Chapter 16 – School Beauty Personal Bodyguard

Vehicles that can enter the campus were absolutely abnormal. Xiao Chen stopped in his tracks, quietly watching the car, wanting to see some clue from the car, but the car’s windows were black-tinted, so Xiao Chen couldn’t make out who was in the car.

Came with ill intent? Or?

The car door opened and from the car, a middle aged man wearing a white robe got out. This person naturally was Cheng Zhongming.

“Uncle Cheng?” After Xiao Chen saw the person inside the car he couldn’t help but being slightly surprised. He didn’t think the person inside the car was actually Cheng Zhongming, Young Lady Cheng Mengying’s father.

“Xiao Chen, it seems that you were expelled from the school with no way out, right?” Cheng Zhongming said while not giving Xiao Chen an opportunity to speak, then said the long story short: “Right now, I’ll give you a chance to survive. I’m going to transfer Mengying to Second High, however, she lacks a personal bodyguard, who concurrently works as a servant, are you interested in going together?”

Xiao Chen blankly stared. He didn’t think that Cheng Zhongming would give him such an opportunity! Servant or not, Xiao Chen didn’t care, but what Xiao Chen cared about, not transferring together, but, will there be a place to live in?

This was the problem that Xiao Chen had been daydreaming about before ah!

“The school expelling me, it seems like Uncle Cheng did this?” Xiao Chen didn’t answer Cheng Zhongming’s words, and instead questioned him.

Even though Xiao Chen didn’t want to hide the truth from Cheng Zhongming, walls have ears, in addition, Xiao Chen didn’t want himself to change too much. Only by pretending to be a waste dandy would he have a long life.

“Xiao Chen, you should also know that Uncle Cheng has no means!” Cheng Zhongming was slightly stupefied. For Xiao Chen to guess this was an accident, but thinking about it, currently only his Cheng Family was against him. Even if Xiao Chen is a waste he could also think of this key point.

“So is this your charity for me? Or do you want to….humiliate me?” Xiao Chen’s tone was cold, roaring at Cheng Zhongming: “I thought that since you were my dad’s sworn brother, you would be different from my biological uncle, however….hehe, but my biological uncle and you are no different, do you guys think I’m a joke?”

It was just that, in Xiao Chen’s heart, he was actually secretly apologizing. Uncle Cheng, sorry, I know you mean good for me, I need to find an excuse to survive, but….I don’t have the means to thank you!

At least before Xiao Chen gained enough strength, it was not possible to expose his rational side; doing so would make him die quicker.

“Xiao Chen….” Cheng Zhongming smiled bitterly. Watching this angry Xiao Chen and not knowing how to comfort him, yes ah, he really was guilty. His sworn brother was missing and he couldn’t take care of his son.

There were no people in the school’s sports field, this scene, also fell into his mind’s eye. (TLN: I think they’re referring to Xiao Chen here, and I think the sports field is filled with people.)

“But….living is better than dying, so I really want to thank Uncle Cheng!” Even though in Xiao Chen’s mouth, ferocious words popped out, the Xiao Chen now actually looked like an embarrassed heroic person.

This fully conformed to his previous character. After the violent raging there was deep helplessness! Young Master Xiao was cornered and could only admit defeat.

“This….then come aboard!” Cheng Zhongming sighed, saying so Xiao Chen.

Then, in the midst of a crowd of sneering people, Xiao Chen boarded Cheng Zhongming’s car.

Cheng Zhongming had driven with his own car and didn’t bring a driver. Some matters he couldn’t do some things on the surface, and Xiao Chen’s reaction from before, although Cheng Zhongming felt very uncomfortable, there was no way to explain. However, if Xiao Chen’s performance reached his father’s ears, his scheme would have been a ‘success’.

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Just, Xiao Chen’s irritable dandy character made Cheng Zhongming worry. He could only help in secret now, but along the road, how would he face Xiao Chen?

“Uncle Cheng, thank you.” After Xiao Chen boarded the car, he actually restored his tranquil expression! Presently, it seemed like Cheng Zhongming could be trusted. Xiao Chen is not stupid; Cheng Zhongming’s procedure wasn’t to humiliate him, but to help him.

“?” Cheng Zhongming was deep in thought, then was suddenly scared by Xiao Chen’s abrupt words, and turned around to look at Xiao Chen with incredulous eyes! A moment ago, Xiao Chen had just gotten angry at him. After boarding his car, how did it turn into a light thanks?

“Uncle Cheng, over these two days, there were some things I figured out, saw clearly, understood some truth….” Although Cheng Zhongming was trustable, Xiao Chen wasn’t outspoken towards him: “A moment ago, when I yelled at you, it was just in order to survive….you know….”

Cheng Zhongming’s eyes brightened up a little, incredulously looked at Xiao Chen. Cheng Zhongfan had sent people in the distance to follow him, and Cheng Zhongming could naturally feel strength, but Cheng Zhongming didn’t think they could hear the conversation between him and Xiao Chen. He also didn’t think that Xiao Chen was more careful than him!

Father, Cheng’s Master, couldn’t be assured in Cheng Zhongming, after all, Xiao Feng and Cheng Zhongming used to be sworn brothers. He was worried that Xiao Chen would be released, so making Cheng Zhongfan watch this was understandable.

But, what made Cheng Zhongming shocked was, Xiao Chen….seemed to be more sensible compared to before?

“Xiao Chen….you….unexpectedly figured it out?” Cheng Zhongming looked strangely at Xiao Chen, in extreme surprised.

“Suffering enormous changes, if I was still silly, then wouldn’t that be like dying miserably?” Xiao Chen wryly smiled, saying: “Yesterday, I was pushed down a cliff by someone….”

“What! This matter was real?” Cheng Zhongming’s pupils became needles, looking at Xiao Chen dumbstruck: “The rumors weren’t fake? Then you….”

“Caught onto some branches, and climbed up….” Xiao Chen naturally didn’t tell the truth. Tian Lao’s existence and the cultivation matter, even if he trusted Cheng Zhongming, this matter couldn’t be carelessly said.

“So that’s how it is, this really is ‘scary but not dangerous’ ah!” Cheng Zhongming frowned: “So who wants to aim for you? Our Cheng Family, without my father’s approval, is impossible to do such a matter….”

“This is also what I wonder….there are people who want to kill me, if Uncle Cheng has any news, please let me know so that I can guard against it.” Xiao Chen said these many goals in order to make Cheng Zhongming help him find out the secret manipulator.

The onlooker sees more clearly. Perhaps standing at Cheng Zhongming’s height, then some clues can be found. Moreover, there was a partiality towards one’s own in an Aristocratic Family, so this was a good thing for Xiao Chen.

“Okay, I’ll pay attention to this matter!” Cheng Zhongming was fearfully thinking, if Xiao Chen really died yesterday, how would he be worthy of Xiao Feng? Moreover, even if Cheng Family didn’t move their hand, from the outside, Xiao Chen had committed suicide because he couldn’t see the bright side of the matter, and Cheng Family would be caught up in it!

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