Chapter 7 – The Young Lady’s Concern

Once they had seen each other, Xiao Chen did not bother to greet him, he simply wanted to go back to his room and practice the mental mantra. Strength, this is what he had always wanted from birth, now that it was so close, how could he not worry about it. ⌈1

Xiao Chen did not want to talk to Chen Jinpeng, but seeing that Chen Jinpeng widened his eyes in horror like he saw a ghost, pointed at Xiao Chen and said “You…You…You’re not dead ?”

Xiao Chen was quietly looking at Chen Jinpeng, while maintaining his composure he replied “Chen Jingpeng, is something wrong with your head? You’re the one who died”

Xiao Chen was pushed off the cliff, only himself and the person who pushed him knew, unless the person who pushed him was connected to Chen Jinpeng. ⌈2

Xiao Chen was not stupid, his father had gone missing, expelled from the Xiao family, could not cultivate Qi and was pushed off a cliff by an unknown assailant. All of this was too coincidental, like an invisible hand behind the scene.

But to find out what truly happened, Xiao Chen must become stronger. For that to happen, while he’s weak he must maintain his image of being a playboy.

“What’s this?” Chen Jinpeng had not cared that Xiao Chen scolded him; in fact he was still shocked. The rumour that Xiao Chen jumped off Longshan cliff to commit suicide had long spread through the school. So initially when Chen Jinpeng saw Xiao Chen he was scared, but after, confirmed he was not a ghost. Chen Jingpeng sneered “Not dead, you certainly have good luck.”

At this time, Cao Yuliang walked over and saw Xiao Chen, a hint of surprise flashed through his eyes “Xiao Chen, a taxi driver said that you jumped off Longshan Cliff to commit suicide, it seems that those rumors were not true!”

“Big brother!” Chen Jingpeng said, he hurriedly threw Xiao Chen under the bus and said “Big brother, just before Xiao Chen dared to scold your subordinate by saying I was brain dead, what should we do?”

“Well now, we are at school.” Cao Yuliang beckoned with his hand, of course if they were not present at school he would act, but Cao Yuliang saw Cheng Mengying coming their way.

“Dreams do come true!” Cao Yuliang was currently feeling great; Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying had broken off their engagement, meaning he could freely pursue her.

Cheng Mengying paid no attention to Cao Yuliang, she saw Xian Chen, which was the reason she walked over. Cheng Mengying was confused in her mind, why did she walk over? Did she care about Xian Chen?

Before, Xiao Chen was pursuing Lin Keer and Shen Jingxuan while engaged to her, she had wanted to strangle him. She was his fiancée and he gave her no face by doing so. But when she heard Xiao Chen committed suicide, Cheng Mengying’s anger dissipated and worry filled its place.

“Eh… Why should I care about him? Yes, he used to be my fiancé, but now that engagement has been broken, meaning I have no responsibility towards him.” Cheng Mengying kept this in her heart.

But on the surface, she gave Xiao Chen a cold glance and said “Hmph! Good that you didn’t commit suicide or people would think that Cheng Jia persecuted you to death!

After she finished saying that, Cheng Mengying did not stay, turned around and left. Cao Yuliang thought that Cheng Mengying despised Xiao Chen, half followed and flattered her by saying “Ahh Miss Mengying, if that Xiao Chen fellow had died, your reputation would have been affected. I’m truly worried that when he does die, that people will berate you!

Cheng Mengying did not even look at Cao Yuliang, as she proceeded straight to the entrance of the school to enter her car.

“Xiao Chen, take it.” The one who spoke was Shen Jingxuan, she had passed an envelope to Xiao Chen, smiled, turned around and left.

Cao Yuliang’s attention was on Cheng Mengying, who naturally did not pay attention to them. But Chen Jingpeng saw, he held Shen Jingxuan in his heart. But she was also in the eyes of his brothers pursuit, thus he can only endure.

Xiao Chen took the envelope, which had the lingering warmth of Shen Jinguan. He did not consider that Shen Jingxuan liked him, as she could be said to be a noble lover, as she was kind to everyone. She would often take part in charity events and so the money she gave could be regarded as nothing.

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Moreover this matter was incited by Cheng Mengying, this is what Xiao Chen believes. Only Cheng Mengying knew that he could not pay for his meal.

“Oh…” Xiao Chen put the money away, although it was not much, it would be used for food and clothing. It looks like his ex-fiancee’s heart was quite good, but was covered by her indifference.

This was especially prominent with Shen Jingxuan, as if Cheng Mengying treated her like she did to others, they would not be good friends.

Although he received money, he was not happy. This was because the news of him had spread around the school. Who was it that spread the rumour? Cheng Jingpeng? Cao Yuliang? Or was it the driver?

Who wanted to harm him? The taxi driver was probably an excuse; the rumour must have been spread by the murder. At best the taxi driver was told where to go, as why would he drive to Longshan cliff out of everywhere else?

Of course there’s a possibility that it was a coincidence, but he needed to focus on who spread the rumor at school.

“Sigh… One step at a time.” Xiao Chen thought that he should first increase his strength and then slowly find out the person who plotted against him. At the same time he was puzzle. Who would bother to kill a playboy? What advantages would that bring them?

Xiao Chen walked all the way back to his room, while being constantly pointed at. Xiao Chen turned a blind eye to these people, as he watched the rumors of him being alive spread.


  1. TL: Mental mantra was the cultivation technique that Tian Lao passed onto him. 
  2. TL: At this time he doesn’t know that the news about him had spread. 

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