Chapter 23 – Two-Headed Abalone, Five Jin Lobster

Inside the school, Lou Family also has some familiar teachers, otherwise, with Lou Zhenming’s despotism and arrogance, he would have been expelled long ago! And wanting to look at Cheng Mengying’s transfer files isn’t easy, but there are still ways to make it possible.

“I have talked to the sports teacher Teacher Lei already, he said he would help us find a way!” Ma Gangmen said.

The school’s sports teacher Teacher Lei is a former boxer team member. After retiring, he went to Songning City’s Second High to become a teacher. Of course, this is his identity on the surface. His secret identity is actually a gang member. He is Lou Zhenming’s father, Lou Siwen’s, goon, and often helps Lou Zhenming with behind-the-scenes fighting.

This is Lou Siwen protecting Lou Zhenming and planting a spy into the school. Perhaps on the day Lou Zhenming graduates, Lei Dianfeng will resign.

“Okay.” Lou Zhenming nodded.

Lei Dianfeng’s identity is hidden and unless it’s absolutely essential, it couldn’t be exposed. Lei Diangfeng could secretly help out Lou Zhenming a lot in the school.

Not long after, Lou Zhenming saw the lanky guy come up with Xiao Chen. His mind became slightly peaceful, it seemed like to him that the working efficiency of the lanky guy isn’t bad.

Only, what happened next made Lou Zhenming a bit uncomfortable. This is because Xiao Chen was actually leading the lanky guy and came over, blatantly sitting down right across from himself!

****, this kid really thinks he’s being invited out to eat? However, you’ll be crying momentarily!

Previously, Lou Zhenming was indeed optimistic about the lanky guy. Xiao Chen, this kid, isn’t an ordinary kind of poor, but rather very poor! This is because this guy couldn’t even afford to buy lunch and unexpectedly also ate Tang Tang’s steamed buns and pickled vegetables. Moreover, he ate with relish, as if he hadn’t eaten several meals! This is ******* poor to the extreme ah!

Thus, previously when Ma Gangmen wanted 10,000, when he directly said he didn’t have, this indeed could be understood. Because this kid really doesn’t have the money ah, even if you beat him to death, he wouldn’t have it!

Miscalculation ah, miscalculation. Lou Zhenming didn’t expect Xiao Chen to be penniless before. He thought of using his normal tactics of finding trouble with other students on Xiao Chen, but who knew that he would encounter such a poor man.

Therefore, Lou Zhenming changed his strategy. ‘You don’t have money? Then I’ll treat you, only, it’s my treat with your money! While the table is full of dishes and you don’t have the money to pay, I’ll pay for you, but if I pay for you, you must definitely be made uncomfortable. I just want to beat you a bit and when beating you, I will accidentally touch Cheng Mengying’s table. Wouldn’t this be an opportunity to strike up a conversation with Miss Cheng?’

This plan may seem flawed, but it also implicates other parties! The bystanders wouldn’t understand ah! From the bystander’s point of view it would go like this: ‘You treated me to eat and the result was me paying the bill? Beating you would be justified because you are playing with people ah!’

Thus, Lou Zhenming believes that whether or not there are loopholes, as long as it seems reasonable to the bystanders, it’s okay.

“Xiao Chen ah, the thing from before, please excuse me. My subordinate, Ma Gangmen, misunderstood my meaning and almost beat you. Therefore, I will treat you for lunch to resolve the misunderstanding.” Lou Zhenming politely said to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s eyes slightly narrowed and thought in his mind: ‘Lou Zhenming ate the wrong medicine right? Treating me to eat?’

Xiao Chen couldn’t understand Lou Zhenming’s purpose, but still wanting to see what he actually wanted to do, he remained composed on the surface: “Oh, treating me ah. You should say this earlier, I almost thought you wanted to beat me! Eating food, fantastic! I didn’t eat full from a while ago, thank you ah!”

Xiao Chen is currently First Layer Qi-Training and is in the high-end profession of cultivating true virtue. As long as there isn’t too big of a big accident, he’s ready to resist with all the means he can.

“I’ve already ordered some good dishes. Xiao Chen, do you have anything you want to add?” Lou Zhenming asked.

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“Well…although these dishes are good, there’s no seafood…I came from the mountains, so I have never eaten seafood, can we order some?” Xiao Chen said with anticipation while looking at the menu.

“Okay, you order then!” Since Lou Zhenming wanted to completely act in a play, he couldn’t let Xiao Chen perceive anything wrong at the beginning. If he didn’t eat and instead ran away, how would he be able to have a reason to beat him?

Although, he, Lou Zhenming, doesn’t need an excuse to beat someone, if one subtly beat someone in front of Cheng Mengying, wouldn’t Cheng Mengying definitely suspect something?

“That….is there an order for One-Headed Abalone?” Xiao Chen turned and asked the server.

“No, there’s only Two-Headed Abalone, okay?” The server sweated a little. In order to satisfy these Aristocratic juniors, Second High’s cafeteria is near a hotel and a large joint venue. However, there isn’t an order for a Single-Headed Abalone ah, this is the best quality of goods, it’s not necessarily seen many times even in the country of origin.

“Okay, ten orders of Two-Headed Abalone!” Xiao Chen nodded: “And also get five jin of Australian Lobster!”

“Understood, these students, is there anything else?” The waiter recognized Lou Zhenming, so he didn’t have any doubts towards Xiao Chen’s order. After all, Lou Zhenming is an Aristocratic young master.1

After Lou Zhenming heard Xiao Chen’s words, his mouth suddenly twitched a couple of times. Although this was the food that he was going to make Xiao Chen pay, in the end, it was still him paying ah. How would Xiao Chen, this poor guy, have the money to pay it?

Thus, from the beginning, although Lou Zhenming ordered a table of food, it wasn’t anything too expensive. It only added up to around two or three thousand, but with Xiao Chen’s small order, it costed hundreds of thousands ah!

Two-Headed Abalone is 10,000 per order and this is also the school’s cheapest price. If this was in a nearby hotel, it would cost at least 20,000. Ten orders would cost 100,000 and this wasn’t counting the lobster!

It’s true that he’s Lou Family’s young master. But due to the fact that Lou Family mixes with underground gangs, although their strength boosted, their money situation is worse than other Aristocratic Families. Therefore, Lou Zhenming’s pocket money every month is only about 100,000 and it’s all spent in this one ******* time!

But, Lou Zhenming actually couldn’t stop. If he stopped now, it would look like to bystanders that he was being treated instead of Xiao Chen being treated? Therefore, Lou Zhenming could only put on a grateful look and say: “Xiao Chen, whatever you order is what we will eat….”

Order then, order. The more expensive the order, the more money I spend. Thus, the more ruthlessly you will be beaten and the more it will appear reasonable! Lou Zhenming, in order to approach Young Lady Cheng, could only clench his teeth and endure!

Xiao Chen ordered once. After the waiter saw that Lou Zhenming didn’t say anything else, the waiter went on to pass down the order.

Not far away, Cheng Mengying naturally saw Xiao Chen coming to the cafeteria and couldn’t help but secretly frown, ‘What’s Xiao Chen doing here? Why is he with Lou Zhenming and Ma Gangmen and other people? Wasn’t there a problem between them before?’

Thinking up to here, Young Lady Cheng was in no rush to finish eating because she wanted to take a look at what Xiao Chen wanted to do! After all, Xiao Chen is the person she brought over, so if anything happened, she wouldn’t have it well from her father.

‘Troublesome Xiao Chen, this Young Lady wants to hurry back to the classroom and beauty sleep, and you’ve ruined it! But, hum, this Young Lady will record it in her book, when that time comes, let’s see how you feel!’

Looking at the trays of delicacies lined up on Xiao Chen’s table, the surrounding students watched on enviously. ‘It’s lobster and abalone ah! Although it’s usually seen on the menu, how many people have actually selected it before?’

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Even if it was selected, it should be eaten in the upstairs balcony. It was the first time that a person like Xiao Chen, who ate like this on the Second Floor, was seen.

Of course, envy gathers envy. Many people who eat here know their family conditions. It is only a little better than most and could not be called rich. On the Second Floor cafeteria, they would normally order one or two dishes. Around the level of 800 to 1000, they could afford it, but any more was something that only those tyrant students would be able to afford it.

“****, this is the legendary Two-Headed Abalone ah. It smells quite delicious and it looks so good! Now then, I’m going to be polite ah!” Xiao Chen spoke in a considerably loud voice, that even the not-so-far-away Young Lady Cheng heard it.

But, nobody despised Xiao Chen. After all, Xiao Chen is telling the truth. The people sitting on the Second Floor are only a little rich. There aren’t many who have eaten Two-Headed Abalone and Australian Lobster!

Even though he wasn’t despised, they were still envious.

Of course, this action from Xiao Chen was despised in Lou Zhenming’s eyes. His heart coldly snorted ‘country bumpkin’, but his mouth said: “Then let’s start eating!”

“Okay ah, Lou Zhenming, you guys should also try out this Two-Headed Abalone and this big lobster. You guys haven’t eaten it before, right? Then you should eat more ah!” Xiao Chen’s voice was still very loud and Young Lady Cheng could clearly hear it.

“I….” Lou Zhenming was about to pick up his chopsticks to clamp onto a piece of abalone, but delayed after hearing Xiao Chen’s words and his complexion became somewhat unnatural: “I….you eat, we often eat this, so I disdain eating this….”

If Xiao Chen didn’t speak loudly, Lou Zhenming would definitely quickly chew and swallow. Although he has money, this level of lobster and abalone is rarely eaten. Originally, he wanted to snatch it from Xiao Chen and quickly eat, but right now, if he wants to snatch from Xiao Chen, then wouldn’t he also become a bumpkin?

Of course, if Cheng Mengying wasn’t in the back watching this, Lou Zhenming wouldn’t have cared. However, right now he wants to show off. If in Cheng Mengying’s heart, he became like the bumpkin Xiao Chen, then he might as well not try chasing. He would be done for before even trying!

Therefore, Lou Zhenming said goodbye to the lobster and abalone in his heart.

“What? Great! Then I won’t be polite, I’ll pack what I can’t eat. Really, thank you classmate Lou!” Xiao Chen was overjoyed, these lobster and abalone dishes were all pulled towards his face.

Ma Gangmen and the lanky guy looked at each other. Originally, they wanted to eat as much as they could to satisfy their desires, but now, the dishes were pulled away by Xiao Chen. This might as well be eating fart, so they couldn’t help but turn and give Lou Zhenming a pitiful look.

How would Lou Zhenming not understand the meaning of his two subordinates? But the boast was already said and he couldn’t exactly lose his own face right? Thus, he could only feign ignorance: “This abalone and lobster, the two of you are also tired of eating it, right? Let’s eat something light, these bamboo shoots aren’t bad….”


  1. TLN: ‘these students’ are said in a somewhat polite manner, as the waiter is a waiter. 

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