Chapter 28 – As Firm as Steel

Gu Luo chuckled grimly twice, then he suddenly got up and ran towards Xiao Chen. It was pointless to say anything more at the moment. Zhao Lin Er follow-up with Gu Luo, she knew it was already too late to fall back. The only way out of this predicament was to kill Xiao Chen while enduring the onslaught of the undead miasma.

Two longswords were swung towards Xiao Chen’s chest in crisscrossed pattern. At the same time, the man who was holding the Blazing Sword also made his moves. The blazing hot longsword was swung towards Xiao Chen’s neck with ferocious strength.

The longsword in Xiao Chen’s hand also emitted a dazzling radiance, he swept the longsword across a wide area, and deflected the three’s killing technique. At the same time, the three skeletons transformed into three rays of white light as they dashed over there to clash against the three powerful experts.

Quite obviously, Zhao Lin Er and Gu Luo were plagued by the undead miasma, their strength was many times weaker than before. Even if they worked together, they still couldn’t gain any advantage.

The sword aura rose high into the sky from within the forest, Xiao Chen rotated his body as he brandished the sword. With a curved slash, the sword erupted with a glaring sword aura as it streaked across Zhao Lin Er’s nape. Her fine black hair filled the sky, the Imperial Angel’s long hair was neatly cut off. If she was one second slower, perhaps it would be her head that was detached!

Zhao Lin Er was breaking cold sweat from head to toe, she who was born in the imperial household had never experienced this kind of treatment; To be forced by others close to the gate of the underworld.

Gu Luo was also extremely scared, in his eyes, Xiao Chen was a really dangerous individual. An individual with resolution as firm as steel, he didn’t even hesitate when facing this kind of peerless beauty. He faced it with an indifferent attitude, what else would this kind of individual not dare to do? Originally, he thought that he could entice Xiao Chen with great benefits, and negotiate with him at the crucial moment. However, he completely dispelled this train of thoughts in his heart now.

During the time Gu Luo and Zhao Lin Er were feeling apprehensive, the longsword in Xiao Chen’s hand had already broke the Blazing Sword into pieces. An incomparably bright sword descended from top to bottom, slashing the sword-wielding man’s shoulder. The blood splashed everywhere, two chunks of body remains fell on the bloody ground of the forest.

Seeing Xiao Chen drew near while carrying the iron sword that’s dripping with blood, as well as the three skeletons blocking their path from the flank, Gu Luo’s complexion became despondent. Zhao Lin Er knitted her eyebrows, however she couldn’t come up with any countermeasures. It was getting difficult to maintain her gorgeous complexion and remain calm at the moment.

“Alright, everything should come to an end now.” When Xiao Chen said all these, he remained very calm. However, it makes Gu Luo and Zhao Lin Er feel even more frigid.



Just around this time, unhappy cries of the apes could be heard from a distant place. The terrain was slightly higher here, so they could clearly see dozens of powerful beastly figures were flying vertically on top of the tree. It was as if they were walking on the clouds, they could traverse eight to nine meters by only touching the branches or leaves slightly. They were seriously extremely nimble as they flew at lightning speed towards this location! ⌈1

Zhao Lin Er’s complexion abruptly changed, she recognized them in a flash. Those dozens of Gigantic Apes once protected Xiao Chen, and she killed one of them several days ago.

This place was not very far away from the habitat of the Gigantic Ape, the sound of battle had alarmed them.

In merely a short period of time, the dozens of Gigantic Apes arrived at this location. All of them were approximately three meter in height, with black fur covered their entire body, they seemed extremely scary under the moonlit night. As soon as they landed, they closely packed together as they surrounded both parties like huge stone monoliths.

The four meter tall peculiar Four-Armed Ape stood in the middle, the blood-colored fur on its body was flickering with a bewitching radiance under the moonlit night. Two rays of light were emitted from its two eyes, like a pair of lightning, as it started at Zhao Lin Er coldly.

Xiao Chen recalled the three skeletons to his side. With the dozens of Gigantic Ape who showed up for vengeance, perhaps he don’t even need to lift a finger. The conclusion of the fight was already set in the stone.

But all of a sudden, an extremely radiance burst out from the forest, the lightnings interweaves together as it enveloped the dozens of peculiar apes like a huge net. It wiped out all but the blood-colored peculiar ape, all the Gigantic Apes were knocked down be the lightning attack. They were twitching from head to toes, unable to even budge a muscle. Even the blood-colored Gigantic Ape’s footstep was weak and unstable.

The fast change of scenario caused everyone to know not what to do. However, just around this time, a snow-white young unicorn with faint light flickering all over its body like a jade transformed into a ray of silver radiance as it got in front of Zhao Lin Er. The young unicorn carried Zhao Lin Er and ran far away in a split second. ⌈2

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This unforeseen event was too sudden!

The blood-colored Gigantic Ape bellowed in rage, it was like a sudden clap of thunder in the middle of a moonlit night. Its body generated electric sparks with crackling noise as it got out of paralysis state. Then it soared into the sky like a madman as it chased after the young unicorn.

After a short period of time, all the Gigantic Apes that were twitching on the ground recovered, and they chased after the young unicorn without even looking back.

Everything was too sudden!

At the moment, only Gu Luo remained standing all alone in that place. However, he was not in despair, on the contrary, the corners of his mouth curved up into a smiling expression.

Xiao Chen felt something was not right, he immediately left behind an afterimage as he dashed forward. However, he was still one-step too late, as Gu Luo unfolded a scroll, it actually carried him high up into the sky!

“I always thought this scroll was worthless, who would have thought I needed to use it to run for my life today.” As Gu Luo said these words, he directed all of his unsaid dissatisfaction and wrath at Xiao Chen as he stared at him fiercely.

Xiao Chen asked coldly, “Then why didn’t you use it to run away previously?”

“Because it can only carry one person! I believed that young unicorn will make an appearance, it is not good-looking if I used it hastily and run away by myself. Of course, if the young unicorn didn’t come, I would still run away during a life and death moment. Hey, everything that took place earlier just proved my calculation was right, leaving now is only more appropriate.” Gu Luo’s gaze was malicious as he firmly stared at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen did not feel exasperated, he only replied coldly, “You are playing with fire, not only since the beginning, even now!” Speaking until here, he stroked his hand in the empty air for a few times. A few brilliant light radiated, forming a huge palm in the sky as it engulfed several longswords beside the dead bodies.

After that, he jumped high into the sky, towards the crown of a huge tree. The distance between him and Gu Luo shrank rapidly.

Gu Luo shouted “Not good!” loudly, then he directed the scroll capable of flight to fly towards the distant location. Xiao Chen left an afterimage on the crown of the tall tree as he jumped to the top of another even taller tree. He stepped on the tip of the trees, and transformed into light and shadow as he chased for few dozen of meter in this kind of manner. And finally, he was at the top of the tallest ancient tree in this region.

He actually closed the distance between himself and Gu Luo greatly. His body was emitting a bright radiance, as if it was ignited due to his breakneck speed. The glowing light was throbbing on the surface of his body, like the raging flame of the hellfire! Just at this moment, he mercilessly tossed the first longsword from the giant hand!

Xiao Chen strengthened the longsword with the purest of power, transforming the ordinary iron into adamantine. The longsword was emitting light like a rainbow as it pierced the tranquil night sky!


The blood splashed about in the sky, a large amount of blood overflowed. Gu Luo let out a sorrowful scream, the longsword actually penetrated his right arm. Not only that, his right arm was actually cut off! The severed arm fell down from the sky, the entire sky was filled with the rain of blood……


  1. TLN: Uh oh! Are they going to take revenge on Xiao Chen for using them?! 
    It’s that unicorn again! Why oh why!!
    To ladies who are reading this, please protect your chastity until you are married because it can save your life. Just look at Zhao Lin Er, she was saved twice due to her virginity, she’s the prime example! 

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