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[HCLS] Chapter 96

Here’s Chapter 96 of High Comprehension Low Strength~

God, does anyone even still read this anymore? Anyway, still looking for someone interested in taking over this project which is still on its last wheels.

On another note, I’m working on Chapter 98. I’m doing my darned best to hit Chapter 100 under the pressure of school, work, and life. I guess I’m not good enough in terms of time management.


Chapter 96 – Truly Unreasonable

Chen Wushen’s anger caused his beard to go askew. You think it’s your granddaughter’s car just because she said it was? But he knew that quarrelling was of no use, so he simply spoke faintly: “Jinpeng, whose car is this?”

“Of course it’s mine, I even have the car key!” Chen Jinpeng replied.

“Woah, how did I lose a key, quickly give it back to me!” Jin Beibei said as she stuck out her hand.

“How mysterious…….” Chen Jinpeng was stunned speechless. This Jin Beibei still dared to lie through her teeth? Saying that she lost a key? He suppressed his rising anger and said: “Jin Beibei, let’s first not speak about the issue on keys, this car is mine. In the café the other day, you switched my key, don’t think I don’t know!”

“Grandpa, Grandpa Chen, look at the large words on the car, it reads ‘Noveau Riche Jin Beibei’s Car’.” When everyone drew near, Jin Beibei spoke righteously and pointed at the words on the car.

“Chen Wushen, what other words need to be said? Look at what a little swindler your grandson is!” Golden-Haired Lion King gave Chen Wushen a ridiculing look.

Chen Wushen creased his brows and gave Chen Jinpeng a quick glance: “What’s the matter with the words pasted on the car?”

“Jin Beibei, let us, who know what’s really going on, not speak any secret words. You are the one who stole my car and you were the one who stuck on these words and said it was your car. I want to let you know that I have the motor vehicle license with the car number and engine number, how about we verify it?” Chen Jinpeng had this trump card in hand, so he wasn’t scared of Jin Beibei. Even if you paste something onto the car, that doesn’t mean it’s yours.

“Nonsense! If I stuck it on, then why didn’t you take it off?” Jin Beibei questioned.

“Isn’t this because I had no time to rip it off because you came too quickly?” Chen Jinpeng was dumbfounded.

“See, you’ve finally admitted to stealing.” Jin Beibei said as she nodded.

“What did I admit to doing?” Chen Jinpeng’s complexion changed: “Don’t speak irresponsibly!”

“You said that I came too quickly so you had no time to rip it off. Doesn’t this prove that the car is mine and you, who stole it away, didn’t have enough time to remove the evidence?” Jin Beibei deliberately twisted his words and made it into a plausible explanation.

“Jinpeng, take out the motor vehicle license.” Chen Wushen didn’t want to see them senselessly quarrel, so he instructed Chen Jinpeng to do this.

“Now that things have come to this, what other words do you have to say?” Chen Jinpeng took out his motor vehicle license. This was his trump card, his ace-in-hole.

“Golden-Haired Lion King, take a look for yourself.” Chen Wushen took the motor vehicle license, looked at it, then went to hand it over to Golden-Haired Lion King.

Golden-Haired Lion King waved it away: “I’m unable to read such small words, but what I can read is that this car has words showing that it’s my granddaughter’s car, so it’s my granddaughter’s car!”

“Geh!” Chen Jinpeng stood stunned. He didn’t expect that the older one was also as unreasonable as the younger one. After he exposed his trump card, he was waiting for Golden-Haired Lion King and Jin Beibei to wordlessly admit defeat, but he didn’t think it would be like this!

“You……” Chen Wushen seethed with anger. He deeply sucked in several mouthfuls of air before pointing at Golden-Haired Lion King and furiously shouting: “Golden-Haired Lion King, I can see that you don’t want to be reasonable, am I right?”

“Since you say I’m being unreasonable, then I shall be unreasonable!” Golden-Haired Lion King didn’t think that he was being disgraceful. Instead, he thought that it was glorious as he complacently said: “Unreasonable, infuriating you, infuriating a money!”

“Good, good, very GOOD!” Chen Wushen nearly went berserk on the spot. His entire body trembled with rage: “Golden-Haired Lion King, I’m telling you now that even if others fear you, I don’t fear you! Our strength is about the same; if we really start fighting, the one who’ll emerge victorious is unclear!”

“Even if you don’t fear me, your grandson is afraid of me! If he has the guts to drive this car out and I see it, I’ll hack him, this car thief, to death with my blade!” Golden-Haired Lion King indifferently stated.

“You……I……” Chen Wushen suddenly recalled the matter of Golden-Haired Lion King hacking the son of an official to death because he sexually harassed Jin Beibei. It made him abruptly start quivering from head to toe! Chen Jinkun had died already, leaving Chen Jinpeng as his only grandson left. If this old lunatic really split Chen Jinpeng in half because of this matter, then it’d be too late for him to even cry! Although he could also strike Jin Beibei dead, Chen Clan would have no one to lead it in the future!

Thinking up to here, Chen Wushen instantly wilted: “Golden-Haired Lion King, you’re ruthless; I give up! Little Peng didn’t steal the car, he was only cracking a joke with Jin Beibei. You all can drive the car away!”

“That’s about how it should be. I heard that your grandson also stole my granddaughter’s car key and secretly placed the car in his home, this situation……” Golden-Haired Lion King smiled with his eyes squinting at Chen Wushen.

“Jinpeng, return the key to Jin Beibei, then transfer the vehicle ownership under her name!” Chen Wushen sullenly uttered.

“That’s fantastic, knowing wrongs and being able to better it is the greatest virtue. Beibei, drive us out.” Golden-Haired Lion King self-satisfiedly nodded.

The four people boarded the Panamera and drove out of the Chen Clan courtyard. The Wrangler1 started up by a Jin Clan disciple, then started following behind in the distance.

As soon as they left, Chen Jinpeng spoke in an aggrieved tone: “Grandpa, how can we just swallow this anger?”

“You little brat, did you have nothing else to do except annoy Jin Beibei? Don’t you know her grandfather is Golden-Haired Lion King? Don’t you know that fellow’s an old lunatic?” Chen Wushen’s fury that had no place to be vented just happened to bump into Chen Jinpeng.

“I……we’re on the right side of this matter, they’re being unreasonable.” Chen Jinpeng said innocently.

“Who made you not rip off the words on the car? Who can be blamed? I’m going to be angered to death!” Chen Wushen snorted and continued: “Bear in mind these words: in the future, don’t fight a battle that you aren’t certain of victory. That old fellow isn’t reasonable, you should’ve learned this from the clash this time. Distance yourself a bit from them later on!”

“I understand……” Chen Jinpeng hastily nodded while feeling greatly depressed.

“All right, how goes the situation between you and Shen Jingxuan?” Chen Wushen turned his head toward Chen Jinpeng and asked.

“It’s still like that. Before I wanted taker her out for a spin in the wind, but the car disappeared so I wasn’t able to……” Chen Jinpeng carefully replied.

“Can you not just buy another car? Take care of her as soon as possible, once we have Shen Clan’s support, we won’t need to fear his Jin Clan or whatever!” Chen Wushen snorted and quickly walked away, leaving behind an extremely depressed Chen Jinpeng.

He originally thought that once he became Chen Clan’s eldest young master, everything would start going the way he wanted it to. But who would have thought that just as he purchased his car, it would be snatched away by Jin Beibei!

He let out a sigh, then turned around to go into his home. He planned to take the exam first and after school dismissal, he would go buy another car.

Jin Beibei drove out of Chen Clan with Old Master Jin sitting right next to her, and Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying sitting in the back row.

Before they were hastily leaving so she didn’t feel anything, but now that they were riding for a while, Cheng Mengying suddenly realized that she and Xiao Chen were actually sitting together! This made her heart jump for some inexplicable reason, but she still turned her head to the side and rolled her eyes at Xiao Chen: “Hey, move away a bit from this young lady, it’s hot!”

“Then I’ll turn on the air conditioning.” Jin Beibei remarked.

“Do you want to die!” Cheng Mengying was only casually speaking. It would soon be autumn, how could it be so hot?

“Then why do you want brother-in-law to move a bit away from you? You don’t like brother-in-law?” Jin Beibei smilingly questioned.

“I……” Cheng Mengying wanted say ‘I don’t like him’, but she feared that doing so would harm Xiao Chen’s self-respect. And if she said ‘I like him’, she was afraid of raising his hopes. So after she said ‘I’, the words became stuck in her throat.

“Haha, boy, you’re called Xiao Chen, right?” At this time Golden-Haired Lion King turned his head and looked at Xiao Chen with a smile that wasn’t like a smile: “The one beside you is your fiancée?”

(Sweats) Old Master Jin, you shouldn’t joke around, I’m currently Cheng Mengying’s manservant….” Xiao Chen’s complexion reddened: “Beibei’s deliberately creating trouble by calling me brother-in-law, but she’s actually just speaking playfully.”

“No, I really think highly of you, brother-in-law!” Jin Beibei seemed wild with joy when it came to the topic of Xiao Chen and stars glittered in her eyes: “Grandpa, you may not know this, but brother-in-law is really awesome, like a Transformer2! He’s the one who found my car!”

“Transformer?” Golden-Haired Lion King stared blankly: “You can transform? Are you an Autobot or Decepticon?”

“Pfft……” Xiao Chen didn’t expect that Old Master Jin was even more amusing than Jin Beibei: “That’s just Beibei’s thoughtless nickname; if I could transform, how could I be driven out of Xiao Clan3!”

“Oh, I was thinking that you were an Autobot and that was the reason why you could induce Beibei’s car! Similar4!” Golden-Haired Lion King teased.

“My perception’s just a bit better than an average person’s. You should also know that I’m a good-for-nothing, so I placed my energy on other aspects.” Xiao Chen was aware that he couldn’t speak irresponsibly about this matter, so he could only explain it away like this. Old Master Jin was an experienced person and wasn’t so easy to fool.

Sure enough, Golden-Haired Lion King’s eyes slightly narrowed and he sized Xiao Chen up. It was unknown as to what he was thinking, but after a moment, he didn’t speak any further with Xiao Chen and instead turned to look at Jin Beibei: “Beibei, do you really think highly of this kid?”

“Brother-in-law’s really impressive!” Jin Beibei nodded.

“Hehe, Beibei, have you eaten lunch? Find a place and grandpa will treat you all to a meal?” Old Master Jin not pressing this topic and instead changing it to eating made Xiao Chen let out a sigh of relief!

He was afraid that Golden-Haired Lion King would pester on about how he searched for the car and at that time, it wouldn’t be so easy to muddle through! After all, the the subject of Spiritual Consciousness was quite profound. Some people were strong while others were weak, with this as the premise, it wasn’t easy for people to be skeptical, but Xiao Chen only feared that too many rumors would become a fact5.

“Not yet, we all were just about to go eat then discovered that the car disappeared.” Jin Beibei answered: “I wanna eat charcoal grill barbecue!”

“Okay, we’ll eat charcoal grill barbecue!” Golden-Haired Lion King obviously spoiled Jin Beibei a lot. Whatever Jin Beibei wanted to eat, he wouldn’t even think before agreeing.

“But cousin Mengying is sensitive to heat, so how about I send cousin Mengying back to school?” Jin Beibei interjected.

“Hmph, this young lady is cold!” Cheng Mengying angrily retorted: “Stupid Beibei, are you doing this on purpose?”

“Haha!” Jin Beibei chortled.

“That’s right, Beibei, for what reason did you steal Chen Jinpeng’s car?” Golden-Haired Lion King recalled the reason why he’s come this time. Before he was only pretending not to understand, showing off a rude and unreasonable appearance, but he was actually quite insightful.


  1. TLN: Jeep Wrangler 
  2. TLN: Reference to Transformers franchise 
  3. TLN: I was very close to translating this line as ‘how could I be driven out of my clan’, but I realized the difference between ‘Xiao Clan’ and ‘my clan’, how the former is speaking about it like it doesn’t really matter to him while the latter means he’s bitter about being driven out. 
  4. TLN: It’s kind of hard to translate this phrase without expanding it into a damn sentence. It’s basically him trying to say that an Autobot is a vehicle and so is a car, so an Autobot is able to induce where the car is because they’re similar. 
  5. TLN: Don’t ask me what this means because I don’t know what it means either. 

Chapter 95 – Deliberately Conning The Grandfather-Grandson Duo

Chen Wushen happened to be resting in his office at this time. When he heard the tremendous roar from this outside, he was instantly frightened upon suddenly hearing Golden-Haired Lion King’s voice. His heart sunk; when had he offended this old lunatic?

But no matter what suspicions he had, Chen Wushen immediately rushed to the entrance of the courtyard, then cupped his hands and said: “So it was your honorable self, Venerable Jin. I wonder what advice Venerable Jin has for me?”

“What Venerable Jin? I know you’re calling me my nickname is your heart——Golden-Haired Lion King!” Old Master Jin snorted: “But it’s fine; I’m very fond of this nickname. You old *******, does your Chen Clan really think that my Jin Clan is so easy to bully? Bullying my treasured granddaughter?”

“When did we bully your granddaughter?” Chen Wushen’s face darkened as he thought ‘what does that have to do with this’. However, he wasn’t willing to lower himself onto the same level as this old lunatic, so he could only patiently resolve the situation: “Golden-Haired Lion King, have you made a mistake?”

“Mistake, your head!” Old Master Jin angrily retorted: “See, I knew you’d call me ‘Golden-Haired Lion King’; it can’t be that you blurted it out by accident this time too?”

“……” Chen Wushen was speechless. Wasn’t it you that let me call you ‘Golden-Haired Lion King’? You even said you’re fond of this nickname, so how did this turn into me blurting it out? But he didn’t voice any protests, only responding with: “Old Master Jin, let’s not speak about this; what’s your purpose in coming here?”

“And now you’re calling me ‘Old Master Jin’? Didn’t I let you call me ‘Golden-Haired Lion King’? Have you become mentally ill with the passing of time?” Old Master Jin scowled as he lashed out verbally.

“……Golden-Haired Lion King, what’s your purpose in coming here?” Chen Wushen asked as he restrained his temper.

“My granddaughter’s car was stolen by your family’s little *******; she came here to look for it, but your clan’s entrance dog didn’t let her enter and even threw her onto her bottom!” Old Master Jin coldly explained.

“My family’s little ******* is……” Chen Wushen was a little gloomy; who was he talking about? Which servant had no eyes and bullied Jin Clan’s little grandaunt? That person was truly seeking death! But at least he had found a scapegoat: “Chen Sigang, don’t you know this is Jin Clan’s Young Lady Jin Beibei? Are your eyes blind? Go and face the wall to think about your misdeeds for a year!”

“Yes……” The black suited guard face instantly became like a bitter gourd; the way he handled the matter was all according to how a guard should do his job, yet he had the bad luck to take the blame for doing his job.

“Hold on……” Old Master Jin spoke out to stop the black suited guard Chen Sigang, then spoke to Chen Wushen: “Chen Wushen, you chose a scapegoat? Him going to face the wall and thinking about his misdeeds, how would I know about it? Perhaps you’ll set him free tomorrow and it would be impossible for me to investigate!”

“Then……Golden-Haired Lion King, what do you say should be done?” Chen Wushen bore his temper as he questioned.

“Well, there is some truth in your words. Just before, he threw my granddaughter down onto her bottom. According to secular customs, you should be compensating some tonics, yes?” Golden-Haired Lion King waved as he spoke: “How about this, I don’t want much, so 10 bottles of first class Body Tempering Medicinal Liquid.”

“Ten bottles……” Chen Wushen felt his flesh aching when he listened. This Body Tempering Medicinal Liquid was a Martialist’s cultivation resource the Martialist Guild sold, and just being rich didn’t mean you could buy it; it required having connections, as well as struggling for quota. The price of these 10 bottles was approximately 5 million and wasn’t something that could always be purchased, so this immediately made him ache. But with circumstances pressing him, he could only reply positively: “Okay, 10 bottles it is. I’ll send someone over to the Jin Mansion to deliver it another day!”

“En, then this matter shall be considered finished.” Golden-Haired Lion King nodded in satisfaction. This first class Body Tempering Medicinal Liquid was something medicinal liquid that Martialists under Third Layer Inner Strength Martialists could use to temper their bodies and 10 bottles of it wasn’t a small number.

“Since this is the case, please return, Golden-Haired Lion King, I also have to go back and cultivate.” Chen Wushen said.

“Chen Wushen, are you retarded? Did I let you go yet? You think that all is fine?” Golden-Haired Lion King glared at him as he angrily spoke.

“Wasn’t it you, Golden-Haired Lion King, who said that this matter was finished?” Chen Wushen donned a helpless expression; why did this person go back on his words?

“What I said was, this nonsense Chen Sigang throwing down my granndaughter on her bottom’s matter is considered finished. However, my granddaughter’s car still hasn’t been found!” Golden-Haired Lion King replied: “Call out your family’s little *******!”

“What car?” Only then did Chen Wushen recall the matter about a car: “My family’s……stole your car?”

“What’s the name?” Golden-Haired Lion King turned to Jin Beibei and asked.

“Chen Jinpeng!” Jin Beibei replied.

“Chen Jinpeng?” Chen Wushen looked taken aback as he felt some disbelief: “How could my Jinpeng possibly dare to steal Young Lady Jin Beibei’s car? He’s wealthy enough to buy his own car; in fact, he bought a Porsche a couple of days ago, so what reason would there be for him to steal Young Lady Jin Beibei’s car……”

“It’s that Porsche that’s mine.” Jin Beibei lied without blinking an eye.

“It’s yours?” Chen Wushen became even more puzzled, but still nodded as he spoke: “Since this is the case, please wait here a bit, I’ll go call over Jinpeng and verify it with you all.”

“Good, then go quickly!” Golden-Haired Lion King signalled him with a nod.

Chen Wushen turned to head back into the Chen Clan courtyard, then proceeded to take out his cellphone and immediately dialed Chen Jinpeng’s phone number. After the call was picked up, he urgently said: “Jinpeng, where are you? Get home right this instant!”

“Ah? I’m at school, what happened at home?” Chen Jinpeng became alarmed: “I still have an exam in the afternoon……”

“Forget about your exam, Golden-Haired Lion King is outside the door brimming with killing intent. He said that you stole his granddaughter’s car, did you do this or not?” Chen Wushen asked.

“Stole a car? How’s that possible? Is she talking about the Porsche Panamera? That’s my car, it was Jin Beibei who stole it! When I got people to help me search for it, the result was that it was parked in Second High’s parking lot, so I made my follower drive it home.” Chen Jinpeng explained: “That car was originally mine, I even have the motor vehicle license!”

“So what’s going on? Carefully tell me everything!” When Chen Wushen heard this, he discovered that the matter wasn’t what he thought it was so he quickly asked for a more detailed explanation.

“The situation was like this……” Chen Jinpeng spoke from when he lost his car at the café up to when he dispatched people to search for his car. After seeing his car stopped up in Second High’s campus with a “Nouveau riche Jin Beibei’s car” paper pasted on it, he instantly deduced that Jin Beibei had stolen his car. And thus, he made his follower take the spare key and drive it back home.

“So the car is yours and can pass any tests right?” Chen Wushen lowered his head as he asked.

“That’s right, the car was originally mine and the car’s license plate is registered with our Chen Clan Corporation.” Chen Jinpeng unhesitantly stated.

“Great, come back now so that we can confront them!” Chen Wushen coldly snorted: “We were in the wrong before, but now that I’m in the right, I have to make this old ******* cough up a handful of first class Body Tempering Medicinal Liquid!”

In Chen Wushen’s thoughts, of course we’re in the wrong since Chen Sigang beat Jin Beibei, but the car isn’t yours, yet you came to Chen Clan to make a racket! Being beat is what you deserve, but you still want us to compensate for your what? So what I have to do now is to hold onto this point and settle this matter!

As a result, Chen Wushen didn’t say a word, only pulling a long face, when he returned to the gate of Chen Clan’s courtyard.

“Your family’s little *******?” Golden-Haired Lion King couldn’t help but ask when he didn’t see a Chen Jinpeng return with Chen Wushen.

“In school, he’ll be back in a bit, hold on.” Since Chen Wushen knew the truth now, he was scared of Golden-Haired Lion King, so his tone was a bit cold.

“Hmph!” Golden-Haired Lion King coldly snorted then waited for Chen Jinpeng.

Not long after, Chen Jinpeng arrived. He was using his previous sports car, but it could only be considered fairly ordinary and the model was pretty old. It was a hand-me-down that Chen Jinkun had given him years ago, but even if it was like this, he felt that it was better than Xiao Chen by a lot.

“Grandpa!” Chen Jinpeng greeted Chen Wushen after he got out.

“En, you’re back Jinpeng.” Chen Wushen nodded: “Your grandpa Golden-Haired Lion King and younger sister Jin Beibei has come. Miss Jin Beibei said that you stole her car, what’s going on with this matter?”

“Grandpa, you should know that I’m wealthy, how’s it possible that I would go steal someone else’s car?” Chen Jinpeng spoke in a tone that wasn’t servile or overbearing: “Isn’t this matter just a mistake?”

“Mistake? Then do you dare let me in to search for my car?” Jin Beibei put her hands on her hips as she spoke in a rage: “You definitely wouldn’t let me go in, right? I know you’ve stored my car inside your home.”

“How’s that possible?” Chen Jinpeng was about to say that he didn’t want to her go in since it was, after all, Chen Clan’s courtyard. If Jin Beibei went in just because she said she wanted to, then wouldn’t Chen Clan seem to not have any face? However, the latter part of Jin Beibei’s words made him unable to refuse her. If he didn’t let her in, then wouldn’t it become that he didn’t dare? If a rumor like this circulated, then he would have even less face.

Besides, the car’s formalities were complete. Chen Jinpeng was fearless of anything Jin Beibei tried to pull, so he shot a glance at his grandpa. Seeing his grandpa not stop him, he said: “Since younger sister Jin Beibei wants to take a look, then take a look it shall be! If I don’t let you come in, it’ll seem like I’m petty.”

“Let’s go Beibei!” Golden-Haired Lion King loudly roared.

“Wait a minute!” Chen Wushen opened his mouth at this time: “Golden-Haired Lion King, let’s first speak the ugly talk. If you find the car, then it’s naturally our Chen Clan’s wrong and the havok you caused in front of Chen Clan just before can be forgotten. But if you can’t find it, then with the scene you all made in front of Chen Clan’s door, wouldn’t you have to give me an apology?”

“Hmph, naturally you’ll give an apology if we can’t find it!” Golden-Haired Lion King coldly snorted, then led Jin Beibei into Chen Clan’s courtyard. Following behind was Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying. Chen Jinpeng didn’t go stop them at this point in time, having Cheng Mengying around as a witness was a good matter; it would stop Jin Beibei from acting shamelessly once the time came and Jin Beibei was exposed for stealing.

The several people all entered Chen Clan’s large residence and looked at a not-so-distant place. In the parking lot was the nouveau riche golden colored Panamera. Jin Beibei pointed at the car and exclaimed: “Grandpa, that’s my car!”

“Chen Wushen, do you have any words left to say? Isn’t my granddaughter’s car right there?” Golden-Haired Lion King fumed at Chen Wushen.

*Chapter 51 – 100