Chapter 69 – You Are Interested In Shen Jingxuan?

“Brother Chen, how are things? Does the matter have a conclusion?” Shen Zhenghao answered the call and questioned.

“An accident, it’s already determined……” Chen Zhantian replied.

“Brother Chen, restrain your grief and accept fate. You and I are people who practice martial arts and have had to accept some unpleasant facts……” Shen Zhenghao comforted.

“I understand, thank you, big brother Shen. But this time’s phone call is me wishing to speak about something with big brother, our Chen Clan’s decision.” Chen Zhantian explained.

“Chen Clan’s decision?” Shen Zhenghao stared blankly for a moment, thinking in his mind, what relationship does Chen Clan’s decision have to do with me? If it was before, the two clans would have the relationship of being the parents of the children being engaged, so it would be fine if I heard it, but now, why should I hear it?

“Chen Jinpeng has already been instituted as Chen Clan’s third generation successor by my father. All of our Chen Clan’s resources will be going to him. As the matter stands, I see that our two clan’s engagement doesn’t necessarily be relieved. The older brother’s fiancée can be shifted onto the younger brother, this is a tradition in our ancient martial clans, and a commonly seen matter!” Chen Zhantian first used this matter to justify it, then said: “Big brother, what do you think?”

“This……” Shen Zhenghao didn’t think that Chen Clan would make such a quick decision. This actually made him feel somewhat embarrassed because he understood the words that Chen Zhantian said. Not speaking of getting married, even if married, the older brother’s wife shifting to the younger brother was also something commonly seen in the olden times. At least it was clear through etiquette.

Furthermore, this was an aspect1 that Shen Zhenghao was willing to see. Having already been in contact with Chen Clan for so long, it was about time to substantiate the cooperation. If it2 came to a premature ending right now, then Shen Zhenghao couldn’t contact other clans for a short while. This was unfavorable to Shen Zhenghao’s son’s fight over the position of the heir, so Shen Zhenghao thought it over for a moment. Then he agreed: “I don’t think it has any problems, but my daughter’s side, I have to work on, after all, it requires her agree first.”

“Hehe, no problem, there’s no need for Jingxuan to directly agree. How about the two children contact each other first to familiarize with each other, it’s only to be expected.” Chen Zhantian said. Of course, if the two people began to contact each other, then the matter would be almost done. Once it creates an established fact and rumors go around, how could the matter not become done? The two clans were both ones concerned about saving face. Among aristocratic clan juniors, it was either persisting in being together or not being together, otherwise the ultimate outcome would be the two clans having a falling out.

Xiao Clan and Cheng Clan, Yue Clan and Tang Clan, weren’t they like so?

“Okay, I’ll stop disturbing you, there’s a lot of clan affairs right now that I need to process.” Since Chen Zhantian reached his goal, he didn’t keep being wordy. He already began preparations for his son’s funeral.

After hanging up the call, Shen Zhenghao let out a sigh and looked at Shen Jingxuan, then said: “Jingxuan, it’s been determined that your engagement partner is Chen Jinpeng.”

“Chen Jinpeng?” Shen Jingxuan stared blankly for a moment. Chen Jinkun, she could reluctantly accept, but she didn’t even give a glance to Chen Jinpeng. This individual had no capability, just a hedonistic son of rich parents. He followed behind Xiao Chen before, using his powerful connections to intimidate people.

Of course, the thing that made Shen Jingxuan most unable to accept was that this person was a double dealer and back stabber. She very looked down upon this kind of behavior. Since you are Xiao Chen’s little brother, why did you hire yourself to Zhao Yuliang?

“Chen Jinpeng was just chosen as Chen Clan’s third generation successor right now and all practice resources will be going to him. Although this person won’t be able to catch up to Chen Jinkun’s position for a short time, it is just a matter of sooner or later.” Shen Zhenghao said: “Jingxuan, this person is still okay, isn’t he better than Xiao Clan’s Xiao Chen anyway? At least Chen Jinpeng can cultivate.”

“Oh……” Shen Jingxuan became aware that her father had already made the decision. No matter what she said at this time, it would be to no avail. In reality, Shen Jingxuan felt that Xiao Chen was actually much better compared to Chen Jinping. At least, even though Xiao Chen had lost the ‘young master’ halo, he was still able to live very well. This proved that Xiao Chen wasn’t a good-for-nothing.


When Xiao Chen to put away the vendor stand in the evening and came home, Jin Beibei still hadn’t left. She was still in the middle of nitpicking a character inside a soap opera with the young lady. Seeing Xiao Chen coming over, Cheng Mengying let out a somewhat unhappy hmph: “Beibei and I still haven’t eaten a meal. You coming back so late, do you want us to starve? Don’t you know what status you have?”

“Hehe……” With regards to the young lady’s princess syndrome, Xiao Chen was already accustomed to it. He placed the bag in his hand onto the coffee table in front of them: “I’ve deep-fried some fried dough twists and deep fried cakes for you two, give it a try!”

“Waa, brother-in-law, did you guys make a new variety? This fried bread twist appears to be very delicious!” As Jin Beibei was speaking, she wiped the flowing saliva and seized a fried dough twist, them stuffed it into her mouth3.

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“It looks very oily, won’t pimples grow on your face if you eat it?” Although Cheng Mengying thought that the fried bread twist’s outer appearance was good, since Xiao Chen came back very late, how could she be happy about him putting forward something delicious? Then that would mean that she’s very easy to coax: “However, this young lady’s innate nature is elegant, and reluctantly eat a bit. Which should I eat first?”

“Wuwa, quite delicious oh, brother-in-law, your cooking skill is really good, whoever marries you in the future will be very happy……” Jin Beibei’s mouth was full of flowing oil, holding one on each hand.

“Hey, leave some for me! Damned4 Beibei, you want to eat to death?” Cheng Mengying had just been acting reserved, but she suddenly discovered that there was only 1 oily fried dough cake left. The other three had been eaten by Jin Beibei, and there was still one more in her hand. This made Cheng Mengying instantly anxious, so she seized it away: “Don’t you know to yield some to your older cousin5?”

“Aiya, in any case, he’s cousin’s husband and you are cousin. If you want to eat it at any time, you can momentarily eat it. I can’t do that oh, only if you give be brother-in-law……” Jin Beibei somewhat unwillingly took a fried dough twist.

“Xiao Chen, if there’s anything delicious in the future, don’t let Beibei eat it.” Cheng Mengying let out a hmph, then ordered Xiao Chen.

“Oh, hehe.” Xiao Chen laughed as he funnily watched the two girls eat, then let out a sigh of relief. To speak the truth, he truly had come back a little late. His current status was the young lady’s manservant, yet he was busy with his own matters every day. It was indeed a little inexcusable.

“Brother-in-law, if you want to marry older cousin, then you need to curry favor with me oh!” Jin Beibei said.

“You guys eat, I’m returning to my room.” Xiao Chen wanted to go boil medicine. He didn’t want to speak about this topic, after all, he thought that it was impossible to get together with Cheng Mengying. It was okay to joke around, but this kind of joke wasn’t always okay to speak.

“Come back a little earlier tomorrow, so that we can go buy a car.” Cheng Mengying gave Xiao Chen a glance and said.

“Buy a car?” Xiao Chen then remembered that Cheng Mengying had spoke about buying a car during the weekend. It was just that he was so busy that he had forgotten: “Okay, I’ll come back in the afternoon.”

After returning to his room, Xiao Chen sent Tang Tang a text explaining the matter about buying a car tomorrow.

“What are you buying a car for, and is it for you?” Tang Tang quickly sent back a text.

“Hehe, I am a driver.” Xiao Chen returned.

“Oh, then go, but you need to come in the morning. I have more work than I can deal with in the morning.” Tang Tang said.

“I’ll definitely be there in the morning. I’ll be there a bit earlier tomorrow to knead some fried dough twists and use plastic wrap to cover it. That way, you can directly put it into the boiler in the afternoon.” What wasn’t unexpected was that Xiao Chen was still very proficient in making fried dough twists and deep fried cakes.

Early in the morning the next day, perhaps it couldn’t be said to be ‘early in the morning’.

At the very early time of 2 o’clock am, Xiao Chen got up. Since Xiao Chen now had a superiority in making food, Xiao Chen didn’t want to waste it. There was no need to eat instant noodles anymore, Xiao Chen directly made a pot of lean meat congee. He left a slip of paper for the young lady and Jin Beibei, then left.

Because they were going to buy a car today, Jin Beibei had stayed the night.

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Xiao Chen had come a little earlier than usual, so he began kneading dough inside the old aunt’s grocery store courtyard. But what made Xiao Chen surprised was that before long, Tang Tang arrived.

“Why did you also come so early?” Xiao Chen was somewhat surprised.

“Didn’t you say you would come a little earlier? I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I came.” Tang Tang smiled: “Let’s do it together.”

“Eh, okay.” Xiao Chen thought that ‘let’s do it together’ was slightly ambiguous, but it seemed like he had thought a little too complicated.

The traffic accident in the morning market street didn’t have any influence to the morning market street. No one in these common households really cared about Chen Jinkun’s death. It was only on the aristocratic clan level where a great vibration was created.

Some people were sad, some people were happy. Actually, many aristocratic clans were unwilling to see Chen Clan and Shen Clan become related by marriage. After all, if Chen Clan became fierce, there would definitely be a threat to the positions of other aristocratic clans. But now that a very promising third generation of Chen Clan’s had died, and the relation through marriage would definitely fizzle out, many people were regarding Chen Clan as a joke.

Who would have thought that Chen Clan’s response would be so quick. On the night of the same day that Chen Jinkun died, Chen Jinpeng was nominated and the engagement with Shen Clan was also inherited. This made many aristocratic clans mocking them lose their words.

Of course, the affairs of this level had no relations to the current Xiao Chen and Tang Tang, and there was also no one informing them about the follow-up of this matter.

Xiao Chen also hadn’t cared about it from the start. In his opinion, nobody would suspect that cause of Chen Jinkun’s death was him. At least at the present stage it was improbable. Before he exposed his strength, he was safe.

“Ai, now that I think about it, us having our engagements broken is better than Shen Jingxuan’s fiancé dying. In the future, if Shen Jingxuan wants to get married, her selectivity is somewhat narrow.” Tang Tang felt that Shen Jingxuan was quite pitiful.

“Fortunately, she didn’t like Chen Jinkun. Death is just death.” The former Xiao Chen liked Shen Jingxuan, and even now, he still had some favorable impressions in his heart. He naturally didn’t want to see Shen Jingxuan unhappy.

Sometimes, it was very hard for Xiao Chen to speak clearly. Yesterday when he killed Chen Jinkun, it was for Tang Tang, but it was also because he didn’t want Shen Jingxuan and Chen Jinkun to be together. Of course, the former was the main reason, and the latter had a faint influence on Xiao Chen’s decision.

“Huh? It sounds like you seem to be interested in Shen Jingxuan?” Tang Tang was actually quite sensitive. From Xiao Chen’s tone, she could hear some unusuality.


  1. TLN: Older brother’s fiancée shifted to younger brother. From Chen Jinkun to Chen Jinpeng. 
  2. TLN: The cooperation. 
  3. TLN: The author uses the wrong ‘zui’ here. What the author uses is the character for ‘most(最)’ instead of ‘mouth(嘴)’. 
  4. TLN: Honestly, it doesn’t translate well into English. In Chinese, when someone calls person x “死x”, it means that the person calling person x is very intimate with him/her, or at least thinks so. “死x” literally translates out to “dead/die/damned x”, which is what Cheng Mengying called Xiao Chen a few dozen chapters ago. This means that Cheng Mengying truly opened up at that point since we know that she didn’t like him when he was a dandy. 
  5. TLN: I realized that I may not have clarified this before. Cheng Mengying is Jin Beibei’s older cousin(on the female side). How much older is unknown. It is suggested that Cheng Mengying is a few months older than Jin Beibei because they seem to be about the same age. 

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