Chapter 39 – That Kettle Is Mine

After speaking these words, the black-clothed man’s body heavily collapsed onto the ground. He suddenly spit out a mouthful of black blood and died with his eyes open! He was unwilling! Not only did he not think that Xiao Chen had a bodyguard, but also did not think that Xiao Chen himself was a Warrior, moreover, a Peak First Layer Inner Qi!
Xiao Chen’s striking strength was truly the strength of a Peak First Layer Inner Qi!

“Hu….” Xiao Chen let out a breath of foul air and secretly thought that it was a close call. If he had been hit by the black-clothed man’s punch, even though he wouldn’t die, he would be seriously injured. There was no doctor nor medicine beside him, so he feared that he would not have been able to get up for several months!

If he didn’t recover well, then it would affect his future strength. Therefore, Xiao Chen did not regret killing the black-clothed man; he just regretted not determining whose person he was! But even if the black-clothed man didn’t die, it was to be estimated that he would still not say anything from seeing the black-clothed man’s reaction. It was obvious that he would die loyal, so Xiao Chen could only look for flaws on the man’s body.

However, what made Xiao Chen very disappointed was that this black-clothed man seemed to be a very cautious person. This could also be seen from his previous silence; he was a person who was ready to die. There was nothing on his body to find out his identity, not even a cell phone or ID card, the only other thing besides the clothing on his body was a photo!

Only, this photo was Xiao Chen’s photo. Upon seeing this, Xiao Chen thought that the man was probably afraid of mixing up mistaking someone else for him. Other than that, there was nothing and this is what made Xiao Chen very disappointed.

What made Xiao Chen have some doubts was the character behind him. Why did he hide his strength? Could it be that there were other people hiding strength?

“Tian Lao, if he hadn’t died, would you be able to use Spiritual Force to ask some things? Like hypnosis?” Xiao Chen asked somewhat regretfully because he suddenly thought of this possibility.

“It would not be possible. His body was too feeble and I am currently a Spirit, also very weak. Being able to influence that Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior from before was already not easy and you want to hypnotize?” Tian Lao categorically denied Xiao Chen’s idea: “If your strength was a bit higher, then you would be able to try, but you currently definitely cannot.”

“Fine.” Xiao Chen gave up looking for clues from the black-clothed man’s body and turned to the Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior that had died before. This person looked like a fierce and ruthless person; there was a hideous scar on his face and from one look, it could be seen that he wasn’t a good person.

Xiao Chen bent down and began to search the man’s body for things. Only, what made Xiao Chen disappointed was that this guy also seemed to be useless; his body had no valuable things at all. After searching for a long time, Xiao Chen uncovered a card.

“Number 3 Boxer, Vicious Wolf.”

These were the only words on the card. This seemed to be similar to cards that an athlete would use to identify themselves pre-game; could it be that this man was an athlete? But seeing that this card was not too formal, it should not be that much of a large-scale competition, which virtually increased the difficulty of Xiao Chen identifying the man’s status!

After all, only a school, company, or unit would hold sports competitions. Even if this person was a game athlete, Xiao Chen did not even know where sports competitions would be held.

Of course, boxing, this sport, was rarely seen. Unless it was some school club community competition, companies and units would generally not hold this sport. Could it be that this person was a student from school?

Just as this idea came out, Xiao Chen immediately shook his head, denying the speculation! After all, this man looked around 30 to 40 years-old, how could there be a student that was as old as an uncle?

Moreover, this man’s face was ferocious. No one would think that he was a student from a look, especially, that long scar across his face. It was more likely that he was an evil tyrant.

As a result, could it be a gang inside the sports competitions?

Right! Xiao Chen suddenly thought of an underground movement within Songning City——Illegal Boxing! Previously, when Xiao Chen was Young Master Xiao, he would often go with Chen Jinpeng, Zhu Yingxiong, Zhao Yuliang to underground racing events. And similar to underground racing, there was also the underground movement of illegal boxing!

Although Xiao Chen had not partaken in it, he had heard of it. The methods that local gangsters used to amass wealth were betting on vehicles and betting on boxers! One has to know, there are many external spectators betting; if these numbers were added these up, it would be a very huge digit.

And this scarred face conformed with the image of a underground boxer. Xiao Chen feared that this card was his competition entry card and that the man probably did not think that this would be an important thing, therefore, he didn’t discard it.

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Or perhaps this scar face originally planned to kill himself then afterwards go to the underground illegal boxing field to box, therefore he would retain this card! But he probably had not even dream that he would stay here forever!

Xiao Chen took the card and put it into his pocket. As for the picture on the black-clothed man’s body, he actually did not take it away. If he took it away, then it may arouse suspicion and make the mastermind know that this black-clothed man’s death was related to him.

Xiao Chen’s current goal was not to make clear of the two masterminds and their relationship, but to make the two people have a conflict, to create an accident that will make them mutually fight to the death.
But now it seems that Xiao Chen’s layout is very successful; no one would put the doubt on him!

After completing all this, Xiao Chen did not stop here for the slightest and turned around to leave. Although it had been a long time and this place had no people passing through, Xiao Chen could not guarantee that no one would come for a longer period of time. Xiao Chen did not want anyone to see him here!

Quickly leaving the inauspicious place, Xiao Chen let loose a sigh of relief. Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Force could perceive that no one was within the vicinity.

After leaving this deserted alley, he discovered that the outside had heavy traffic. Xiao Chen casually walked down the street to find a convenience store and went inside. He walked to a shelf with cookbooks and took one, then also took several bags of biscuits and instant noodles, in addition to lunch boxes and other things. After paying the expenses, he went towards the villa area.

Because Xiao Chen had previously been pretending to be a dandy, he normally could not find any opportunities to cook in the kitchen. Therefore, making him directly go to the kitchen to prepare a meal was truly not realistic. He had no choice but to buy some fast food for the first two days, learn how to make prepare food and dishes, and then go grocery shopping.

“Where did you go?” Just as Xiao Chen entered, Cheng Mengying asked this with a disgruntled face! ‘I have been at home being angered to death by Ye Xiaoye, that damn girl! Ye Xiaoye had made herself a bowl of instant noodles, making the living room smell fragrant and it made this Young Lady became increasingly gluttonous. With great difficulty, I put down face and asked Ye Xiaoye for a bag but the result was her cold sentence: Buy it if you want to eat it!’

This made Cheng Mengying fume with anger!

Cheng Mengying was very hungry or else she wouldn’t have a liking for a bag of instant noodles! After she got off of Jin Beibei’s car, she suddenly remembered that the villa had no food! Why did she go out out yesterday evening, moreover sleep on Xiao Chen’s body? Was it not to go get something to eat?

If Ye Xiaoye wouldn’t give any then she wouldn’t. Cheng Mengying was in the living room waiting for Xiao Chen, waiting for Xiao Chen to come back so that he could take her to eat something. However, after waiting for a long time, she did not even see a trace Xiao Chen’s shadow. She had thought about giving Xiao Chen a call, but actually discovered that she did not have Xiao Chen’s phone number, and was embarrassed to give Cheng Zhongming a call to ask. Thus, the Young Lady could only wait in the living room. Very quickly, just she was becoming a stone statue, Xiao Chen unhurriedly appeared.

Xiao Chen was a bit bewildered about the Young Lady’s attitude; why was she so angry when there were no problems? But thinking about it, he had truly wasted a lot of time. However, there was the matter of being attacked on the road, but it wasn’t something that he was going to say to Cheng Mengying, so Xiao Chen had no better option but to raise up the convenience store bag and say: “I feared that we wouldn’t have anything to eat tonight, so I went to go buy some biscuits and instant noodles!”

“Ah? You went to buy…something to eat?”Cheng Mengying’s face reddened, suddenly feeling a bit ashamed. Originally, Xiao Chen had a reason for coming back so late. He had been thinking about her and buying something for her to eat! But, although Young Lady Cheng was thinking this inside her heart, due to her prideful personality, she put on the appearance of not caring about it: “Oh, instant noodles? This Young Lady has never eaten this kind of thing before, but since there is nothing to eat, this Young Lady will give you face and will reluctantly eat a bit of it!”

Previously, Xiao Chen had not discovered that Cheng Mengying was so proud, but now that he had more contact with her, he felt that the Young Lady was very fun to play with. He almost could not hold back his laugh, but Xiao Chen was afraid of Cheng Mengying becoming embarrassed, so he pretended that he didn’t know anything and said: “Many thanks for the Young Lady giving face!”

“Quickly go make the instant noodles, this Young Lady is very hungry.” Cheng Mengying sat on the sofa, picked up the remote control and turned on the tv.

Just as Ye Xiaoye came downstairs to brew some medicine in the kitchen, she saw this scene, so she could not help but curl her lip, and disdainfully say: “Ability to command other people.”

“Who are you talking about?” Cheng Mengying already had a bias on Ye Xiaoye. Having that many bags of instant noodles and she still wouldn’t give her a bag? Now that Xiao Chen was making noodles for her, she was still running off sarcastic comments, truly hateful!

“The one who said it, did it.” Ye Xiaoye stated neutrally. After she finished talking, she ignored Cheng Mengying and minding her own business, entered the kitchen.

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Young Lady Cheng was almost angered to stupidity, but she could not refute anything because Ye Xiaoye’s words were very clear. The person who said it, did it; if Cheng Mengying refuted, then would it be recognizing that the one Ye Xiaoye was referred to was her? Wouldn’t that be like asking for a scolding?

Ye Xiaoye, I’ll remember this! Cheng Mengying fiercely wrote down today’s matter in her heart.

Xiao Chen was in the kitchen about to use a kettle to boil water, but after entering the kitchen, Xiao Chen discovered that he had forgotten to buy a kettle. Fortunately, there was one in the kitchen, otherwise Xiao Chen would have had to run out to get one.

Ye Xiaoye walked into the kitchen and upon seeing that Xiao Chen was using a kettle to boil water, said: “That kettle is mine.”

“Ah?” Xiao Chen was surprised for a moment. ‘Thinking about Ye Xiaoye’s overbearingness yesterday, perhaps she will take back this kettle.’ He could not help but force a smile.

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