eyes were flickering with green light, exceptionally awe-inspiring. At the same time, its four limbs were very special, they were actually covered by scales. One could tell it was a fierce character in a single glance.

“ARH-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…” The white wolf was clearly very intelligent, it seemed like it could feel that the tough little dragon was not any ordinary beast. It didn’t look down on the tough little dragon because of its size. After a long howl, it transformed into a streak of white light and pounced over.


The tough little dragon left an afterimage in its original position and dodged the attack. Xiao Chen who was watching the battle narrowed his eyes. This was definitely the dragon martial skill as described by the Winged Dragon couple.The tough little dragon’s movement just now was very special, it was using the substitution technique like a real human expert.

“ARH-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…” The white wolf let out a long howl, it actually spouted flames from its mouth. It was a bizarre species as expected, it was capable of using magic spells.

The tough little dragon dodged again with lightning speed, it didn’t try to use brute force as it did in the past. The tough little dragon transformed into a streak of black light and moved as quick as the lightning. It got near the giant wolf several times and left behind a few terrifying wounds on its body.

The white wolf faced the sky and let out a bellow of rage. The scales on its four limbs suddenly gave off glorious divine light at this time, then it actually took off from the ground.

It was truly an exotic creature, it actually possessed this kind of ability. The white wolf was very strong without a doubt. The tough little dragon was caught up in a passive situation, it could only take a defensive stance and get thrashed around. It was unable to reach the giant wolf that was flying in the sky.

The warbeast arena manager gradually revealed a smile on his face. After all, if no warbeast could suppress this one meter long single-horned beast in this arena, he would have lost all his face.

However, his smile didn’t last for long. The giant wolf in the sky seemed like it wanted to deliver the last hit and put an end to this battle. It pounced towards the little dragon that was always in a defensive stance with its claw.

Just at this time, the tough little dragon suddenly exploded. The scales all over its body were flickering with brilliant rays. It actually jumped into the sky to face the giant wolf that was pouncing at it. After running through the gaps of its paws, the tough little dragon ruthlessly sent an attack towards the giant wolf’s chest. Blood gushed out like a waterfall, the giant wolf let out a snarl and fell onto the ground.

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“Bravo! Bravo!!” The fatty clapped his hands and said, “Endure the attack and look for a chance to deliver the fatal strike. This is the skill only those warbeasts that have experienced countless battles possess. The tough little dragon is really too talented, it was practically born to fight, fighting is its way of life.”

Soon after, he waved his hand to hint the warbeast arena manager to step down, then he looked at the tough little dragon with a passionate gaze and said, “I will turn you into a celebrity, I will make those upper-class ladies to squeal for you, and those men to go crazy for you.”

No matter how Xiao Chen looked at him, he could only see a guy that had gone crazy due to greed.

“Haha…… When we get to the Celestial City later, I will treat you to the best wine, and request the prettiest girl to look after you……”

It seemed like the snow-white little critter couldn’t watch any longer. It directly jumped onto his head and used its paws to mess up his hair, then it jumped onto Xiao Chen’s shoulder.

The fatty was not angry at all, he chuckled and said, “Oops, forgot my manners… but this little beast is really too promising. Although the trump card of this warbeast arena is nothing compared to the one in the warbeast castle, it was more than enough to verify the tough little dragon’s potential. After all, it is still so young, it has a very long path ahead of it. It has unlimited potential! Hoh? It has a panther-like body, a Tyrannical Dragon’s tail, its head looks a little similar to the Dragon King, and yet, it only has one horn, this little guy couldn’t be…… a real dragon right?”

Profiteer Zhuge Liang looked at the tough little dragon doubtfully. It must be mentioned that this guy had a very keen insight in regards to beasts, he was naturally gifted in this field of work.

“You can just think of it as a dragon if you like.”

Hearing Xiao Chen say it like this, the fatty chuckled and dispelled his doubt. But he said confidently, “This little beast’s potential is unlikely to be inferior to a dragon, I believe it might even grow into a legendary sacred beast. At that time, even fighting against a dragon will not be a big problem. Wahahaha, it is I who discovered this tough little dragon. At that time, even the blurry old man from the main house might send a few outstandingly beautiful female practitioners to protect me. Hehehe… hehehehehe…”

The fatty just kept laughing at the corner by himself. When he suddenly heard the sound of grinding teeth again, he found that the tough little dragon was staring at him. He hurriedly shut his mouth.

“Brother Xiao, why don’t we become sworn brothers. We ask not the same day of birth, but we seek to die together.” ⌈2

This *******, what a profiteer. After seeing the tough little dragon’s potential, he wanted to strengthen their friendship in this way. Xiao Chen cursed silently.

Naturally, Xiao Chen did not become sworn brothers with this guy, but it’s not like Xiao Chen disliked this ******* fatty. After all, this guy was still pretty friendly.

“Brother Xiao, when we get back to the Celestial City later, we must dig out the tough little dragon’s potential. Let me think…… the first match…… Callas, that scoundrel’s Senarius Lion ⌈3⌋ should be a fitting opponent. That warbeast is unparalleled among the smaller sized warbeasts. The tough little dragon is still young, after going through a rigorous training and becomes a little stronger, we can use it to deal with that little beast king. The Celestial City is, oh so big, the population exceed millions, it is equivalent to the biggest city in the Southern part of immortal’s mainland. There are quite a few warbeast castles, we will have much to do at that time.” The fatty was already starting to scheme.

The fatty and Xiao Chen talked about many things, the fatty’s last words were, “Brother Xiao, wait here for some time, it won’t take more than five to seven days. After that, we can go to the Celestial City together.”

Aside from coming to inspect the family business, Zhuge Liang also received orders to gather as much information of any exotic beasts in the southern desolate region of immortal’s mainland. They intended to send some experts from Zhuge’s family to come and look for exotic beasts in the future. If those exotic beasts really existed, and if they could catch one, it would be an unimaginably huge harvest for them.

Actually, the fatty had already accomplished his mission, but because he was very eager, he wanted to personally go to the south desolate region to explore.

Xiao Chen originally planned to stay in this town for a few days anyway. Of course he didn’t have a problem after listening to the fatty’s explanation.

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The time passed quickly, ten days passed in the blink of an eye. The fatty never showed up, it already exceeded the time limit he had set. As a result, Xiao Chen waited for another five days, but he didn’t see a shadow of the fatty during this past month.

During this period, Xiao Chen once went to the warbeast arena to inquire, but he didn’t get any news whatsoever. At that place he experienced the popularity of the warbeast industry again. He thought that if he failed to secure any source of income, he could bring the tough little dragon to the warbeast arena to fight a few rounds, then they wouldn’t need to worry about clothes and food.

Twenty days had passed, there was still no news regarding Zhuge Liang. Xiao Chen felt that it was pointless to keep on waiting, this ******* fatty had most likely gotten lost in the south desolate region.

Xiao Chen started his journey towards the Celestial City. The distance to that place was roughly two thousand miles and a little. It seemed like there were only a few big towns on the way. That was because the rumors from the south desolate region were ominous, so the population was especially sparse.

Legend said the ancestor god Suirenshi was living in the south desolate region, but Xiao Chen, who had just returned from the dragon island, had a hint of doubt. The burial cloth he had with him belonged to the person in question, if that was really true, then the ancestor god Suirenshi should have passed away already.

The south desolate region rarely got in touch with the outside world, the road was very worn out, some areas didn’t even have a road. On the third or fourth days since Xiao Chen and company left, they actually couldn’t find the road anymore.

But Keke and the tough little dragon were like fishes back in the water. The spiritual items that were looted from the Undying Sect had already been finished by them. Keke could frequently find some unusual treasure in the south desolate forest, and the tough little dragon would go and challenge vicious beasts everyday. Fortunately, they hadn’t ran into any especially powerful vicious beast.

However, Xiao Chen was getting a little anxious and frightened. It was very likely for them to get lost in the south desolate region if they didn’t follow the road. The vicious beasts they encountered were getting more ferocious by the seconds, there were actually quite a few primal species. This showed that they had already entered the depths of the south desolate region.

During this time, the fatty Zhuge Liang finally returned to the town with three of his men, their clothes were ragged without exception. A few of them managed to make it back after getting lost in the desolate jungle for almost twenty days.

When he found out that Xiao Chen had already left, he felt a bit anxious. At the same time, he received a letter transmitted from the Celestial City via a flying pigeon. The content of the letter said someone brought a Dragon King and arrived at the Celestial City. It had already made an appearance in three warbeast castles. It was as if the fatty had just taken a dose of aphrodisiac, he hurriedly went on his way; one was that he wanted to catch up to Xiao Chen, two was that he wanted to see the Dragon King immediately.


  1. Silva: I wanted to use some Chinese proverbs here, but don’t know what to use… something about turning as soft as tofu… 
  2. Some kind of poem from the three kingdom. 
  3. Literal translation, the Six Eyed Golden Pupil Lion King 

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