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Chapter 69 – Approaching Keke’s Old Home

A monster capable of controlling the gale! Xiao Chen shouted in dismay loudly, if his conjecture was not wrong, this is undoubtedly a huge snake! According to legend, a divine snake who had reached enlightenment was capable of separating the plants, and made a path for itself.

Xiao Chen embraced Keke and ran away as soon as he turned around, the three skeletons followed closely behind. Like a few streak of light smoke, they escaped from that area in the blink of an eye. Through the dancing tree shadows, he turned his head around to watch, he could only see a huge green snake rushing out from the bamboo forest, with body as thick as a house!

The part of its body that was raised high up into the sky was already ten meter tall, the green scales were flickering with a terrifying light, each scale was as big as a palm-leaf, its huge head in the sky was looking down on the herd of wild elephants. Its washbowl sized bloody-red eyes were emitting a terrifying fiendish ray. The thick venomous fangs in its wide mouth were all about half a meter long, all of them looked like an incredibly sharp sword. Its scarlet forked tongue was about four to five meter long, extending and retracting indefinitely, it was incomparably terrifying!

It directly throw its long body across the bamboo forest to the other side of the river bank, it resembled a huge dam blocking the path of the wild elephants. And around the huge snake, on the tip of the bamboo branches, and among the underbrush, there are infinite numbers of tiny green shadows wiggling around, there are actually so many tiny green snakes!

In a distant place, Xiao Chen couldn’t help but suck in a mouthful of cold air, this giant green snake is actually a Trimeresurus!

Viper Trimeresurus, they are normally only half a meter long. Even though they are very small, they are extremely poisonous. It is very rare for them to grow up to two meter long, and now this enormous Trimeresurus is actually as thick as a house, and its huge body is hidden from view by the bamboo forest, who knows just how long is actually is!

This is really too frightening, it is very hard to imagine just how long it had lived!

This is most likely a monster that had lived on since the ancient times! It definitely have enough strength to confront some of the fierce dragons!

Having their escape route completely blocked off, the wild elephants’ sad calls penetrated this entire area. In the end, half of the herd turned around and rushed towards the river. At the same time, the huge Trimeresurus also started to move.

As soon as its head stretched forward, the five meter long forked tongue immediately caught a wild elephant. After that, it opened its huge mouth to the extreme, the thick and sharp venomous fangs flickered with terrifying rays, and swallowed the entire elephant head in a single bite.

The scene is extremely bloody and scary, the huge snake’s venomous fangs immediately paralyzed the wild elephant’s body, making it lose its ability to struggle in an instant. After that, it devoured the fresh elephant bit by bit!

A snake devouring an elephant!

The huge Trimeresurus that lived since the ancient times, actually devoured a wild elephant, this is really too shocking and terrifying!

The herd of elephants ran away in a panic, some of them fled into the river, and was carried downstream, some of them rammed against the dam-like body that was blocking their path, they wanted to force their way through and get away from here.

When the huge green shadow flipped over, a gale rushed forth from the bamboo forest, carrying with it a fishy smell that made people want to vomit. The earth trembled constantly, the bamboo forest swayed hysterically, endless amount of bamboo leaves fluttered in the air. The huge snake winded its body around four wild elephants in a flash.

The wild elephants uttered a sad call, they struggled to get free, but in the end they lost their strength, and became motionless.

That huge bloody mouth once more open up to the limit, devouring the four elephants one after another. This bloody and cruel scene caused the other elephants to feel incomparably frightened, all of them were trembling in fear. In the end, they crouched down on the ground, and wailed unceasingly.

The ancient snake, Trimeresurus, seemed like it didn’t want to completely exterminate them, five elephants were already enough to satisfy its hunger. Its huge body slowly moved towards the depths of the bamboo forest, gradually disappearing in the shadow of the woods.

It was as if the herd of elephants had been granted an amnesty, they ran for their life in a panicked state. The earth started to tremble, the forest trees on the riverside swayed hysterically, the dead leaves filled the whole sky!

Xiao Chen’s entire body was shaking to the core, after this event he finally knows, even if an area seemed tranquil and peaceful, it is still just as dangerous. One couldn’t help but be cautious on this island, there are too many ancient beasts concealing themselves in the endless mountain woods!

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Keke struggled free from Xiao Chen’s both hands, it climbed up the top of a green bamboo like an agile monkey to look at the giant snake. Regarding this, Xiao Chen was already used to it. Even though Keke looked like a lion and a tiger, it was capable of walking upright. Sometimes it even resembled a little monkey, this little critter is really such a freak.

“Squeak! Squeak……” It mumbled to itself excitedly, as if it was trying to express its happy mood.

“What’s going on, Keke?” Xiao Chen looked towards it in amazement.

Keke nimbly jumped down, it pointed at itself and the divine sapling, and then towards the mountain woods in front. This made Xiao Chen feel completely puzzled, he spent a lot of time to get the rough idea, ahead of them should most likely be the divine sapling and Keke’s old home!

“Keke, you were born from here?” Xiao Chen looked at it in amazement, he always wanted to know the origin of this little critter. Who knows, maybe the secrets surrounding Keke would come to light if they went to explore its place of origin.

Keke blinked its glittering big eyes, and nodded its head strongly. At the same time, it is also pointing at the divine sapling. One can see that it is very excited.

Xiao Chen also felt a little happy, if the divine sapling really originated from Keke’s native place, then could there be some more treasured trees there? The three skeletons also surrounded them, it seemed like they also hope to visit Keke’s place of origin.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” This time, Keke walked in the front. It seems like it wants to lead the way.

Xiao Chen laughed out loud, seeing how this little critter is so eager to get home. Most likely it lost its way at that time, that’s how it ended up in the outer region of the Dragon Island. This little critter is really such a muddle-headed.

Keke is simply too fearless, it actually wanted to directly push its way through the ancient snake’s habitat. Xiao Chen hastily blocked its path, and then they took a detour. This make the little critter keeps squeaking unhappily. He really can’t figure out if this little critter is not scared of the vicious snake, or is it really a little muddle-head.

The vicious beasts are increasing in numbers as they keep going, Xiao Chen couldn’t help but doubt, did Keke come from the nest of a vicious beast? On the way, they discover many terrifying monsters, some of them are even bigger than ancient dragon. They are absolutely capable of striving against the vicious dragon!

Suddenly, a gale was raised abruptly, the giant trees in the mountain woods trembled, the leaves swirled in the air, many beasts ran away in a frenzy. Xiao Chen raised his head to see, only to discover a huge bird flying past at high-speed while sticking close to the mountain woods. It is covered by bright fiery feathers from head to toe, its body is actually about the same as the Sacred Dragon, its body is about ten meter long, and its pair of wings could stretch up to thirty meter long! ⌈1

Keke is not scared in the slightest, it is curling up like a snow-white pompom and rolling on the lawn excitedly. This shows that they should be close to its home now.

After advancing for another mile, when they pushed their way through a gloomy swamp, they found a ten meter long golden centipede with body as thick as a water bucket. It is currently curling up in the gloomy woodland. This is really too shocking, a centipede can actually grow up to this extent, this is simply inconceivable! This is definitely a terrifying poisonous insect that had lived since the ancient times. Perhaps even a vicious dragon would take a detour once they encountered it!

The woodland is extremely gloomy, the huge centipede is flickering with a bizarre golden luster. Its outer shell is as hard as steel, Xiao Chen saw how it easily snapped a giant ancient tree, it is like an unstoppable giant metallic creature! Its several hundred pairs of insectoid legs were as sharp as knife, it just lightly wiggle around, and the rocks in the swamp were chopped into pieces.

Xiao Chen was convinced, that Keke’s old home should be a den of monsters, there were more and more ancient beasts around here.


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