Chapter 94 – Golden-Haired Lion King’s Roar

“Beibei……I can help you find your car……so can you please stop using your chest to tempt me……” Xiao Chen was reluctant to part with the motion beside his body.

“Brother-in-law, if you can help Beibei find her car, I can give you a chest-job~!” Jin Beibei replied.

“Cough cough, Beibei, how can you sell your body for a car?” Seeing that Jin Beibei was becoming more and more outrageous, Cheng Mengying instantly warned her angrily: “Moreover, he’s your brother-in-law!”

“Haha, cousin Mengying has finally admitted that he’s brother-in-law!” Jin Beibei suddenly grabbed the mistake in Cheng Mengying’s words.

“I’m going to be played stupid by you one day!” Only then did Cheng Mengying discovered the error in her words and glared at Jin Beibei: “Isn’t it because of you calling him brother-in-law all day long and making me confused! Hey, Xiao Chen, don’t get any funny thoughts!”

“I know; let’s now go find the car.” Xiao Chen naturally wouldn’t regard Cheng Mengying’s slip of the tongue as the truth.

“Looks like you know your place!” When Cheng Mengying saw Xiao Chen’s indifferent manner, she suddenly felt a little angry. How come you don’t have even the slightest bit of thoughts for me?

Xiao Chen turned around and started taking big strides towards the outside of the school. Jin Beibei became anxious and chased after Xiao Chen, then holding him: “Brother-in-law, you’re not going to sample my scent?”

Jin Beibei’s voice was a little loud and by chance, Director Xu had also come to the parking lot to prepare and go out for something, so as a result, he had come just in time to see this act between Jin Beibei and Xiao Chen and was frightened! Could it be that Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen broke their engagement so that Xiao Chen could be together with Jin Beibei?

Jin Beibei is part of the Jin Clan, which is also a famous aristocratic family. It seems like I have even more reason not to offend Xiao Chen; because offending Jin Beibei is more troublesome than offending Cheng Mengying!

Wait a second, didn’t Jin Beibei just call Xiao Chen ‘brother-in-law’? What kind of meaning is this? Is it possible that the matter of Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen having their engagement broken is fake and was done for other people to see? Then wouldn’t that mean that this pair of sisters is Xiao Chen’s……the circle of aristocrats is really chaotic.

But Director Xu wouldn’t dare speak irresponsibly even if he were beaten to death. He could only pretend to not see this, board his car and drive away.

Xiao Chen stared blankly as he was being held by Jin Beibei: “What scent?”

“Brother-in-law, didn’t you take advantage of cousin Mengying’s scent to sniff out where her bracelet was? So this time wouldn’t you need to smell me in order to sniff out where my lost car is? Afterwards you can conveniently take some small advantages……” Jin Beibei stated matter-of-factly.

“……” Xiao Chen’s face darkened. He glanced to the side to see the young lady’s ill expression and hastily said: “When did I take advantage of Mengying? It was really for the purpose of finding the bracelet!”

“Then why can’t you smell my scent now to seek for the car?” Jin Beibei asked while grinning happily.

Cheng Mengying stared fixedly at Xiao Chen as she listened to these words, ready to flip out at any time! Indeed, how come Xiao Chen didn’t need to sniff Jin Beibei to find the car, could it be that he was intentionally taking advantage of her when they were searching for her bracelet?

“I certainly depend on scent to seek out things, but it’s not just you sitting in the car; Mengying has also sat in it!” Xiao Chen bitterly smiled as he explained: “I’ve already remembered Mengying’s scent, not to mention very clearly, so I don’t need to sniff you.”

“Is that so?” Jin Beibei was instantly disappointed upon hearing this.

“Hmph, why would you remember this young lady’s scent!” Although Cheng Mengying spoke like this, she was suddenly very happy at heart. Xiao Chen, have you finally begun to pay attention to this young lady? Otherwise why would you remember my scent? Hmmhmmph, you definitely like me, so you must be deliberately putting up an act and not saying anything. Just you wait, I’ll expose you one of these days!

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Xiao Chen walked in the front while Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei followed behind. The two girls’ stamina wasn’t too bad and adding the fact that Xiao Chen wasn’t walking too quickly, the journey wasn’t too tiring.

Jin Beibei was eager to find the car, so she didn’t feel how many roads were walked. On the other hand, the young lady was thinking of seeing whether or not Xiao Chen really remembered her scent and if he could really find the car.

After the trio walked for about an hour, they arrived at the gate of a large house with a courtyard. In Songning City, which was considered a flourishing metropolis, there were only a few of this type of single family villas constructed, not to mentioned that it even had a garden, which made this courtyard even more uncommon.

Yet, the trio were currently standing in front of such a building. Xiao Chen slightly knit his brows: “Whose place is this? The car should be inside!”

Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei also hadn’t come here before, so they were also baffled at this moment. But when Jin Beibei heard that the car was inside, she threw away all hesitations in her mind and straightforwardly rushed into the courtyard!

Who had she, Jin Beibei, ever feared in Songning City? Her family also owned this sort of courtyard, so she directly wanted to go in to look for the car.

However, before Jin Beibei even walked in, a person in a black suit walked out from the courtyard and stopped Jin Beibei by speaking in a booming voice: “Who is it? This is private property, not a place to play around, quickly leave!”

“I’m here to search for my car, my car is inside.” Unexpectedly, Jin Beibei believed Xiao Chen as she pointed towards the inside of courtyard and spoke confidently.

“Your car? You ran all the way here to search for your car?” The black suited person felt that this situation was a bit laughable: “Do you not know where this is? This is the aristocratic clan, Chen Clan’s, domain; how could it have your car? Stop looking for trouble when you have spare time, quickly leave!”

“I have to go in!” Jin Beibei said as she went to bypass the black suited person and rush in.

But how could the black suited person possibly allow her to go in? He pulled on Jin Beibei’s shirt collar and threw her back, causing her to lose balance and fall flat onto her back.

“You….you better watch out!” Jin Beibei dejectedly crawled back up. Even though she was fearless, she knew that rushing headfirst at this time was definitely out of question. This black suited guard’s Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist power was exposed when he threw her, so it was simply impossible for her to rush in.

Furthermore, when Jin Beibei heard that this place was Chen Clan’s domain, she instantly understood that her car was stolen by that ******* Chen Jinpeng!

Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen had also heard the black suited guard’s words. Seeing the opposite party throw Jin Beibei down, Xiao Chen was a little angry and was calculating whether or not he should teach the guard a lesson. But after thinking about the fact that this was Chen Clan’s domain and fearing that he might expose his strength, he decided that he could only secretly think up a solution.

Since this place was Chen Clan’s, it was no wonder that it was so big. However, Xiao Chen had never come here before in the past because at that time, Chen Jinpeng was only the second young master and didn’t have sufficient qualifications to invite him home to be a guest.

Cheng Mengying helped Jin Beibei up and whispered: “Beibei, let it be, this car was originally Chen Jinpeng’s and he’s gotten back his lost property, so what can we do about it? Look at that fiendish guard, we wouldn’t be able to defeat him. Even though you were thrown down, you didn’t suffer any loss, so let’s leave.”

“No way!” Jin Beibei gnashed her teeth as she categorically said: “Since this Chen Jinpeng dares to go against me, then I definitely can’t let him off! As brother-in-law’s little brother, he didn’t have the slightest consciousness to act like a little brother! Because he’s such a rebel, I, Jin Beibei, will substitute for heaven to dish out punishment; if I can’t go in, then I’ll ask my grandpa to avenge me!”

Just as Xiao Chen was thinking up ways to screw over the guard, go in, and bring out the car, he heard Jin Beibei’s words, so there was temporarily no need for him to start. He had heard of Old Master Jin, Golden-Haired Lion King’s1 reputation before; it was quite awe-inspiring. On the aristocratic clan level, it was a well-known superstar’s reputation. If he was going to appear personally, then Xiao Chen didn’t need to get involved.

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As he was contemplating, Jin Beibei took out her cellphone and dialed a number.

“My treasured granddaughter Beibei, you finally remembered to give grandpa a call!” After the call connected, a sound like that of a gigantic bell came through from the other side, clearly very happy about seeing Jin Beibei’s call.

“Grandpa~ I’ve been bullied!” Jin Beibei turned her voice into one like she’d been sobbing: “Grandpa, you have to avenge me!”

“What?! Who dares bully my, Golden-Haired Lion King’s granddaughter?! Which little ******* doesn’t want to live anymore, wait for your grandpa to chop him into two!” Golden-Haired Lion King flew into a rage when he heard Jin Beibei’s grievance.

“It’s Chen Clan’s Chen Jinpeng! He stole away Beibei’s car; Beibei, cousin Mengying and brother-in-law went to go look for the car together, but the result was the guard not letting Beibei go in and even threw Beibei down hard on her bottom, nearly making her butt split into 4 parts!” Jin Beibei complained.

“Chen Clan was it? There’s no need to be anxious Beibei, grandpa will go avenge you right now!” Golden-Haired Lion King immediately hung up to rush over to Chen Clan’s courtyard. Although he was slightly puzzled as to who this “brother-in-law” was, he cared more about Jin Beibei’s safety at this time so he didn’t ask too much.

Xiao Chen and the young lady glanced at each other, both feeling helpless at what to do with her. But since Old Master Jin was going to appear personally, there was no reason for them to worry and all they needed to do was wait.

Although Jin Beibei called for backup, that black suited guard didn’t hear what she said clearly, so he paid no attention to her. This was the domain of the aristocratic clan ‘Chen Clan’, so who would dare come make trouble? Even if 8 to 10 people came, they would have to give up any idea of going in.

As expected, Old Master Jin came extremely quickly. After only just several minutes, Xiao Chen could see a Jeep Wrangler speeding over with a person with golden hair fluttering in the wind sitting in the copilot; it was Old Master Jin, Golden-Haired Lion King!

“Beibei, are you okay?” Old Master Jin jumped out of the car and came over to examine Jin Beibei.

“I’m fine for now, but the car is still inside and they bullied Beibei.” Jin Beibei pointed at Chen Clan’s courtyard as she spoke.

“Wait for grandpa to avenge you!” Old Master Jin pulled out a blade from his back and pointed it at Chen Clan’s entrance as he shouted: “Chen Wushen, get your old *** out here to receive your death!”

At this time, the black suited person was frightened by Old Master Jin’s pressure. Old Master Jin was a character every aristocratic clan heavily guarded again; this black suited guard recognized this personage, so he instantly dared not to show off his might. From what it seemed like, the young lady that he’d thrown was this Old Master Jin’s granddaughter? ****, I’m finished!

Old Master Jin’s ‘Lion Roar’ was a skill that made him famous. The sound so loud that it caused the entire Chen Clan courtyard to tremble, as if a small earthquake passed through.


  1. TLN: I will be using the LNMTL translation for this term “金毛狮王”. At this time, I am unsure whether or not this is his name conjugated with the character “王”. If it is, then his title is “King Jin Maoshi”. 

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