Chapter 11 – Chen Jinpeng’s Insanity

“Little Chenzi, you’re nervous ah?” As Zhao Yuliang’s playful voice faded, Tian Lao’s joking voice sounded in Xiao Chen’s ear.

“****! Tian Lao, can you not add to the trouble, I’ve been embarrassed enough!” Xiao Chen responded a bit helplessly.

“Ha, Young Master Xiao can also look so cold? This look is quite sharp ah, I’m so scared ah!” Zhao Yuliang saw Xiao Chen’s cold eyes, without the slightest sliver of fear, and even laughed unscrupulously.

Yesterday with regards to Xiao Chen not dying matter, Zhao Yuliang was a bit annoyed, his mother’s eggs, he had booked a table at Songning City’s largest hotel Jade Sea Heavenly Temple, ready to celebrate with his new little brother Chen Jinpeng and little brother once and for all about Xiao Chen’s death! ⌈1

However he didn’t expect that, after just going to the school gate to see that Xiao Chen was kicking, how couldn’t he be annoyed? Originally yesterday wanted to fix Xiao Chen up to purge his anger. However when he wanted to, Cheng Mengying appeared. In front of Cheng Mengying, Zhao Yuliang couldn’t be too overbearing. Although Zhao Yuliang knew that Cheng Mengying didn’t like Xiao Chen, but in front of her, he couldn’t beat her ex-fiance, it would be like slapping her face, so Zhao Yuliang endured!

Only, this morning when he heard a little brother’s report, he was driven to the limits of forbearance! The night before, Shen Jingxuan took an advantage in pursuing Cheng Mengying, unexpectedly slipping Xiao Chen a packet of money! Although he knew the personality of Shen Jingxuan, when encountering beggars giving charity once or twice, but, if not for Cheng Mengying telling Shen Jingxuan that Xiao Chen had no money, why would Shen Jingxuan give money to Xiao Chen?

Why would Cheng Goddess show so much concern for Xiao Chen? Is it just because Xiao Chen was her former fiance? Thus, when shamed until anger, Zhao Yuliang just bought Chen Jingpeng and a few little brothers early in the morning to block Xiao Chen, ready to teach him a lesson, and then afterwards warn him from approaching Cheng Mingying.

“Hehe, do you need help?” Sounded Tian Lao’s voice again.

“Help? You can help?” Xiao Chen frowned slightly, even if Tian Lao helped him fight, that’s still exposing strength right? That’s not what Xiao Chen wanted to see.

“Of course, I don’t plan on showing both hands, do you admire me, this master? Now it looks like, you don’t respect me ah!” Tian Lao said with pretended force.

Xiao Chen wanted to talk a bit to Tian Lao, when Chen Jinpeng who wasn’t so far behind from Zhao Yuliang, pretending to just have found this situation, opened his mouth to say: “Aiya, isn’t this boss! Boss, did you encounter any trouble? Little brother is here, just say it boss!”

Chen Jinpeng deliberately did this, also wanting to humiliate Xiao Chen, to let Xiao Chen feel a difference of Heaven and Earth. To beat up Xiao Chen so ruthlessly that he would feel inferior.

“Haha, Xiao Chen, if I were you, I would be unable to show my face, you don’t mean to tell me, you also need a little brother to protect you? Oh, right, there’s also your former fiancée!” Zhao Yuliang was also acting with Chen Jinpeng: “If I were you, afraid that already ashamed to not showing my face, even if not commit suicide, would quickly transfer, still have face here? I’ll give you one piece of advice, in the future, stay away from Cheng Mengying!”

Transfer? Xiao Chen’s mind had a slight movement, right ah, he could transfer ah! Here, he stood out, had to fight against someone in the dark, wanting to catch him would be countless suffering and hardship, but if he transfers, the person that wants to kill him, would have to go to the new school to find him, in this way, the familiar faces will be exposed!

Xiao Chen didn’t think that Zhao Yuliang’s advice would inadvertently remind him! However…Xiao Chen smiled bitterly immediately. The him right now was a Xiao Family’s Young Master that lost his home. If he wanted money, there was no money. If he wanted background, he had no background. What could he use to transfer?

Not paying the transfer fees for a new school, would anyone let him go?

“Okay, Chen Jinpeng, Zhao Yuliang this goods dare to insult me, beat him up for me, until his mother can’t recognize him!” Xiao Chen suddenly shouted loudly! But, Xiao Chen heart tragedy was, this wasn’t his ************* shout ah, it was ******* Tian Lao who took over his body, and shouted!

Therefore, this sentence from Xiao Chen made Zhao Yuliang and his little brothers stunned, this Xiao Chen again **, shouldn’t be stupid to this state right? Chen Jinpeng made it clear that he wanted to humiliate him, did he really believe?

Only, what made Zhao Yuliang even more surprised was, Chen Jinpeng actually shouted loudly: “Yes! Boss, don’t worry, Zhao Yuliang dares humiliate you, I’ll let him know, the person insulting must be disgraced!”

“?” Zhao Yuliang was a bit surprised, somewhat surprised to see that Chen Jinpeng being the same, he thought that Chen Jinpeng didn’t need to act anymore right? However, the next moment, he saw a fist in front of him getting larger, and kept enlarging….

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Zhao Yuliang’s face suffered a punch from Chen Jinpeng, and Zhao Yuliang immediately screamed ‘Ah’, took two steps back with a nosebleed, looked aghast at Chen Jinpeng: “Chen Jinpeng, you…”


What answered Zhao Yuliang was an overcast leg, Chen Jinpeng directly kicked Zhao Yuliang’s ‘little brother’, Zhao Yuliang suddenly clutched his crotch and jumped back, sweating in pain!

Chen Jinpeng was a Second Layer expert ah, this attacking Zhao Yuliang body, like he didn’t want his life!

“**** your mother, Chen Jinpeng, have you gone crazy!” Zhao Yuliang yelled out.

Only, Chen Jinpeng’s answer to Zhao Yuliang was a slap to the face.


Zhao Yuliang’s face was beaten.

Zhao Yuliang’s younger brothers were stunned seeing Chen Jinpeng’s fight, with doubts in heart, this Chen Jinpeng isn’t playing out an internal affair ah? Before pretending refuge, was actually a chance to humiliate Zhao Yuliang at an appropriate opportunity?

But….this makes no sense ah! Xiao Chen had already lost everything, a young master in dire straits, where did he have the same compatibility as Zhao Yuliang?

Zhao Yuliang, and his little fellows were shocked!

“Stop, stop for me, beat this lunatic up for me!” Zhao Yuliang and several of his little brothers angrily shouted.

These little brothers hesitated, they surely were Zhao Yuliang’s little brothers, but they weren’t bodyguards. They were only school students, and the most powerful was only a First Layer Inner Qi fighter. Chen Jinpeng was a Second Layer Inner Qi fighter, this wasn’t a secret in Zhao Yuliang’s circles, that was also the reason why they didn’t dare to start!

However now, Zhao Yuliang has commanded, these little brothers didn’t have the means to refuse. They could only bite the bullet, or else the consequences would be even more severe.

Thus, Xiao Chen’s eyes looked at the tangled warfare. Chen Jinpeng went all out on beating Zhao Yuliang, while the little brothers of Zhao Yuliang were trying to beat Chen Jinpeng. Fortunately Chen Jinpeng’s was as if possessed, just attacking Zhao Yuliang, indifferent to the little brothers trying to beat him.


  1. TLN: No idea if Yigan Yiqian is a name or not | Edit: I realized YiGan YiQian might be ‘once and for all’ after saying it in my head. Not too sure. 

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