Chapter 20 – School Flower Tang Tang?

This is really bad to translate into English because the Tang’s have different pinyin, so this means that they different things. – raltzero

In the new school, no one knew Xiao Chen, so as long as he didn’t say anything, no one would know his identity. Therefore, there was no need to pretend in order to camouflage himself, so Xiao Chen directly changed into the uniform he had never touched!

First High and Second High have the same uniforms, so Xiao Chen put it in order to not create any surprise.

“Xiao Chen, Mengying is going to school right now, are you going or not?” Cheng Zhongming went to Xiao Chen’s door and asked.

“Okay.” Xiao Chen nodded and got out of room.

Towards Xiao Chen’s dress up, it actually made Young Lady Cheng’s eyes stare! ‘Xiao Chen didn’t take the wrong medicine today, right? Uniform? He actually wore a uniform?’ Young Lady is a good girl; when there isn’t any school she wouldn’t wear her uniform, but Xiao Chen was actually wearing a uniform!

However, Young Lady Cheng was too lazy to ask why. She got angry when she looked at Xiao Chen, so she ignored him, went out the door and boarded the car. But before boarding the car, she looked at Ye Xiaoye’s and saw that that little girl was still playing with plants and flowers.

Xiao Chen took initiative and boarded the car, sitting in the co-pilot seat.

Cheng Zhongming was driving the car, heading for Songning City’s Second High. It seems like Cheng Family’s people already informed the school, so Cheng Zhongming’s car drove directly into the campus, stopping under the teaching building.

And just when Cheng Zhongming had parked the car, a bald middle-aged man who walked over! This person is the headmaster of the school. Of course, in Chen Family’s schools, a headmaster is very flamboyant, but before being flamboyant, even if Chen Family, they couldn’t ignore Cheng Family’s Master Cheng Zhongming because Cheng Family was the head of the Nine Aristocratic Families Alliance!

“Mr. Cheng, welcome welcome ah, I heard your daughter will go to our Second High! This is an honor for our teaching at Second High ah!” Although First High and Second High is Chen Family’s investment, however, there is still competition between each other over which school has better academic performance and more students. The more and better meant more bonuses ah!

“He he, Director Xu, that’s just flattery!” Cheng Zhongming got off the car and shook hands with the bald middle-aged man.

And during this time, Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying also got off the car.

“This person is?” Director Xu looked at Xiao Chen, asking carefully. Cheng Mengying this girl, is certainly Cheng Zhongming’s daughter, but who is this man?

“This is my daughter’s study companion, in fact, he also is a bodyguard as well as an attendant!” Cheng Zhongming didn’t say Xiao Chen’s true identity, after all, he wanted to give Xiao Chen a new start. Therefore, on Xiao Chen’s files, the parents column was empty and showed that Xiao Chen was an orphan.

“Ah, so that’s how it is.” Director Xu nodded without minding it.

“Xiao Chen’s identity is hidden. I don’t want the other students and teachers to know, so inside the school, their relationship is that they are simply students. Director Xu, do you understand my meaning?” Although Cheng Zhongming put it mildly, but there was no doubt in that tone!

Although, Xiao Chen is Cheng Mengying’s servant, if his identity is exposed in school, how would Xiao Chen be able to lift his head?

Only, the present Xiao Chen is insignificant.

“I understand, I certainly understand. Don’t worry, I won’t say their relationship to anyone.” Director Xu complied hastily.

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“In that case, thank you. Our Cheng Family plans to donate to Second High this year, and of course, the person controlling this will be Director Xu.” Cheng Zhongming laughed.

“This….many thanks Mr Cheng! Truly thank you….I thank you on behalf of the whole school!” Director Xu was immediately overjoyed. The one pulling the strings would be his words, so it was his merit. Maybe with this performance, he could possibly rise to vice-president and his salary would greatly improve! Thinking up to here, Director Xu became incomparably warmer and kinder to Cheng Zhongming: “Miss Cheng, if you have any problems later in school, just let me know! Don’t think that a director isn’t too much. Due to the principal being busy every day, this school’s problems are mostly taken care of by me!”

Cheng Zhongming nodded. He was satisfied with Director Xu’s attitude, after all, Cheng Mengying and the other students are different. There were occasionally things that popped up at home, so there wasn’t enough time to go to school. When it’s time to ask for a leave, she might have to trouble Director Xu, so Cheng Zhongming pulled together their relationships ahead of time: “Good, in the future when Mengying has problems, make her look for Director Xu.”

“Possible, of course there’s no problem. If Miss Cheng isn’t able to go forth herself, it’s okay to make Xiao Chen come to me.” Director Xu said while striking his chest: “Then I’ll immediately take them to their class!”

“Good, then I’ll leave first, any problems that may arise later, go ask Director Xu.” Cheng Zhongming stopped the smalltalk and took leave. After all, he has lots of things to do every day as Cheng Family’s Family Master. Although Cheng Family’s Old Master made the family decisions, Cheng Zhongming was responsible for the family business.

“Miss Cheng, Xiao Chen, follow me.” Director Xu was introducing while walking: “This time, you are put into the Third Year First Class, it’s not too far, just in front of us!”

The three people went to the door of Third Year First Class and Director Xu knocked on the door, pushed on the door and directly went in. Then Director Xu told the teacher of Third Year First Class, Teacher Wang: “Teacher Wang, excuse me, arrange these two transfer students!”

Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying went through the classroom entrance and immediately attracted a stir. Of course, this stir wasn’t for Xiao Chen, but for Cheng Mengying!

Goddess ah! This appearance was no worse than Goddess Tang, and this bearing, this dress, looks like a lady’s ah!

On the other hand, although Xiao Chen isn’t bad and can even be called a handsome guy, however, what he wore was too simple. He wore a school uniform, looking like a loser and simply paled under Eldest Young Lady Cheng’s aura.

“You guys introduce yourself then!” Teacher Wang nodded toward Director Xu, then told Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen.

“Fellow students hello, I am called Cheng Mengying, the ‘Meng’ is from ‘Dream(Mengxiang[夢想])’, and the ‘Ying’ is from ‘Crystal(Jingying[晶瑩]).” Cheng Mengying went to the front platform and gracefully introduced herself.

After Cheng Mengying’s voice faded, the people below gave a warm round of applause! For such a beautiful girl to be added to Third Year First Class, in this boring school life, is simply a beautiful scenery!

Although a lot of boys knew that there was a large gap between themselves and Goddess Cheng, they still had sexual fantasies in their hearts.

“Xiao Chen.” When Xiao Chen stood in the front platform, the atmosphere from under the platform was cold: “From the countryside.”

‘He really was a poor loser.’ The girls in the audience were disappointed. Although he looked handsome, one look told that he had no future.

Xiao Chen deliberately said this with the purpose to prevent other people from noticing him. However, Xiao Chen actually didn’t lie. Xiao Family really does have a manor in the countryside, and this manor serves as Xiao Family’s headquarters.

“Cheng Mengying, you sit in that empty seat in the middle of the eighth row, okay?” Teacher Wang began arranging seats. Cheng Mengying’s location was told by Director Xu quietly when she was introducing herself. Cheng Mengying wanted her own table, but now the location is fixed and front tables were already gone, Cheng Mengying could only sit in the back.

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Cheng Mengying really didn’t want to sit next to a guy. There, when they were transferring, Cheng Zhongming asked for a moment and picked a space of his own. (TLN: Don’t know, don’t want to know.)

“Okay, Teacher Wang.” Cheng Mengying went to the eighth row. This made the guy sitting in the right of the seventh row frown! He thought that the teacher, in accordance to mixing males and females, he would let Cheng Mengying sit next to him. However, he didn’t think that Cheng Mengying would actually sit in the eighth row!

This male is called Lou Zhenming and is the Nine Aristocratic Families Lou Family’s eldest son. Lou Family had risen in the recent years. After the Families Assembly, they broke out through their original rankings into the Aristocratic Families ranks and successfully rose.

Although they’re currently ranked last, they have the most potential! The reason is none other than ‘him’. Lou Family started out as an underground faction and originally didn’t do much nor make much trouble. It just a second-rate power in Songning City, but a few years ago an unknown esteemed one was invited. This esteemed one was quite powerful, not only was his strength good, he also helped potential Fighters in the Lou Family grow. This made Lou Family’s strength boost. It was just a year or two ago that they made the underworld faction with three-fourths of Songning’s territory, Zheng Family, withdraw little by little, and have now retreated to become an ordinary faction in Songning City.

With this Aristocratic Family background, Lou Zhenming was naturally overbearing in school. He considered himself Second High’s Eldest brother, but of course, in Songning’s Second High, there are a number of Aristocratic Family children. However, these people had no interest in becoming the leader of the campus.

In that moment Cheng Mengying came into the classroom, Lou Zhenming took a liking to her.

Although Second High does have beautiful girls, not many were as stunning as Cheng Mengying. Regarding little ***** and the like, Lou Zhengming didn’t have too big of an appetite, but it was a different story for higher quality beautiful women, be it other Aristocratic Family juniors object of pursuit, or other families engaged young miss.

Lou Zhenming is arrogant and also dared to touch other people’s women. If it was ordinary people, it wouldn’t be minded. However, these Aristocratic Family juniors didn’t have a weaker background than Lou Zhenming; which Aristocratic Family isn’t higher in ranking than Lou Family?

Therefore, the eyes of Lou Zhenming who had been oppressed for two years lit up, and he suddenly founed his next goal in life!

“In a moment class will be over, go teach Xiao Chen a lesson. When he goes to school tomorrow, charge him 10,000 as a protection fee, otherwise he will be beaten once again, making his transfer fail!” Lou Zhenming nudged the tall, sturdy guy in front of him. On that male’s neck was a gold chain, and the male looked like an underground gangster from the movies.

Only, it looks like this pretty boy, Lou Zhenming, is his big brother and he is the little brother.

“Understood, Brother Ming. What about that young miss?” This tall and sturdy guy is called Ma Gangmen and is Lou Zhenming’s loyal little brother in Second High.

“The main point is what I tell you to do. Finish that Xiao Chen, then go and tell Cheng Mengying that in class, I am the Boss. As long as I nod, she won’t need to pay up, and I cover for her later on!” Lou Zhenming wants to get close to Cheng Mengying, but didn’t have any justification, therefore Xiao Chen became his victim.

“Okay, don’t worry, Brother Ming, I will definitely complete this task!” Ma Gangmen nodded.

At the same time, Xiao Chen finished his self-introduction and Teacher Wang told him: “Xiao Chen, go sit in the seventh row left seat besides Tang Tang.”

Tang Tang? Xiao Chen looked up and looked at the far left of the seventh row, and saw that there was a plump girl sitting there! Uh….this shape, is the same as Zhu Yingxiong’s! But, Tang Tang? This name seems to be familiar ah, where had he heard it before?

“Okay then.” Xiao Chen didn’t say much. Beautiful girl or not, he didn’t care, the reason he came over here was just to have a peace of mind to practice. Then, he would go find the mastermind in the dark and deal with him with his own hands. As for whoever sits next to him, he really didn’t care.

Xiao Chen quickly walked around Tang Tang’s fat body and sat down.

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And after Teacher Wang bid farewell to Director Xu, the lecture began.

However, after Xiao Chen sat down, he suddenly felt someone watching himself. Moreover, in that gaze, there was a trace of hostility. Xiao Chen’s heart went a little cold, and thought in his heart ‘I just transferred over, who did I offend ah?’

The Xiao Chen right now had a spiritual force stronger than an average Fighter. He suddenly locked his eyes into the direction of the vision. It was in the far right, a tall and burly male wearing a gold chain around his neck.

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