Chapter 59 – Super Well-Matched

“Okay, I know now. You can go at ease to heal from your wound!” The young man didn’t blame Sha Dage at all. Although Sha Dage was a little foolish, today’s matter couldn’t be blamed on Sha Dage. If there was someone to blame, then Lou Zhenming would take the blame!

“Yes, young master!” Sha Dage let out a sigh of relief and carefully got off the recreational vehicle.

“How do you see this?” After Sha Dage walked, the young man turned and asked the housekeeper on his side that hadn’t spoken.

“Those hooligans gives the impression that they should be randoms. Since Lou Zhenming jumped out to fight the hooligans, it proves that he and the hooligans aren’t together and him considering Sha Dage to be hooligan also proves this point.” The housekeeper analyzed: “However, this person is the helper Xiao Chen called for without a doubt! That is to say, the matter from the previous time wasn’t a coincidence!”

“I understand. Last time I made you investigate the relationship between Lou Zhenming and Xiao Chen; are there any results of the investigation?” The young man inquired.

“None. Young master, you should also know that Second High isn’t our sphere of influence because we previously did not pay any attention to Second High’s affairs. But according to the many inquiries I made, that Lou Zhenming apparently doesn’t have any relationship with Xiao Chen. On the contrary, it seems like they have some contradictions?” The housekeeper said somewhat doubtfully.

“Contradictions? There are contradictions and he still went to help Xiao Chen, is he sick?” Nevertheless, the young man simply didn’t believe this rumor.

“This is unknown.” The housekeeper shook his head and said: “After Xiao Chen arrived at this new school, he seems to be very low-profile. Practically no one recognizes him, so inquiring about him is very difficult.”

“Okay, continue investigating!” The young man said.

“Then……are we going to conduct the next step in targeting Xiao Chen?” The housekeeper asked.

“Let it be. Recuperate and first feel out Lou Zhenming’s approach, then we’ll speak about it.” The young man hesitated for a while and asked: “Right. Say, do you think Lou Zhenming knows that the two people were dispatched by me?”

“This is unpleasant to say, but since we can investigate that the other party was Lou Clan’s people, Lou Clan naturally can investigate our origins. It just depends on whether or not they want to investigate!” The housekeeper said after thinking about it.

“That’s right.” The young man nodded. To be honest, the reason why he unscrupulously dared to dispose of Xiao Chen was because Xiao Chen didn’t have the shield of the Xiao Clan, and Xiao Chen himself didn’t have the ability investigate who exactly wanted to deal with him. Once Xiao Chen was dead, that was it. No matter how amazing Xiao Clan was, it wouldn’t be able to investigate if there wasn’t any evidence.

But Lou Clan is different. No matter what, Lou Zhenming was Lou Clan’s young master. Even though Lou Clan was last place in the ‘Four Large Aristocratic Clans and Five Small Aristocratic Clans’, it shouldn’t be underestimated. If it wanted to track them through the clues, it really wasn’t a difficult matter.

In the wee hours of morning.

Xiao Chen quickly crawled off of his bed, got up, put on his clothes, and hurried to the grocery store near the morning market street. Although Xiao Chen had been ambushed yesterday evening, he couldn’t be scared of going out because of that. He still had to continue on living.

The current Xiao Chen was totally rushing against time. As long as he could win some more time, he would be able to upgrade his strength. Then, he would easily be able to confront the pressure.

When Xiao Chen arrived at the grocery store, Tang Tang also just arrived. Regarding Xiao Chen arriving so early, Tang Tang was somewhat amazed: “Young Master Xiao, alright! Getting up more earlier huh?”

“Isn’t this to think up of ways to earn a little more money!” Xiao Chen was truly short of money, otherwise he wouldn’t be in this situation of not even letting a single cent off.

“Haha, I didn’t expect you to also be a miser! Come over quickly and help!” Tang Tang rubbed her hands and used her finger to point towards the tricycle inside the yard.

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It was already late autumn at present and the weather was gradually turning cool. The early mornings were very cold, but since there was Xiao Chen, Tang Tang didn’t go to touch the ice-cold tricycle handle.

Xiao Chen didn’t mind it. He jumped onto the tricycle and said to Tang Tang: “Still not getting on? That’s right, don’t you need to tell auntie?”

“No need, auntie doesn’t wake up so early.” Tang Tang jumped onto the tricycle and Xiao Chen began biking towards the direction of the morning market streets.

The cold early morning autumn wind blew on Tang Tang’s face, blowing her hair into disorder. Tang Tang smiled and brushed away her hair. Looking at Xiao Chen’s back, she suddenly felt that it was especially warm.

It was really interesting to speak of them. The two of them were abandoned by their clans and now, they were unexpectedly selling breakfast together.

Thinking about the previous period of life when she lived as a young lady, Tang Tang felt that it was very far away. Her current life actually made her happier, especially after running into Xiao Chen. She discovered that she was no longer lonely!

It wasn’t that Tang Tang didn’t know about Deng Xiaokun’s feeling, but it was that she didn’t have any way to respond! The Tang Tang from before had an engagement on her, so it was impossible to be together with Deng Xiaokun. The present Tang Tang already became an abandoned child of the clan; even if Deng Clan was already discharged from the ranks of the ‘Four Large Aristocratic Clans and Five Small Aristocratic Clans’, it was impossible for him to marry Tang Clan’s abandoned child with a broken engagement from the Yue Clan.

So even though Tang Tang and Deng Xiaokun were best friends, it was absolutely impossible for them to grow into lovers!

But Xiao Chen was different. Xiao Chen and Tang Tang were both juniors from the ‘Four Large Aristocratic Clans and Five Small Aristocratic Clans’ and were similarly abandoned children from their clans. The most important was that both had their engagements broken! The two people could be said to be super well-matched!

Of course, the most important thing was that the both of them were compatible!

Once this thought appeared, it greatly shocked Tang Tang, she……why was she thinking of this?

Tang Tang shook her head and abandoned her wildly running imagination. At this time, Xiao Chen finally rode the tricycle to their stall position on the morning market street.

Xiao Chen didn’t have Tang Tang’s melancholy. He was being aimed at by people, how could he have the mind to get into a romantic relationship? After quickly taking the equipment down from the back of the tricycle and arranging them, Xiao Chen began to knead the dough.

Tang Tang also began to get busy. The two people resembled a married couple beginning their daily business……

Possibly because Xiao Chen’s craftsmanship was good, there were many repeat customers from yesterday that brought the deep-fried breadstick and felt that the flavor was pretty good. They came one after another to the deep-fried breadstick stall to buy, and the people who didn’t buy yesterday, also crowded in today.

In a instant, Tang Tang’s hands became full with dealing with customers and receiving money, and simply didn’t have time to give a hand to Xiao Chen!

“Just take responsibility for selling!” Xiao Chen was currently already skilled in this work. He was using the boiler to deep-fry the dough sticks while kneading dough, not wasting any time on both tasks! The most miraculous thing was that Xiao Chen seemed to be capable of calculating when the deep-fried breadsticks were ready to leave the boiler; not over, not less, just in time!

This made Tang Tang click her tongue in admiration. This guy was simply a natural at deep-frying deep-fried breadsticks! If this opinion was heard by Tian Lao, it was unknown whether or not he would spit blood. Truth Cultivating was such an amazing and high-end profession, yet it was Tang Tang actually turned it into a deep-frying talent……

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Tang Tang had already prepared a lot of dough today, but according to the present speed, it was feared that their supply wouldn’t meet the demand. After just an hour, already half of the amount of dough was sold and the amount of people lining up didn’t lessen. It was estimated that an hour later at most, the remaining dough would be completely sold.

And now, it had just become 5 o’clock! Tang Tang would usually sell out at 7 o’clock previously!

As expected, when it was a bit over 6 o’clock, the dough in Xiao Chen’s hands was completely sold. Towards the customers that lined in the back that didn’t get to buy deep-fried breadstick, Tang Tang could only give a deep apology!

In many situations like this, the more things that one couldn’t buy, the more everyone would hound. It has to be said that sometimes the ‘starving the hungry tactics’ was quite effective, but Xiao Chen and Tang Tang weren’t using the ‘starving the hungry tactics’. Rather, they had truly run out!

“Still too conservative!” As Tang Tang and Xiao Chen were tidying everything up together, Tang Tang lamented: “If we had some more dough, we would still be able to sell out.”

“You want to tire me to death? Fellow student Tang Tang!” Xiao Chen had been moving like a machine for the past two hours. Although he was a Truth Cultivator, this work truly wasn’t easy to do! He had to concentrate his awareness on the dough ball in his hands and the deep-frying breadstick inside the deep fryer every single moment! As long as he was a little careless, he probably wouldn’t have been able to attain the results at present! Naturally, Tang Tang didn’t know this and still thought that he really was deep-frying deep-fried breadstick talent!

“The capable should do more work! Xiao Chen, did you know that we earned more than 600 RMB today? If we sell double tomorrow, then we’ll make more than 1000 RMB!” Tang Tang was somewhat excited and stirred up. She had sold breakfast for such a long time, but never did she make this much money in one day.

“Oh?” Xiao Chen was slightly surprised. They had earned more than 600 today? If it was really as Tang Tang said, then they could make more than 1000 RMB in one day and in less than 10 days, he could really save up 10,000 RMB! This amount of money would be enough for him to buy medicinal herbs to use! Thinking up to here, Xiao Chen hesitated, then used a discussing tone to speak to Tang Tang: “Tang Tang, you can prepare double the dough tomorrow, but……the money we earn, can you give it to me first?”

“Give you? You’re in urgent need of money?” Tang Tang was slightly surprised.

“En, I need 10,000 RMB, urgently.” Xiao Chen bitterly smiled: “If not for being in urgent need for money, I wouldn’t go all out like this to earn money……”

“Yesterday when you were reviewing materials for the whole day, was it for taking the 10,000 RMB scholarship?” Tang Tang seemed to understand Xiao Chen’s way of thinking; so it turns out that Xiao Chen needed money.

“Yes.” Xiao Chen gave an affirmative nod.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier!” Tang Tang actually smiled: “Although I previously sold breakfast, I didn’t earn money like this. After removing rent and such, there wasn’t much remaining, but I still saved up 10,000 RMB. If you wanted more money, then I truly wouldn’t be able to help you. I happened to save up 10,000 RMB a few days ago; in a while, I’ll give it to you!”

Xiao Chen was stunned when he looked at Tang Tang’s light and relaxed smiling expression. A warm feeling rushed forth in his heart! Although Tang Tang spoke it in a light and relaxed manner, Xiao Chen could imagine that saving up 10,000 RMB for Tang Tang wasn’t easy!

Tang Tang had sold breakfast for so long, yet she just saved up 10,000 RMB. But because his words, Tang Tang had no reservations and took it out. Xiao Chen was extremely moved; he didn’t know which virtue or ability of his could make Tang Tang sincerely help him in this way.

“Thanks……” Xiao Chen didn’t decline becaue he understood Tang Tang’s temperament. If he declined, Tang Tang would instead be unhappy.

“Ai, Xiao Chen, you regard me as an outsider? The two of us are buddies that can be considered to have gone through the same trials and tribulations. Moreover, you’re a deep-fried breadstick master; isn’t 10,000 RMB something we can make back in 8 to 10 days?” Tang Tang magnanimously smiled: “Let’s go, in a while I’ll go and give it to you.”

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