Chapter 209 – Erstarren Pearl


The starlight was dim, and the moon was hiding behind a black cloud, so only a little moonlight was leaking out. Looking down from the high altitude, the Celestial City was brightly lit and resembled the residential area of immortals.

Xiao Chen was as quick as the divine light, he had already broke away from everyone’s line of sight a long time ago as he continued to rise higher into the sky. He was getting further away from the earth and rose even higher, until he soared above the clouds.

While hiding in the clouds, he calmly adjusted his breathing for a moment. Then Xiao Chen began to ponder in silence, did he successfully escape from the city?

Draco once said, so long as he left the city, the tiger duo would immediately make their moves. Xiao Chen was not very convinced; the Celestial City was so big, and the sky so vast, even for the tiger clan, there’s no way they’d possess a divine ability so powerful that it was capable of sealing the four sides right?

Xiao Chen stood atop the clouds with a beauty that seemed to have come out of a painting in his arms. He looked at the clear bright moon and began to go through hundreds of simulations; how could he escape from this place safely?

Under the bright moonlight, Fairsnow’s lily-white skin was flickering with a crystal clear luster, as if she was an artwork carved out of jade. No words could do her beauty justice.

However, at this moment, this beauty of peerless elegance seemed like nothing more than a puppet in Xiao Chen’s eyes. She was completely neglected by Xiao Chen. The person in question had a sharp glint in his eyes as he was gazing at the starry sky while thinking deeply.

“Xiao Chen, let go of me and I’ll help you obtain a chance at survival…” Fairsnow had a sweet breath, and her tone was gentle. There wasn’t the slightest hint of panic even though she was taken hostage. On the contrary, she was incomparably calm and easygoing.

“I bet you just want to save yourself.” Xiao Chen tightened his arm around Fairsnow’s limber waist, then he sneered, “We were originally in wedding festivities, but now you and I are standing atop the clouds. Although it is a little unconventional, the moon and the stars shine upon us, the hazy night scene, I guess this could also be considered romantic. As a matter of fact, there is this delicate feeling.”

“You want to kill me?” Fairsnow glanced back at Xiao Chen.

“Why talk like that. You are such an outstanding beauty, how could I have the heart to kill you.” The corners of Xiao Chen’s mouth curved up. He had a very splendid smile and his snow-white teeth flickered under the illumination of the moonlight. However, his eyes were not smiling the least bit.

“Because you know it yourself, that you won’t be able to escape!”

“Nonsense, the world is so big, who can stop me from leaving?”

“The tiger duo had already left a soul imprint in your body. Regardless of how big the world is, they will be able to find you no matter where you run?” Fairsnow very calmly declared something that made Xiao Chen feel fearful.

“How could that be?”

Fairsnow smiled sweetly and overshadowed the splendor of the starlight. Her lily-white face transmitted a peculiar charm as she said, “I can tell you how to break the spell, but you need to leave me alive.” It seemed like a compromise, then again, it was like an exchange. However, Xiao Chen was very wary of her. This girl was a clever schemer, it was hard to believe her.

“How can I trust you?”

Fairsnow smiled lightly, her red lips were exceptionally enticing. She opened her cherry-colored lips slightly, and said, “The only question now should be, can I trust you to let me off? I should be more worried on whether you will truly let me go. You have the upper hand, there’s no need to worry.”

Xiao Chen revealed a smile, then he nodded and said, “Alright, please talk.”

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“Try to concentrate. There should be a strand of dense white fog in your sea of consciousness.”

Xiao Chen focused his attention and sure enough, he did find an anomaly. Thus, he nodded and said, “That’s right.”

“This is it, that’s the special trick of the tiger clan; by attaching the soul imprint inside your body, even if you run to the ends of the earth, they will still be able to find you. In order to break the constraint, you need to have enough power, otherwise it is impossible to dispel it. Outsiders won’t be able to provide any help in this regard. Obviously, you are not as strong as the tiger duo yet. However, there’s still another method. That is, to use a divine pearl to seal that strand of soul imprint, making it so that the tiger woman is unable to detect its presence. And I just so happen to have this kind of precious pearl with me, it is known as Erstarren. Not only can it seal the fluctuations of the soul imprint, it can also allow you to avoid detection from a powerful expert. It can provide you a chance to escape from a dangerous situation.”

“Seems like you’re fully prepared.”

Fairsnow said calmly and earnestly, “Because I want to live, I know that once you are in danger, you will kill me without hesitation.”

In the dead of night, within the Fair family’s mansion, all the guests had already left. However, nobody in the Fair family was able to fall asleep. Just at this very moment, few old men suddenly opened their eyes. They had detected Xiao Chen’s presence.

“Swish! Swish!”

Few figures flew out, with Xiao Chen in the center of their formation.

“Don’t act rashly, I forgot a few things here.” Xiao Chen pressed the longsword against Fairsnow’s neck as he said to the few elders, “I know you guys are powerful enough to seal an entire domain, but I’ll let you know that, I have a really sharp spiritual sense. If I feel even the slightest energy fluctuation, I will immediately swing the sword to behead Fairsnow!”

Without any sound, the elders slowly moved back.

Xiao Chen left an afterimage in the sky and instantly charged into Fairsnow’s chamber.

“This brat really should be put to death by a thousand cuts!”

“Just let him go wild for a little longer.”

“He will be in a world of pain sooner or later!”

The younger generation was very furious, but they were also helpless.

Within Fairsnow’s chamber, a sweet scent drifted in the air. It was like the scent of orchids. However, the interior chamber was pitch-black. Xiao Chen walked into the chamber with Fairsnow in custody, but he stopped in an instant. That was because there was a person standing in the darkness.

“You guys are here, I have been waiting for a long time.”

It was actually Fairsky. His eyes were filled with helplessness, and there was also a hint of sadness. He looked at Xiao Chen quietly and said, “I knew my sister would definitely bring you here to take the Erstarren Pearl.”

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As he finished his words, Fairsky spread out his palm, and the pearl in his palm gave off a gentle radiance that made his palm almost transparent in contrast.

Xiao Chen remained silent. After all, Fairsky was one of his friends in this city. As for how deep their friendship went there’s not much to say.

He directly walked over and passed the pearl to Xiao Chen, then he said, “With this, the tiger clan will not be able to track you down anymore. I hope that you will not harm my sister.” Speaking until here, Fairsky turned around and spoke with his back facing Xiao Chen, “No matter what happens in the future, I will always remember I once had a friend like you.”

“I will also re—” Before he could finish his words, Xiao Chen suddenly jumped back as a bloody light was launched from the front. Fairsky actually used a longsword to pierce through his rib cartilage in order to stab Xiao Chen. With such a cover up, and the fact that there’s no energy fluctuation, it was truly a very savage move.


With a flash of the longsword, Xiao Chen left a bloody scar on Fairsnow’s neck. That immediately caused the elders who were about to make their move from the shadows to stay their hands.

“I told you, I have an exceptional spiritual sense, you guys shouldn’t rashly use your divine abilities, as that will only speed up Fairsnow’s death. Fairsky, you are pretty good, I couldn’t even tell you were acting. In the end, this kind of thing still happened…” Xiao Chen put away the Erstarren Pearl, detained Fairsnow, and instantly flew towards the distant sky.


A world-shaking tiger roar pierced through the vast skies as an extremely powerful energy fluctuation pressed in from ahead. And from the back, another prolonged roar reverberated as an expert was cutting through the air.

“Why do they have to appear with such a timing? It’s as if they were waiting for me!” Xiao Chen’s expression changed as he seized Fairsnow and dived towards the ground. He rushed into the complicated living area like the flickering light and passing shadows.

Just when he got hold of the Erstarren Pearl, the tiger duo appeared. Their figures were as quick as lightning. They appeared in the sky of the Fair family’s mansion in what seemed like an instant.

“Why did it suddenly disappear?” The tiger woman had a fierce nature as she was sweeping her cold eyes all over from the sky. The other old man looked to be around sixty to seventy years old. His eyes were also glistening as they let out sparks in the night sky.

“Xiao Chen got his hands on the Erstarren Pearl, he can seal your soul imprint. Making it so that you are unable to detect his presence.” After Fairsky tended to his wound, he could already move unhindered. He looked up at the two powerful experts in the sky and continued, “However, we modified the Erstarren Pearl a little, our Fair family can still find him, you guys don’t panic, he will not be able to get away.”

Wordlessly, four experts of the Fair family appeared in the sky.

“Heh-heh, good, then we will follow the previously agreed plan. We already know what to do. That damned Draco. If not because he was hindering us, it wouldn’t have led to this. However, he already said it. Xiao Chen’s life and death is no longer related to him. He felt that it was pointless to play with you guys anymore.”

“That son of a b—!” The lord of the Fair family, Faircloud, let out a curse.

They dispatched troops all over as the Fair family didn’t want to alarm Xiao Chen. However, they planned to surround him. This night was definitely going to be a stormy night. Many big clans were watching this event closely. In regards to them, the good show was just beginning.

In the commoner’s living area, Xiao Chen pointed the longsword at Fairsnow and asked, “Why is it that your family can track our whereabouts? Did you guys do something to the Erstarren Pearl?”

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The blood leaked down from her snow-white neck once more as Fairsnow explained calmly, “Concentrate your power and infuse it into the Erstarren Pearl to crush the light ball within. That can sever the linkage to foreign forces.”

Xiao Chen acted in accordance to her words, but in that very instant, his power flowed towards the Erstarren Pearl like a torrential river, it was impossible to stop. It was as if there was a black hole frantically swallowing his power. Xiao Chen was sealed on the spot like a clay figure.

Fairsnow did not hesitate, she broke free from Xiao Chen’s control like flickering light and shadow.

“Hmph! The Erstarren Peal has much more functions than that, wait till your power dries up, I will let you taste all kinds of torture!” Fairsnow wiped the bloodstain on her neck and the expression on her beautiful face was as cold as ice. The glints in her eyes were even colder.

“Hmph!” Xiao Chen let out a cold snort and shook off the Erstarren Pearl directly.

“How is this possible, what kind of secret arts are you practicing?” Fairsnow was very shocked as she quickly fell back. However, she was not worried, because the expert from her family had already arrived. An elder was standing guard in front of her.

“I can even refine a vicious dragon, what can an insignificant pearl amount to.”

Fairsnow let out a melodious laugh and said, “The most important point is, it was able to buy me some time. Xiao Chen, this is the end of the line!”

“Fairsnow, you are really scary indeed. You are too calculative!” Xiao Chen did not panic at all. Since things had already escalated to this point, there’s no point regretting it.

Fairsnow said with a calm, yet cold tone, “You are a rare talent, if not because you have offended the tiger clan, I could still make use of you, such a pity……”

“Haha…” Xiao Chen laughed out loud and continued, “Looks like you are going to kill your husband tonight, are you not afraid that people would talk behind your back?”

Fairsnow did not get angry, her figure was as fuzzy as a celestial being standing high in the clouds. She answered calmly, “I originally wanted to let the tiger clan take you down. However, I feel that you are more and more scary the more time I spend with you. I must see you die with my own eyes, otherwise… with your talent, your name might really shake the whole world a few dozen years from now. I don’t want that kind of thing to happen. Even more so, I don’t want to let those senseless people say I don’t have good insight.”

The four elders from the Fair family had arrived. They’d already trapped Xiao Chen from four directions, it was practically impossible to escape.

Loud laughter transmitted over as the tiger duo flew over from the sky. The old woman said with a fierce tone, “Although we are unable to catch that little thing, it should be enough even if we offer you as sacrifice to the White Tiger!”

“What about you guys?” Xiao Chen snorted coldly, “To make a move against a younger generation like me with your seniority, have you no shame? The name of the tiger clan is famous in the Middle Earth, having two people like you in the clan is such a loss of face.”

The tiger woman immediately became hostile as she said with a sinister tone, “Brat, don’t try to flaunt. The tiger clan always handle matters like this, who dares to talk back?!”

“I see, so the shamelessness already became some kind of tradition!” Xiao Chen was brimming with disdain.

To be despised and humiliated by a younger generation, the tiger duo immediately wanted to put an end to Xiao Chen’s life.

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“And you guys from the Fair family, you guys are such a hypocritical family. In order to fight for fame, you guys brought about such a huge joke. Hey, the news that your pearl of the South killed her husband will definitely be spread all over the Southern Wasteland. The other major clans are waiting to see you make a fool of yourselves.”

Upon hearing this, Faircloud said coldly, “Xiao Chen, stop trying to flaunt to us with your words. Do you think your fate will change if you humiliate us?”

Xiao Chen laughed unrestrained, “I am fully aware of my situation, but I am not afraid of death! What a pity though, that I cannot cut you guys down with my sword. It feels somewhat regretful.”

The tiger woman and many people from the Fair family shouted loudly in succession.

“On what basis do you dare to spout such nonsense?”

“You only just broke into the Historia realm not long ago. You want to kill us? Try again in your next life.”

Xiao Chen raised the longsword high into the sky. His cold voice reverberated, “If time turned back thirty years, which of you old bastards here would dare to speak to me like this?! If we were of the same generation, I could sweep across all of you with one hand!”


“You are asking for it, brat!”

The tiger woman and the others were very resentful. However, they couldn’t help but admit, if time really turned back thirty years, it was very likely that they wouldn’t dare to make a move against Xiao Chen. This made them strengthen their resolve to exterminate Xiao Chen no matter what. They must not give this brat any chance. Otherwise, it would be very troublesome in the future.

“Haha…” Xiao Chen laughed loudly as he looked at everyone in contempt, “If you guys were thirty years younger, I could kill you like slaughtering chickens. Now, who among the younger generations could fight toe-to-toe with me?”

“What’s so special about Historia? There are also young experts as talented as you in the tiger clan.” The tiger woman stared at Xiao Chen bitterly as she said, “Enough talk, I will kill you at once!”

“Slow down, I will kill him!” Just at this time, a youngster shouted from beyond the group of people. He walked over with large strides, faced Xiao Chen coldly, and said, “I am the youth generation of the Middle Earth’s tiger clan, named Eurus. As you wished-for. You will be killed by the same generation!”


The sword-qi rushed forth, over hundred rays of light fell towards the earth like shooting stars. The dazzling rays of light fell from all directions and submerged Xiao Chen’s location in a flash.

Everyone was exceptionally shocked. A young expert like this actually showed up, perhaps he might be close to, or had already broken into the Historia realm.

However, before everyone have had the chance to exclaim in admiration, a shocking change already took place. Xiao Chen went against the hundreds of sword-qi, and all the swords were smelted without exception, unable to harm his body. And his longsword was unstoppable! The sword left a streak of light as it slashed through the hundreds of sword-qi. Soon after, blood gushed towards the sky as a head went flying away.

Eurus’ headless corpse stood there for a moment before it fell into a pool of blood. The fresh blood was gushing out like a fountain.

All of this happened too fast and it was carried out efficiently. People were practically unable to believe a youth with unlimited potential would get beheaded by Xiao Chen just when he made his move!

“I already said it, if time turns back for thirty years, all of you are nothing more than chickens, unable to withstand even a single blow!” Xiao Chen stood unmoving as his long hair was brushed by the wind. However, his heart was very calm as he fixed his eyes on everyone, with his longsword raised.

“Eurus!!!” The tiger woman shouted loudly. She didn’t expect that a potential expert among their clan’s youth generation would get killed just like this. She didn’t even have time to save him. She was not of the direct line of the tiger clan, she was just an old slave. Now, a direct descendent of the tiger clan is dead, all the blame will fall onto her. And in addition to the tragic death of the White Tiger, she really hated Xiao Chen bitterly.

The tiger servant also had a pair of incomparably cold eyes as he said, “We cannot leave this child alive! He has actually grasped a divine ability already. If I did not guess wrongly, that just now was Weapon Fusion, a rare divine ability that can smelt everything provided one have enough power!”

The people from the Fair family looked at Xiao Chen with vigilance. Many of them were having seconds thoughts, it was truly a loss for them that they were unable to pull him into the family. He just broke into the Historia realm, yet he had already grasped such a formidable divine ability. He was truly talented in the path of austerities.

Perhaps his name could really shake the whole world a few dozen years from now. The more they thought about this possibility, the more these people hardened their resolve to eliminate Xiao Chen at once. No accident was to be permitted!

At a distant place, experts from various major clans were watching from the sidelines quietly.


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