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Chapter 132 – Too Luxurious!

Purple radiance burst out in an instant, the Undying Divine Wings extended from Xiao Chen’s back. The purple divine wings were as clear as the jade, they were almost transparent, and yet, they contained a powerful force. These were not merely divine wings capable of flight, but also a terrifying weapon! They were far from comparable to Yan Qing Cheng’s Fifth Celestial Layer Undying Divine Wings at that time. The Undying Divine Wings at the peak of Eighth Celestial Layer had already become a very terrifying and powerful weapons. They were comparable to the sharp blade of a divine weapon.

Of course, these wings were completely materialized with his energy, he could control them however he wished.


Lightly spreading out the divine wings, Xiao Chen arrived at the courtyard like a purple lightning. After that, he transformed into a purple light again and entered the mountain woods in front for a test flight.

Everything was so perfect, after mastering the Undying Divine Wings, Xiao Chen’s speed had increased to an unfathomable level. He could extend his sphere of activities to the sea and the sky hereafter, he didn’t need to limit himself to the ground anymore when engaging in a fierce battle. It could be said that with the divine wings in his possession, those Spell Master and Psychic that could fly will no longer hold any advantage over him. He will inevitably become those people’s bane.

Standing beside the water well, Xiao Chen lifted the cask over and over to wash his body, his mood was undoubtedly joyful.

The food in the room had cooled off a long time ago, Xiao Chen was in closed-door training for three days already, the kitchen staff come and go several times but didn’t disturb him, he only set the food down quietly. Perhaps this was some kind of unwritten rule in this sect.

Although he was eating cold food, Xiao Chen felt as though he was enjoying a luxurious meal. This was because he was spiritually satisfied, half a year of bitter training finally paid off, these period of training could be said to be a huge success.

The three skeletons also seemed to have felt his joyous occasion. They walked in from another room and moved their jaws to generate the “clacking” sound, as if they were congratulating him.

He hadn’t seen the snow-white little critter and tough little dragon for a while now, Xiao Chen strode across the road with agile steps and headed towards the back mountain.

Yan Qing Cheng was currently sitting quietly among the fragrant turf. A hazy radiance enveloped her surroundings. The pleasant birdsong lingered in the flower trees nearby. It was very peaceful. A beauty blending into the picturesque nature, it was indeed a vivid and harmonious scene.

Xiao Chen quietly watched from the sidelines for a moment, he didn’t break this beautiful scene and continued forging ahead after passing through this area. Only until he distanced himself did Yan Qing Cheng open her beautiful eyes to take a quick look before she shut it again.

After passing through the waterfall area, the sound of a fierce battle could be heard coming from the front. As expected, the tough little dragon was having yet another fierce battle in the vicinity of the dragon cave. Xiao Chen was shocked to find that its speed seemed to have somewhat increased, and its battle skill seemed more refined than ever, but it appeared to be relying on brute force for the most part.

He finally understood after a long time, Xiao Chen already knew, it was not that the tough little dragon was being impulsive. More like, it was intentionally challenging the strong, seemingly trying to toughen its physical body at all costs. It did not hesitate to get serious injury every time, as if it was trying to arouse the potential hidden in the dragon’s body. As far as the battle technique was concerned, it seemed to possess an outstanding gift. Even though it wasn’t used frequently, it was already getting more adept. It was just as the Winged Dragon couple had said, it had grasped some legendary dragon martial skill. That was because its battle style every time was so profound and brilliant.

At this moment, the one fighting the tough little dragon was the little Winged Dragon’s father. He transformed into human and personally practiced with it. Of course, he was holding back and used just enough power to strike every inch of the tough little dragon’s body. The dragon force penetrated it unceasingly, the black little dragon’s scales were already stained by blood. Although it was seriously hurt, it was not to the point of life threatening.

The tough little dragon seemed to be very pleased with this kind of battle. It displayed a series of movements Xiao Chen had never seen before, it left one after another afterimages on the battleground. Its battle style was very eccentric and extremely effective. Although it was impossible to injure the little Winged Dragon’s father, it still displayed an out of ordinary battle skill.

Xiao Chen could see some gateway, it was truly suitable to be named the dragon’s battle skill. The tough little dragon seemed to be repaying the Winged Dragon couple for personally training it since the past few days. Although this little guy was uncommunicative, it was level-headed. It knows what should be done and what not to be done.

Although the little Winged Dragon who watched the battle at sidelines had a dark expression, its somewhat excited eyes had already betrayed its gradually changing mood.

After the battle was over, the tough little dragon dragged its injured body towards the little Winged Dragon. It actually extended a dragon claw and pointed it towards the little Winged Dragon’s forehead.

The little Winged Dragon was so young and yet it was able to speak human tongue, it was clearly out of the ordinary. The little Winged Dragon stared blankly for a moment, but it still lowered its head in the end, otherwise the tough little dragon couldn’t reach due to the difference in height.

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A speck of light emitted from the tough little dragon’s claw, it rushed forth like water ripples and actually blended into the little Winged Dragon’s forehead.

Only until the tough little dragon departed for quite some time did the little Winged Dragon regain its consciousness, then it mumbled to itself, “Actually, if this little rascal did not come to disturb me everyday, it is quite cute. Just now it passed yet another battle skill to me.”

The Winged Dragon’s parent smiled towards Xiao Chen and said, “We are extremely grateful.”

“Don’t mention it, the tough little dragon has its own point of view, I don’t have the ability to sway its way of thinking. I think the reason why it taught your child the dragon martial skill is because it also feels bad to come and bother you everyday.”

“That’s right, that’s right. I was almost driven crazy by it.” The little Winged Dragon whispered to itself.

Xiao Chen went after the tough little dragon, by the time he left, he seemed to have heard the little Winged Dragon’s father muttered the few words, “Dragon King”. Could they be talking about the tough little dragon? Unlikely. Could it be that he wanted his child to evolve into a Dragon King? That…… was an audacious way of thinking. However, that seemed to be very possible, that little Winged Dragon didn’t look like any ordinary dragon no matter how he looked at it. It already knew how to speak human tongue at such young age.

He quickly caught up to the seriously hurt tough little dragon, the little guy just coolly nodded towards Xiao Chen as usual and continued forging ahead without changing its expression.

Returning to that underground cave, the tough little dragon silently washed the bloodstain in the hot spring. While enduring those throbbing pain all over the body, it began to gobble up the cloudfire fruits to restore its three energies.

Despite how the caves were filled to the brim with this kind of cornelian-like fruits, after a few months, the cloudfire fruits were almost exhausted by the tough little dragon and snow-white
little critter. There were only a few stalks remaining on the wall.

Maybe the rate of the tough little dragon’s improvement had to do with these. Every time after it was seriously hurt, it would use this kind of spiritual fruits to replenish its physical body at high speed, which helped it to unleash the body’s potential one step further.

At the same time, Xiao Chen also noticed there were some other fruits in the cave. After a careful examination, it actually looked very much like an amethyst pear. He knew it was impossible for this tough little dragon to go and search by itself, because this little guy only know how to fight and train all day long. He was sure that it wouldn’t go out its way to find food to satisfy its desire.

Xiao Chen immediately thought of Keke, that little thing was indeed the bane of all spiritual item. Most of the good thing in the vicinity couldn’t escape from the hollow of its palm. At the corner, Xiao Chen even discovered more than half of the amethyst reishi mushroom missing. That’s such a waste, it’s really too wasteful, this kind of rare treasures were actually wasted like this.

Keke always appeared and disappeared unpredictably recently, Xiao Chen hadn’t seen the little critter for a really long time already. But now it seems like the little critter was exploring this mountain of immortals like a fish back in water.

Xiao Chen waited here for roughly three days before the snow-white little critter showed up. The little critter was carrying a super big ginseng that looked like radish as it returned. However, it threw the ginseng to the tough little dragon uncaringly, as if it was throwing a Chinese cabbage.

Keke’s fur was brighter than ever, it was as clear as a finely crafted divine jade. Its pair of glittering big eyes seemed to be brimming with more intelligence, it could even be said to be covered with spiritual energy from head to toe. Of course, it was a also little fatter. It was easy to imagine how it treated these kind of spiritual item as food on a daily basis. This made Xiao Chen stare at it blankly, it was really too extravagant!

Seeing that Xiao Chen had come, the snow-white little critter’s expression changed slightly. It looked fishy no matter how he looked at it.

“Are you hiding something from me?”

It shook its head strongly, then the snow-white little critter threw the radish-like ginseng over. That means it wanted to let Xiao Chen enjoy it, there was some implication of winning his favor by fawning on him.

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“Ey, you have a guilty conscience. Talk, did you cause some trouble again?”

It was rare for the snow-white little critter to expose this kind of apologetic expression. It pointed at the big ginseng and used its little paw to gesture continuously. Although it was well-coordinated, it still spent a long time in order for Xiao Chen to understand what it was saying; the ginseng was actually pulled up from someone’s medicinal garden! ⌈1

Xiao Chen became speechless immediately. He knew without asking, according to its personality, it must have went to other people’s medicinal garden and treated their precious land as its own vegetable garden.

“This kind of giant ginseng, how many have you pulled up?”

The snow-white little critter thought about it seriously, then it extended one little beast paw.


The snow-white little critter turned its little paw over, with the hollow of the palm facing downward.


The little paw flipped over again.

Xiao Chen was at a loss for words.

The little paw flipped over one more time.

Xiao Chen could feel his face turning pale ⌈2⌋. Seeing how it still wanted to flip the little paw, he hastily stopped it.

“Stop flipping, I already know, you really treated that place as nothing more than a radish field. In your eyes, those giant ginseng are no different from a giant radish.”

The snow-white little critter blinked its glittering big eyes, it then scratched its head embarrassedly.

“Other than the giant ginseng, did you touch any other medicinal herb?”

Dilly-dally, dilly-dally, Keke searched the corner of the cave to find some leftover stolons and seeds. One couldn’t help but sigh, there were a complete variety of spiritual item, ranging from reishi mushroom to amethyst pear to daybreak dates and pure gold lotus……

Xiao Chen felt an intense headache.

“Did you really think what you are eating as Chinese cabbage?!”

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Wrecking havoc at an important location of the Undying Faction ———— the medicinal garden. This is a pretty big disaster.

However, the snow-white little critter was hardly fearful, it was gesticulating a little proudly. After communicating with it attentively, Xiao Chen finally understood what it meant.

Keke told him it didn’t left any clue behind, and that the medicinal garden was really big. It pulled one over here and another one over there. As for the fruits, it picked one from this tree, two from that tree, harvesting them evenly.

“You sure are crafty, but did you know? People are tending to these spiritual items with care. They might neglect it if it is only for a short time, but they will eventually notice something is wrong after a long time. You are stirring up trouble for me again.”

The snow-white little critter was no longer feeling pleased with itself, it hanged its head dejectedly to express that it had understood. Then it pointed at the tough little dragon without any code of brotherhood.

The haughty and cool tough little dragon also felt apologetic, it was indeed enjoying much of these spiritual items. Xiao Chen felt completely helpless.

After a further enquiry, Xiao Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to get angry. He found out the reason why Keke went missing frequently, always appearing and disappearing unpredictably. It had taken residence in the medicinal garden and treated that place as its comfortable recess.

“Looks like we have no choice but to leave the Undying Faction now.” In fact, even if this had not happened, Xiao Chen had also thought about leaving this place soon. He had been at this place for half a year already, the disputes between the Dragon King should have ceased already, and he already got enough benefits at this place. It was about time to change the training environment.

Before leaving this place, he thought it might be a good idea to pass the scripture found in this cave to the Undying Patriarch. After all, he will definitely put the Undying Divine Wings to full use in the future. It wouldn’t be good if people thought he went to the Undying Faction to steal their techniques. If he passed this book over openly, it may be assumed that the Undying Patriarch wouldn’t go as far as taking back the Undying Divine Wings he mastered. After all, he had a certain “friendship” with the so-called founder of the Demon Sect. Like this, there wouldn’t be much problem if he used the Undying Divine Wings.

Out of Xiao Chen’s expectation, when he was having an audience with the Undying Patriarch, he actually already knew about Xiao Chen practicing the Undying Divine Wings. This made Xiao Chen quite shocked, looking at that illusory old man who seemed like he was in another dimension, he felt deep in the heart that it was unfathomable.

The Undying Patriarch did not reproach him, he took a look after receiving the scripture and said, “This is the ancestor Demon King’s original records, it is not any different from the scripture in the sect. So the ancestor had once secluded himself in that cave. It may be assumed that he was afraid the scripture will be lost to the vicissitudes of time, so he intentionally left another book in that cave.”

Next, Xiao Chen expressed his desire to leave, he wanted to temper himself by exploring every corners of the immortal’s mainland.

“I once said you are free to leave whenever you please. Although according to reason, you are still under house arrest, but since you have found the Demon King’s original scripture, I can liberate you in advance. In addition, since you have already mastered the Undying Divine Wings and understand some of our sect’s secret technique, I will confer you as the Vindex ⌈3⌋ of Undying Sect. You won’t get any privilege, but if the Undying Sect is in trouble, you must come and help, will you agree to that?”

Xiao Chen thought inwardly, “Since elder already said it like this, how can I refuse?” However, it was as it should be. After all, he had practiced other people’s scripture. But he may assume that he wouldn’t even need to lift a finger to help the Undying Sect during this lifetime. Just who would be capable of exterminating the Undying Sect? Even deities had to think twice before provoking them. ⌈4

In the end, just when Xiao Chen was thinking how should he take his leave, the Undying Patriarch’s words made him blank out immediately. He spit out the tea he just drank a moment ago.

“Are you willing to take Qing Cheng as your wife?” ⌈5


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  2. Silva: Something like this I suppose:
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  3. Also known as Protector 
  4. Silva: This is definitely flag material… 
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