Chapter 13 – Mutually Learning

Talking about Zhu Yingxiong’s Zhu Family’s placement, they actually had once been part of the Four Large Aristocratic Five Small Aristocratic Family Alliance, ranked at the last rank family. However, at last year’s Aristocratic Family Conference, they were kicked out of the alliance.

While Zhu Yingxiong is the heir to the family, he normally didn’t have a good time and had become Zhao Yuliang’s bullying target. Xiao Chen, however, insulted Zhao Yuliang to help him out, and Zhu Yingxiong henceforth, became Xiao Chen’s lackey.

To the former Xiao Chen, it was merely just a lift of a hand, but for Zhu Yingxiong, it was the grace of a flowing river, because Xiao Chen from then on let him live with more dignity!

Things afterwards, on the eve of the Family Conference, in Zhu Family’s family conference, Zhu Family was ready to give up participating in the Family Conference. Being kicked out of the Aristocratic family ranks was already a certainty, and going would only be a loss of face, just more embarrassment, why look for abuse?

Only, around this time, Zhu Family’s Ancestor had come home! In fact, to be honest, this Ancestor was Zhu Family’s granduncle, he isn’t a direct descendant, but even so, he is considered Zhu Family’s Ancestor!

Just how powerful Zhu Family’s Ancestor was, Xiao Chen didn’t know, but he did know that after Zhu Family’s Ancestor came back, he went to Cheng Family. Later during the Family Conference, Cheng Family actually supported Zhu Family from being the last of the Five Small Aristocratic Families to the head of the Five Small Aristocratic Families!

Although Cheng Family was the head of the nine families, Cheng’s Head proposed that Zhu Family be the head of the Five Small Aristocratic Families for no reason at all making them dissatisfied. It was just that, when the Ancestor appeared, the people present all shut up, and everyone agreed that Zhu Family should be the head of the Five Small Aristocratic Families…

However the Ancestor didn’t have the idea of power in his mind, just as long as Zhu Family maintained its status.

The presence of such a powerful person, unexpectedly fancying Zhu Yingxiong, decided to make him the inheritor. Thus, Zhu Family’s non-Fighter family had children embarking on the road of cultivation. But Zhu Yingxiong cultivated relatively late, and didn’t even have First Layer Inner Qi strength. He had just touched the edge of that barrier and this is also the reason his father beat him into this. ⌈1

Xiao Chen patted Zhu Yingxiong’s shoulder, although there were no words, it expressed everything clearly.

Zhu Yingxiong’s sincerity, Xiao Chen saw in eyes, it was just, he is faced with the situation that Zhu Yingxiong couldn’t help. Zhu Family’s Ancestor was also impossible just based on Zhu Yingxiong’s relationship with himself, not to mention Zhu Yingxiong, Zhu Family’s matter, that Ancestor wasn’t multipurpose. ⌈2

“Right, Boss, you’re all right? Yesterday I heard you committed suicide ah. I was living in the hospital and really couldn’t move ah. Finally I got a little better this morning, then my several little brothers gave me a call, saying that Zhao Yuliang and Chen Jinpeng were seeking trouble with you! I’m glad you didn’t commit suicide at the same time, while I was running over, feared that those trash asked you for trouble, however I didn’t think that they would be fighting each other?”

“No problems….what could have happened?” Xiao Chen’s manner of speaking, with a tint of frustration: “Why would they fight, the reason isn’t clear….but it’s clear that Chen Jinpeng isn’t doing it out of conscience.”

“I also say that it can’t be, this kid is displeasing to my eyes, if not for him following you earlier than me, ****, I would have long since done him in!” Zhu Yingxiong said.

Xiao Chen nodded, saying nothing further.

Zhu Yingxiong thought Xiao Chen was in a bad mood, also stopped speaking further. What he didn’t know was, the Xiao Chen now didn’t know what attitude to use to face Zhu Yingxiong, whether to show his original appearance, or continue to pose as a dandy?

If he continued to pose as a dandy, he would be seen as an ‘incurable sucker’, and maybe Zhu Yingxiong would see him as ‘incurable’ and also stay away an arm’s length. Of course, with Zhu Yingxiong’s character, it is unlikely to occur.

Zhu Family’s strength, as Zhu Family’s grandson Young Master Yingxiong, remained Xiao Chen’s little brother, without the slightest dissatisfaction, a little brother after Chen Jinpeng, simply was Xiao Chen’s sidekick.

Xiao Chen, naturally didn’t want to deceive him, but Xiao Chen was afraid of exposing himself. There were violent enemies plotting against himself, so within the contradiction, Xiao Chen can only pick temporary silence.

In the school building’s hallway, Chen Jinpeng and Zhao Yuliang with the others were still fighting it out, until the school’s security came, just to force them apart! This school was Chen Family’s investment building. While Chen Family was naturally a quiet family, the school’s security chief was actually a Second Layer Inner Qi Fighter, but he was a Second Layer Inner Qi Fighter Peak about to break through Third Layer Inner Qi Fighter. This showed how powerful Chen Family was!

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This is also the reason why Chen Family proudly stayed outside the Nine Aristocratic Families.

“Zhao Yuliang, Chen Jinpeng, what is this all about?” The security chief gulped and asked, dealing with these dandys, only the security chief personally stepped forward for the job: “Don’t you know that the school bans brawling inside the school? Do you want to be expelled?”

Zhao Yuliang looked angrily at Chen Jinpeng, wanted to fight out the anger, but he didn’t dare talk about the fighting matter. Although Xiao Chen had fallen, if the children from families troubled each other, this would be done in private, it couldn’t be talked about on the surface. Once the school knew, then they would be severely punished!

Although these children from the families wouldn’t be expelled, however this was Chen Family’s school ah, if they were expelled, it would be shameful ah! They would be ashamed to lift up their heads in front of the children from other families!

Moreover, Zhao Yuliang wanted to pursue Cheng Mengying, if he was expelled, how would he pursue, and what face would he have to pursue?

“Chief Chen, the Aristocratic Families Conference is coming up soon, you also should know, when that time comes there will be a competition between juniors. I and Chen Jinpeng were just exchanging notes in advance, exchanging notes using action, this and fighting are two different matters!” Although Zhao Yuliang was aggrieved, however he didn’t forget to stare at Chen Jinpeng’s eyes, and asked: “Right? Chen Jinpeng?”

“Right, Chief Chen, but my strength was a little too strong, and Brother Liang….Zhao Yuliang had a little difference, so I let them try together, to balance the strength!” Chen Jinpeng’s good explanation told of why Zhao Yuliang’s little brothers joined in on the fight.

Chief Chen naturally didn’t believe them, but he also knew Xiao Chen had fallen and his little brother Chen Jinpeng switched to Zhao Yuliang’s side. That is to say, Zhao Yuliang and Chen Jinpeng were a group, they had no reason to fight!

However, even if it was comparing notes, why the extreme methods? These two people were obviously not injured lightly, but since both parties said nothing, Chief Chen wasn’t willing to be meddling, waved his hand: “Okay, since there’s no problems, then quickly go to class, don’t block up the way!”


  1. TLN: No, not the gay ‘fancying’. 
  2. TLN: He means that just based on their relationship alone, the Ancestor couldn’t be bothered 

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