Chapter 82 – Lou Zhenming’s New Plan

Because of all kinds of affairs, the atmosphere in the car wasn’t too harmonious. No one spoke again until they stopped in the school parking lot. After Tang Tang got out, she gave a faint sentence of thanks and quickly walked towards the sports field to wait for Xiao Chen.

Cheng Mengying watched Tang Tang’s figure and slightly knit her brows, then hmph’d and pulled Jin Beibei towards the school building.

“Cousin Mengying, are we not going to look out for brother-in-law?” Jin Beibei questioned.

“What’s there to look, his physical strength is good, he won’t die.” Cheng Mengying expressionlessly responded.


At this moment, Lou Zhenming and Thin Monkey happened to be sitting by the flowerbed in front of the parking lot. Lou Zhenming watched Cheng Mengying’s departing figure and a smear of infatuation flashed past his eyes: “Where is that dumbass1 Xiao Chen?”

“Jin Beibei’s car is small, and with how fat Tang Tang is, she has no other choice but to sit in the copilot seat. That leaves Cheng Mengying sitting in the back, but would it be possible for her to sit together with Xiao Chen? I reckon he was thrown onto the road?” Thin Monkey gave his guess.

“En.” Lou Zhenming was very satisfied with this: “I suppose this poor-*** Xiao Chen can’t even fork out taxi fare.”

“Brother Ming, will we just forget about it like this? Wasn’t Yue Shaoqun unreliable? Not only did he not teach Xiao Chen a lesson, he made us lose 1 million!” Thin Monkey angrily complained. He had put the previous cafeteria dining to heart; he originally thought that he would be able to eat well, but the result was Xiao Chen gathering up the food and walking away.

If it was before, Lou Zhenming would definitely stop Thin Monkey from speaking about Yue Shaoqun like this, but today, Lou Zhenming also had his own opinion: “Forget it, depending on others is inferior to relying on yourself. This kid Xiao Chen is clever in trivial matters and has a little skill, so these small schemes won’t be able to fool him. This kid was also previously a young master, not a country bumpkin, so if we want to give him a hard time, we have to properly consider everything!”

“Indeed, this kid can be considered a hardened person. I heard that he was previously a loser young master, but his people-hitting skill is pretty ferocious. He was able to hit Gangmen into the hospital and he still isn’t able to leave the hospital!” Thin Monkey nodded: “Brother Ming, I think that in order to fix up Xiao Chen, we have to be ruthless. An average person isn’t his opponent, but isn’t the underground boxing stage in our Lou Clan’s domain? We can go make Xiao Chen fight in the underground boxing……”

“Your meaning is to make him die in the underground boxing stage?” After Lou Zhenming heard this, his eyes brightened but then he wrinkled his brows: “But the key is how we will dupe him. This kid doesn’t seem like a fool, so it’s impossible for him to go just because we said so.”

“Brother Ming, isn’t this simple? What does this kid Xiao Chen lack the most? It’s money! When the time comes, we’ll tell him that the underground boxing stage has a pretty big bonus that can be attained. That way, we won’t need to worry about him not taking the risk!” Thin Monkey evilly cackled and said: “Besides, we can weaken the boxer’s strength in the underground boxing stage!”

“Actually, we don’t even need to weaken them. The boxers in the underground boxing field basically haven’t even reached First Layer Inner Strength and their strengths aren’t even on par with Ma Gangmen. It’s impossible for that poor-*** Xiao Chen to let off such a good money-making opportunity. When that time comes, we’ll let him win a few rounds, then let an expert Martialist go into action and directly get rid of him.” Lou Zhenming quickly drew up a plan. He came from an underworld clan, so killing a person wasn’t considered anything new.

Yue Shaoqun didn’t want to kill Xiao Chen but Lou Zhenming didn’t care. What Cheng Clan or Xiao Clan, if they were truly concerned about Xiao Chen, then Xiao Chen wouldn’t be his current appearance.

As the two of them were conspiring, Xiao Chen happened to be walking in from the school entrance with Tang Tang. Lou Zhenming gave a meaningful glance to Thin Monkey and the two people got up to walk towards Xiao Chen.

Running back from Jade Sea Sky Palace wasn’t considered anything for Xiao Chen. When he saw Tang Tang waiting for him at the school entrance, he felt warm in his heart. But when he saw Lou Zhenming walking over, Xiao Chen narrowed his eyes.

Xiao Chen was certain that the matter at noon today was Lou Zhenming wanting hoodwink him. If not for Xiao Chen recently advancing to Third Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator, then he truly would have been ensnared.

“Isn’t this young master Xiao? Did you eat well at noon?” Lou Zhenming did his utmost to make his expression seem as enthusiastic as possible: “The matter at noon truly was unlucky. The bowl broke from a moment of not being careful, but it’s just 1 million, not a big deal!”

“Since young master Lou is so well-off, then how about giving me a bit?” Xiao Chen didn’t expose him. The purpose behind transferring to Second High was to be low-key; Xiao Chen didn’t want to become enemies with Lou Clan after just transferring. Doing so simply didn’t benefit his investigation for the behind-the-scenes culprit. Moreover, he still wasn’t clear on whether Lou Zhenming’s hostility towards him was because Cheng Mengying or another matter.

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“Ha……my hands can’t be so loose these days. Although 1 million isn’t regarded as much in my Lou Clan, young master Xiao should also know that our allowance isn’t much……” Lou Zhenming had been worrying that he wouldn’t be able to find a topic to bait Xiao Chen with, but Xiao Chen’s words were like delivering a pillow just as one got sleepy and inspired him: “But if young master Xiao is short of money, I actually know a way to earn money. Gangmen previously made quite the sum through this method.”

“Oh? Then let me have a listen.” Xiao Chen naturally didn’t think Lou Zhenming was here peacefully or had good intentions. Of course, this didn’t stop Xiao Chen from listening to it as a joke.

Tang Tang signalled Xiao Chen with her eyes, hinting him to not walk too close with Lou Zhenming, but felt helpless as Xiao Chen ignored it.

“In the west part of the city there is an underground boxing stage where you can do illegal boxing. As long as you win, you can obtain a 100,000 RMB reward. Gangmen previously won two rounds and won 200,000 RMB.” Lou Zhenming vividly described: “Young master Xiao, I can see that your skill isn’t weak. Ma Gangmen isn’t your opponent; if you are short of money, you can go try it! Naturally, you must be fearless of death, after all punches and kicks don’t have eyes.”

“Underground illegal boxing stage?” Xiao Chen’s heart suddenly jumped. This wasn’t because of the 100,000 RMB reward per round, but because of the Peak Third Layer Inner Strength expert that had come to kill Xiao Chen a few days ago. In that person’s pocket was a record card-like item which had “Number 3 Boxer, Vicious Wolf” written upon it. At this point, Xiao Chen could guess that this person was either a boxing athlete or an underground illegal boxing boxer! And right now, Lou Zhenming mentioned this underground boxing stage, with all these laid out, how could there be no connection?

Could it be that the one called ‘Number 3 Boxer, Vicious Wolf’ was someone Lou Zhenming looked for? After carefully thinking about it, he felt that this possibility was very large; Lou Zhenming belonged to Lou Clan, which started out as underground, and the underground boxing stage was one of the categories that underground gangs managed!

Thinking up to here, Xiao Chen actually wanted to go in order to get to the bottom of this; he really wanted to know who the one targeting him from behind was!

“That’s right young master Xiao, you should know why our clan does. This venue’s boss and my clan have some friendly relations, so if you want to go, I can bring you to experience it! Just think about it, you have nothing to lose by getting up on stage to hit a few rounds.” Lou Zhenming persuaded.

“Then I’ll go take a look……” Xiao Chen “hesitated” for a moment while his face showed an interested expression.

“Great, let’s first take the exam. When we finish exams tomorrow, I’ll bring you over!” Lou Zhenming knew when to stop. For this kind of thing, the more you spoke, the more you were bound to slip up. He was already very excited in successfully tricking Xiao Chen into underground boxing. From his point of view, he was truly a person talented in conning people; after all, wasn’t Xiao Chen fooled by him in a short time?

Lou Zhenming brought Thin Monkey away, then Tang Tang angrily stamped her foot by Xiao Chen’s side: “OK, Xiao Chen, it seems like you’ve increased your capability? Underground illegal boxing, you even dare go fight, do you not want your life? What, do you think that the small amount earned by selling breakfast is wronging you?”

“Oh, I thought that his ‘radiant with delight’ expression was quite amusing, so I went along with his trickery.” Xiao Chen shrugged.

“Haha, I was thinking that you coveted that 100,000 RMB!” Tang Tang let out a sigh of relief: “Seems like you aren’t a death-seeking idiot.”

Lou Zhenming walked with complacence as he thought that he succeeded in duping Xiao Chen.

“Brother Ming, I think that your acting a moment ago is worthy of an Oscar; it was extremely successful, that dumbass Xiao Chen was instantly fooled!” Thin Monkey praised.

“Didn’t you say that he’s a fool with nothing but money in his eyes? He is currently short of money; if we take hold of this point, we can play him to death!” Lou Zhenming felt that he was quite intelligent. He discovered that even without Yue Shaoqun’s help, he was still very fierce.

“Indeed, that Xiao Chen is a dandy with no IQ if we consider his previous status as young master Xiao. If he was replaced with Brother Ming, with such an attractive fiancée, the beauty would have already been married!” Thin Monkey deeply believed this.

“Haha, perhaps he has an issue with his tastes, like Tang Tang?” Lou Zhenming guffawed after he finished speaking.

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“That young master comes from a loser life. Right, Brother Ming, I have already reached an agreement with Teacher Lei for this time’s examination, to help you cheat, so you should get a pretty good score.” Thin Monkey said.

“Oh?” Lou Zhenming’s eyes brightened: “That’s truly very good, if I can pass each test on the examination, my father will be happy and might reward me several million!”

Lou Siwen hoped that Lou Zhenming would become a cultured person. As the saying goes, a gangster isn’t fearful, but a cultured gangster is! Lou Siwen, who mixed with the underworld, believed this point and placed his hope on Lou Zhenming, but Lou Zhenming repeatedly disappointed him. This boy simply wasn’t suited for studying.

“Haha, I suppose that kid Xiao Chen will become our class’ first from the bottom this time. At that time, Brother Lou doesn’t need to say anything because it will be impossible for him to settle down.” Thin Monkey ridiculed as he thought about Xiao Chen.

“If you didn’t speak, I wouldn’t have thought about it; do you think that kid will copy Tang Tang?” Lou Zhenming put himself in Xiao Chen’s shoes; Xiao Chen wasn’t young master Xiao anymore, so if this kid continuously tested first from the bottom, then it was estimated that he would be expelled by the school. Therefore, in order for Xiao Chen to reverse this situation, he had to copy Tang Tang!

“Brother Ming, your meaning is to accuse Xiao Chen of copying to the teachers?” Thin Monkey suddenly thought of this.

“Let’s hold back this move. I just fear that Xiao Chen doesn’t dare go boxing. In that case, our plans would have been drawn up for no reason, so we’ll first look for trouble in school if he doesn’t dare go!” Lou Zhenming thought of the incident in the cafeteria, when Xiao Chen used Director Xu to suppress him. Since you used school rules to mess with me, then I’ll give you a taste of your own medicine: “But we have to emphasize evidence in order to do it in 1 go. We can’t let him have any space to quibble!


  1. TLN: The raw says “SB” which I assume is an acronym for the Chinese phrase “傻逼” which translates into English as ‘fool’, ‘dumbass’ or the like. I think I might have used dumbass for another phrase, but if you think you have another word for dumbass that works for daily life conversation, comment it. 

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