Chapter 31 – You Won’t Be Hungry If You Fall Asleep

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As a result, the lost Young Lady began cursing Xiao Chen at the school gates. She treated the stone under her foot as Xiao Chen and kicked it to death!

Xiao Chen actually didn’t waste too much time. He ran fast and had already pursued her to the school gates, where he happened to hear the Young Lady ruthlessly curse him out. He could not help but break into sweat on his forehead! Kick his little brother….she can’t be that ruthless ah?

Usually Cheng Mengying isn’t this kind of vicious girl. Apparently, you can’t judge a person by their cover!
“Cough cough!” Xiao Chen coughed twice and stood behind Cheng Mengying.

“Who?” Cheng Mengying jumped in fright. She quickly turned around and discovered that it was Xiao Chen. She let out a relieved breath, but immediately tensed up again. The words that she had said in anger just before shouldn’t have been heard by this guy right? ‘If he heard it, then I’ll die of shame! I even talked about his…little brother!’

“Xiao Chen, you scared me! Appearing and disappearing so unpredictably, when did you come?” Though Cheng Mengying said these words, the last sentence was actually the most important.

“Just now, why?” Xiao Chen pretended to be nonchalant. He clearly understood in his heart that Cheng Mengying wasn’t here to hear his jokes. Moreover, she probably wanted to seize the opportunity to plead mercy for him to Lou Zhenming. Although Xiao Chen didn’t know the specifics, it could be seen from Cheng Mengying’s attitude.
However, Xiao Chen wasn’t curious. He knew that the young lady had a reason for doing so. It was nothing but sympathy towards him and in addition he was her servant, so she didn’t wish for him to have an accident. However, sympathizing with him and secretly liking him were two different matters, and Xiao Chen wasn’t so narcissistic either.

During the time he had not been driven out by Xiao Family, the Young Lady could stand him, not to mention now. Therefore, Xiao Chen didn’t bother to question her. Questioning too much would create awkwardness like misunderstanding that she liked him. Just knowing the Young Lady’s goodwill was enough.

“Nothing, I thought you were going to give up.” Cheng Mengying snorted: “This Young Lady can’t find her way home, so I’ll give you a chance. Take this Young Lady home!”

“Uncle Cheng didn’t come?” Xiao Chen felt that Cheng Mengying being so proud was funny. To be frank, Xiao Chen’s memory was good, but he knew that the villa wasn’t close to the school. Although it was only 10 minutes by car, if it was by walking, it was at least half an hour!

“Of course he didn’t come. If he came I would have gone early! Do you think that I would wait for you?” Cheng Mengying coldly replied. Of course, even if Cheng Zhongming came, Cheng Mengying would still wait for Xiao Chen but how could she openly admit it?

“Let’s see if there’s a taxi around here, so that we can ride a taxi back. If we walk from here, it would take at least half an hour. Do you have a car?” Xiao Chen used to drive to and from school, but the car has been taken away now so it suddenly felt a bit unfamiliar.

“No, before, I used to live in the school, so why would I have a car?” Cheng Mengying rolled her eyes, hmphed and said: “Do you think I’m like you, Young Master Xiao, coming and leaving school with a car every day? Using a fancy sports car to pick up girls?”

“Cough cough….not having a car is not having a car….” Xiao Chen’s thick skin turned red. It was very hard to explain.

“This Young Lady has decided to buy a car and afterwards you’ll be the driver!” Cheng Mengying thought for a bit. Not having a car was inconvenient. Formerly in First High she had lived in a school dormitory. However, Second High didn’t have such an accommodation. All of the students were commuting students, therefore a car was very important.
As they were speaking, a taxi drove over and stopped in front of Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen skillfully boarded in the copilot seat, leaving the Young Lady sit in the back row.

The taxi driver felt that it was a little weird. ‘Isn’t this boy and girl a couple? Why aren’t they sitting together? Are they having a fight?’

Xiao Chen stated the address of the villa. The taxi driver, upon seeing that they were going to the same place, realized that it was evident that they were living together. It was estimated that they were having a fight, so the driver said while driving: “Young fellow, it seems that you and your girlfriend are having a fight?”

“Hehe….” Xiao Chen didn’t express an opinion because the relationship between him and the Young Lady was really hard to explain. How could he say that he was the Young Lady’s servant? Who would believe it? They weren’t in front of a member of an Aristocratic Family, so it would be very hard to believe that someone would have a study companion and servant….

“Don’t laugh. Having such a beautiful girlfriend, but not knowing how to appreciate and instead fighting! Don’t blame me for talking too much, I’m an experienced person!” The taxi driver sighed and said: “When I was young, I also quarrelled a lot with my wife because of some trivial stuff. We were always fighting, but when she became sick and lied on a bed unconscious, then turning into a vegetable, I could only regret endlessly….”

“Now I only regret not treasuring every moment I had, ai! But it has passed. Don’t think that I’m making a fuss, I just want to tell you this: Young people must understand how to treasure, treasure your happy times together!”

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Xiao Chen was silent. Happy times? He, from infancy to now, felt that he had no happy times! From the start he was intelligent. Just because he couldn’t cultivate Inner Qi was hard and painful. Every night he would exercise, and then keep a smile the next day while pretending to be a dandy in order to reduce others hostility towards him!
However, even so, it still bought in others harassment. Saying that the families breaking their engagement was to be expected!

Would he promise to live for himself? The answer is no! Xiao Chen’s regret was that he would go back home every day just to exercise nonstop, leaving no time for him to talk to his father to chat for a bit. Thinking about it now, Xiao Chen really regretted it. His father was missing and he didn’t know when he would see him again….

“Young fellow, figured it out?” The taxi driver, upon seeing that Xiao Chen wasn’t speaking, thought that Xiao Chen had figured it out and then said: “Then I’ll stop right now so that you go to the back and sit together with your girlfriend!”

“Eh….” Xiao Chen’s bad temper disappeared after the preaching, it was really undeserved ah!

“Pu….” The young lady could not help but laugh out loud, then helped Xiao Chen out: “Shifu, thank you, but we aren’t a couple. I’m a bit tired, so I’ll lie down on the seat for a bit….”

After she finished talking, Cheng Mengying, perhaps in order to prove her words, laid her body down on the seat.
“Unexpectedly sleepy! Young fellow, you should step out and make your girlfriend lay in your arms!” After the taxi driver finished talking, he stopped the taxi. Stopping it at the roadside, he greatly forced Xiao Chen to get off, sticking with his position.

Xiao Chen couldn’t find a way out, so he could only get off to sit to the back seat. But when getting on, Young Lady Cheng actually glared at Xiao Chen’s eyes, ‘If you dare to touch me, then I’ll never forgive you!’

Fortunately seeing that Xiao Chen got off the car to go to the back, the taxi driver didn’t say too much, because they would arrived at the destination soon.

After getting off, Xiao Chen wanted to pay the fee but the young lady had given the fare first. Apparently, she had taken into consideration Xiao Chen’s economic status and didn’t force him to pay!

‘Buy a car, have to buy a car!’ The Young Lady had made up her mind. If this were always misunderstood, what would they do afterwards?

The sky had already turned dark, but the first floor villa light was open. Obviously, Ye Xiaoye was on the first floor.

Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying entered the villa together and saw that Ye Xiaoye was working on something in the kitchen.

‘She should be making dinner!’

Then the young lady suddenly realized that she hadn’t eaten dinner! When she was in her previous school, she had always eaten at the school cafeteria, but today, because she went to check up on Xiao Chen, she missed the dinnertime cafeteria. Now that she had returned home, she found herself hungry!

“Xiao Chen, go order something to eat.” The Young Lady ordered Xiao Chen.

‘Order something? Where would they order something at this time?’ Xiao Chen actually wasn’t hungry because prior to the evening self-study class, he had eaten the steamed rolls that Tang Tang had bought and the remaining lobster and abalone. However, it seems like the Young Lady had not eaten anything.

‘It can’t be helped.’

Xiao Chen went towards the kitchen to see if he could talk it over with Ye Xiaoye, so that he could bring something to eat to the Young Lady.

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The glass door to the kitchen was slid opened and what made Xiao Chen frown was that he didn’t smell the scent of cooking food, but rather a heavy smell of medicinal herbs smell. Smelling this, Xiao Chen couldn’t help but choke and sneeze!

Ye Xiaoye turned her head and coldly looked at Xiao Chen’s eyes then said: “I’ll immediately go up when I finish, wait a bit!”

“Well, I just wanted to ask a question: is there any food in the villa? Or do you have any extra left from your dinner?” Xiao Chen thought in his heart, ‘Not sure if this cool little girl has any illness, unexpectedly brewing a pot of traditional Chinese medicine.’

“No.” Ye Xiaoye coldly pointed at the clay pots on the kitchen top and said to Xiao Chen: “These are my medicinal pots. Don’t use fish and meat in it. If you want to make food, go buy your own cooking utensils.”

After she finished talking, Ye Xiaoye no longer paid any more attention to Xiao Chen. After she closed the fire and poured the medicinal soup into a bowl, she proceeded to carry it out of the kitchen and directly went upstairs.

Xiao Chen shook his head. Living together with such an indifferent neighbor really was a dull matter. However there was no food in the villa and there was nothing Xiao Chen could do about it. Thus, he turned to the Young Lady and said: “There’s nothing to eat. How about we go out and eat something?”

Although Cheng Mengying didn’t want to go spend more time outside, there was nothing in the villa and there was nothing that she could do about it as well. Hatefully staring at Xiao Chen’s eyes, she replied: “How come you didn’t leave me some of the seafood banquet at noon!”

“E….” Xiao Chen smiled bitterly, thinking in his heart, ‘If I offered some to you, would you want it?’ With Young Lady Cheng’s disposition, would she be willing to eat his leftovers?

But when the two people walked out of the villa, they became dumbfounded!

Why? Because the villa area simply didn’t have any taxis passing through! The ones living in this area were mostly rich people with cars and besides, this district had very few taxis passing through, not to mention the villa area!
However, walking to the district entrance from the villa was a good three to four kilometers. For Xiao Chen, it wasn’t a problem, but for Cheng Mengying, it was a bit far.

“How about….you bear it?” Xiao Chen didn’t have a solution. The villa area was full of villas and didn’t even have a snack bar.

“How can I bear it? Being hungry when going to sleep will keep one awake!” Cheng Mengying glared at Xiao Chen’s eyes.

“You won’t be hungry if you fall asleep.” Xiao Chen said.

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