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[HCLS] Chapter 96

Here’s Chapter 96 of High Comprehension Low Strength~

God, does anyone even still read this anymore? Anyway, still looking for someone interested in taking over this project which is still on its last wheels.

On another note, I’m working on Chapter 98. I’m doing my darned best to hit Chapter 100 under the pressure of school, work, and life. I guess I’m not good enough in terms of time management.


Chapter 96 – Truly Unreasonable

Chen Wushen’s anger caused his beard to go askew. You think it’s your granddaughter’s car just because she said it was? But he knew that quarrelling was of no use, so he simply spoke faintly: “Jinpeng, whose car is this?”

“Of course it’s mine, I even have the car key!” Chen Jinpeng replied.

“Woah, how did I lose a key, quickly give it back to me!” Jin Beibei said as she stuck out her hand.

“How mysterious…….” Chen Jinpeng was stunned speechless. This Jin Beibei still dared to lie through her teeth? Saying that she lost a key? He suppressed his rising anger and said: “Jin Beibei, let’s first not speak about the issue on keys, this car is mine. In the café the other day, you switched my key, don’t think I don’t know!”

“Grandpa, Grandpa Chen, look at the large words on the car, it reads ‘Noveau Riche Jin Beibei’s Car’.” When everyone drew near, Jin Beibei spoke righteously and pointed at the words on the car.

“Chen Wushen, what other words need to be said? Look at what a little swindler your grandson is!” Golden-Haired Lion King gave Chen Wushen a ridiculing look.

Chen Wushen creased his brows and gave Chen Jinpeng a quick glance: “What’s the matter with the words pasted on the car?”

“Jin Beibei, let us, who know what’s really going on, not speak any secret words. You are the one who stole my car and you were the one who stuck on these words and said it was your car. I want to let you know that I have the motor vehicle license with the car number and engine number, how about we verify it?” Chen Jinpeng had this trump card in hand, so he wasn’t scared of Jin Beibei. Even if you paste something onto the car, that doesn’t mean it’s yours.

“Nonsense! If I stuck it on, then why didn’t you take it off?” Jin Beibei questioned.

“Isn’t this because I had no time to rip it off because you came too quickly?” Chen Jinpeng was dumbfounded.

“See, you’ve finally admitted to stealing.” Jin Beibei said as she nodded.

“What did I admit to doing?” Chen Jinpeng’s complexion changed: “Don’t speak irresponsibly!”

“You said that I came too quickly so you had no time to rip it off. Doesn’t this prove that the car is mine and you, who stole it away, didn’t have enough time to remove the evidence?” Jin Beibei deliberately twisted his words and made it into a plausible explanation.

“Jinpeng, take out the motor vehicle license.” Chen Wushen didn’t want to see them senselessly quarrel, so he instructed Chen Jinpeng to do this.

“Now that things have come to this, what other words do you have to say?” Chen Jinpeng took out his motor vehicle license. This was his trump card, his ace-in-hole.

“Golden-Haired Lion King, take a look for yourself.” Chen Wushen took the motor vehicle license, looked at it, then went to hand it over to Golden-Haired Lion King.

Golden-Haired Lion King waved it away: “I’m unable to read such small words, but what I can read is that this car has words showing that it’s my granddaughter’s car, so it’s my granddaughter’s car!”

“Geh!” Chen Jinpeng stood stunned. He didn’t expect that the older one was also as unreasonable as the younger one. After he exposed his trump card, he was waiting for Golden-Haired Lion King and Jin Beibei to wordlessly admit defeat, but he didn’t think it would be like this!

“You……” Chen Wushen seethed with anger. He deeply sucked in several mouthfuls of air before pointing at Golden-Haired Lion King and furiously shouting: “Golden-Haired Lion King, I can see that you don’t want to be reasonable, am I right?”

“Since you say I’m being unreasonable, then I shall be unreasonable!” Golden-Haired Lion King didn’t think that he was being disgraceful. Instead, he thought that it was glorious as he complacently said: “Unreasonable, infuriating you, infuriating a money!”

“Good, good, very GOOD!” Chen Wushen nearly went berserk on the spot. His entire body trembled with rage: “Golden-Haired Lion King, I’m telling you now that even if others fear you, I don’t fear you! Our strength is about the same; if we really start fighting, the one who’ll emerge victorious is unclear!”

“Even if you don’t fear me, your grandson is afraid of me! If he has the guts to drive this car out and I see it, I’ll hack him, this car thief, to death with my blade!” Golden-Haired Lion King indifferently stated.

“You……I……” Chen Wushen suddenly recalled the matter of Golden-Haired Lion King hacking the son of an official to death because he sexually harassed Jin Beibei. It made him abruptly start quivering from head to toe! Chen Jinkun had died already, leaving Chen Jinpeng as his only grandson left. If this old lunatic really split Chen Jinpeng in half because of this matter, then it’d be too late for him to even cry! Although he could also strike Jin Beibei dead, Chen Clan would have no one to lead it in the future!

Thinking up to here, Chen Wushen instantly wilted: “Golden-Haired Lion King, you’re ruthless; I give up! Little Peng didn’t steal the car, he was only cracking a joke with Jin Beibei. You all can drive the car away!”

“That’s about how it should be. I heard that your grandson also stole my granddaughter’s car key and secretly placed the car in his home, this situation……” Golden-Haired Lion King smiled with his eyes squinting at Chen Wushen.

“Jinpeng, return the key to Jin Beibei, then transfer the vehicle ownership under her name!” Chen Wushen sullenly uttered.

“That’s fantastic, knowing wrongs and being able to better it is the greatest virtue. Beibei, drive us out.” Golden-Haired Lion King self-satisfiedly nodded.

The four people boarded the Panamera and drove out of the Chen Clan courtyard. The Wrangler1 started up by a Jin Clan disciple, then started following behind in the distance.

As soon as they left, Chen Jinpeng spoke in an aggrieved tone: “Grandpa, how can we just swallow this anger?”

“You little brat, did you have nothing else to do except annoy Jin Beibei? Don’t you know her grandfather is Golden-Haired Lion King? Don’t you know that fellow’s an old lunatic?” Chen Wushen’s fury that had no place to be vented just happened to bump into Chen Jinpeng.

“I……we’re on the right side of this matter, they’re being unreasonable.” Chen Jinpeng said innocently.

“Who made you not rip off the words on the car? Who can be blamed? I’m going to be angered to death!” Chen Wushen snorted and continued: “Bear in mind these words: in the future, don’t fight a battle that you aren’t certain of victory. That old fellow isn’t reasonable, you should’ve learned this from the clash this time. Distance yourself a bit from them later on!”

“I understand……” Chen Jinpeng hastily nodded while feeling greatly depressed.

“All right, how goes the situation between you and Shen Jingxuan?” Chen Wushen turned his head toward Chen Jinpeng and asked.

“It’s still like that. Before I wanted taker her out for a spin in the wind, but the car disappeared so I wasn’t able to……” Chen Jinpeng carefully replied.

“Can you not just buy another car? Take care of her as soon as possible, once we have Shen Clan’s support, we won’t need to fear his Jin Clan or whatever!” Chen Wushen snorted and quickly walked away, leaving behind an extremely depressed Chen Jinpeng.

He originally thought that once he became Chen Clan’s eldest young master, everything would start going the way he wanted it to. But who would have thought that just as he purchased his car, it would be snatched away by Jin Beibei!

He let out a sigh, then turned around to go into his home. He planned to take the exam first and after school dismissal, he would go buy another car.

Jin Beibei drove out of Chen Clan with Old Master Jin sitting right next to her, and Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying sitting in the back row.

Before they were hastily leaving so she didn’t feel anything, but now that they were riding for a while, Cheng Mengying suddenly realized that she and Xiao Chen were actually sitting together! This made her heart jump for some inexplicable reason, but she still turned her head to the side and rolled her eyes at Xiao Chen: “Hey, move away a bit from this young lady, it’s hot!”

“Then I’ll turn on the air conditioning.” Jin Beibei remarked.

“Do you want to die!” Cheng Mengying was only casually speaking. It would soon be autumn, how could it be so hot?

“Then why do you want brother-in-law to move a bit away from you? You don’t like brother-in-law?” Jin Beibei smilingly questioned.

“I……” Cheng Mengying wanted say ‘I don’t like him’, but she feared that doing so would harm Xiao Chen’s self-respect. And if she said ‘I like him’, she was afraid of raising his hopes. So after she said ‘I’, the words became stuck in her throat.

“Haha, boy, you’re called Xiao Chen, right?” At this time Golden-Haired Lion King turned his head and looked at Xiao Chen with a smile that wasn’t like a smile: “The one beside you is your fiancée?”

(Sweats) Old Master Jin, you shouldn’t joke around, I’m currently Cheng Mengying’s manservant….” Xiao Chen’s complexion reddened: “Beibei’s deliberately creating trouble by calling me brother-in-law, but she’s actually just speaking playfully.”

“No, I really think highly of you, brother-in-law!” Jin Beibei seemed wild with joy when it came to the topic of Xiao Chen and stars glittered in her eyes: “Grandpa, you may not know this, but brother-in-law is really awesome, like a Transformer2! He’s the one who found my car!”

“Transformer?” Golden-Haired Lion King stared blankly: “You can transform? Are you an Autobot or Decepticon?”

“Pfft……” Xiao Chen didn’t expect that Old Master Jin was even more amusing than Jin Beibei: “That’s just Beibei’s thoughtless nickname; if I could transform, how could I be driven out of Xiao Clan3!”

“Oh, I was thinking that you were an Autobot and that was the reason why you could induce Beibei’s car! Similar4!” Golden-Haired Lion King teased.

“My perception’s just a bit better than an average person’s. You should also know that I’m a good-for-nothing, so I placed my energy on other aspects.” Xiao Chen was aware that he couldn’t speak irresponsibly about this matter, so he could only explain it away like this. Old Master Jin was an experienced person and wasn’t so easy to fool.

Sure enough, Golden-Haired Lion King’s eyes slightly narrowed and he sized Xiao Chen up. It was unknown as to what he was thinking, but after a moment, he didn’t speak any further with Xiao Chen and instead turned to look at Jin Beibei: “Beibei, do you really think highly of this kid?”

“Brother-in-law’s really impressive!” Jin Beibei nodded.

“Hehe, Beibei, have you eaten lunch? Find a place and grandpa will treat you all to a meal?” Old Master Jin not pressing this topic and instead changing it to eating made Xiao Chen let out a sigh of relief!

He was afraid that Golden-Haired Lion King would pester on about how he searched for the car and at that time, it wouldn’t be so easy to muddle through! After all, the the subject of Spiritual Consciousness was quite profound. Some people were strong while others were weak, with this as the premise, it wasn’t easy for people to be skeptical, but Xiao Chen only feared that too many rumors would become a fact5.

“Not yet, we all were just about to go eat then discovered that the car disappeared.” Jin Beibei answered: “I wanna eat charcoal grill barbecue!”

“Okay, we’ll eat charcoal grill barbecue!” Golden-Haired Lion King obviously spoiled Jin Beibei a lot. Whatever Jin Beibei wanted to eat, he wouldn’t even think before agreeing.

“But cousin Mengying is sensitive to heat, so how about I send cousin Mengying back to school?” Jin Beibei interjected.

“Hmph, this young lady is cold!” Cheng Mengying angrily retorted: “Stupid Beibei, are you doing this on purpose?”

“Haha!” Jin Beibei chortled.

“That’s right, Beibei, for what reason did you steal Chen Jinpeng’s car?” Golden-Haired Lion King recalled the reason why he’s come this time. Before he was only pretending not to understand, showing off a rude and unreasonable appearance, but he was actually quite insightful.


  1. TLN: Jeep Wrangler 
  2. TLN: Reference to Transformers franchise 
  3. TLN: I was very close to translating this line as ‘how could I be driven out of my clan’, but I realized the difference between ‘Xiao Clan’ and ‘my clan’, how the former is speaking about it like it doesn’t really matter to him while the latter means he’s bitter about being driven out. 
  4. TLN: It’s kind of hard to translate this phrase without expanding it into a damn sentence. It’s basically him trying to say that an Autobot is a vehicle and so is a car, so an Autobot is able to induce where the car is because they’re similar. 
  5. TLN: Don’t ask me what this means because I don’t know what it means either. 

Chapter 95 – Deliberately Conning The Grandfather-Grandson Duo

Chen Wushen happened to be resting in his office at this time. When he heard the tremendous roar from this outside, he was instantly frightened upon suddenly hearing Golden-Haired Lion King’s voice. His heart sunk; when had he offended this old lunatic?

But no matter what suspicions he had, Chen Wushen immediately rushed to the entrance of the courtyard, then cupped his hands and said: “So it was your honorable self, Venerable Jin. I wonder what advice Venerable Jin has for me?”

“What Venerable Jin? I know you’re calling me my nickname is your heart——Golden-Haired Lion King!” Old Master Jin snorted: “But it’s fine; I’m very fond of this nickname. You old *******, does your Chen Clan really think that my Jin Clan is so easy to bully? Bullying my treasured granddaughter?”

“When did we bully your granddaughter?” Chen Wushen’s face darkened as he thought ‘what does that have to do with this’. However, he wasn’t willing to lower himself onto the same level as this old lunatic, so he could only patiently resolve the situation: “Golden-Haired Lion King, have you made a mistake?”

“Mistake, your head!” Old Master Jin angrily retorted: “See, I knew you’d call me ‘Golden-Haired Lion King’; it can’t be that you blurted it out by accident this time too?”

“……” Chen Wushen was speechless. Wasn’t it you that let me call you ‘Golden-Haired Lion King’? You even said you’re fond of this nickname, so how did this turn into me blurting it out? But he didn’t voice any protests, only responding with: “Old Master Jin, let’s not speak about this; what’s your purpose in coming here?”

“And now you’re calling me ‘Old Master Jin’? Didn’t I let you call me ‘Golden-Haired Lion King’? Have you become mentally ill with the passing of time?” Old Master Jin scowled as he lashed out verbally.

“……Golden-Haired Lion King, what’s your purpose in coming here?” Chen Wushen asked as he restrained his temper.

“My granddaughter’s car was stolen by your family’s little *******; she came here to look for it, but your clan’s entrance dog didn’t let her enter and even threw her onto her bottom!” Old Master Jin coldly explained.

“My family’s little ******* is……” Chen Wushen was a little gloomy; who was he talking about? Which servant had no eyes and bullied Jin Clan’s little grandaunt? That person was truly seeking death! But at least he had found a scapegoat: “Chen Sigang, don’t you know this is Jin Clan’s Young Lady Jin Beibei? Are your eyes blind? Go and face the wall to think about your misdeeds for a year!”

“Yes……” The black suited guard face instantly became like a bitter gourd; the way he handled the matter was all according to how a guard should do his job, yet he had the bad luck to take the blame for doing his job.

“Hold on……” Old Master Jin spoke out to stop the black suited guard Chen Sigang, then spoke to Chen Wushen: “Chen Wushen, you chose a scapegoat? Him going to face the wall and thinking about his misdeeds, how would I know about it? Perhaps you’ll set him free tomorrow and it would be impossible for me to investigate!”

“Then……Golden-Haired Lion King, what do you say should be done?” Chen Wushen bore his temper as he questioned.

“Well, there is some truth in your words. Just before, he threw my granddaughter down onto her bottom. According to secular customs, you should be compensating some tonics, yes?” Golden-Haired Lion King waved as he spoke: “How about this, I don’t want much, so 10 bottles of first class Body Tempering Medicinal Liquid.”

“Ten bottles……” Chen Wushen felt his flesh aching when he listened. This Body Tempering Medicinal Liquid was a Martialist’s cultivation resource the Martialist Guild sold, and just being rich didn’t mean you could buy it; it required having connections, as well as struggling for quota. The price of these 10 bottles was approximately 5 million and wasn’t something that could always be purchased, so this immediately made him ache. But with circumstances pressing him, he could only reply positively: “Okay, 10 bottles it is. I’ll send someone over to the Jin Mansion to deliver it another day!”

“En, then this matter shall be considered finished.” Golden-Haired Lion King nodded in satisfaction. This first class Body Tempering Medicinal Liquid was something medicinal liquid that Martialists under Third Layer Inner Strength Martialists could use to temper their bodies and 10 bottles of it wasn’t a small number.

“Since this is the case, please return, Golden-Haired Lion King, I also have to go back and cultivate.” Chen Wushen said.

“Chen Wushen, are you retarded? Did I let you go yet? You think that all is fine?” Golden-Haired Lion King glared at him as he angrily spoke.

“Wasn’t it you, Golden-Haired Lion King, who said that this matter was finished?” Chen Wushen donned a helpless expression; why did this person go back on his words?

“What I said was, this nonsense Chen Sigang throwing down my granndaughter on her bottom’s matter is considered finished. However, my granddaughter’s car still hasn’t been found!” Golden-Haired Lion King replied: “Call out your family’s little *******!”

“What car?” Only then did Chen Wushen recall the matter about a car: “My family’s……stole your car?”

“What’s the name?” Golden-Haired Lion King turned to Jin Beibei and asked.

“Chen Jinpeng!” Jin Beibei replied.

“Chen Jinpeng?” Chen Wushen looked taken aback as he felt some disbelief: “How could my Jinpeng possibly dare to steal Young Lady Jin Beibei’s car? He’s wealthy enough to buy his own car; in fact, he bought a Porsche a couple of days ago, so what reason would there be for him to steal Young Lady Jin Beibei’s car……”

“It’s that Porsche that’s mine.” Jin Beibei lied without blinking an eye.

“It’s yours?” Chen Wushen became even more puzzled, but still nodded as he spoke: “Since this is the case, please wait here a bit, I’ll go call over Jinpeng and verify it with you all.”

“Good, then go quickly!” Golden-Haired Lion King signalled him with a nod.

Chen Wushen turned to head back into the Chen Clan courtyard, then proceeded to take out his cellphone and immediately dialed Chen Jinpeng’s phone number. After the call was picked up, he urgently said: “Jinpeng, where are you? Get home right this instant!”

“Ah? I’m at school, what happened at home?” Chen Jinpeng became alarmed: “I still have an exam in the afternoon……”

“Forget about your exam, Golden-Haired Lion King is outside the door brimming with killing intent. He said that you stole his granddaughter’s car, did you do this or not?” Chen Wushen asked.

“Stole a car? How’s that possible? Is she talking about the Porsche Panamera? That’s my car, it was Jin Beibei who stole it! When I got people to help me search for it, the result was that it was parked in Second High’s parking lot, so I made my follower drive it home.” Chen Jinpeng explained: “That car was originally mine, I even have the motor vehicle license!”

“So what’s going on? Carefully tell me everything!” When Chen Wushen heard this, he discovered that the matter wasn’t what he thought it was so he quickly asked for a more detailed explanation.

“The situation was like this……” Chen Jinpeng spoke from when he lost his car at the café up to when he dispatched people to search for his car. After seeing his car stopped up in Second High’s campus with a “Nouveau riche Jin Beibei’s car” paper pasted on it, he instantly deduced that Jin Beibei had stolen his car. And thus, he made his follower take the spare key and drive it back home.

“So the car is yours and can pass any tests right?” Chen Wushen lowered his head as he asked.

“That’s right, the car was originally mine and the car’s license plate is registered with our Chen Clan Corporation.” Chen Jinpeng unhesitantly stated.

“Great, come back now so that we can confront them!” Chen Wushen coldly snorted: “We were in the wrong before, but now that I’m in the right, I have to make this old ******* cough up a handful of first class Body Tempering Medicinal Liquid!”

In Chen Wushen’s thoughts, of course we’re in the wrong since Chen Sigang beat Jin Beibei, but the car isn’t yours, yet you came to Chen Clan to make a racket! Being beat is what you deserve, but you still want us to compensate for your what? So what I have to do now is to hold onto this point and settle this matter!

As a result, Chen Wushen didn’t say a word, only pulling a long face, when he returned to the gate of Chen Clan’s courtyard.

“Your family’s little *******?” Golden-Haired Lion King couldn’t help but ask when he didn’t see a Chen Jinpeng return with Chen Wushen.

“In school, he’ll be back in a bit, hold on.” Since Chen Wushen knew the truth now, he was scared of Golden-Haired Lion King, so his tone was a bit cold.

“Hmph!” Golden-Haired Lion King coldly snorted then waited for Chen Jinpeng.

Not long after, Chen Jinpeng arrived. He was using his previous sports car, but it could only be considered fairly ordinary and the model was pretty old. It was a hand-me-down that Chen Jinkun had given him years ago, but even if it was like this, he felt that it was better than Xiao Chen by a lot.

“Grandpa!” Chen Jinpeng greeted Chen Wushen after he got out.

“En, you’re back Jinpeng.” Chen Wushen nodded: “Your grandpa Golden-Haired Lion King and younger sister Jin Beibei has come. Miss Jin Beibei said that you stole her car, what’s going on with this matter?”

“Grandpa, you should know that I’m wealthy, how’s it possible that I would go steal someone else’s car?” Chen Jinpeng spoke in a tone that wasn’t servile or overbearing: “Isn’t this matter just a mistake?”

“Mistake? Then do you dare let me in to search for my car?” Jin Beibei put her hands on her hips as she spoke in a rage: “You definitely wouldn’t let me go in, right? I know you’ve stored my car inside your home.”

“How’s that possible?” Chen Jinpeng was about to say that he didn’t want to her go in since it was, after all, Chen Clan’s courtyard. If Jin Beibei went in just because she said she wanted to, then wouldn’t Chen Clan seem to not have any face? However, the latter part of Jin Beibei’s words made him unable to refuse her. If he didn’t let her in, then wouldn’t it become that he didn’t dare? If a rumor like this circulated, then he would have even less face.

Besides, the car’s formalities were complete. Chen Jinpeng was fearless of anything Jin Beibei tried to pull, so he shot a glance at his grandpa. Seeing his grandpa not stop him, he said: “Since younger sister Jin Beibei wants to take a look, then take a look it shall be! If I don’t let you come in, it’ll seem like I’m petty.”

“Let’s go Beibei!” Golden-Haired Lion King loudly roared.

“Wait a minute!” Chen Wushen opened his mouth at this time: “Golden-Haired Lion King, let’s first speak the ugly talk. If you find the car, then it’s naturally our Chen Clan’s wrong and the havok you caused in front of Chen Clan just before can be forgotten. But if you can’t find it, then with the scene you all made in front of Chen Clan’s door, wouldn’t you have to give me an apology?”

“Hmph, naturally you’ll give an apology if we can’t find it!” Golden-Haired Lion King coldly snorted, then led Jin Beibei into Chen Clan’s courtyard. Following behind was Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying. Chen Jinpeng didn’t go stop them at this point in time, having Cheng Mengying around as a witness was a good matter; it would stop Jin Beibei from acting shamelessly once the time came and Jin Beibei was exposed for stealing.

The several people all entered Chen Clan’s large residence and looked at a not-so-distant place. In the parking lot was the nouveau riche golden colored Panamera. Jin Beibei pointed at the car and exclaimed: “Grandpa, that’s my car!”

“Chen Wushen, do you have any words left to say? Isn’t my granddaughter’s car right there?” Golden-Haired Lion King fumed at Chen Wushen.

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Chapter 94 – Golden-Haired Lion King’s Roar

“Beibei……I can help you find your car……so can you please stop using your chest to tempt me……” Xiao Chen was reluctant to part with the motion beside his body.

“Brother-in-law, if you can help Beibei find her car, I can give you a chest-job~!” Jin Beibei replied.

“Cough cough, Beibei, how can you sell your body for a car?” Seeing that Jin Beibei was becoming more and more outrageous, Cheng Mengying instantly warned her angrily: “Moreover, he’s your brother-in-law!”

“Haha, cousin Mengying has finally admitted that he’s brother-in-law!” Jin Beibei suddenly grabbed the mistake in Cheng Mengying’s words.

“I’m going to be played stupid by you one day!” Only then did Cheng Mengying discovered the error in her words and glared at Jin Beibei: “Isn’t it because of you calling him brother-in-law all day long and making me confused! Hey, Xiao Chen, don’t get any funny thoughts!”

“I know; let’s now go find the car.” Xiao Chen naturally wouldn’t regard Cheng Mengying’s slip of the tongue as the truth.

“Looks like you know your place!” When Cheng Mengying saw Xiao Chen’s indifferent manner, she suddenly felt a little angry. How come you don’t have even the slightest bit of thoughts for me?

Xiao Chen turned around and started taking big strides towards the outside of the school. Jin Beibei became anxious and chased after Xiao Chen, then holding him: “Brother-in-law, you’re not going to sample my scent?”

Jin Beibei’s voice was a little loud and by chance, Director Xu had also come to the parking lot to prepare and go out for something, so as a result, he had come just in time to see this act between Jin Beibei and Xiao Chen and was frightened! Could it be that Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen broke their engagement so that Xiao Chen could be together with Jin Beibei?

Jin Beibei is part of the Jin Clan, which is also a famous aristocratic family. It seems like I have even more reason not to offend Xiao Chen; because offending Jin Beibei is more troublesome than offending Cheng Mengying!

Wait a second, didn’t Jin Beibei just call Xiao Chen ‘brother-in-law’? What kind of meaning is this? Is it possible that the matter of Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen having their engagement broken is fake and was done for other people to see? Then wouldn’t that mean that this pair of sisters is Xiao Chen’s……the circle of aristocrats is really chaotic.

But Director Xu wouldn’t dare speak irresponsibly even if he were beaten to death. He could only pretend to not see this, board his car and drive away.

Xiao Chen stared blankly as he was being held by Jin Beibei: “What scent?”

“Brother-in-law, didn’t you take advantage of cousin Mengying’s scent to sniff out where her bracelet was? So this time wouldn’t you need to smell me in order to sniff out where my lost car is? Afterwards you can conveniently take some small advantages……” Jin Beibei stated matter-of-factly.

“……” Xiao Chen’s face darkened. He glanced to the side to see the young lady’s ill expression and hastily said: “When did I take advantage of Mengying? It was really for the purpose of finding the bracelet!”

“Then why can’t you smell my scent now to seek for the car?” Jin Beibei asked while grinning happily.

Cheng Mengying stared fixedly at Xiao Chen as she listened to these words, ready to flip out at any time! Indeed, how come Xiao Chen didn’t need to sniff Jin Beibei to find the car, could it be that he was intentionally taking advantage of her when they were searching for her bracelet?

“I certainly depend on scent to seek out things, but it’s not just you sitting in the car; Mengying has also sat in it!” Xiao Chen bitterly smiled as he explained: “I’ve already remembered Mengying’s scent, not to mention very clearly, so I don’t need to sniff you.”

“Is that so?” Jin Beibei was instantly disappointed upon hearing this.

“Hmph, why would you remember this young lady’s scent!” Although Cheng Mengying spoke like this, she was suddenly very happy at heart. Xiao Chen, have you finally begun to pay attention to this young lady? Otherwise why would you remember my scent? Hmmhmmph, you definitely like me, so you must be deliberately putting up an act and not saying anything. Just you wait, I’ll expose you one of these days!

Xiao Chen walked in the front while Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei followed behind. The two girls’ stamina wasn’t too bad and adding the fact that Xiao Chen wasn’t walking too quickly, the journey wasn’t too tiring.

Jin Beibei was eager to find the car, so she didn’t feel how many roads were walked. On the other hand, the young lady was thinking of seeing whether or not Xiao Chen really remembered her scent and if he could really find the car.

After the trio walked for about an hour, they arrived at the gate of a large house with a courtyard. In Songning City, which was considered a flourishing metropolis, there were only a few of this type of single family villas constructed, not to mentioned that it even had a garden, which made this courtyard even more uncommon.

Yet, the trio were currently standing in front of such a building. Xiao Chen slightly knit his brows: “Whose place is this? The car should be inside!”

Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei also hadn’t come here before, so they were also baffled at this moment. But when Jin Beibei heard that the car was inside, she threw away all hesitations in her mind and straightforwardly rushed into the courtyard!

Who had she, Jin Beibei, ever feared in Songning City? Her family also owned this sort of courtyard, so she directly wanted to go in to look for the car.

However, before Jin Beibei even walked in, a person in a black suit walked out from the courtyard and stopped Jin Beibei by speaking in a booming voice: “Who is it? This is private property, not a place to play around, quickly leave!”

“I’m here to search for my car, my car is inside.” Unexpectedly, Jin Beibei believed Xiao Chen as she pointed towards the inside of courtyard and spoke confidently.

“Your car? You ran all the way here to search for your car?” The black suited person felt that this situation was a bit laughable: “Do you not know where this is? This is the aristocratic clan, Chen Clan’s, domain; how could it have your car? Stop looking for trouble when you have spare time, quickly leave!”

“I have to go in!” Jin Beibei said as she went to bypass the black suited person and rush in.

But how could the black suited person possibly allow her to go in? He pulled on Jin Beibei’s shirt collar and threw her back, causing her to lose balance and fall flat onto her back.

“You….you better watch out!” Jin Beibei dejectedly crawled back up. Even though she was fearless, she knew that rushing headfirst at this time was definitely out of question. This black suited guard’s Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist power was exposed when he threw her, so it was simply impossible for her to rush in.

Furthermore, when Jin Beibei heard that this place was Chen Clan’s domain, she instantly understood that her car was stolen by that ******* Chen Jinpeng!

Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen had also heard the black suited guard’s words. Seeing the opposite party throw Jin Beibei down, Xiao Chen was a little angry and was calculating whether or not he should teach the guard a lesson. But after thinking about the fact that this was Chen Clan’s domain and fearing that he might expose his strength, he decided that he could only secretly think up a solution.

Since this place was Chen Clan’s, it was no wonder that it was so big. However, Xiao Chen had never come here before in the past because at that time, Chen Jinpeng was only the second young master and didn’t have sufficient qualifications to invite him home to be a guest.

Cheng Mengying helped Jin Beibei up and whispered: “Beibei, let it be, this car was originally Chen Jinpeng’s and he’s gotten back his lost property, so what can we do about it? Look at that fiendish guard, we wouldn’t be able to defeat him. Even though you were thrown down, you didn’t suffer any loss, so let’s leave.”

“No way!” Jin Beibei gnashed her teeth as she categorically said: “Since this Chen Jinpeng dares to go against me, then I definitely can’t let him off! As brother-in-law’s little brother, he didn’t have the slightest consciousness to act like a little brother! Because he’s such a rebel, I, Jin Beibei, will substitute for heaven to dish out punishment; if I can’t go in, then I’ll ask my grandpa to avenge me!”

Just as Xiao Chen was thinking up ways to screw over the guard, go in, and bring out the car, he heard Jin Beibei’s words, so there was temporarily no need for him to start. He had heard of Old Master Jin, Golden-Haired Lion King’s1 reputation before; it was quite awe-inspiring. On the aristocratic clan level, it was a well-known superstar’s reputation. If he was going to appear personally, then Xiao Chen didn’t need to get involved.

As he was contemplating, Jin Beibei took out her cellphone and dialed a number.

“My treasured granddaughter Beibei, you finally remembered to give grandpa a call!” After the call connected, a sound like that of a gigantic bell came through from the other side, clearly very happy about seeing Jin Beibei’s call.

“Grandpa~ I’ve been bullied!” Jin Beibei turned her voice into one like she’d been sobbing: “Grandpa, you have to avenge me!”

“What?! Who dares bully my, Golden-Haired Lion King’s granddaughter?! Which little ******* doesn’t want to live anymore, wait for your grandpa to chop him into two!” Golden-Haired Lion King flew into a rage when he heard Jin Beibei’s grievance.

“It’s Chen Clan’s Chen Jinpeng! He stole away Beibei’s car; Beibei, cousin Mengying and brother-in-law went to go look for the car together, but the result was the guard not letting Beibei go in and even threw Beibei down hard on her bottom, nearly making her butt split into 4 parts!” Jin Beibei complained.

“Chen Clan was it? There’s no need to be anxious Beibei, grandpa will go avenge you right now!” Golden-Haired Lion King immediately hung up to rush over to Chen Clan’s courtyard. Although he was slightly puzzled as to who this “brother-in-law” was, he cared more about Jin Beibei’s safety at this time so he didn’t ask too much.

Xiao Chen and the young lady glanced at each other, both feeling helpless at what to do with her. But since Old Master Jin was going to appear personally, there was no reason for them to worry and all they needed to do was wait.

Although Jin Beibei called for backup, that black suited guard didn’t hear what she said clearly, so he paid no attention to her. This was the domain of the aristocratic clan ‘Chen Clan’, so who would dare come make trouble? Even if 8 to 10 people came, they would have to give up any idea of going in.

As expected, Old Master Jin came extremely quickly. After only just several minutes, Xiao Chen could see a Jeep Wrangler speeding over with a person with golden hair fluttering in the wind sitting in the copilot; it was Old Master Jin, Golden-Haired Lion King!

“Beibei, are you okay?” Old Master Jin jumped out of the car and came over to examine Jin Beibei.

“I’m fine for now, but the car is still inside and they bullied Beibei.” Jin Beibei pointed at Chen Clan’s courtyard as she spoke.

“Wait for grandpa to avenge you!” Old Master Jin pulled out a blade from his back and pointed it at Chen Clan’s entrance as he shouted: “Chen Wushen, get your old *** out here to receive your death!”

At this time, the black suited person was frightened by Old Master Jin’s pressure. Old Master Jin was a character every aristocratic clan heavily guarded again; this black suited guard recognized this personage, so he instantly dared not to show off his might. From what it seemed like, the young lady that he’d thrown was this Old Master Jin’s granddaughter? ****, I’m finished!

Old Master Jin’s ‘Lion Roar’ was a skill that made him famous. The sound so loud that it caused the entire Chen Clan courtyard to tremble, as if a small earthquake passed through.


  1. TLN: I will be using the LNMTL translation for this term “金毛狮王”. At this time, I am unsure whether or not this is his name conjugated with the character “王”. If it is, then his title is “King Jin Maoshi”. 

Chapter 93 – Car Lost Once More

Xiao Chen didn’t try evading it another time. Although there wasn’t a lot of money, as the saying goes, even if a grasshopper was smaller, it’s still meat1. The third auxiliary medicine had already been settled, but the fourth auxiliary medicine wasn’t even a work-in-progress! Xiao Chen discovered how bitter his own life was, needing to calculate how to manage money every day, an auxiliary medicine could only last for three days; it felt too frugal.

After arriving to the classroom, Tang Tang handed over a bag with deep-fried breadstick to Zheng Xiaokun and gave the remainder to Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei.

Cheng Mengying originally didn’t want to accept, but Jin Beibei was actually impolite about it. She directly pulled one out and stuffed it into her mouth: “Deep-fried breadstick is delicious, cousin Mengying, you should eat too!”

“I’m not eating, you eat by yourself!” Cheng Mengying was slightly speechless. The more she looked at Jin Beibei and Xiao Chen, the more she felt herself to be correct; they were two gluttons who only knew how to eat.

But after watching for a while, she discovered that Jin Beibei was eating with great relish and couldn’t help but also tear a little piece. She placed it into her mouth to chew and sure enough, it was very delicious and was a refreshing tastiness.

“Mengying, you’re eating deep-fried breadstick? It just so happens that I also haven’t eaten anything in the morning, how about giving me a bit to eat?” Lou Zhenming was just about to come over and worm his way into being friends with Cheng Mengying. Smelling the fragrance of deep-fried breadsticks, he consequently reached out to take one and put it into his mouth.

Cheng Mengying gave him a glance and didn’t say anything.

“If you eat deep-fried breadstick, then you have to pay cash.” Jin Beibei opened her mouth to say.

“You’re……demanding payment?” Lou Zhenming stared blankly: “Did I not treat you guys to a meal at Jade Sea Sky Palace?”

“Was that your money? Or was it Yue Shaoqun’s?” Jin Beibei counter-asked.

“This……then how much money, I’ll buy it.” Lou Zhenming had no other choice to say this; he’d already eaten the deep-fried breadstick and couldn’t exactly just spit it out. Besides, if he did do so, wouldn’t that be acting shamelessly? He’d lost quite a lot of impression points in front of Cheng Mengying recently, so he was currently striving to redeem himself.

“1,000 RMB for one.” Jin Beibei said.

“Geh!” Lou Zhenming nearly spit out the half of the deep-fried breadstick he was chewing on. But he was just thinking that the deep-fried breadstick was extremely expensive and didn’t really throw it onto the ground: “Am I not hearing wrongly? Is this deep-fried breadstick a gold bar?”

“That’s right, Jin Beibei’s deep-fried breadstick, otherwise known as ‘Gold Bar’2.” Jin Beibei replied: “Bring out the cash.”

“Uh, okay, I’ll give it in a little bit.” Lou Zhenming didn’t want to bicker with Jin Beibei; the longer it went on, the more he would suffer losses. It would be better to just buy some relief. In any case, it was only 1,000 RMB. For an average person, it would be a sky-high price, but for him, Lou Zhenming, it was just some change.

And to be honest, this deep-fried breadstick is really delicious! It was more delicious than any deep-fried breadstick that he’d eaten before and this was his only comfort; 1,000 for a deep-fried breadstick only showed how much it stood out from the rest of its kind.

“Mengying, this deep-fried breadstick is quite delicious, where did you buy it? Maybe someday I can buy you some?” The more Lou Zhenming ate, the more he felt that it was delicious and before he knew it, he had unconsciously eaten seven.

“Xiao Chen made them at the morning market street.” Cheng Mengying lightly responded.

“Oh, morning market street……” Lou Zhenming felt a little unwell when he heard that Xiao Chen made them; were they for courting Cheng Mengying’s favor? But after recalling that Xiao Chen would either die or become disabled tonight, he immediately felt better.

Seeing Cheng Mengying not speak any further, Lou Zhenming got up and prepared to leave, but was stopped by Jin Beibei’s call: “Hey, are you leaving without paying?”

“Ah?” Lou Zhenming stood in place for a moment, then recalled that he still had to give money. Helplessly fishing out his wallet, he took out 7,000 RMB and prepared to give it to Jin Beibei.

“Don’t you still owe me 93,000 RMB from last time? How about giving it to me together?” Jin Beibei directly snatched Lou Zhenming’s wallet and poured out all the money inside. After counting it, she couldn’t help but curl her lips after realizing that it was a bit more than 10,000 RMB: “Broke ***, this sum can be regarded as interest. 7,000 plus 93,000 happens to be 100,000; you should return it to me as soon as possible!”

Lou Zhenming felt the world spinning as he felt anger rise up from his anus. He nearly went berserk on the spot, but remembering that Jin Beibei wasn’t one to be offended and Cheng Mengying was by the side, and that offending her would also bring no profit: “Okay……I’ll give it to you as soon as possible……”

“En, move quickly or else the interest will hike sharply.” Jin Beibei held out her hand as a meaningless gesture.

Lou Zhenming nearly fell down after stumbling away. He’d only eaten several deep-fried breadsticks, but before he even paid for them, it became a staggering 100,000 with a high interest.


Zheng Xiaokun unceasingly praised the deep-fried breadstick he was eating: “Tang Tang, your craftsmanship has gotten better; it wasn’t so delicious in the past, but now it’s still so soft and crisp after cooling down!”

“Xiao Chen’s the one who made it.” Tang Tang shrugged: “Originally there was some soy milk, but it was spilled by someone who bumped it, I’ll bring you some next time.”

“Aight, Xiao Chen, you’re the pupil that surpasses his teacher, the disciple that surpasses his master!” Zheng Xiaokun didn’t question him and brushed it off as common for someone to be good at something after doing it once, not considering how much of a conflict it had with what happened before.

“It’s not bad, you should pass by someday in the early morning to eat it fresh out of the boiler.” Xiao Chen said.

“OK! If there’s time, I’ll come lend a hand, but you should know of my family situation. My dad calls me for morning exercise every day until I can’t run any longer!” Zheng Xiaokun felt a little depressed: “Oh right, I say, Xiao Chen, there’s still a matter I haven’t cashed in with you; I feel bitter with you hiding the truth from me! You were actually Xiao Clan’s young master Xiao?”

Xiao Chen paused for a moment then looked at Tang Tang.

“I told him yesterday night. In any case, Lou Zhenming knew it, so this piece of news will spread out in the aristocratic clan junior circle sooner or later.” Tang Tang explained.

Xiao Chen thought about it and realized it really would be like this. Within the aristocratic clan circle, there were no secrets that could be kept. Since Lou Zhenming knew of it, then Zheng Xiaokun would probably know it soon enough, so he couldn’t help but bitterly smile: “Can I not try to be low-key? I’m already this miserable, there’s no reason for me to make it public.”

“True enough.” Zheng Xiaokun nodded: “I didn’t think that we were people of the same level before, but your and Tang Tang’s life experience is so similar; a withdrawn engagement and being driven away from your clans; no wonder you guys have so much in common to speak of……”

Speaking up until here, Zheng Xiaokun felt a little sad. From what he could see now, it seemed like Xiao Chen and Tang Tang getting closer was more and more correct and with his3 position, it was even easier for Xiao Chen to pursue Tang Tang.

The status of an aristocratic clan junior was radiant, but sometimes it was also a shackle.

“Actually, it doesn’t matter whether or not I’m from Xiao Clan; if you respect me, we can be good brothers.” Xiao Chen spoke with a smile.

“That’s right!” Zheng Xiaokun nodded: “I used to really admire Tang Tang, but facing you now, I can’t help but say I’m convinced that your mental adaptability is truly too formidable.”

Formidable? Xiao Chen forced a smile. If he didn’t disguise himself in the past and didn’t meet Tian Lao, then would he have truly jumped off the cliff to commit suicide? Perhaps not, but he definitely wouldn’t have such self-confidence.

With the ring of the exam preparation bell, Xiao Chen shut off his cell phone to avoid Lou Zhenming trying some other dirty trick.

On the other hand, Lou Zhenming placed all his hopes onto tonight’s underground boxing match and didn’t have any thoughts for anything else.

The morning exam passed by in the flash of an eye with Lou Zhenming not trying any petty actions.

After handing over the paper, Xiao Chen prepared to leave to eat something with Tang Tang and Zheng Xiaokun since no one was treating lunch today, but just as they walked to the school entrance, Xiao Chen’s cell phone rang out not long after it started up.

Glancing at the caller ID, it was unexpectedly Jin Beibei. Xiao Chen hurriedly answered the call: “Beibei, is there something wrong?”

“Brother-in-law, it’s bad, my car is gone!” Jin Beibei cried out in alarm from the other side of the call.

“What? Your car is gone?” Xiao Chen stared blankly for a second.

“Yea yea, that Nouveau Riche Jin Beibei car that was stopped at the school’s parking lot, but when cousin Mengying and I arrived at the parking lot and prepared to drive out for a meal, the car seemed disappeared!” Jin Beibei spoke anxiously: “Brother-in-law, do you think my car was abducted by aliens?”

“……” Xiao Chen was a bit dumbfounded: “Wouldn’t it be that your car was too awesome that someone stole it?”

“Maybe, therefore I called you for help. Brother-in-law, you’re a Transformer so you can definitely help me find it, right?” Jin Beibei noted the matter of Xiao Chen helping Cheng Mengying find her bracelet.

“Okay, then wait for me.” Xiao Chen hung up and had no other choice but to apologetically look at Tang Tang and Zheng Xiaokun: “Jin Beibei’s car is gone; she called for me to come over and take a look.”

“Why is she calling you when it’s her car that’s gone?” Tang Tang knit her eyebrows, obviously a little unhappy: “They look for you whenever they have a problem, do they think you’re omnipotent?”

“Heh……” Xiao Chen indifferently laughed: “I’m just a servant.”

Zheng Xiaokun was actually shocked at this time: “What servant? Xiao Chen, what’s going on? How come Jin Beibei calls for you when losing her car?”

“Tang Tang, you didn’t tell him?” Xiao Chen was also shocked. Looking at Zheng Xiaokun’s appearance, it was obvious that he didn’t know the matter between him and Cheng Mengying.

“How would I dare to speak irresponsibly; the matter of you being young master Xiao will soon be spread out in the aristocratic clan circle, but it seems like the circumstance of you and Cheng Mengying living together is something that only a few people know?” Tang Tang innocently replied.

“Pff……wha?” Zheng Xiaokun’s eyes widened: “Xiao Chen, it can’t be? You and Cheng Mengying……living together?! Didn’t you guys……have your engagement broken? How……”

“Alright, let Tang Tang explain it to you, I’m going to leave first.” Xiao Chen shook his head then quickly walked towards the parking lot.

After Xiao Chen left, Tang Tang then spoke of the relationship between Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying to Zheng Xiaokun. Zheng Xiaokun originally thought that Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying were lovers and was quite happy because it meant that it was impossible for Xiao Chen and Tang Tang to be so, but now hearing it and discovering that Xiao Chen was only a manservant, he was a bit disappointed.

Naturally, Tang Tang also saw the change in Zheng Xiaokun’s mood, but she didn’t say anything.

Xiao Chen hurriedly arrived at the school’s parking lot and saw the empty-as-could-be spot that Jin Beibei parked at with Jin Beibei anxiously glancing here and there. When she saw Xiao Chen, she instantly acted like she was looking at her last life-saving straw. She quickly went over and wailed as she pulled on Xiao Chen’s arm and shook it back and forth: “Brother-in-law, quickly help me find the car, I feel so anxious that I could die!”

Perhaps it was because Jin Beibei was too worried that she didn’t have the slightest awareness that her chest was bigger than others. So when she shook, her chest rubbed back and forth on Xiao Chen’s arm, back and forth. The one being rubbed, Xiao Chen, felt a fire grow within him; is this temptation, enticement, or seduction?4


  1. TLN: This author has a grasshopper fetish, other authors have ‘mosquito meat is still meat’ fetish. Basically a little is better than none. 
  2. TLN: The pun is lost on English readers, but it goes like this: in Chinese, the phrase for “Jin Beibei’s deep-fried breadstick” is “金贝贝牌油条” with “金贝贝” being her name and “油条” as the food. Jin Beibei shortens the phrase to “金条”, her surname, which means gold, and the last character of the food, which can also be translated as bar/stick. Thus, ‘Gold Bar’. 
  3. TLN: Reference to himself, Zheng Xiaokun. 
  4. TLN: The same Chinese is used 3 times, but the same word in Chinese can mean different, but similar words in English. Thus, temptation, enticement, and seduction. 

Chapter 92 – Xiao Chen’s Younger Sister

Just as Qi Zhigao was about to teach Xiao Chen a lesson, he had no option but stop his hand upon seeing Yue Shaoqun. Inside school, Yue Shaoqun’s prestige was very high and Qi Zhigao was also his little brother, therefore he was one of the people that immediately knew that Yue Shaoqun and Tang Tang’s relationship was broken off right after it happened. Only then did he dare to humiliate Tang Tang, otherwise he wouldn’t dare mess around even if he was given the guts to do so.

“There are too many young thugs in this school, as a matter of fact, this young master Qi was just about to kill me; I have to learn how to run away quickly!” Xiao Chen said with a bitter face.

“Uh……” Yue Shaoqun stared blankly for a second, then turned to look at Qi Zhigao and was frightened. Why was blood flowing out of Qi Zhigao’s mouth? What happened?

“Zhigao, what’s going on? You’re……”

“Brot’r Qun, yu hab to gib me justice1……” Qi Zhigao croaked out; his cheek was hit swollen so his speaking wasn’t so clear.

“So what happened?” Yue Shaoqun turned to look at Xiao Xiao: “Xiao Xiao, how about you explain!”

A move like this made it seem like Yue Shaoqun wasn’t siding with Xiao Chen and was actually looking after his little brother Qi Zhigao’s face.

Xiao Xiao actually didn’t add any superfluous elements to her recounting, but rather told it as it was; speaking of how Qi Zhigao’s car almost crashed into Tang Tang, then how he scolded Tang Tang and Xiao Chen, afterwards speaking of how Xiao Chen smashed Qi Zhigao’s car and wrapping it all up with the slap.

Perhaps it was because Xiao Xiao knew that it wouldn’t be good to speak ill of Xiao Chen and Tang Tang in front of Yue Shaoqun that she just told the truth.

Hearing Xiao Xiao’s words, Yue Shaoqun instantly relaxed. If Xiao Chen was creating trouble for no reason, then it wouldn’t be good for him to stick his head into this matter today. But now, his complexion slightly sunk as he said to Qi Zhigao: “Zhigao, you are at fault in this matter, how can you be so unyielding after bumping into someone else? We aristocratic clan juniors must be honest, righteous, just, and shouldn’t take advantage of our position to bully others. Therefore, this matter shall be considered finished as both sides were hit! What do you think?”

These words coming out of Yue Shaoqun’s mouth didn’t appear sudden; Yue Shaoqun had always posed himself as an honorable gentleman and was the righteous leader of the aristocratic clan junior generation. Thus, even though Qi Zhigao was a bit unable to accept this, it wouldn’t be good for him to refute him: “Brother Qun, the matter before can be regarded as my wrong, but Xiao Chen hitting me and smashing my car, isn’t this matter a bit too excessive?”

“You bumped into Tang Tang, so him hitting you will be considered getting even.” Yue Shaoqun looked at Qi Zhigao’s ragged car and the corners of his mouth twitched as he said: “Since your car’s like this, I’ll buy you a new one! No matter what you say, Xiao Chen is my good brother, let the matter pass this way.”

“Eh?” Qi Zhigao stared blankly. There was nothing he wanted to say before, but now that Yue Shaoqun shielded Xiao Chen a bit and even took out some money to compensate him, he thought: What kind of train of thought is this? Can it be that Xiao Chen still has some big background that hasn’t been uncovered? Otherwise why would Yue Shaoqun go so far?

“Young master Xiao, Tang Tang, since there’s nothing else, you guys should go ahead first. It’s almost time to test, go prepare yourselves.” Yue Shaoqun planned to send away Xiao Chen and Tang Tang in order to speak with Qi Zhigao and Xiao Xiao.

“Oh, since young master Qun is going to be the guarantor, then I won’t schools. But if I have any difficulties, then young master Qun definitely has to help me settle it!” Xiao Chen said as he patted Yue Shaoqun’s shoulder.

“Ok……no problem.” Yue Shaoqun sucked in a deep breath and nodded while he was incomparably depressed in his heart. I threw off my fiancée, I am ******* FREE!

After Xiao Chen and Tang Tang left, Yue Shaoqun instantly lowered his voice to speak to Qi Zhigao: “Zhigao, sorry for making you suffer hardship!”

“Brother Qun, what tune are you singing?” Qi Zhigao was immensely confused.

“I’ve been studying a way to break my engagement in these past few days; the current Tang Tang has someone to rely on and it’s the perfect opportunity. If something troublesome happens to Xiao Chen, then Tang Tang will lose her person to rely on and if she wants to return to me, how will I still be able to break the engagement?” Yue Shaoqun bitterly smiled as he spoke: “Zhigao, you understand brother, right? I’ll buy a better car for you.”

“So it’s like this……” Qi Zhigao was feeling a bit unwell in his heart, but he didn’t show it on his face: “Since there’s a reason, then forget it. How can I let Brother Qun buy me a car, I can just fix this car.”

“Alright, I’ve taken down this favor!” Yue Shaoqun was tricked out of a huge amount of money in meal expenses at Jade Sea Sky Palace so he didn’t have too much money on hand. Seeing Qi Zhigao not accept, he also pushed along the boat with a nod, then hurriedly turned around to leave because he also needed to take the exam.

Watching Yue Shaoqun’s departing back, Qi Zhigao’s eyes flashed as a smear of gloominess went past. For good or bad, he was a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist, a well-known figure in the junior generation, when had he ever received this type of grievance?

If Yue Shaoqun had a different reason, then he would’ve let it pass. However, it was unexpectedly this kind of bullshit unlucky personal reason; how could such a person still claim himself to be an honorable gentleman? Unconsciously, Qi Zhigao didn’t have as much faith in Yue Shaoqun as he used to have.

What Yue Shaoqun didn’t know was that his way of handling things already gave rise to the discontentment of two little brothers. But even if he knew, what could he do about it? Would he just not cast off Tang Tang?

“I’m unable to swallow this attitude!” Qi Zhigao didn’t go to school, instead taking out his cellphone and prepared to give a 4S a call to tow his car.

“Zhigao, let it be, since Brother Qun opened his mouth, then just avoid my waste brother. Let him live a few more days and don’t spoil Brother Qun’s business.” Xiao Xiao lightly said: “You repair your car, I’ll go to school.”

“Ah……okay, Xiao Xiao, it’s been truly embarrassing to incur your ridicule. Ai, I’ll bring you to go for a spin another day……” Qi Zhigao promptly replied.

Xiao Xiao waved, then quickly walked towards Second High’s junior high school section.

Second High’s junior high school section’s teaching quality was better than First High’s junior high school section, but that wasn’t the case for the senior high school section; it was quite the strange phenomenon.

Xiao Chen and Tang Tang directly went to the classroom. Tang Tang had some soy milk on her and it was quite sticky, so she needed to go to the washroom to wash up.

“Xiao Chen, how could you be so impulsive? Don’t you know that you have enough enemies as it is? Lou Zhenming hasn’t left matters alone, yet you go provoke Qi Zhigao?” Tang Tang glared at Xiao Chen with a bit of rage.

“Isn’t this because he wanted to make you kneel and lick?” Xiao Chen smiled: “Relax, I saw that Yue Shaoqun’s car was coming, that’s why I annoyed him.”

“Oh……that’s fine, but you’ve still offended him like this.” Tang Tang let out a sigh of relief: “Yue Shaoqun misunderstood us being together and had no other choice but to help you for his despicable goal, but have you not thought of what to do once he successfully breaks the engagement?”

“Isn’t it fine to take things one step at a time.” Xiao Chen indifferently smiled. When he becomes a Fourth Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator, he would definitely possess a certain amount of authority to speak at that time. Although he couldn’t proclaim that he could dominate the aristocratic clans, the aristocratic clans wouldn’t dare to despise him at the very least.

Tang Tang took off her school uniform in preparation to go wash it, but taking it off in such a matter caused something to ‘pa!’ onto the floor.

“Your thing fell.” Xiao Chen said as he bent over to help Tang Tang pick up and hand over the thing. It was an bank card.

“Huh? This isn’t mine!” Tang Tang took the bank card in surprise; her card wasn’t even from this bank.

“It fell out from your pocket so I shouldn’t be wrong.” Xiao Chen was also somewhat baffled. He took back the bankcard to take a look and actually discovered a tag on the backside of the bankcard. On it was 6 numbers, evidently the pin of the card.

“Who placed the card over here, even giving the password?” Tang Tang was instantly perplexed. If one wanted to say that someone lost it in her pocket, then that was impossible. It was definitely meticulously placed into her clothes pocket and had the pin on it, so it was obviously given to her.

“Who knows? Maybe it’s from the morning market street?” Xiao Chen was also unable to make heads or tails of this situation, who’d be able to give Tang Tang a present?

“Hold on a second, there’s a slip of paper in my pocket!” Because a card dropped out of her pocket, Tang Tang felt the insides of her pocket and actually found a soaked slip of paper.

The writing on the slip of paper was already starting to become somewhat fuzzy because Tang Tang had just soaked her clothes in the wash basin, but after looking at it carefully, she could still make out some words——“give to Xiao Chen”.

“It’s for me?” Xiao Chen had a weird expression as Tang Tang handed over the slip of paper. After meticulously looking it over, Xiao Chen didn’t know who placed it into Tang Tang’s pocket because it was already fading away. But even if it was clear, he probably wouldn’t have recognized the handwriting.

“Seems so.” Tang Tang nodded.

“It can’t be that it’s that kid, Yue Shaoqun, giving capital to me for chasing you2?” Xiao Chen pondered and couldn’t think of any other person who would give him money. The only suspicious person was Yue Shaoqun since this kid wanted him and Tang Tang to get together, so giving him activity funds was within reason.

“Capital to pursue me?” Tang Tang stared blankly for a second before immediately blushing a bit: “Seems like Yue Shaoqun is really willing to bleed in order to cast me aside!”

“Don’t worry about him, since it’s for me, I’ll go check how much is inside after we finish the exam.” Since it was free money, Xiao Chen naturally receive it in stride.

“No need to go through all that trouble, I have a mini mobile card reader with me, you just need to swipe.” As Tang Tang was speaking, she took out the mobile card reader and inserted it into the headphone jack, then handed it over to Xiao Chen.

“****, so advanced?” When Xiao Chen swiped the card and discovered that there was only 20,000 RMB, he instantly became disappointed: “Yue Shaoqun really is a little miser, only giving me 20,000, aren’t you worth a bit too little?”

“It’s fine, 20,000 is already pretty good.” Tang Tang actually didn’t think too much into it: “We would need to sell quite a bit of deep-fried breadsticks to earn this, so I think it’s a lot.”

“Okay!” Xiao Chen gave the card to Tang Tang: “I haven’t given back the money I borrowed from you last time, so I’ll give you this. The extra 10,000 RMB can be considered me pursuing you.”

“Pff……” Tang Tang laughed: “Such a way of pursuing girls? What a tyrant, straightforwardly smashing money down!”

“Haha, it’s just a joke, take it.” Xiao Chen chuckled immediately afterwards.

“Aren’t you short on cash? What’s the point of giving it to me? I don’t have a use for it, it’s better if you keep it.” Tang Tang waved and handed back the card to Xiao Chen: “Go, let’s take the exam.”


  1. TLN: “Brother Qun, you have to give me justice……” in case you truly cannot read that line. 
  2. TLN: The original phrase is ‘chasing girls capital’, but I changed it to fit more into the situation since there’s obviously only 1 person that YSQ wants XC to pursue. 

Chapter 91 – Smashing A Car + Slapping A Face

Xiao Chen and Tang Tang received the stall and packed the remaining deep-fried breadsticks and soy milk into several shares. The dough that wasn’t deep-fried was left to the grandma in the grocery store, then they went to school.

The several shares of breakfast were for Zheng Xiaokun1, Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei. In any case, Tang Tang and Cheng Mengying were now able to see face to face and also understood each other’s status, so there was no need to be secretive.

After entering the school gate, the two saw a golden bright glittering Porsche Panamera in the parking lot. This rank of car in Second High is relatively rare because Second High isn’t like First High, it doesn’t have too many wealthy students. Although there wasn’t a lack of aristocratic clan young masters, Yue Shaoqun belonged to those that were hypocrites, not wanting to drive this type of grand car in fear of people saying that he acts like a pretentious prick. On the other hand, Lou Zhenming wanted to drive this car but his father wouldn’t let him.

“Nouveau riche Jin Beibei’s car?” Tang Tang was surprised: “Is this supposed to be ‘Nouveau Riche Jin’ or ‘Nouveau Riche Jin Beibei’2?”

“Who knows, this girl likes doing wacky stuff.” Xiao Chen shook his head.

“Hey, what are your feelings on Jin Beibei calling you brother-in-law?” Tang Tang couldn’t help but ask as she had already held in this question for a day.

“Jin Beibei? Brother-in-law?” Xiao Chen stared in confusion for a second then immediately smiled bitterly: “What am I supposed to even feel? It needs Cheng Mengying’s recognition to be valid, she and I are matters of the past3.”

“Seems like you’re self-aware.” Tang Tang was very satisfied with Xiao Chen’s answer: “Don’t be angry, I’m just fearing that you’ll be trapped.”

“Relax, if there’s an opportunity, I’ll make Beibei recognize you as an older cousin.” Xiao Chen said with a smile.

“Daring to play a joke on me, be careful as I’ll be depending on you if I don’t get married in the future!” Tang Tang’s heart skipped a beat for no reason.

“Okay, I was fearing that I wouldn’t be able to marry a wife!” Xiao Chen actually nodded with deadpan seriousness: “I heard that a wife costs millions nowadays; you have to buy a car, a house, where would I get that money from? I also lose money instead of gain it, so I have to hurry and grab this offer.”

“Then it’ll be settled just like this!” Tang Tang heartily laughed.

Just as the two people were conversing, a Range Rover swept past Xiao Chen and Tang Tang. The car swept past so close that it almost stuck to Tang Tang, which caused Tang Tang to let go of the soy milk in her hands and nearly fall to the ground.

However, the soy milk actually smashed into the Land Rover car and covered the shiny car body with a milky-white sticky thing.

Xiao Chen creased his brows and was about to flare up, but Tang Tang pulled on his arm and hinted him to not be impulsive. Clearly, Tang Tang knew who the owner of this car was.

“Blind girl, look at where you’re going, did you not see my car coming over?” Xiao Chen didn’t want to find fault with him, but the person driving the car was unwilling to be forgiving. The person immediately stopped the car and pushed open the door to get out. But when he saw the people who “dirtied” his car was Tang Tang and Xiao Chen, he was actually shocked!

As for Xiao Chen, he also recognized who this person was; he was from the Four Large Aristocratic Clans and Five Small Aristocratic Clans’ Qi Clan, their little young master Qi Zhigao, and also Xiao Chen’s little sister, Xiao Xiao’s, pursuer. Before Xiao Chen was driven away from Xiao Clan, this kid readily called him ‘Brother Chen’ very respectfully.

Of course, that was all in the past. The current Xiao Chen had no relationship with Xiao Clan and was the target of scorn for everyone. If Qi Zhigao still respected Xiao Chen, then that would be strange! The original Xiao Chen was a waste, so it was even more impossible to respect him again.

With regards to Tang Tang, Qi Zhigao didn’t really care. She was driven away from Tang Clan and he’d heard that young master Qun thoroughly severed ties with her, so there was even less to fear. But for Xiao Chen, Qi Zhigao subconsciously gave a glance to the inside of the car.

At this time, the Land Rover’s copilot seat door opened and a 15-16 year-old young lady with big eyes jumped out. When Xiao Chen saw her, his look faintly congealed. This person was his younger sister, his Second Uncle’s child Xiao Xiao!

“Xiao Xiao, your……older brother dirtied my car, about this matter, what do you say should be done……” Qi Zhigao clearly hesitated due to Xiao Xiao, not daring to straightforwardly scold Xiao Chen.

Xiao Xiao gave Xiao Chen an icy, arrogant glance and snorted: “Isn’t this my waste older brother? Little Qi, why are you being serious with a waste, do you find it fun?”

“Ha, you’re right!” Qi Zhigao could hear disdaining towards Xiao Chen from Xiao Xiao’s tone. It seemed like they already didn’t have any relationship just like in the rumors, thus he spoke proudly towards Xiao Chen: “Considering Xiao Xiao’s face, I’ll let this matter slide by. Still haven’t quickly made yourself scarce?”

Xiao Chen clenched his fist, feeling a slight ache in his heart. In the past when he was in the clan, Xiao Xiao was very respectful towards him, her older brother, but now……

Xiao Chen smiled in self-derision. Xiao Xiao was Xiao Clan’s cultivation genius and was already a Third Layer Inner Strength expert when she was smaller. But because she’s a girl, she was bound to get married. Otherwise, the position of Clan Head would have undoubtedly been Xiao Xiao’s.

But even so, Xiao Xiao still had a very high status in Xiao Clan. Even inside the entire aristocratic circle, she also had a very high popularity with many pursuers. This Qi Zhigao was one of the excellent ones among her pursuers; he was young and possessed Third Layer Inner Strength power. Within the aristocratic clan junior generation, he was classified as a top existence.

“Tang Tang yeah? Wipe my car clean and you won’t need to compensate for my loss.” Qi Zhigao let off Xiao Chen, but his anger hadn’t scattered, so he vented on Tang Tang: “Of course, you’ll have to kneel and lick; lick my car clean!”

Originally, Xiao Chen wanted to let it pass, but after hearing Qi Zhigao’s words, a nameless fire fled out from between his ribcage4!

So what if Qi Zhigao possessed the strength of a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist? Xiao Chen was currently a Third Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator and had some immortal art abilities, so he had more than enough to meet a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist head-on.

He could endure anything else, but for some unknown reason, Xiao Chen was unable to tolerate it when it came to matters involving Tang Tang. An example was last time when he killed Chen Jinkun; it was actually a very dangerous action, but Xiao Chen still acted on it.

Some matters that touched upon Xiao Chen’s bottom line, Xiao Chen had to resist.

Tang Tang had been together with Xiao Chen these past few days and the two people could be said to be in harmony with each other; sometimes one movement or one expression was all that was needed to know what the other person wanted to do. Seeing Xiao Chen get angry, Tang Tang hurriedly pulled on him, hinting him not to be impulsive.

Originally, Xiao Chen already made an enemy out of Lou Zhenming. If a Qi Zhigao was added on top of that, then he wouldn’t be able to have peaceful days at Second High!

“Hu……” Xiao Chen took in a deep breath, then the smiling expression of the corners of his mouth lifting up flashed past. He directly struck Qi Zhigao’s Land Rover car, lifting up his leg and trampled down on the car. Instantly, a ‘bang!’ sounded out and the Land Rover car door suddenly caved in and a huge hole emerged.

Yet Xiao Chen didn’t seemed to be satisfied. He began continuously kicking and after several kicks, the Land Rover car’s door was kicked down. This still didn’t satisfy Xiao Chen as he kicked with even more vigor; the Land Rover was kicked beyond all recognition by Xiao Chen’s flying kicks!

Tang Tang was flabbergasted, she didn’t expect Xiao Chen to be this impulsive!

Xiao Xiao was also dumbstruck as she looked at this loser older brother with an unbelieving gaze. However, she knew about Xiao Chen’s work outs since young and understood where Xiao Chen’s brute force came from.

The most shocked was Qi Zhigao. He didn’t know what madness possessed Xiao Chen and looked at Xiao Chen stupefied: “You……what are you doing?”

“Didn’t you want to clean the car? I’m helping you clean it, using my foot as the cleaner!” Xiao Chen spoke as he kicked. The pretty decent car instantaneously became something that could be taken to a scrapyard.

“Are you seeking death?” Qi Zhigao finally recovered his mental facilities. Both his eyes turned scarlet-red and seemed to spray out fire: “Previously I didn’t want to pay attention to you because you’re Xiao Xiao’s former older brother, but since you don’t want the face I’m giving you, then don’t blame me for being impolite! Today you will stay here and be buried along with your dad!”

Xiao Xiao wrinkled her eyebrows as she looked at Xiao Chen. She didn’t understand what Xiao Chen was doing; was it to help Tang Tang out of a predicament?

She and Qi Zhigao were students of Second High’s junior high school section and usually didn’t have too many interactions with Second High’s senior high school section. The two schools’ school building and sports field were separate, with only the parking lot being shared, so this was the reason why she didn’t know of the going-ons between Xiao Chen and Tang Tang.

“Pa!” Xiao Chen gave Qi Zhigao a slap to his face and beat him stupid. Red blood flowed down the corner of Qi Zhigao’s mouth; this was his most unimaginable day. He was thinking, am I dreaming?

The past dandy young master Xiao Chen didn’t dare to hit him, but this ‘driven-away-from-clan’ loser surprisingly dared hit him? Certainly, Qi Zhigao wasn’t on guard, otherwise how would a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist be hit by someone like Xiao Chen?

As a matter of fact, he could also see that Xiao Chen wasn’t even a First Layer Inner Strength Martialist and only had a bit of brute strength. Thus, he was assured that he had the backing to chide Xiao Chen; the result was being hit while he was being inattentive.

“You can insult me, but it is absolutely not fine if you insult my father.” Xiao Chen coldly looked at Qi Zhigao……then suddenly turned around. This was a magnificent turning around catching the people present unaware and unable to understand what Xiao Chen wanted to do.

All they saw was Xiao Chen suddenly turn around to shout: “Young master Qun~ thanks for your warm hospitality these past few days, but I really think that I’m unsuited to stay in Second High; I’ll have to transfer schools, I’m sure we’ll meet again some day!”

Xiao Chen’s spiritual consciousness is quite strong; when he was trampling the car just a moment ago, he’d already discovered Yue Shaoqun driving over from a not so far away place. At this moment, after he finished slapping Qi Zhigao, Yue Shaoqun just happened to be driving by.

“Screech!” Yue Shaoqun stepped on the emergency break and stopped the car right next to Xiao Chen, then hurriedly got out and anxiously asked: “What happened young master Xiao, why do you want to transfer out?”

It wasn’t weird for Yue Shaoqun to feel nervous. He’d done many things these past few days, even offending his own little brother Lou Zhenming, all in order to suck up to Xiao Chen and make this kid solidify his status as Tang Tang’s boyfriend.

Now that this matter had progressed a little and Tang Tang’s grandfather even answered that he’d consider rescinding the engagement, how could he let this Xiao Chen actually transfer schools? Would that even be right to himself? If this Xiao Chen transferred schools, wouldn’t he go back to square one regarding the matter with Tang Tang?


  1. TLN: Did I ever say that I screwed up and the Deng was actually supposed to be ‘Zheng’? Yeah…I don’t know what I was smoking when I substituted it for Deng. 
  2. TLN: Tang Tang means ‘is the car her clan’s car that she vandalized or is it hers’. 
  3. TLN: Term used here is ‘老黄历’ which is sort of like the lunar calendar with fortunes on it(maybe a lunar almanac?). 
  4. TLN: The author was probably thinking about another way to write ‘heart’ and came up with this. It’s technically not wrong and he’s fulfilling his more word count = more money, so I really can’t blame him. I’m also being troll by translating it, so……haha. 

Chapter 90 – Kindhearted Lin Ke’er

Along the way, Lin Ke’er was slightly absent-minded. She was a kindhearted person; although she was very afraid of Xiao Chen in school, she also secretly felt grateful to Xiao Chen. This was a contradictory mentality but seeing that Xiao Chen could pull himself up by relying on himself right now, Lin Ke’er truly felt happy for him.

However, who was that plump sister next to him? In the past, Tang Tang wasn’t well-known on the morning market street. Xiao Chen’s deep-fried breadstick’s popularity was also a matter in the recent several days and Lin Ke’er’s family’s vendor stall was relatively far away, so not knowing Tang Tang was normal.

“What are you thinking girl? What’s occupying your mind? Are you dating someone at school?” Lin Mu1 said while glaring when she saw Lin Ke’er standing there daydreaming and not helping with setting up the vendor.

“Ah……n……no……” Lin Ke’er was frightened back into her body and hastily began to help her mother set up the vendor.

“Don’t mess around, you hear me? Your old mother is counting on you to return with a wealthy son-in-law in the future!” Lin Mu snorted: “Do you hear me?”

“I……I understand……” Lin Ke’er lowered her head and bit her lower lip, thinking about Xiao Chen……her response to him was that he was allowed to pursue her, but was he a wealthy son-in-law? Perhaps in the past……now……

Suddenly, Lin Ke’er discovered that she seemed to be thinking too much. This was a matter that hadn’t even begun to take shape, what was she randomly thinking for? What’s more, this was only her wishful thinking. Perhaps Xiao Chen’s courting was just something that he had done out of entertainment?

After letting out a sigh, Lin Ke’er started helping her mother to select spinach while Lin Ke’er’s father, Lin Dongliang, also began heating up the beef soup……

The sales of Xiao Chen’s deep-fried breadsticks were on fire and that drove on the sales volume of the soft tofu. In the past, there was only soy milk, so maybe some people didn’t buy any2, but now that there was soft tofu, those who didn’t like drinking soy milk now had another option.

It was just that Xiao Chen was even busier; deep-frying breadsticks and honey fruit over here and helping Tang Tang make soft tofu over there, leaving him no time to raise his head, so he was bustling around with his head down for an entire morning.

However, Xiao Chen felt that it was very fulfilling. Although there wasn’t much money to be earned, at least he was working to earn money. Xiao Chen felt that in his 18 years of living, these were his most enriching days.

Today, Second High had their exams and First High as well, so Lin Ke’er could go to school a bit later. Up until 9 o’clock, she stuck it out without breakfast.

When the customers lessened a bit, she suddenly raised her head, pursed her lips, and said to Lin Mu: “Mom……I’m hungry, I want to eat some breakfast……”

“Eat breakfast? Eat what breakfast? Isn’t there banmian right here? If you want to eat, boil yourself a bowl!” Lin Mu wrinkled her brows.

“I want……to go eat something else……” Lin Ke’er lowered her head, not daring to look at her mother as she spoke in a low voice.

“Something else? Your own home has stuff yet you want to eat something else? You think your family is very wealthy? You’re a rich second-generation, yes?” Lin Mu instantly pulled her face when she heard Lin Ke’er’s words.

“Settle down, wife, if Ke’er wants to eat, let her eat. It’s not a lot of money anyway.” Lin Dongliang took out 10 RMB from the money box, thought for a bit, then took out an extra 5 RMB and gave it to Lin Ke’er while saying: “Go, girl, it isn’t too busy right now.”

“You’re spoiling our child!” Lin Mu was a little unhappy seeing Lin Dongliang giving Lin Ke’er money, but didn’t go stop it again.

Lin Ke’er knew her home’s circumstances. Although they couldn’t be considered the worst on the morning market street, they absolutely weren’t considered well-off. They were a double unemployed family that depended on the morning market street meagerness to make a living. Luckily, Lin Ke’er’s grades were outstanding and was able to receive at least a 1,000 RMB scholarship every exam. Otherwise, she probably would have already dropped out of school.

Yet, in Lin Ke’er’s eyes, even if her family was in harder conditions, it wouldn’t be as hard as Xiao Chen’s condition. He had been driven out of his clan and had no source of income. In every single possibility, it was impossible for an aloof young master like him to come to the morning market street to sell breakfast. How much pain was a young master like him, who attached so much importance to face, suffering?

After a moment of hesitation, Lin Ke’er placed the baseball cap that she usually used when boiling noodles onto her head. She didn’t want Xiao Chen to see her; she feared injuring Xiao Chen’s self-esteem.

In the past, he was that arrogant; now, he degenerated to this state. Wasn’t it clear that he wouldn’t want any acquaintances to see this3? Lin Ke’er simply wanted to silently aid him.

Lin Ke’er tightly grasped the 15 RMB in fear of losing it. She usually didn’t spend any money in school; she had a transportation card4 for commuting and a food card for the school cafeteria, so she usually didn’t have any money to place in her pockets.

When she arrived in the vicinity of Xiao Chen’s breakfast stall, she saw a mountain of finished deep-fried breadsticks on the vendor stand. She suddenly felt a pang of sympathy in her heart. In her opinion, Xiao Chen was a pampered5 young master, where could he have made breakfast before?

This deep-fried breadstick is definitely unpalatable, that’s why there’s so many that haven’t sold!

Actually, this was because Tang Tang prepared too much dough today. Moreover, it wasn’t mealtime at this moment, it was more of those going to work and going to school that were eating breakfast, the rush period between 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock. One would have to wait until noon for more guests.

Lin Ke’er didn’t directly walk over, but rather chose to walk over during the period of time when Xiao Chen was turned around to. She clenched her teeth, handed over 15 RMB to Tang Tang and said: “Give me one soy milk and with the remaining money……I want it all to be deep-fried breadstick.”

“Eh? You want so much?” Tang Tang stared blankly. One soy milk was 1 RMB, the remaining 14 RMB was to buy deep-fried breadsticks? Could all of this be eaten? How big was this person’s appetite? Tang Tang looked at Lin Ke’er’s dainty figure and gave a lot of salutes to her in her mind! If this was given to her, Tang Tang, and Xiao Chen to eat, they might be able to eat it, but……this person before her was also a rice bucket6? It didn’t seem like it.

“Umm……it’s for my entire family to eat!” Lin Ke’er also felt that her action was a bit shocking. Fearing Xiao Chen turning around, she hastily made up an excuse: “My family is also in the morning market, over there……”

“Oh……” Tang Tang nodded: “From the looks of your uniform, if you’re not in First High, that means you’re in Second High? We should be fellow students! Not only so, we are also people of the same trade, then I’ll give you a bit more. In any case, we won’t be sold out today and we have to take an exam soon.”

As she spoke, Tang Tang gave Lin Ke’er the quantity of almost three bowls of soymilk and 20 RMB’s worth of deep-fried breadstick.

“Thank you elder sister……you’re both in Second High?” Lin Ke’er carefully asked.

“En.” Tang Tang nodded. She didn’t recognize Lin Ke’er, but also didn’t guard against her.

Lin Ke’er saw that Xiao Chen was almost done and about to turn around, so she hastily took the stuff and turned to go: “Goodbye elder sister, I fear that my family over there is busy……”

“Oh, it’s no problem, see you.” Tang Tang didn’t suspect anything.

Xiao Chen turned around and immediately surprised to see the greater part of the deep-fried breadsticks gone from the stand: “So much was sold as I was putting things away?”

“En, a pretty and adorable younger sister’s family is also on the morning market street, so I gave a bit more.” Tang Tang replied.

“Oh.” Xiao Chen nodded and started to continue packing away the stuff.

Lin Ke’er carried the soy milk and deep-fried breadstick back to her family’s banmian stand. When Lin Mu saw how much Lin Ke’er brought with her, she immediately stared blankly, then spoke furiously: “Dammit girl, why did you buy so much? You spent all the money?”

“I……I……I heard that their deep-fried breadstick and soy milk are quite delicious, so I bought more to give mom and dad a taste……” Lin Ke’er lowered her head and didn’t dare look at her mother; this was her first time lying to her parents. In her opinion, Xiao Chen’s deep-fried breadstick definitely wasn’t delicious, otherwise how could there be so many leftover unsold.

“15 RMB is how much 2 bowls of banmian sell for, you black sheep of the family!” Lin Mu angrily said.

“Alright, it’s our child’s filial piety. Moreover, 15 RMB being able to buy so much is very cost-effective. We also sell wheat-based food and if we calculate the costs, this is simply no profit on their side. We’ve gained 2-3 RMB from this 15 RMB!” Lin Dongliang mediated with a gentle chuckle: “Girl, let’s eat together!”

“En, en!” Lin Ke’er let out a sigh of relief, but felt confused in her heart. Her father turned her aid to Xiao Chen into filial piety towards him, making Lin Ke’er feel uncomfortable. It was like deceiving her parents, but she couldn’t tell the truth.

Lin Ke’er knew that if she did say it, her family would definitely misunderstand her for puppy love; wouldn’t that be like asking to be beaten?

At this time, Lin Mu carefully looked over the deep-fried breadstick and changed her previous black face, instead becoming all smiles: “You really shouldn’t have spoke. They really gave a lot, I just happened to be hungry.”

When Lin Ke’er saw her mother not angry, she promptly looked for three bowls and poured the soy milk in them. Then, she picked up a deep-fried breadstick and sat on the side, eating in silence.

But after one bite, Lin Ke’er was instantly shocked! This deep-fried breadstick’s way of deep-frying was flexible and crisp, the heat control didn’t need to be said, there wasn’t any extra oil, and it left behind a lingering aromatic aftertaste!

This was the deep-fried breadstick that Xiao Chen deep-fried? Lin Ke’er originally thought that the deep-fried breadsticks weren’t delicious because they weren’t selling out, but she didn’t expect it to be this delicious, it truly made her feel that it was inconceivable.

“Huh? It really can’t be seen about how truly delicious this deep-fried breadstick is.” Lin Dongliang took a bite and praised it to high heaven: “Where did you buy this?”

“In the front, a plump elder sister sells it, it seems like she’s also a student.” Lin Ke’er responded: “She saw that I was also a student, so she gave me a lot more.”

“That’s great, you’ll go buy again tomorrow!” It wasn’t strange for Lin Mu to want to benefit from others because it would be out of question if she wasn’t careful with money with their noodle business: “Our family eating noodles all the time isn’t good, we should occasionally change flavors!”

“Oh……” Lin Ke’er actually couldn’t get herself to be happy. Although her mother allowed her to go buy again tomorrow, could she still go buy so much? It was probably not possible; when that happened, her mother definitely wouldn’t let her go buy in the future.

These deep-fried breadsticks seemed to be a lot, but it wasn’t much for a family of three. In particular, Lin Dongliang and Lin Mu naturally had a large food capacity with such a labor-intensive job in the early morning.

“I’m done eating, I’ll be going to school……” Lin Ke’er was very happy to see Xiao Chen today, but also a little nervous. Xiao Chen had transformed and was no longer that young master that didn’t shrink from any crime. Then……if he wants to pursue me, how should I respond to him?

Indeed, in Lin Ke’er’s eyes, the Xiao Chen in the past didn’t shrink from any crime and this was the reason why she was very scared of Xiao Chen.

Lin Ke’er was a bit worried about personal gains and losses.


  1. TLN: Lin Mu can also mean ‘mother Lin’ and ‘Mother Lin’ is the term LNMTL uses by the way. I will be using Lin Mu as a temporary name for Lin Ke’er’s mother, I guess. I might change after I find out what her real name is. 
  2. TLN: Refers to deep-fried breadstick. 
  3. TLN: Meanwhile, he’s like I give no craps. Pretty obvious from the attitude he gave Chen Jinpeng. 
  4. TLN: Term used here is ‘一卡通’ which is a Beijing transportation card (subway & bus), but I generalized it to transportation card because language barriers. As for me, I live in NYC, so I go by metrocard(which I’m not going to use as a term). 
  5. TLN: The phrase used here is ‘衣来伸手饭来张口’ which has the literal meaning of ‘clothes come, hands out; food comes, mouth open’ but can be translated into pampered because that’s basically the description of these actions. That is: when the clothes comes, the person just needs to dress; when the food comes, the person just needs to open his/her mouth to eat. 
  6. TLN: A way to call someone a glutton or useless. 

Chapter 89 – Nouveau Riche Jin Beibei’s Car

Since there was something to eat, the puppy quickly hobbled over in joy and gobbled down the food. It really was a good-to-provide-for dog.

“How adorable!” Cheng Mengying also pushed the door to come out and saw the puppy wolfing down the leftover food, so she bent down and stroked it.

The puppy seemed to know that Cheng Mengying was its “savior” and immediately swung its tail towards Cheng Mengying, showing its desire to be intimate.

Xiao Chen was slightly amazed, this dog’s memory was actually so good? Still able to remember the young lady?

“Jin Beibei?” Xiao Chen didn’t see Jin Beibei, so he spoke out thoughtlessly.

“Who knows what she’s fiddling with, messing with her car, that Porsche.” Speaking of the car, Cheng Mengying was somewhat helpless, she just didn’t know how to explain it to Shen Jingxuan.

“Oh……” Xiao Chen nodded. Jin Beibei was this kind of person, if there was something she liked, then her liking wouldn’t stop.

“Xiao Chen, how about we give it a name?” Cheng Mengying held up the puppy and showed how much she liked it.

It was very hard for Xiao Chen to comprehend why Cheng Mengying would like the dirty dog, but still said: “This dog is crippled, so how about we call it ‘Crippled Dog’!”

“Get out with your ‘Crippled Dog’, how come you’re now called ‘Loser Chen’ after dropping down!” Cheng Mengying glared at Xiao Chen: “Right now this lady is giving you an opportunity to help her name this puppy, so try again.”

“Then how about calling it ‘Goddess Dog’?” Xiao Chen looked at the young lady’s bad gaze and said with a forced smile: “Or calling it ‘Lai Fu’? ‘Wang Cai’? ‘Xiao Baibai’?1

“Xiao Chen, are your eyes blind? This dog is black, why would you call it Xiao Baibai?” Cheng Mengying became angry: “Also, Lai Fu, Wang Cai, can you not be so cliché? Goddess Dog, fancy that you can think of this? This dog is male, it even has a little jj2, why would you call it Goddess Dog……hiccup……”

Cheng Mengying was angered stupid by Xiao Chen and spoke incoherently in anger, even able to say ‘little jj’. At this time, her face suddenly became red and in order to cover up her embarrassment, Cheng Mengying said: “I feel that it should be called ‘Universe’s Super-Unparalleled Dog!”

“……” Xiao Chen felt that it was hard for him to catch up with the young lady’s train of thought: “What you say you want to call it is what it’ll be called it.”

“What’s this ‘whatever this young lady calls it is what it’ll be called it’? Xiao Chen, I’ll give you an opportunity to praise this young lady.” Cheng Mengying hugged Universe’s Super-Unparallelled nouveau riche dog and felt that the name she gave was very cool.

“It’s really pleasant to hear, Universe’s Unparallelled Super Dog.” Xiao Chen nodded.

“Wrong! It’s Universe’s Super-Unparallelled Dog, not Unparallelled Super Dog!” Cheng Mengying angrily said: “Say it again!”

“……” Xiao Chen was a bit sympathetic for Cao Yuliang. If he was able to successfully pursue the young lady, then his whole life would be destroyed. En, therefore it’s better that I be destroyed.

“Cousin Mengying, brother-in-law, quickly come and see my car!” Just as Xiao Chen was about to repeat the puppy’s name, Jin Beibei animatedly ran over and helped him out of trouble, making him let out a sigh of relief.

Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen followed Jin Beibei to the front courtyard of the villa to look at the car. They were scared the moment they took a glance; on top of the rear window, Jin Beibei stuck on several large glittering golden words: “Nouveau Riche Jin Beibei’s Car”.

“This car……” Cheng Mengying felt a bit out of place.

“This is so that if Chen Jinpeng gets the car back, it will have my mark on it!” Jin Beibei said complacently.

Xiao Chen looked at the dazzling “777” trademark on the car and became a bit speechless. Such an obvious identification mark was still present, how could Chen Jinpeng not recognize it? Moreover, this car’s color was limited edition and it was probably the only of its kind in Songning City.

However, compared to Chen Jinpeng, Xiao Chen still stood on Jin Beibei’s side.

After they finished looking at the car, Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei went upstairs while Xiao Chen returned to his own room. He began inspecting his body for any changes, but the examination disappointed Xiao Chen a little: “Tian Lao, how come I feel that there’s no clear effect after taking this auxiliary medicine?”

“What kind of effect did you want? Didn’t you listen to me? Truth Cultivation is like defying heaven and order, each step is filled with hardship. You becoming a Third Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator after several days is already very good!” Tian Lao rebuked: “Besides, you only took the medicine and still haven’t continued cultivating, where would the change come from?”

“That……is true.” Xiao Chen just remembered that he didn’t have time to revolve his mental mantra after tempering himself because Cheng Mengying called him for an outing. Moreover, if his strength was converted to a practitioner of martial arts, it would be that of a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist’s; how could it be that easy to achieve3?

“However, there is a difference between a Martialist and Truth Cultivator; for a Martialist, it’s hard in the beginning, easy later, then hard again, but for a Truth Cultivator, it is always very difficult.” Tian Lao said: “Your current speed is enough for you to be burning incense.4

Xiao Chen nodded and sat down cross-legged on his bed, then began revolving his mental mantra and started cultivating.

Truly, one wouldn’t know if one didn’t cultivate. Once he started cultivating, Xiao Chen then detected a difference! Previously, when Xiao Chen absorbed the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth to transform into his Origin Qi, there was an indistinct feeling of feeling full, but now, it seemed like he was a hungry person that had just seen food, doing everything he could to absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth with his entire body.

A night without words.

Early morning.

What made Xiao Chen disappointed was the fact that he hadn’t broken through to Fourth Layer Qi-Training. Xiao Chen did a simple tidy up of his room, then left for the grocery store near the morning market street.

When Xiao Chen arrived, he discovered Tang Tang in the middle of something, so he asked with a bit of curiosity: “What are you doing?”

“Making soft tofu sauce.” Tang Tang replied without raising her head: “Our current business is so good that if we don’t sell soft tofu, it would be a pity; we could be raising our daily income!”

“Okay.” Xiao Chen nodded: “Is there anything I need to do?”

“Oh, you should try learning it, I feel like the flavor of your creations will definitely be better!” Tang Tang was very confident about Xiao Chen’s cooking skills.

Xiao Chen nodded. Actually, the creation of soft tofu sauce was extremely simple. It only required several kinds of seasonings, then blending it together with some dried daylily and wood ear.

After he finished doing this, Xiao Chen began placing the things onto the tricycle. However, when he was placing the dough in, he suddenly felt his hands sink, so he asked with a bit of confusion: “Tang Tang, how come there’s so much dough prepared today?”

“There isn’t enough fried breadstick, honey fruits and so on for us to sell every day, so I prepared a bit more. In any case, if we don’t end up using it all, we can just give it to the grocery store grandma and it wouldn’t be wasted.” Tang Tang said: “The cost for these things is low and what’s fried becomes money!”

Seeing Tang Tang’s little miserly appearance, Xiao Chen felt a slight pang of pain in his heart. Her ability to unhesitantly give her hard-earned money to him and even not ask for it back made Xiao Chen very emotionally moved.

Riding the tricycle to the morning market street, Xiao Chen began a new day of business. Although he had earned 120,000 yesterday by helping a wealthy woman look for her dog, Xiao Chen knew that it was impossible to earn this kind of money every day. Steadily deep-frying breadsticks was better.

Xiao Chen and Tang Tang belonged to the relatively early group; there weren’t many people on the morning market street at this time. Xiao Chen moved the gas tank and other equipment, erected the vendor stall, and prepared to start a day of business……

Lin Ke’er was recently a bit depressed. Xiao Chen transferred out of First High without leaving behind any news. She was merely a girl from an ordinary family, so she simply didn’t have any news channels and naturally didn’t know that Xiao Chen had gone to Second High.

She had wanted to ask Xiao Chen’s friend Zhu Yingxiong, but didn’t go dare ask because she didn’t know whether Zhu Yingxiong was good or bad, whether he had defected or not. The matter of Chen Jinpeng’s betrayal made her really hate this person. In Lin Ke’er’s opinion, Chen Jinpeng was previously Xiao Chen’s little brother yet still betrayed Xiao Chen and this was unforgivable.

In the past, Lin Ke’er avoided Xiao Chen in fear of him requesting something from her, but now that Xiao Chen disappeared, Lin Ke’er felt a sense of emptiness in her heart. It wasn’t to say that she liked Xiao Chen, it was just that she felt that Xiao Chen was very pitiful. Xiao Chen assisted her in the past before; now that Xiao Chen was in a difficult situation, she should help him with her humble strength.

However, Xiao Chen didn’t appear at First High anymore.

Lin Ke’er was helping her parents push their three-wheeled cart5 towards the morning market street. Her parents were laid-off workers and did a small-scale business to earn a living, already operated a beef banmian6 business for many years on the morning market street. Lin Ke’er came here every day before school to help her parents do business.

This girl, at this age, was already beginning to bustle around for her family’s livelihood.

Just as usual, Lin Ke’er was at the back pushing the cart towards her family’s vendor spot when a breeze blew past and dispersed the beautiful hair on Lin Ke’er’s forehead. She subconsciously went to sweep her hair back into place, but this also caused her to unintentionally glance to the side, which made her see a familiar silhouette!

Lin Ke’er suddenly halted in her steps and covered her mouth in disbelief, to make herself not cry out in surprise!

It’s Xiao Chen! It’s really Xiao Chen!

Xiao Chen’s shadow long ago already left its mark in Lin Ke’er’s heart. Although it was the type where it was fear and protection against, it didn’t hinder her from suddenly recognizing Xiao Chen right now.

What is he doing? He’s actually setting up a vendor stall in the morning market? It was very difficult for Lin Ke’er to match up this bustling figure before her eyes and that campus dandy young master in her heart.

Where had the past Xiao Chen gone, the one gambling with with several little brothers, the one that would create awe wherever he went? And now, Xiao Chen was unexpectedly……he was preparing to deep-fry breadsticks?

“Dammit girl, what are you doing? How come you’re not pushing? Do you want to tire your old mother to death!” A harsh sounding voice echoed out and frightened Lin Ke’er, making her train of thought return to reality.

Lin Ke’er’s father had severe rheumatism, so he couldn’t pull the cart. He also didn’t have the strength to push the cart, so he had no other choice but to sit on the car with Lin Ke’er’s mother pulling the cart and Lin Ke’er pushing the cart. Lin Ke’er stop caused mother Lin to suddenly feel labored.

“Ah……sorry.” Lin Ke’er hurriedly exerted herself to push the car and took back her gaze off of Xiao Chen from her peripheral vision.

Lin Ke’er had never thought that Xiao Chen, an aloof young master, would be here selling deep-fried breadsticks as this was only something a poor person would do. Lin Ke’er once thought that she and Xiao Chen were worlds apart, but it didn’t seem so true at this moment.


  1. TLN: Lai Fu = Come, happiness | Wang Cai = Flourishing Wealth | Xiao Baibai = Lil’ White | Also, when Xiao Chen suggests calling it ‘Goddess Dog’, he means it in the form of “oh, this is Goddess XYZ, ruler of XYZ.” 
  2. TLN: JJ is slang for *****. 
  3. TLN: Some chapters ago, it was stated that Third Layer Inner Strength is the threshold for geniuses and you can only get an OP master if you’re a teenager and Third Layer Inner Strength. Therefore, it goes to show how hard it is for a Martialist(one who practices martial arts) to achieve this level. 
  4. TLN: “Burning incense” is also a way of saying that he’s so blessed that he should probably start worshipping his ancestors for his good luck. 
  5. TLN: This can also be called ‘tricycle’, but the reason I don’t put it as such is because the one Xiao Chen & Tang Tang use is more of a vehicle while Lin Ke’er’s family uses three-wheeled vendor stall. 
  6. TLN: Banmian 

Chapter 88 – Lost Car!

As he spoke, he prepared to stop a taxi but his words actually made Chen Jinpeng misunderstand. Chen Jinpeng blocked the redhead: “Boy, can you let me see the key in your hand? Did you take advantage of my thoughtlessness to slyly substitute my car key and wanted to steal my car?”

It actually wasn’t strange for Chen Jinpeng to misunderstand. This redhead had come in holding a Porsche car key, but there simply wasn’t another Porsche in the vicinity. Moreover, as soon as he left, he said that his friend drove it off, how could there be such a coincidental matter?

From what Chen Jinpeng could see, it was definitely this fellow wanting to steal his car, so he substituted the key. And when seeing that he, the genuine car owner, hadn’t left, the guy instantly made up a casual excuse to leave!

“You, who are you? Are you sick? What car have I stolen from you?” The redhead angrily glared and said: “Buddy, look at my clothes, do you not see ‘newly rich’ from head to toe? Look at these clothes all inlaid with gold leaf, look at this gold necklace, how long it is, it’s able to wrap around my neck five times! Look at this watch, Patek Philippe! Brother is rich, it’s you who has a fake key for acting cool and unable to open the car door. Don’t frame brother, beat it!”

“Screw off to the side.” Chen Jinpeng was still a Second Layer Inner Strength Martialist; after he snatched the car key from the redhead’s hand, he pushed him into a tumble.

“You……do you dare wait for me!” The redhead wasn’t a fool. Chen Jinpeng was obviously very strong, so he left behind a threat before immediately leaving quickly with the two prostitutes.

Chen Jinpeng held the redhead’s car key and carefully examined it, but it had only been two days since he bought his car and couldn’t remember the marks on his own car key. It was just Chen Jinpeng subconsciously believing that the redhead had slyly swapped his car key!

Moreover, when he saw the redhead dejectedly walk away, he even more felt that the redhead had a guilty conscience! Would a normal person be willing to let the matter go after someone snatched their car key?

Therefore, Chen Jinpeng was absolutely certain that the redhead had his key. He vigorously pressed down on the unlock button on the remote control and the result was……“bang!” and a flame burst out from within the remote control, suddenly burning Chen Jinpeng’s hair!

“****, what kind of toy is this!” Chen Jinpeng threw away the remote control in his hand and jumped up and down in place as if his life depended on it.

Psssh——”A bucket was thrown onto Chen Jinpeng’s head. It turned out to be Jin Beibei, who picked up the mopping bucket at the entrance and lifted it before covering Chen Jinpeng’s head with it. The sewage water inside the bucket flowed downwards past his shoulders……

“Who? Who?” Chen Jinpeng made threatening gestures as he cut a sorry figure while removing the bucket on his head and threw it on the ground; on his hair and face was pitch-black sewage.

“Lil’ Jinpeng, there’s no need to thank me, this is something I should do.” Jin Beibei said.

“You……” Chen Jinpeng didn’t couldn’t really say anything. Although Jin Beibei covered his head with sewage, it had helped him extinguish the fire in the end! At this moment, Chen Jinpeng finally understood what item that the redhead had been holding. It turned out to be a cigarette lighter that imitated a Porsche car key: “Deceptive toy, actually holding a lighter to deceive me!”

“Jinpeng, although you’ve already replaced your elder brother as clan successor, you don’t need to worry so much. Even if you don’t have a sports car now, you will definitely have one in the future. There’s no need to bring out a fake car key, it’s not good to do such.” Shen Jingxuan suddenly opened her mouth at this time, sincerely speaking to Chen Jinpeng: “I believe that you’ll definitely have one in the future!”

“I……” Chen Jinpeng wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry after hearing Shen Jingxuan’s words. Clearly, Shen Jingxuan had misunderstood him to not have a car, but he still firmly insisted on acting cool: “This……really is my car!”

“En, I understand.” Shen Jingxuan’s faint smile was like a cleansing spring breeze.

“I……” Chen Jinpeng didn’t know which words would fix this situation, so he could only say: “Then I’ll send you back to your dorm.”

“En, okay.” Shen Jingxuan’s face still hung the smile: “Mengying, Beibei, Xiao Chen, I’ll be going ahead, see you next time.”

“Okay, (^_^)/~~1 baibai~.” Cheng Mengying waved.

“See you again sister Jingxuan.” Jin Beibei also waved, then said to Xiao Chen: “Sister’s husband, let’s go.”

When the calm and steady Shen Jingxuan heard Jin Beibei’s latter sentence, her steps became a bit unsteady. First calling her “sister”, then calling Xiao Chen “sister’s husband”? What was with this relationship?

Chen Jinpeng didn’t think so much; he was still thinking that Jin Beibei was messing with Xiao Chen. He already lost a lot of face just a moment ago and didn’t want to lose face here, so his only thought was to quickly leave.

After waiting for Chen Jinpeng and Shen Jingxuan to leave, Jin Beibei pulled out a remote from her pocket and softly pressed it. Chen Jinpeng’s Porsche Panamera’s headlights flashed and Jin Beibei directly opened the car door to sit inside: “Yeah! Nouveau riche Jin Beibei ver. Porsche has arrived!”

“Beibei……you?” Cheng Mengying was startled, giving an astonished look to Jin Beibei.

“The car key was switched by her.” Xiao Chen shrugged. Xiao Chen had seen her petty maneuver when Jin Beibei dropped the car key onto the floor before, but Jin Beibei was someone on his side, so he naturally wouldn’t expose her.

“Beibei……isn’t this a bit bad?” Although Cheng Mengying was very proud, she was actually still a good person. She thought that this and a car thief was no different.

“Hmph, who let him snatch my car and still act cool in front of me, this is the bad luck he deserves!” Jin Beibei, this demoness, paid not the slightest bit of attention: “Besides, I saved his life a moment ago otherwise he would burn to death. A car for his life is very cost-effective, simply greatly cost-effective!”

“Hehe, I also think so.” Xiao Chen smiled. He discovered that he was as black-bellied as Jin Beibei the majority of the time.

“You……” Cheng Mengying didn’t expect for Xiao Chen to approve of Jin Beibei’s procedure: “Chen Jinpeng is Jingxuan’s fiancee in any case, I just feel that this isn’t too good.”

“Don’t worry, even brother-in-law is supporting me. Cousin, board quickly! I want to carefully enjoy this, I like the feeling of pursuing speed!” Jin Beibei spoke excitedly.

“What brother-in-law, can you not speak randomly? Don’t you know that speaking thoughtlessly in front of Chen Jinpeng could harm Xiao Chen?” If it wasn’t brought up, Cheng Mengying wouldn’t have thought of it, but once mentioned, she would become a bit annoyed: “And there’s also you, Xiao Chen! Are you not aware that you are attracting hatred by echoing Jin Beibei? You think Chen Jinpeng won’t bear a grudge in his heart?”

“Haha, don’t I look like a fool being duped by Jin Beibei?” Xiao Chen gave the young lady a faint smile.

Cheng Mengying obviously wasn’t stupid, so she spoke with surprise: “You mean to say that he’s disinclined to lower himself to your level?”

“More or less.” Xiao Chen shrugged and didn’t speak out his suspicions about Chen Jinpeng that was buried in his heart. These were all matters without evidence and Xiao Chen didn’t want the young lady to be worried. En, yes, I can see that the young lady is a rough, caring person: “I’ll drive Beibei’s Beetle back.”

Cheng Mengying had no solutions, so she could only get onto Jin Beibei’s Panamera and Xiao Chen followed them from behind.

On the road to deliver Shen Jingxuan back, Chen Jinpeng heard that Jin Beibei dropped his car key onto the floor. He scolded her in his heart, it can’t be that this ** girl dropped and broke my car key? Thinking of these matters, he prepared to go back to call a 4S shop to come tow his vehicle.

But when he finished returning Shen Jingxuan back to her place, he was stunned to discover that his car disappeared!

“****, my car?” Chen Jinpeng went two times around the cafe and didn’t see his car, so he immediately became dumbstruck.

“Pengzi, what are you doing?” At this time, an Audi A8L stopped by Chen Jinpeng’s side and the driver’s window rolled down, exposing Cao Yuliang’s face. He quite liked this seemingly high-end, stylish class car and usually wasn’t fond of driving a sports car.

“Ah, it’s Brother Liang!” Chen Jinpeng was still very respectful to Cao Yuliang. Although he had recently become superior, his foundation in the circle of aristocratic clan juniors was unstable after all. If he wanted to smoothly blend into the upper class, he had to depend on Cao Yuliang: “I lost my car, the one I just bought!”

“Which? The Porsche?” Cao Yuliang stared blankly: “How did you lose it?”

“It was stopped right here, my key isn’t that effective, the matter goes like this……” As he spoke, Chen Jinpeng spoke the matter of drinking coffee together with Shen Jingxuan, Cheng Mengying, Jin Beibei, and Xiao Chen.

“Oh? You and Xiao Chen ate food together? You’re saying that when Cheng Mengying goes out, she brings Xiao Chen along?” A smear of coldness flashed through Cao Yuliang’s face.

“Brother Liang, you’ve misunderstood. There’s absolutely nothing between Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen. The situation at the time was like this, Jin Beibei called him brother-in-law and Xiao Chen beamed with joy, then when he was speaking with me, he still used his previous acting-like-a-boss tone of voice. I estimate that he was unable to bear the shock and has mental problems now, living in his imaginary world, fantasizing that he’s still the previous young master Xiao!” When Chen Jinpeng saw Cao Yuliang’s expression become unwell, he knew that Cao Yuliang misunderstood, so he hastily explained: “Shouldn’t you already know what kind of person Jin Beibei is? She was definitely playing Xiao Chen and Xiao Chen unfortunately believed her words. Oh right, later Xiao Chen and Jin Beibei were gorging themselves and his image was destroyed, I feel that Jin Beibei was just looking for a fool to be her playmate.”

“Ahhh, going by your words, it truly is this matter!” Cao Yuliang let out a sigh of relief: “So you’re saying that Xiao Chen has a mental disorder?”

“It can’t be said to be a mental disorder, it’s not that serious, it’s just a slight bit of delusion disorder.” Chen Jinpeng said: “This sort of person simply isn’t your, Brother Liang’s, match. There’s no need to respond to him in the future, it’s impossible for him to be together with Cheng Mengying.”

“Yeah……” Cao Yuliang sunk into contemplation and said after a while: “Let’s return to school, you can make someone search for your car tomorrow, how could it be stolen by a little thief.”

“En, there’s nothing to fear about a poor LOSER.” Chen Jinpeng nodded as he boarded the car.


After returning home, Xiao Chen searched for some uneaten leftovers and brought it to the villa’s backyard to place it aside for the picked-up dirty dog.

It really didn’t need to be said that this puppy wasn’t noisy. It was so hungry that it couldn’t cry out, so Xiao Chen nearly forgot about its existence. If not for helping a wealthy lady search for her dog in the morning, Xiao Chen would have neglected it.


  1. TLN: The author placed an emoji here so I shall keep the emoji there. 

Chapter 87 – Car Key Isn’t Working Properly

“Did you not see Jin Beibei call me brother-in-law!” Xiao Chen complacently responded.

Cheng Mengying faintly creased her brows. Xiao Chen usually wasn’t this stupid at home, what was wrong with him today? He could even speak these kinds of words? She couldn’t help but cough twice to hint Xiao Chen from arbitrarily speaking.

It wasn’t that Cheng Mengying looked down upon Xiao Chen, but rather feared that these words would spread to Cheng Clan. If so, wouldn’t that be equal to harming Xiao Chen?

But when this coughing noise passed through Chen Jinpeng’s ear, Chen Jinpeng nearly sprayed spittle in laughter! Indeed, this boss has been immersed in his perverted self-delusions! Brother-in-law? You actually believe Jin Beibei’s words? I heard that ** specializes in tricking people and derives joy from it, you truly cannot be more foolish than this!

In Chen Jinpeng’s point of view, Xiao Chen was unable to endure the shock and became a little mentally ill! It was right after he thought about it; an aloof young master suddenly becoming a goddess’ servant and in order to survive, he had to go sell breakfast in the morning market street. With Xiao Chen’s arrogant mind, it would be strange if he wasn’t insane!

Not to speak of Xiao Chen, Chen Jinpeng also thought that he would be unable to bear it.

Thinking that Xiao Chen was a little mentally ill, Chen Jinpeng was disinclined to lower himself to his level: “Haha, then congratulations young master Xiao, you’re my previous boss no matter what. Now that you and I now hold beauties to marry, we’ve achieved our dreams and can be considered to share the same joy! But it seems like you previously liked Jingxuan? It’s hopeless for you now, since you’re eating meat, you should leave your little brother, me, some soup to drink!”

Chen Jinpeng’s move was nothing less than wicked and poisonous. In his opinion, he and Shen Jingxuan could be considered both in name and reality while Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying were simply not together. If Cheng Mengying directly refuted it at this time, Xiao Chen’s shock would be fairly immense and perhaps Xiao Chen would be sent straight to a psychiatric hospital.

Of course, this move seemed to not gain the expected effect. Although Cheng Mengying wrinkled her brows, she didn’t flare up. Thus, he mentioned the former matter of Xiao Chen pursuing Shen Jingxuan.

In the past, Chen Jinpeng was Xiao Chen’s little brother, so he naturally understood the affairs between Xiao Chen, Cheng Mengying, and Shen Jingxuan. He knew that it was because of this matter that Cheng Mengying was brooding.

Once he mentioned it again at this time, it was reckoned that Cheng Mengying would definitely be in an extremely bad mood. There was previously no way to deal with Xiao Chen, but now it was different; she was Xiao Chen’s master and could go vent her anger on Xiao Chen after returning.

“That’s not correct, maybe you’ll die the same way your brother did, then wouldn’t I have an opportunity?” Xiao Chen said matter-of-factly.

“……” Chen Jinpeng completely felt no angry feelings at this moment, but rather deep sympathy! In his eyes, Xiao Chen was already an imbecile and his delusion illness was already in a quite serious degree.

Normally, it was impossible for Xiao Chen to be unaware of his situation, but his current display totally didn’t seem like he was a young master in dire straits. Like, he believed that he was still the past young master Xiao. If this wasn’t living in a delusion and imagination, then what would it be?

Therefore, Chen Jinpeng didn’t feel like saying anything. What common language could you have with a mentally ill idiot? If you mocked him, he wouldn’t be able to hear it1; it was practically preaching to deaf ears.

Thinking to here, Chen Jinpeng sat down and simply didn’t respond to Xiao Chen. Instead, he shifted his attention to Shen Jingxuan: “Jingxuan, your coffee’s cooled down? I’ll get a new cup for you.”

“No need, thank you.” Even though Shen Jingxuan didn’t like Chen Jinpeng, her tone was still gentle and made Chen Jinpeng feel fluffy upon hearing it.

Xiao Chen breathed in deeply. Shen Jingxuan’s voice was always this pleasant to listen to, but the previous young master Xiao’s delusion was enough, now……

“Little Chenzi, don’t be so pessimistic, you’re a Truth Cultivator!” Tian Lao’s expecting-too-much voice sounded out: “I really feel like I’m losing face with a disciple like you.”

“Tian Lao, if I were a Seventh or Eighth Layer Inner Strength Martialist, it wouldn’t be a problem for me to marry two wives. But right now, you should speak based on strength! When you were a Truth Cultivator, was your awesomeness all false?” Xiao Chen was a bit dumbstruck.

“Uh, doesn’t this just mean that I have very high expectations for you, hoping that my disciple can turn into a dragon2.” Tian Lao said with a bit of embarrassment.

Chen Jinpeng had come here to act cool, but was helpless as his only acting cool target was Xiao Chen, who didn’t coordinate from the start. Besides, Chen Jinpeng felt no sense of achievement by acting cool at an idiot. As for the remaining Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei, Chen Jinpeng would practically be courting death if he acted cool with them. Just as he was depressed, a red haired man sat down at the table next to them. He was wearing a golden jacket and wore a large golden chain around his neck. ‘Pa’, the guy placed a Porsche car key onto the table and mumbled: “It’s really hard to park around here, I hope my Porsche isn’t scraped!”

This redhead clearly wasn’t a student in the vicinity and had come here to pick up girls. Anyway, there were really some people going over to strike up a conversation. Two girls with skimpy outfits walked over and sat by the redhead’s sides.

“Big brother, treat me to a cup of coffee~.”

“Big brother, you’re quite handsome, let’s become friends!”

Chen Jinpeng then reacted. He had brought his Porsche Panamera to show off to Shen Jingxuan. It was just that he was stirred up by Xiao Chen and forgot about this matter. Thus, he also hurried to slap his Porsche car key onto the table: “It is indeed quite hard to park around here, I also had to look for several places before stopping. Right, Jingxuan, how about I bring you to go for a spin later?”

“This……” Shen Jingxuan didn’t really want to go out with Chen Jinpeng, but when thinking of her family’s arrangements, she could only sigh: “Just around this place’s vicinity……”

At this time, the server came over with the dishes that Jin Beibei had previously ordered one by one. This cafe near the school was actually also a western restaurant. The flavor was pretty good and was quite authentic, a deep favorite of the high school students.

Jin Beibei wasn’t a First High student in the past, so it was her first time coming. Seeing the pretty good pictures on the menu, she ordered a big pile of them, but didn’t think that they would also be so delicious: “Brother-in-law, eat this one, this one is tasty!”

“Mm-mm!” Xiao Chen also took an equal portion and ate.

Chen Jinpeng looked at Xiao Chen and disdainfully shook his head. Not only was his mind ill, he also had a huge food illness.

Cheng Mengying watched Xiao Chen, who had his mouth full and oil leaking from the corner of his lips, and slightly frowned. Xiao Chen wasn’t like this at home, how come he was like the reincarnation of a hungry ghost? It was really disgraceful!

“Brother-in-law, help me get that lobster!” Jin Beibei pointed at a place not far away.

“Okay, lobster is delicious!” Xiao Chen brought the lobster over.

“Mm-mm!” Jin Beibei ate with big bites.

Xiao Chen was very satisfied with Jin Beibei’s coordination, or rather, Jin Beibei’s original nature was so. Xiao Chen suspected everyone at this point and the traitor Chen Jinpeng was also one of his suspected targets, so he was playing the fool to numb this fellow.

Anyway, the young lady was exceptionally intelligent; she quickly sensed that something was off. Is Xiao Chen acting? There’s really this possibility, but what’s the benefit of him acting like this? Of course, Cheng Mengying didn’t think that Xiao Chen was guarding against Chen Jinpeng.

The most surprised was Shen Jingxuan. Today’s Xiao Chen and the impression of Xiao Chen she had were two entirely different people, like opposite extremes. The Xiao Chen from before was arrogant and insolent, but today, although it couldn’t be said that today’s Xiao Chen wasn’t arrogant, today’s Xiao Chen made her feel very strange!

Although Xiao Chen even acknowledged that he liked her, Shen Jingxuan didn’t feel the slightest bit of admiration from Xiao Chen. This was a type of girl’s intuition. Chen Jinpeng naturally couldn’t feel it, but Shen Jingxuan felt that Xiao Chen already seemed to be ignoring her.

“Young master Xiao, have you not eaten in these past few days? Your hunger isn’t light!” Chen Jinpeng finally couldn’t help but to mock.

“I had no money, selling deep-fried breadstick every day isn’t much income. Now that there’s little brother treating, I’m eating a bit more!” Xiao Chen spoke unclearly as he ate: “Thanks for your warm hospitality!”

Chen Jinpeng shook his head and felt that it was a little insipid. After waiting a while, Xiao Chen and Jin Beibei finally finished eating, then he got up to go pay the bill. He was actually scared that Xiao Chen and Jin Beibei would continue eating. It wasn’t that he was afraid of wasting money since this thing simply didn’t waste much money, but it was that it mainly wasted time. He was still thinking of going for a spin with Shen Jingxuan.

“Brother-in-law, look, that’s my long-awaited Porsche car key!” Jin Beibei picked up Chen Jinpeng’s car key and looked at it left and right before incautiously, ‘pa’, dropping it onto the ground.

“Beibei, stop moving around, what if you fall and get injured?” Cheng Mengying chided.

Jin Beibei stuck out her tongue in embarrassment, then bent down to pick up the car key and placed it back onto the table.

Chen Jinpeng finished paying the bill, then picked up the car key and left to walk towards the cafe entrance. Shen Jingxuan, Cheng Mengying, Jin Beibei and Xiao Chen followed behind.

After leaving the cafe, Chen Jinpeng confidently pressed on the car key and waited for the nearby Panamera’s headlight to flash. But what he didn’t expect was that Panamera didn’t have any reaction at all.

“Hm?” Chen Jinpeng stared blankly and pressed the unlock button on the key towards the Panamera again, but the car still didn’t have any response! Chen Jinpeng was a little anxious: “****, it can’t be out of energy?”

After speaking, he continuously pressed several times, but even though the light on the indicator was flashing, the car didn’t have any signs of activity. After a moment of helplessness, Chen Jinpeng carefully inspected his remote and discovered nothing wrong with it, instantly becoming helpless and brows of sweat lining his brows.

This was his first time asking Shen Jingxuan to go for a spin. If a problem arose with this car, how would he be able to solicit her? Chen Jinpeng gave Shen Jingxuan a somewhat awkward look: “It might be signal interference……”

Right at this time, the redhead that was sitting next to them also came out while embracing two prostitutes and holding the Porsche car key in his hand. When he walked to the entrance and saw Chen Jinpeng standing there pressing the key, unable to open his car no matter how much he pressed. He was instantly dumbfounded and thought in his heart, it can’t be that this dude is also acting cool?

“Huh? My Porsche? It might have been driven off by my buddy!” The redhead spoke the the two prostitutes in his embrace: “Forget it, let’s call a taxi!”


  1. TLN: As in, person wouldn’t understand the meaning behind the words. 
  2. TLN: I had a very funny moment translating this line since ‘turn into a dragon(成龙)’ in Jackie Chan’s Chinese name. So, ‘hoping that my disciple can become Jackie Chan’ was what I was thinking of putting. 

Chapter 86 – Boss and Little Brother Meet Again

However, when Shen Jingxuan saw Xiao Chen following, she was a bit astonished, but still gave Xiao Chen a friendly nod.

Xiao Chen deeply sucked in a breath. His sentiments towards Shen Jingxuan was very complex. It could be said that Shen Jingxuan was his goddess in his time at First High and Xiao Chen truly pursued her, but it never bore any fruit.

That time’s Xiao Chen and his current thinking was completely different; he believed that the young lady was an item in his pocket, so he neglected her. After having more contact with her, Xiao Chen discovered that she was also a goddess.

Now, when Xiao Chen saw Shen Jingxuan, his thoughts of admiration became much more faint. If it was said that the young lady and he still had a little hope, then he would become estranged with Shen Jingxuan and there would be no entanglements with her in the future.

“Mengying, sorry for inviting you so late.” Shen Jingxuan spoke a little apologetically.

“It doesn’t matter, we have a car in any case and coming over is convenient.” Cheng Mengying sat by Shen Jingxuan’s side and pulled her hand: “How is it with Chen Jinkun’s matter?”

“What else could it be? The final verdict was unexpected traffic accident.” Shen Jingxuan didn’t have any affection towords Chen Jinkun, but felt a little sorry for his untimely death.

“Then since it’s like this, are you now free?” Cheng Mengying hurriedly asked.

“How could it be so easy?” Shen Jingxuan forced a smile and said: “The clan made me choose Chen Jinpeng and Chen Clan also has this wish……”

“Chen Jinpeng?” Cheng Mengying stared blankly for a moment, then remembered the scene of running into him while buying a vehicle. Originally this fellow was not only a top seat, but also inherited his big brother’s engagement: “This person, you would be better off with Chen Jinkun!”

“Your words are true, but there’s nothing that can be done about it, it’s a decision from within the clan.” Thinking of these, Shen Jingxuan had a slight headache: “Forget it, let’s just watch how it goes, how are you nowadays? Are you fine with Xiao Chen?”

“Him? He’s quite good, he’s more comfortable than me every day. He’s just transferred yet has already picked up Second High’s school flower.” Cheng Mengying gave Xiao Chen a mocking look.

But when she looked over, Cheng Mengying discovered that she had preached to deaf ears; at this moment, Xiao Chen and Jin Beibei were sitting opposite of them and studying the menu!

“Brother-in-law, this looks like it’s delicious!” Jin Beibei was pointing and discussing her findings with Xiao Chen.

“This one isn’t bad either?” Xiao Chen pointed at another area and said.

“……” Cheng Mengying was speechless. These two fellows were really gluttons, talking about what was delicious and what wasn’t after arriving at the cafe.

Shen Jingxuan was a bit astonished. After Xiao Chen entered the cafe, apart from the initial courtesy and her nod, he lowered his head to look at the menu with Jin Beibei. Was this still that Xiao Chen that she was familiar with?

The previous Xiao Chen would have placed all his attention on her as long as he saw her, including that final basketball competition at First High!

But today……if it was said to be a sense of loss, it would be insufficient, Shen Jingxuan had no feelings for Xiao Chen. She didn’t have any in the past and wouldn’t have any at present. It was simply that Xiao Chen’s change made her feel very incredulous.

If not for seeing Xiao Chen selling breakfast in the morning market street before, Shen Jingxuan would have thought that Xiao Chen was deliberately treating her coldly in order to attract her attention!

Shen Jingxuan’s strange gaze made Cheng Mengying misunderstand that she also felt that Xiao Chen and Jin Beibei were impolite. Coming here to study delicacies? What went on in these two people’s heads?

“Cough cough, Beibei, Xiao Chen, pay attention a bit. This isn’t home, there’s an outsider present, don’t lose face like this!” Cheng Mengying warned.

“It’s alright~, in any case, sister Jingxuan isn’t an outsider!” Jin Beibei finished speaking and continued study-guessing: “Brother-in-law, look, this steak is pretty good!”

“It’s fine, Mengying. Beibei’s right, I’m not an outsider. Whatever you guys want to eat today, I’ll treat.” Shen Jingxuan faintly smiled, then lowered her voice: “Right, why is Beibei calling him brother-in-law?”

“Beibei likes joking, it’s not like you don’t know.” Cheng Mengying shrugged with a slightly red complexion.

“You have feelings for him?” Shen Jingxuan was a bit surprised at seeing Cheng Mengying’s bashful appearance.

“H-how could that be possible? When he was Xiao Clan’s eldest young master before, this young lady didn’t even look at him. Now that he’s a servant, how could he match this young lady!” Cheng Mengying hastily denied.

Shen Jingxuan smiled and was about to say something, but her cell phone suddenly sounded out. Shen Jingxuan took out her cell phone and her complexion slightly changed: “It’s Chen Jinpeng……”

“Answer it, it’s not like you can always reject.” Cheng Mengying suddenly recalled her previous self. At that time, Xiao Chen never gave her a call. Sometimes, she would even anticipate his phone call! Looking again at Chen Jinpeng pursuing Shen Jingxuan, it was simply the difference between heaven and earth!

Hmph, this time around, the situation is in this young lady’s hands. Since you previously disregarded this young lady, then this young lady will now make you unable to forget her for a lifetime!

“Hello, Jinpeng, what’s the matter?” Shen Jingxuan’s voice was perpetually this genial. Even if she didn’t like Chen Jinpeng, her tone made a person very comfortable upon hearing it.

“Jingxuan, where are you? I’ll come to you and give you a pleasant surprise!” Chen Jinpeng had just purchased a car and was preparing to show it off. In the past, he simply didn’t have any cars. There was only his departed elder brother’s knock off old sports car that was given to him, but the property right still wasn’t his. Now that he finally had his own car, he prepared to take Shen Jingxuan out to catch the wind.

“Ah? You……want to look for me now?” Shen Jingxuan was slightly startled, she didn’t think Chen Jinpeng would want to come: “I’m outside drinking coffee with friends……”

“That’s fine, I’ll come pay the bill! Who’s there?” Although Chen Jinpeng could hear the reluctance for him to come in Shen Jingxuan’s voice, he still spoke shamelessly. His greatest characteristic was shamelessness; at the time when he was Xiao Chen’s little brother, how could it be fine for his face to not be thick?

“This……there’s Cheng Mengying, Jin Beibei and……Xiao Chen……” Shen Jingxuan could do nothing but speak. She could only hope that after he heard Xiao Chen’s name, he would become embarrassed and not come.

“A-ha, my previous boss is also present, then I should even more so come!” When Chen Jinpeng heard Xiao Chen’s name, his self-confidence inflated even more as he prepared to go humiliate Xiao Chen: “Is it the cafe near school? Wait for me, I’ll be there in an instant!”

“Okay……” Shen Jingxuan forced a smile. It couldn’t be helped; she could only respond positively. She held the cell phone and gave a somewhat apologetic and embarrassed look to Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen: “Chen Jinpeng said that he wants to come pay the bill, what do you guys think……”

Cheng Mengying wrinkled her brows. It was with great difficulty that she had gotten together with her best friend. If an outsider was added in, there would be many words that would be hard to say! Naturally, at this time, she already considered Xiao Chen as one of them. A personal manservant could be disregarded.

However, this, after all, was her best friend’s fiancé. Cheng Mengying could be too excessive and merely gave a slight nod.

On the other hand, Jin Beibei couldn’t care less: “Come treat us~, yipee, hurray! Brother-in-law and I were just studying tasty stuff and feared that we wouldn’t have enough money. Now there’s a rich guy coming, this is really great!”

“Tell him to be careful when coming over, so that he doesn’t die like his brother.” Xiao Chen faintly said.

Shen Jingxuan’s call wasn’t closed, so when Chen Jinpeng on the other side heard Jin Beibei’s words, he was immediately feeling a bit unhappy, when did I become a rich guy? But after he heard Xiao Chen’s words, he almost threw down his cell phone in anger!

Xiao Chen, this is what you’ve brought upon yourself. You even dare to threaten me? Let’s see how I’ll humiliate you in a while!

“Yeah~, don’t die from a traffic accident by all means, I’m still waiting for him to pay the bill!” Jin Beibei nodded and spoke in deep approval of this thinking.

Chen Jinpeng wished that he could kill Jin Beibei and Xiao Chen.

“En, then come, we’ll wait for you here.” Shen Jingxuan didn’t repeat Jin Beibei and Xiao Chen’s words and merely assumed that Chen Jinpeng could also hear them.

“Good, make Xiao Chen wait for me!” Chen Jinpeng said while fuming with rage and clenched jaws.

Chen Jinpeng’s voice was very loud, so Shen Jingxuan believed that Xiao Chen could also hear it. She hung up the call a bit helpless and looked at Xiao Chen, but saw that he and Jin Beibei were still studying the menu without regard for others!

It was very difficult for Shen Jingxuan to understand Xiao Chen’s current mentality. He had no backer, had no martial strength, and was serving as Cheng Mengying’s manservant. Yet, he was still so merry; offending Chen Jinpeng but still as indifferent as before. How powerful was this person’s heart?

Before long, Chen Jinpeng arrived. When he saw Xiao Chen, his eyes seemed to be shooting out flames. He nearly rushed to give Xiao Chen a flying kick, but he endured it when thinking that his fiancée Shen Jingxuan was by the side. After all, Shen Jingxuan didn’t like violence.

But when Chen Jinpeng saw the four people already fill up the four-seat half sofa, half chair table, his look became slightly ugly. He had no place to sit!

“Jinpeng, you’ve come, please sit!” Xiao Chen pointed at the air near the table and spoke with the manner of a boss: “I heard you intentionally came to treat me, your boss, to a meal, I am very happy!”

Shen Jingxuan was surprised for a moment. She thought in her heart, how come Xiao Chen was still using his previous behavior? Could it be that he didn’t fear Chen Jinpeng and Cao Yuliang1?

“Brother-in-law, this is your little brother? Hey little brother Chen, I want to eat this, this, this, and this!” Jin Beibei crazily pointed at the menu, selecting one by one what seemed delicious from her and Xiao Chen’s previous study.

Chen Jinpeng was about to speak some words of hardship, but swallowed his words. Didn’t I come to treat? It was even more impossible for him to turn around to leave, he was here to foster some feelings with Shen Jingxuan. So at this time, he could only act very gentlemanly and called for the server: “Server, add a chair for me. Also, whatever this young lady selects, bring two!”

“Jinpeng, you’ve become very different now that you’ve turned into a nouveau riche, my boy!” Xiao Chen clapped Chen Jinpeng’s shoulder while donning the appearance of earnestly guiding him.

“Haha, it’s the same as always. How could I be as comfortable as the current young master Xiao? I heard that you rent together with your fiancée? It’s sure to be very pleasurable every day?” Chen Jinpeng didn’t forget to speak sarcastically about Xiao Chen’s manservant identity.

“It’s fine.” Xiao Chen profoundly nodded.

“Since it’s like this, have you already gotten Cheng Mengying?” Chen Jinpeng watched Xiao Chen’s feeling-good-about-self appearance and sneering in his heart. You’re such a dumb ****, if not for your previous identity as Xiao Clan’s eldest young master, you wouldn’t be able to live until now.


  1. TLN: Zhao Yuliang -> Cao Yuliang. Decided that no one remembers him, so I’ll just change his name. Also makes it easier for me to translate. 

Chapter 85 – So Who Is More Attractive?

“This……” Just as Xiao Chen was about to speak, he felt a fierce gaze from the young lady’s eyes. Xiao Chen hurried to say: “As for attractiveness, your cousin is a bit more attractive.”

“Hmph, it can be considered that your eyes haven’t gone bad!” Cheng Mengying was evidently quite satisfied with Xiao Chen’s answer: “This young lady also thinks this.”

“Not fun, cousin and brother-in-law are acting together to cheat people.” Jin Beibei puckered her lips: “As the saying goes, a woman’s chest is the greater 7 points of beauty.”

“It’s ‘a woman’s whiteness is 3 points beauty’.” Cheng Mengying corrected her.

“Right, I’m also white and my chest is big, 3 plus 7 is 10, which means extremely1 beautiful.” Jin Beibei said as-a-matter-of-factly: “Cousin Mengying is at most 7-8 points.”

“Xiao Chen, tell this young lady how many points she is.” Cheng Mengying was about to blow her top.

“You’re both 10 points, okay? I’ll be returning to decoct medicinal herbs and will not be chatting with you guys.” Xiao Chen felt that he shouldn’t participate in this matter. Next time I come home, I’ll dig out my eyes. If you look at the big chest again, then you’re looking for trouble.2

However, these past few days of co-renting made Xiao Chen truly see his “fiancée” young lady’s other aspect! He previously thought that she was cold and aloof, but now that he understood more, he knew that she was just a proud princess disease girl who could also be very cute! She wasn’t really being cold and aloof, it was just that no one understood her.

“See? The eyes of the masses are sharp; your chest is merely larger, my chest tying with yours is proof I am more attractive!” Cheng Mengying complacently said. She depended on Xiao Chen to recover from her small chest inferiority complex with great difficulty.

“He’s brother-in-law, of course he would speak for you. If he was your brother-in-law, I would already be 20 points.” Jin Beibei spoke without minding it.

“He’s looking at my face when he gave you 10 points. If he wasn’t your brother-in-law, then he would give you 1 point.” Cheng Mengying said.

“Cousin Mengying finally recognized him as brother-in-law, 1 point, just one point, haha.” Jin Beibei grinningly said.

“You……I’m angry at you!” Cheng Mengying didn’t think that she would be tricked by Jin Beibei.

Xiao Chen returned to his room and placed all the medicinal herbs into the electric earthenware pot. It really couldn’t be said enough about how convenient Ye Xiaoye’s thing was. If it was changed to the previous Xiao Chen, perhaps he would really use the old method of decocting medicinal herbs.

“This auxiliary medicine also takes five hours?” Xiao Chen asked in his heart.

“That’s right, it’s also five hours.” Tian Lao said: “After taking it, you have to train yourself in the tempering method I gave you. This way, your body will thoroughly absorb all the medicinal properties.”

“Okay.” Xiao Chen nodded and set up the electric earthenware pot. This electric earthenware pot had this advantage: just in case you forgot, it would automatically stop and prevent your medicinal decoction from becoming burnt.

After handling this, Xiao Chen went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. This evening, they didn’t need to eat instant noodles due to the pile of delicacies they packed away from this afternoon; it would be ready to eat after warming it up.

Perhaps because it was still early, Jin Beibei didn’t immediately leave after eating today, instead she continued on playing that exercise game with Cheng Mengying.

Xiao Chen’s medicinal soup was about done and he didn’t dare continue watching the shaking breasts in the living room, so he immediately returned to take the medicine. Of course, Xiao Chen also thought: for the future, should I place a surveillance camera in the living room in the name of security? Naturally this was only a thought, Xiao Chen wouldn’t do something so despicable.

After taking the medicinal decoction and downing it in one gulp, Xiao Chen began to exercise himself through the tempering method Tian Lao had given him. Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei were making a ruckus in the living room, yet Xiao Chen movements didn’t seem so abrupt……

Seeing a layer of blackish-purple greasy paste again, Xiao Chen was a bit surprised. Before he took the third medicine, this phenomena hadn’t appeared on Xiao Chen’s body, yet now that he changed to a new auxiliary medicine today, it unexpectedly appeared.

Seeming like he knew Xiao Chen’s thinking, Tian Lao opened his mouth to say: “For each stage, there will be a phase of Bone Marrow Cleansing; you are a human, not an immortal. You eat grains and other foods every day, not to mention the intake of automobile exhaust, smog, and dust. These are all toxins that must be discharged from your body.”

“You’re peeping at my thoughts again.” Xiao Chen depressedly went to take a shower……

Not long after Xiao Chen finished his shower and was in the middle of wiping himself, the door was suddenly pushed open and gave Xiao Chen a scare! How come there are so many female rogues in this villa? It shouldn’t be Ye Xiaoye, right? Seems like I’ll have to lock the door next time. Xiao Chen hurriedly placed the bath towel before his body.

“Brother-in-law, what are you doing? Quickly tidy up and go out with us!” Jin Beibei shouted as she pushed the door open, but when met with Xiao Chen’s appearance, she instantly opened her eyes wide: “Can’t look, can’t look, pink eye, pink eye……”

But although such were her words, Jin Beibei’s eyes were still wide open, scanning Xiao Chen up and down.

“Uh……Beibei, can you step back for a while?” With Jin Beibei standing here, Xiao Chen couldn’t move. He also couldn’t put on his clothes because once he moved, he would be exposed.

“Beibei, what are you doing, quit dallying around and quickly tell Xiao Chen to get ready!” After Cheng Mengying finished putting on her coat, she saw that Jin Beibei still hadn’t come out of Xiao Chen’s room. She was a bit anxious, so she quickly went up and walked in. The young lady was immediately dumbstruck; what was going on here?

Aa——” Cheng Mengying subconsciously closed her eyes and dragged Jin Beibei out. Xiao Chen took this opportunity to quickly close the door and lock it.

“Beibei, what were you thinking!?” Cheng Mengying knew that this matter couldn’t be blamed on Xiao Chen. What problem was there for the other party to undress in his/her own room? But Jin Beibei stood there watching and even involved Cheng Mengying! This almost drove her mad: “Was it very good-looking? I feel like you and Xiao Chen really are an innate pair; he looks after you, you look after him. One day he’ll see you without clothes and you’ll let it pass!”

“Is cousin Mengying feeling jealous?” Jin Beibei watched the berserk Cheng Mengying and actually beamed: “Relax, I’m just replacing cousin Mengying for checking!”

“How am I related to your checking?” Cheng Mengying promptly asked as she saw Jin Beibei quibbling.

“When I saw brother-in-law run so quickly today, I knew that he shouldn’t have any issues in that field. However, this could only prove the aspect of his endurance and couldn’t illustrate his size. Therefore, I stealthily went to face the danger of pink eye in order to help cousin verify how big brother-in-law’s asset is……” Jin Beibei looked very righteous as she spoke very seriously.

“Then did you see it?” Cheng Mengying thought, does Jin Beibei not have a sense of honor and shame?

“No, unfortunately brother-in-law’s response was too quick and the key point was instantly hidden by the bath towel.” Jin Beibei spoke regretfully: “It seems like there are only two possibilities……”

“What two possibilities?” Cheng Mengying bore her anger and spoke with confusion.

“Either brother-in-law’s that is too small and was embarrassed to let me see, or brother-in-law’s that is too big and was afraid of scaring me.” Jin Beibei analyzed.

“Since you’re so curious, how about speaking about this to grandpa Jin and establishing an engagement? You can just marry him and skip the analysis, going straight into testing the size!” Cheng Mengying sometimes did speak about some private issues on men and women with Jin Beibei. After all, they were going through puberty and it was normal to have a night chat in her boudoir. However, today’s topic already exceeded the range that she could bear.

“Then I even more so have to inspect, this relates to my lifetime’s happiness!” Jin Beibei said: “Oh right, cousin Mengying, didn’t you help Xiao Chen with a blow*? Don’t you know his size?”

“Beibei, how do you want to die?” The top of Cheng Mengying’s head was about to be ignited by the true fire of Samadhi and she was about to explode.

“Nothing, I didn’t say anything……” Jin Beibei shrunk back. She was still quite afraid of Cheng Mengying’s anger. Although she was fearless and drove others mad all day long, Cheng Mengying was her older sister in their childhood, so she revered her all along and only dared to grumble in a low voice: “Dare to do but not dare to confess……”

Cheng Mengying was about to say ‘you can be considered tactful’ when she heard the first half of the words, but when she heard the latter half of the words, she nearly exploded again. Fortunately, Xiao Chen finished wearing his clothes and walked out. When he saw the pair, he was confused and didn’t know what was going on: “What’s up with you guys? Where are we going?”

“Jingxuan has come. I’ll give you the opportunity to accompany us!” Cheng Mengying gave Xiao Chen a look and overbearingly said. In reality, it was because the sky’s color was already dark and Cheng Mengying thought that she and Jin Beibei wouldn’t be safe as a pair of girls.

“Okay.” Xiao Chen nodded.

“Hmph, answering so happily after hearing Shen Jingxuan coming?” When Cheng Mengying saw Xiao Chen answer so refreshingly, she was suddenly a little unhappy.

“I was thinking that accompanying this young lady this evening is quite a happy matter.” Xiao Chen forced a smile and spoke in compliance to Cheng Mengying’s temperament.

“Uh-huh, you can still be considered tactful!” Cheng Mengying instantly felt happier after hearing Xiao Chen’s words: “You know whose manservant you are!”

“I’m sitting in the back?” Xiao Chen looked at the Beetle parked in the villa’s couryard and was a bit depressed; sitting in the back row with his build was too vexing.

“Please board.” Cheng Mengying directly opened the car door.

Xiao Chen helplessly crawled into the back row: “Oh yeah, Mengying, don’t you have an Audi A5? When can you drive it?”

“That’s a family vehicle, I usually don’t drive it, next time we go back to Cheng Clan.” Cheng Mengying also truly felt that Jin Beibei’s Beetle wasn’t convenient for long journeys. Before it didn’t matter because it was just their pair of girls, but now that there was an extra attendant Xiao Chen, it was a little crowded.

The place where Shen Jingxuan made the appointment was a doorway cafe. In the past, Cheng Mengying and Shen Jingxuan would occasionally come here to drink some things. First High and Second High’s examination times were the same, so there was no problem with Shen Jingxuan inviting Cheng Mengying here tonight.

In the vicinity of First High, Xiao Chen didn’t need to meticulously avoid the master-servant relationship with Cheng Mengying. In any case, he didn’t know many of his personal enemies. Xiao Chen followed behind the young lady and Jin Beibei to enter the cafe, and immediately saw Shen Jingxuan beckoning to them at a half sofa, half chair table3.


  1. TLN: “10 points(十分)” can also mean “extremely”. So if you read the Chinese, it’s like a pun. 
  2. TLN: Inner monologue towards his eyes. 
  3. TLN: It’s a tables that’s has one side as sofa while the other side has chairs.