Chapter 67 – Chen Jinkun’s Death

Shen Jingxuan couldn’t help but smile. With regards to Jin Beibei, this small clown, she thought that it was quite interesting.

“Oh oh oh, no, my meaning is, that there was a loud matter. My return by running a moment ago, nearly made my chest run away, but the major event isn’t this……” Jin Beibei waved her hand, took in big breaths, then said: “Chen Jinkun……died in a car crash!”

“What?!” Cheng Mengying and Shen Jingxuan simultaneously widened their eyes. Chen Jinkun died in a car crash? When did this happen? True or false?

“Beibei, don’t speak irresponsibly……” Cheng Mengying wrinkled her brows. Although she knew that Jin Beibei definitely thought Chen Jinkun wasn’t pleasing in her eyes, and even though Cheng Mengying didn’t want to acknowledge it, she had to recognize it. Jin Beibei’s impression with regards to Xiao Chen seemed pretty good because she had never seen Jin Beibei be so harmonious with any other boy. Therefore, it was absolutely possible for Jin Beibei to put her dislike onto Chen Jinkun due to the previous unpleasantness. But hate is just hate, it’s can’t start a cursing rumor, right?

One has to know, Chen Jinkun was Shen Jingxuan’s fiancé in any case.

“I haven’t spoken irresponsibly! Just a moment ago, I went strolling on the morning market street to see if there were any good things and as a result, I heard a loud ‘bang!’ sound; a silver sports car was squeezed into a garbage truck’s butt.” Jin Beibei animatedly said: “Damn, at that time, I was thinking ‘which dumb****1 drove their car and died such a miserable death, brain pressed into fragments’……but when I carefully took a look, I thought, ‘isn’t this Chen Jinkun’s Bugatti Veyron?’ Then I hurriedly ran back to disclose information……”

“Is what you’re saying real?” Although Shen Jingxuan didn’t like Chen Jinkun, it couldn’t be helped that she didn’t like him. After all, Chen Jinkun was already her fiancé, so Chen Jinkun dying at this time was a major event with regards to Shen Clan’s opinion. Under this situation, Shen Jingxuan had no choice but to attach great importance.

“How can I possibly play a joke oh……” Jin Beibei said, then turned her head to look at Xiao Chen: “Brother-in-law, the public restroom is by the street over there, you went to the restroom just a moment ago, right? You should’ve also saw it, right?”

Jin Beibei’s words made Xiao Chen’s heart go ‘thump’. Just a moment ago, Jin Beibei said that she had seen a car crash and promptly ran back. This immediately made Xiao Chen feel that it was fishy; he was also on the street over there, moreover, on the bench that was a little farther away from the street. He had also come back after the traffic accident occurred, yet Jin Beibei unexpectedly came back later by several minutes compared to him, and ran back gasping for breath. From the aspect of ‘time’, it was a little suspicious.

But it was possible that Jin Beibei was struck dumb at that time, that her mind was overloaded when she recognized that it was Chen Jinkun’s vehicle, so there was the possibility that she was slow-witted for a moment. Adding that there was a lot of people in the surroundings to that, it was impossible for Xiao Chen to note whether there was or wasn’t a Jin Beibei.

However, Jin Beibei’s sudden interrogation made Xiao Chen feel, Jin Beibei seems to be pointing at me?

“I immediately came back. Chen Jinkun died? That’s truly a good matter.” With regards to Chen Jinkun’s death, Xiao Chen displayed a very cheerful mood.

Jin Beibei actually didn’t ask Xiao Chen anything again. Instead, she turned to Cheng Mengying and asked: “Really unlucky, cousin Mengying, what do we do now?”

“Mengying, I’m truly sorry. I originally came to see you today, but who would have know that this matter would happen. After several days, I’ll come to see you again. This matter here, I have to handle it with the people in the clan.” Shen Jingxuan said with a dignified expression.

“Okay, you should quickly go. No need to manage me, I’m fine.” Cheng Mengying also understood how big of a matter this event was. Chen Jinkun was the younger generation that Chen Clan put emphasis to groom, reaching Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist at a young age. This already achieved the Martialist Guild’s standard for doing obeisance to a master. So long as he became 18 years-old, he could immediately do official obeisance to a master. His future prospects was promising, not inferior to Cheng Clan’s Cheng Zhongqian!

Cheng Zhongqian’s disappearance giving rise to an extremely large earthquake in Cheng Clan was something Cheng Mengying was very clear on. It was so much that Xiao Chen became a scapegoat. Although Chen Jinkun’s place in Chen Clan wasn’t like Cheng Clan’s inside information2, it was feared that it would be very difficult to give up this matter.

Shen Jingxuan left, leaving Cheng Mengying feeling pretty awkward over here. Leaving wasn’t good, but staying wasn’t good either, and she didn’t know what to say to Xiao Chen.

“Brother-in-law, give me a round of soybean milk!” Jin Beibei was hungry from running, so she directly ran to Xiao Chen’s vendor ** edge and spoke. Shen Jingxuan had left and Chen Jinkun was dead, so she didn’t need to put up an act.

“A round of soybean milk3?” Xiao Chen was startled for a moment. These words were somewhat ambiguous, but he also understood Jin Beibei’s nature. He nodded and picked up a cup to prepare to fill with soybean milk, then asked: “Do you want deep-fried breadstick?”

“No, I’m not hungry, I already ate breakfast. Maybe cousin Mengying might want?” Jin Beibei replied.

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“Oh.” Xiao Chen smiled and picked up a plate, put two deep-fried breadstick and two soybean milk on it, then handed it over to Jin Beibei: “Give this to the young lady. There’s a table to the side, you guys can sit there and eat!”

At that back of the morning market street, there was a row of free tables and chairs supplied by the marketplace. Every month, every stall ** would pay some use fee and management fee. Although they had to pay up, they didn’t need to feel anxious about being tidied up, and could feel relieved to engage in business. Therefore, Tang Tang was very happy to hand over this money.

“Brother-in-law, I don’t have money oh. Based on our relationship, you won’t collect my money, right?” Jin Beibei carried the tray and cheerfully walked away.

“Broke an engagement, yet calling brother-in-law so intimately, shows clearly that she wants to mooch a meal!” When Tang Tang heard that Jin Beibei wasn’t giving money, she muttered this somewhat out of sorts. Of course, it was unknown whether she was feeling out of sorts due to not being given money, or Xiao Chen being called ‘brother-in-law’.

“I’m content.” Although Tang Tang’s voice was small, Jin Beibei had heard it: “Besides, cousin has broken her engagement yet I haven’t, didn’t you hear sister-in-law is……”

“Beibei!” Cheng Mengying covered Jin Beibei’s mouth with her palm and stared in her eyes: “Don’t speak irresponsibly, are you going to eat or not? If you’re not going to eat, leave!”

“Eat oh, eat oh.” Jin Beibei took one of the things to eat.

“Haha, why should I use any strength to shout with a small girl.” Xiao Chen helplessly shrugged his shoulders: “Beibei, this person, is still pretty good and can be considered a friend. How can I take her money? Moreover, it’s just a name.”

“I understand……” Tang Tang let out an inward sigh in her heart4. It seems like Xiao Chen still likes Cheng Mengying, otherwise when Jin Beibei calls him ‘brother-in-law’, why would he be so happy? It’s clearly because he wants to become this ‘brother-in-law’!

Xiao Chen had lowered his head and occupied himself with kneading dough, so he didn’t see Tang Tang’s expression. Naturally, he didn’t know that Tang Tang had misunderstood.

However, Xiao Chen suddenly discovered that his mental fortitude had become high at some unknown time; he had killed someone just a moment ago. Although it couldn’t be considered homicide, and that it was just Tian Lao moving his hand and invisibly killing, it was Xiao Chen’s idea in the final analysis. Yet Xiao Chen was currently exceptionally unperturbed.

After going through life or death situations, Xiao Chen looked indifferently upon many things. Depending on others was ‘nothingness’; only depending on oneself was ‘real’5. He originally thought that the clan and his father was this lifetime’s greatest supporters. But now that he had been abandoned by the clan and his father went missing, his own strength was his top priority.

Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei sat on the table by the side, lowering their heads to eat breakfast. Cheng Mengying didn’t know what to say; Tang Tang being here made her feel very awkward.

“Cousin Mengying, brother-in-law seems to want to **!” Jin Beibei said as she looked towards the busy Xiao Chen and Tang Tang.

“You should care about something more useful.” Cheng Mengying didn’t want to bring up this topic: “Have you finished eating? If you’re finished eating, we’ll go back!”

“Oh, I already finished eating, it’s cousin Mengying that hasn’t finished eating.” Jin Beibei pointed at the deep-fried breadstick in Cheng Mengying’s plate and said.

“I’ll pack it up!” Cheng Mengying replied.


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Shen Jingxuan looked at the traffic accident site and was scared silly. She had already contacted her father Shen Zhenghao.

Shen Zhenghao is the person in charge of Songning City in Shen Clan. Although Shen Clan is a colossus, its foundation wasn’t in Songning City. Even though it put many investments in Songning City, if it truly wanted to establish themselves here, it would have to establish an aristocratic clan branch. That meant that it had to win over the support of some local major influences.

Shen Clan thought highly of Chen Clan and it naturally wasn’t because Chen Clan was very formidable; on the contrary, Chen Clan wasn’t the most formidable. What it cared about was that Chen Clan’s young master didn’t have an engagement!

Of course, the one without an engagement wasn’t just Chen Clan. Rather, it was also because of the strength that Chen Clan’s Chen Jinkun possessed, so much so that he could loftily regard other aristocratic clan juniors. It was these two conditions that made it6 agree. In that way, Chen Jinkun naturally became Shen Zhenghao’s chosen object. This is also how Shen Jingxuan became engaged.

However, what he didn’t expect was that just as this matter was settled, Shen Jinkun would unexpectedly die! Wasn’t this too coincidental?

When Shen Zhenghao arrived at the scene, Chen Jinkun’s father, Chen Zhantian, had also just arrived. Although Chen Zhantian was a person who practiced martial arts, now that his son had died an unnatural death, it as hard for him to resist the sorrow in his heart, causing his entire person to shiver.

He7 nodded towards Shen Jingxuan, then quickly stepped straight to the site of the traffic accident. But over here, the traffic police were already processing the traffic accident.

“I am the deceased’s father……how did this come about?” Chen Zhantian asked the traffic police handling the accident.

Chen Zhantian is Songning City’s celebrity, the chairman of Chen’s Public Security and Products Conglomerate. A lot of police equipment was manufactured from Chen’s Conglomerate, so the team leader in this traffic police squadron naturally recognized Chen Zhantian.

This accident is very important; just the value of vehicle that caused the accident was worth several million. Therefore, this team leader personally handled the accident. However, what he didn’t expect was that the person who died in the accident was actually Chen Clan’s young master!

“President Chen, you’re saying……the one that died in the accident is……” Captain Zhong became scared, he didn’t expect that the influence of the deceased was very large.

“Yes, so how did this come about?” Chen Zhantian didn’t wish to get angry, after all, these people were unrelated. He wanted to clarify the truth of the matter, as well as draw support from these people.

“President Chen, it’s like this: according to the eyewitnesses’ statement, your son’s car was originally travelling along at a regular speed, but it suddenly went out of control, making its way to the back of the garbage truck……” Captain Zhong presented.


  1. TLN: The Chinese is “傻X” and it definitely means ‘傻屄(stupid ****, dumbshit, etc)’. 
  2. TLN: Just a comparison between Cheng Zhongqian and Chen Jinkun’s positions in their clans. Cheng Zhongqian > Chen Jinkun in terms of how important they were. 
  3. TLN: Possibly an allusion to *****. 
  4. TLN: So I saw someone on NU subtly flame a translator for translating the words ‘he ran quickly’ into 3 sentences. To be honest, it’s up to us translators whether we want to simplify the text or leave it as it is. I think the majority of translators would agree that most of the text should be left alone, leaving you readers with a shitton of words to read, even though it may be only describing one action. This is because leaving it mostly true to the raw text is a form of respect to the author for writing such wonderful bullshit. In addition, even if it’s redundant, it’s hard to translate it into English without sounding redundant. If you’re reading this and thinking ‘wtf, that’s bs’ to the previous sentence, you should try translating. Otherwise, carry on and sorry for disturbing your reading of the chapter~ 
  5. TLN: I think this is a reference to Taoism(Daoism). 
  6. TLN: Shen Clan 
  7. TLN: Shen Zhenghao 

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