Chapter 12 – Zhu Yingxiong

To be honest, the people shocked was not only Zhao Yuliang and his brothers, there was Xiao Chen himself!

He thought it was strange, Chen Jinpeng suddenly attacking Zhao Yuliang like a madman, putting on an exciting show of dog fights dog. Right, it’s Tian Lao!

Xiao Chen suddenly remembered the words Tian Lao said before, ‘do you need help’, this is probably Tian Lao’s sinister plot, but how did Tian Lao do it?

“Tian Lao, it’s your doing, right?” Xiao Chen at this moment, gained back control of his body. It was just for a moment that Tian Lao took over his body.

“Hehe, Little Chenzi, seems like you’re not stupid, right, it was my doing.” Tian Lao replied proudly. ⌈1

“You….how did you do it?” Xiao Chen was very astonished, refusing to acknowledge Tian Lao’s cocky pretended force tone.

“Cultivating true virtue, by having a strong spiritual force, impacting others thoughts can be done.” Tian Lao replied. ⌈2

“Influencing other people’s thoughts?” It dawned on Xiao Chen, and he could not help but be excited: “Originally it was this, cultivating true virtue is actually this overpowered?” Initially, Xiao Chen thought that cultivating true virtue was an alternate route, that only through special methods could he achieve the strength of a fighter, but now it seems that this wasn’t how it was!

“Nonsense, cultivating true virtue is a high-end and overpowered profession, how about it, this teacher was pretty powerful right? Are you convinced now?” Tian Lao asked.

“Very powerful, but when can I influence other people’s thoughts?” Xiao Chen asked with some expectations.

“You’re just First Layer Qi-Training, don’t aim too high.” Tian Lao reminded him.

Xiao Chen was unwilling, really wanting to ask, when the sound of snorting and huffing asked: “Tian Lao, Tian Lao, I heard Chen Jinpeng that domestic animal and Zhao Yuliang wants to make trouble with you, I’m not late right? This Old Zhu has come!”

Xiao Chen turned around and saw a huge bandaged sphere running here extremely quickly. The speed didn’t match his body, however the speed was extremely fast!

Xiao Chen’s heart moved a little, the person coming was another of his little brothers called Zhu Yingxiong. Yesterday, when Xiao Chen fell into dire straits, Zhu Yingxiong didn’t come to school, so Xiao Chen subconsciously thought, ‘Zhu Yingxiong is also ungrateful, betrayed him’, didn’t think that this early morning would run over. What surprised Xiao Chen the most, was that he was wrapped in bandages, and had simply became a mummy ball.

“Zhu Yingxiong?” If not for his body and voice, Xiao Chen almost wouldn’t have recognized him.

“Boss, have I arrived late ah….eh?” When Zhu Yingxiong ran over here, actually stunned looking at the scene, Chen Jinpeng, Zhou Yuliang, Zhou Yuliang’s little brothers were fighting, this is simply chaos ah!

“****, Boss, they haven’t gone crazy right?”

“Who knows? Before Zhao Yuliang came looking for trouble, Chen Jinpeng told me that he wanted to help me teach a lesson to Zhao Yuliang, so I accepted, and you see the results…” Xiao Chen shrugged, and said with innocence.

Indeed he was innocent, it had nothing to do with him, it was obviously Tian Lao.

“Could it be that this domestic animal is actually playing out internal affairs? Wrong ah, this isn’t his character ah, he isn’t really crazy right?” Zhu Yingxiong looked surprised at Chen Jinpeng who was in the middle of the fray, said to himself. ⌈3

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“Who knows, let’s go, don’t bother with them.” Xiao Chen said to Zhu Yingxiong, beckoned his hand to Chen Jinpeng, and said: “Jinpeng, you did a good job!”

Chen Jinpeng was still madly beating Zhao Yuliang, and Zhao Yuliang protected his vital areas at the same time, in the eyes was a flash of malice, Xiao Chen, don’t be proud of yourself!

“Boss ah, you aren’t really expelled from Xiao Family right?” After the two left, walked into the classroom, Zhu Yingxiong asked.

“Not wrong….” Xiao Chen sighed slightly and gazed at Zhu Yingxiong’s face, however, what Xiao Chen saw in his eyes, was worry and concern without the slightest ridicule or gloating. Seeing this, Zhu Yingxiong isn’t a two-faced vile person, yesterday he didn’t appear, I have wronged him, his injury, estimated to have relations for not going to school yesterday!

“Ah? It’s real ah! ****, then the broken engagement is also real?” Zhu Yingxiong exclaimed.

“Also right….” Xiao Chen nodded.

“Forget it, there are plenty of girls, Boss, you also have me ah!” Zhu Yingxiong comforted.

Xiao Chen felt a chill….also have you?

“Right, how did you get injured? Right now I’m already not Young Master Xiao, how can you still call me boss?” Xiao Chen asked.

“****, once a boss, lifetime is a boss, I’m not Chen Jinpeng that domestic animal, as for this injury….it’s from falling….” Zhu Yingxiong was obviously reluctant to mention his injury.

“Old Zhu, thank you.” Xiao Chen’s heart was touched, only, Xiao Chen looked at Zhu Yingxiong’s eyes, asked: “You jumped off a cliff? Entire body can be covered from a fall injury? Who are you kidding?”

“E….” Zhu Yingxiong’s face delayed a bit, bitterly smiled: “****, indeed is Boss, one glance can see all the flaws. Okay then, to be honest, yesterday I learned that you were kicked out of your house, Cheng Family broke off the engagement, so I went to school to back you up, but my father didn’t agree, so I got into a argument with him, and as a result I got beat up like this….”

Although Zhu Yingxiong’s words were simple, however Xiao Chen knew, the circumstances was probably more intense, for the argument to make him into this appearance, could an argument accomplish this? Xiao Chen’s mind, only deeply moved, Chen Jinpeng that domestic animal doesn’t count, just having Zhu Yingxiong as a younger brother is sufficient! Knew that, Zhu Yingxiong would never betray, however he was dandy Young Master Xiao ah!

“Then how did you come out?” Xiao Chen felt it was a little weird, after being beaten into this kind of state, how did Zhu Family agree with Zhu Yingxiong’s running out today.

“Hehe, it was my family’s Ancestor who opened his mouth, told my father not to bother with my matters, if there’s a problem, Ancestor could carry it! Thus, my father’s didn’t even dare to fart!” Zhu Yingxiong replied proudly. ⌈4

Xiao Chen nodded, Zhu Family’s Ancestor, Xiao Chen knew, only that Ancestor could utter such arrogant words. The juniors from other families kept an arm’s distance from Xiao Chen, fearing the wrath of their families, while Zhu Yingxiong’s father wouldn’t let him and me communicate, actually it makes sense.

Respected families, consider the overall interests of the family through pros and cons, rather than personal interests, Zhu Family would naturally be reluctant to offend Cheng Family over small matters, however Zhu Family’s Ancestor spoke, so people in Zhu Family didn’t dare say anything, because, that Cheng Family’s old household head wasn’t a rash person!


  1. TLN: The ‘my’ in this sentence is referring to himself as a venerable man 
  2. TLN: I don’t know what “修真者” is, so it’s ‘Comprehension’ for now. Edit: It will now be called ‘cultivating true virtue’ 
  3. TLN: Acting in a play is roughly what ‘playing out internal affairs’ would mean 
  4. TLN: Broken English, but understandable. The Ancestor is the granduncle of Zhu Family. 

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