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Chapter 47 – Have You Never Seen A Beauty Before?

Xiao Chen didn’t know why Cheng Mengying would suddenly get so angry, so he somewhat could make heads or tails of it, but who made her a young lady? Xiao Chen was silent for a moment, then said: “Fine, I’ll go out at 4 o’clock then come back at 7 o’clock to fix you breakfast. This will not interfere……”

“You……” Cheng Mengying became even more irritated by Xiao Chen’s reply. It wasn’t that she wasn’t an unreasonable person, but going out at 4 o’clock then coming back again at 7 o’clock? But she didn’t know how to retort. At this moment the young lady thought of Jin Beibei. If that little demoness was here, she ought to be able to cope with Xiao Chen, right? At this moment, she could only stamp her foot and hmph: “Do as you please! There’s no need to come back, this young lady isn’t that delicate! But because you delayed up this young lady’s meal, your food expenses will be dropped by 50 RMB and starting tomorrow, you won’t get any!”

Having 50 RMB deducted by the young lady, Xiao Chen could only bitterly smile. He shook his head and went into the kitchen to prepare hot water for the instant noodles. Ye Xiaoye was actually still in the kitchen blending her medicine, but it was evident that she was not going to boil it in the kitchen. After putting the correct proportion of water, she moved towards the stairs to go up.

Seeing Ye Xiaoye, Xiao Chen suddenly remembered that he needed some help from her. Thus, he said to her: “Ye Xiaoye, your electric earthenware pot, can you let me borrow it?”

“? What do you want to use it for?” Ye Xiaoye looked at Xiao Chen a bit strangely.

“I want to boil medicine.” Xiao Chen said.

Boiling medicine would have a medicinal smell and even if he were looked inside his room, there would be a slight smell. This was something that couldn’t be mask from other people. Of course, Xiao Chen also wouldn’t say that it would be used for truth cultivating and could only reply: “Recently my body hasn’t been comfortable, so I acquired several helping medicinal herbs.

“No good.” Ye Xiaoye oddly looked at Xiao Chen, but nevertheless indifferently shook her head.

“If I had money, I would buy one and not use yours.” Xiao Chen bitterly smiled and said: “Just let me use it this one time.”

There was the 200 RMB in Xiao Chen’s pocket that the young lady had just given him and adding the money from before, he actually could buy an earthenware pot.

“Don’t you know that medicinal ingredients cannot mix when boiling and manufacturing? My earthenware pot boils my own medicinal ingredients. If your medicinal ingredients are boiled in it, it will cause problems which are not good for either you or me.” Ye Xiaoye explained: “My medicinal ingredients are priceless. Each piece is very expensive; you wouldn’t be able to pay me back if you ruined it.”

Xiao Chen was distracted for a moment. He didn’t understand these things, but now it seems that he had misunderstood Ye Xiaoye. So there was actually this view when boiling medicine! But Ye Xiaoye didn’t lie, it was just that the Bitter Relief Fruit truly was very expensive. Xiao Chen indeed would not be able to compensate for the loss.

“Okay. Sorry, I didn’t know about this; I’ll go buy one.” Xiao Chen could only delay the plan for a day.

“I have an unused new one that I can let you use. You can go buy a similar one and give it back to me.” Ye Xiaoye lightly said after glancing at Xiao Chen.

“Thanks!” Xiao Chen gratefully said. He didn’t expect that Ye Xiaoye would lend him.

“It’s nothing.” Ye Xiaoye took her medicinal ingredients and mixed them well. Then, she carried the earthenware pot to get ready to go upstairs and said while walking: “Come with me.”

As Xiao Chen followed Ye Xiaoye and walked upstairs, Cheng Mengying actually was staring at Xiao Chen with a weird expression in her eyes. She could hear the conversation Xiao Chen and Ye Xiaoye had in the kitchen just now. Only, what made her somewhat puzzled was that how could Xiao Chen’s body not be feeling well? Could it be that walking back home from school every day had made him accumulate tiredness?

‘Have I been too demanding of him?’ Thinking up to here, Cheng Mengying felt ashamed in her heart, but suddenly another thought popped up; ‘That’s not right! That day in the gym, Xiao Chen was incomparably aggressive and his body seemed rather well. He beat the crap out of Ma Gangmen and there was not even a trace of having the appearance of his body having problems. Could it be that he was going to use the electrical earthenware pot to do other matters?’

The young lady subconsciously opened the backpack that Xiao Chen had thrown onto the sofa when he came hom. Then, she rummaged through the inside and actually found a pack of medicinal herbs!

This time, it looked as if Xiao Chen truly did want to boil medicine. ‘Is he really feeling uncomfortable?’ Cheng Mengying wanted to show concern for him, but after thinking about it, she let it be, so as to avoid Xiao Chen misunderstanding her for still liking him! Not right, she had never liked him!

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Xiao Chen followed Ye Xiaoye to the front of her room door. Just as Xiao Chen was thinking of following in, he actually saw Ye Xiaoye turn her body around and said to him: “You don’t need to come in. It’s fine if you just stand here and wait for me.”

Obviously, Ye Xiaoye didn’t want Xiao Chen to see her room, so she made Xiao Chen stop.

However, Xiao Chen didn’t have the hobby of being a voyeur. Although he was somewhat curious about Ye Xiaoye’s room, he still stood where he was.

Ye Xiaoye entered the room and closed the door after her. After a moment, she came out holding a box and handed it over to Xiao Chen: “Here. Remember the model and brand, I want the exact same.”

“Many thanks.” Xiao Chen received the box, but after seeing the price tag on top of the box, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch for a little while! ****, nine-hundred ninety-nine……

Xiao Chen had seen a commercial before that had a slogan of 999 RMB. At that time, Xiao Chen thought, ‘what good things could 999 RMB buy?’ But now, 999 RMB for Xiao Chen was a sky-high amount of money!

“My medicinal ingredients requires a very high quality earthenware pot. Only this sort of earthenware pot is good, otherwise the result will not be good and it will be a waste of medicinal ingredients!” Ye Xiaoye said as if she had seen through Xiao Chen’s thoughts. Then, she explained: “Of course you don’t need to use it. Tomorrow you can go buy a cheap one at the farmer’s market. Maybe you won’t even need to use 99 RMB.”

Xiao Chen’s heart slightly trembled. What a big mouth he had, asking Ye Xiaoye to borrow an electric earthenware pot. However, if he blindly and casually bought one, wouldn’t that be foolishly wasting his medicinal ingredients? One has to know, the medicinal ingredients he possessed were very precious and had a big use.

Thinking up to here, Xiao Chen quickly said: “Wait until I earn enough money, then I’ll give it back to you!”

“Cheng Mengying doesn’t give you a salary?” Ye Xiaoye casually asked as she nodded.

“No……our relationship is quite complex. It’s something that I wouldn’t be able to give a good explanation for in a few words. Xiao Chen shrugged.

“Oh……” It was evident that Ye Xiaoye didn’t have the desire to get to the bottom of this matter, but she seemed to give a somewhat despising look at Xiao Chen. Now that there was nothing else to say as business was already done, she turned around to return back into the room.

As Xiao Chen carried the electric earthenware pot downstairs, he was surprised for a moment because he saw that his backpack was open.

And the young lady, from the start, did not have any suspicions: “What are you going to do with the medicine you bought? Does your body really have problems?

Although Cheng Mengying felt that it was unimaginable, Xiao Chen buying medicinal ingredients and borrowing an earthenware pot were true. Thus, Cheng Mengying had some doubts and finally could not bear but ask.

“It’s nothing serious. Recently, I’ve gone through great tribulations. It is a problem of mood; this medicine’s purpose is to clear the liver and stomach.” Xiao Chen casually explained.

“Oh.” Cheng Mengying nodded: “I believe that your adaptation is not bad.”

“Hehe, adaptation has a process!” Xiao Chen said with a smile.

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“This young lady is starving to death, when will you soak the noodles?” Cheng Mengying asked.

“The water is done boiling, I’ll do it right now.” Xiao Chen turned to walk towards the kitchen with his heart full of warmth. The characters of the young lady and Ye Xiaoye were a bit similar; they were cold on the outside but warm on the inside. Moreover, both had a bit of a ‘young lady’ temperament.

Ye Xiaoye was very good to Xiao Chen and the young lady also quietly cared for him. This made Xiao Chen feel that his present life wasn’t bad.

After the noodles were soaked, Xiao Chen placed it onto the dining table and called Cheng Mengying to eat. Cheng Mengying put down the tv remote control in her hands, tidied up the hair on her forehead, then got up after making it into a bundle and chucking her hair to the side after tying it up.

This was the first time Xiao Chen saw the young lady without bangs. At this moment, Cheng Mengying gave the impression of being languid and willful. It turned out that the goddess’ daily life was the same as an ordinary person’s.

“What are you looking at! Have you never seen a beauty before!” Cheng Mengying felt uncomfortable from head to toe as she sensed Xiao Chen’s attentive gaze.
Xiao Chen shifted his gaze and ‘heihei’ laughed: “I discovered that me not pursuing you before was a mistake!

“Hmph! Now it’s too late!” Although these words came out of Cheng Mengying’s mouth, she was very happy in her heart. Cheng Mengying didn’t know why, but she very much cared about Xiao Chen’s recognition. Could it be because that he was her former fiance?

“Of course, Shen Jingxuan and Lin Ke’er also aren’t bad.” Xiao Chen said.

“Womanizer!” Just as Cheng Mengying was feeling happy, she heard Xiao Chen’s later words and became angry: “Do you think you are Xiao Family’s clan master, thinking about having 3 wives 4 concubines! Even aristocratic family clan masters wouldn’t dare to marry me or Shen Jingxuan!”

“Hehe……” Xiao Chen laughed. Indeed this was the case. In aristocratic families, although some men had wives and concubines, concubines were usually of humble birth, not an aristocratic family young lady.

“This doesn’t taste good! Give me yours!” After Cheng Mengying ate two bites of the instant noodles in the lunch box, she discovered that the flavor didn’t conform to her tastes. It was a sweet and spicy taste that she did not like, so she directly switched it with Xiao Chen’s beef-flavored instant noodles.

Xiao Chen was a bit dumbfounded. He pointing at the young lady who was eating several mouthfuls of the instant noodles: “Is this considered you taking small advantages?”

“En, this young lady is reluctantly letting you take account for it!” Cheng Mengying had gone back yesterday and thought about it. In fact, what Ye Xiaoye said was right, if this were to be considered an indirect kiss, then wouldn’t living in the same lodging be considered as having indirect sex?

Xiao Chen glanced at Cheng Mengying’s manner, not at all looking like she had taken a small advantage. She was eating with relish, making him suddenly somewhat speechless. He picked up chopsticks and ate the young lady’s old sweet spicy noodles.

‘……Indeed, this is not delicious. Next time I won’t buy this flavor.’ Xiao Chen thought.

Xiao Chen went to brush clean the lunch box. As for the young lady’s saliva, his heart had no dirty thoughts. He had already given himself a very good position. Currently expressing love and creating an ambiguous relationship with the young lady already wasn’t a realistic matter, therefore Xiao Chen simply didn’t think about these things.
After eating dinner, the young lady went back to watching tv and Xiao Chen to his room to boil medicine.

Decocting the medicine in his room, Xiao Chen was finally able to imagine Ye Xiaoye’s numerous pains. The room was full of a dense medicinal smell and even if he immediately opened the window, the smell wouldn’t disperse for a long time. Moreover, according to Tian Lao’s prescription, this auxiliary medicine would require five fours to boil and one auxiliary medicine could only be boiled three times. That is to say, Xiao Chen must endure this smell for five hours every day……

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