Chapter 71 – Chen Jinpeng’s Rising

“Store manager Wang, has my car been managed? I’ve come to carry it off!” The person speaking was unexpectedly his little brother Chen Jinpeng, who he hadn’t seen for some days!

Chen Jinpeng previously didn’t have a car because his status in Chen Clan was very low. Even his father didn’t support him, so where would he get money to spend1? The only method was to follow other people’s back to act as their little brother, and only then could he get some pocket money.

But now it was different. Yesterday, he was already confirmed to be Chen Clan’s third generation successor and went from a nobody to a flamboyant person in a short while. Thus, at first thing in the morning, he ran over to order a sports car. Of course, the car procedures and whatnot was entrusted to store manager Wang to handle, so he arranged to meet again in the afternoon.

“It’s been handled……but second young master Chen, these several people2 have also settled on your car, what do you think?” Store manager Wang was unable to take responsibility. He could only let them talk it over and settle it themselves. In his opinion, Chen Jinpeng was Xiao Chen’s little brother and should give some face.

However, what was unexpected to store manager Wang was that when Chen Jinpeng caught sight of Xiao Chen, a flash of sneering satire flashed through his face: “Heeh? Isn’t this young master Xiao? Is working as a servant very pleasurable?”

Xiao Chen’s complexion slightly sunk, since when was he like fashionable clothes for Chen Jinpeng to look at? Truth to tell, Xiao Chen still didn’t think highly of Chen Jinpeng: “Chen Jinpeng, what’s your meaning? If you’re tactful, then hurry and give the car to young lady Cheng, otherwise……”

When Xiao Chen spoke these words, he wanted to smile. The words he was saying was exactly the same with those bad guy’s words in movies!

“Ha!” Before Xiao Chen finished speaking his words, Chen Jinpeng was already laughing heartily: “I say Xiao Chen, young master Xiao, are you ill? What status are you right now? You’re a servant, yet you dare to speak to me, your brother Chen, this way? If I were you, I would look for a crack to hide myself in! Store manager Wang, give me the key, I want to drive away the car!”

Chen Jinpeng was currently feeling good about himself. Although Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei were present, and he had also heard about the frightening rumors about Jin Beibei, in his opinion, he occupied the upper position in this matter. The car was ordered in advance by him, for which reason should he give it to Jin Beibei? Besides, Jin Beibei was in Second High, he was in First High. The two of them had no intersections, what was there to fear? Of course, what he didn’t know, he didn’t fear.

Store manager Wang was somewhat shocked in place. He didn’t expect that Xiao Chen would unexpectedly be scolded by Chen Jinpeng in this way. In the past, wasn’t this Chen Jinpeng a lackey following behind Xiao Chen? How come there’s such a reversal?

However, store manager Wang was a smart person. Seeing that Xiao Chen didn’t refute and instead stood in spot, flushed with anger, store manager Wang knew that perhaps the matter changed and that Chen Jinpeng’s words were about right. Perhaps this Xiao Chen went down in the world and became either Cheng Mengying or Jin Beibei’s servant.

Therefore, store manager Wang didn’t dare to offend Chen Jinpeng. He promptly handed over the car keys and a set of formalities to Chen Jinpeng: “Second young master Chen, the formalities have already been manage. The vehicle license has been taken care of as per your request, SongTTT777. There is no need to pay for this vehicle licence, just consider it me giving Second Young Master Chen a gift!”

In reality, Chen Jinpeng hadn’t bargained for the car. Not only did he buy the top recommendation, but also added an installation of many luxurious remodelling facilities. It could be said that store manager Wang earned close to 2 million from this car. Although this vehicle license was bought from an auction for a high price, it was only a mere several hundred thousand.

“Wahaha, 777, I like it! It’s like a slot machine foretelling that whatever I do in the future, I’ll win! You have done well, but you must change the way you speak to me afterwards. My brother is already dead and I am currently Chen Clan’s successor. In the future, just call me young master Chen. What second young master, don’t mention it again.” Chen Jinpeng said with complacence.

The information that Chen Jinpeng released made Xiao Chen slightly shocked. At the same time, it made Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei stare blankly. All of them didn’t expect that Chen Jinpeng would rise up. Xiao Chen not knowing was normal, but Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei lived outside, their family members naturally didn’t have enough time to inform them3.

“Yes, young master Chen……” The light of surprise flashed through store manager Wang’s eyes. No wonder Chen Jinpeng became so straightforward all of the sudden. So it turns out that he became Chen Clan’s successor. In that case, I have to pay special attention to this customer!

“Great4 young master Xiao……oh no, great servant Xiao, I’m going!” Chen Jinpeng raised the car keys in his hand and proudly walked over to his car.

“Heihei, you robbed my car, yet you’re still acting in front of me, heihei……” Jin Beibei had a thin smile as she looked at Chen Jinpeng.

Jin Beibei’s smiling expression made Cheng Jinpeng shiver, but after thinking about it for a moment, he didn’t mind it. If I don’t go annoy you, can you bite me? And beat me up senseless? Thinking up to here, Chen Jinpeng didn’t bother with Jin Beibei and minded his own business. He got onto that nouveau riche golden Panamera, started the car, and sped off……

“Miss Cheng, Miss Jin, young master Xiao, I’m sorry, you guys should also know that these aristocratic clan juniors are people I can’t afford to offend!” Store manager Wang said somewhat helplessly, but he already placed Xiao Chen at the very end. Although he wasn’t disrespectful, this indicated the problem.

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“It doesn’t matter, this young lady didn’t fancy that car, it was too cheap!” Cheng Mengying naturally wouldn’t admit that she was in a bad mood in her heart.

“Heihei, I can’t even afford ‘cheap’.” Jin Beibei’s eyeballs rolled. She said to store manager Wang: “Hey, do you have another key to that car? Give me one!”

“Ah?” Store manager Wang stared blankly for a moment, then forced a smile: “The car key has been given to Mister Chen, how can we secretly keep one?”

“As long as it looks the same.” Jin Beibei said.

“There are some that look the same, but there is no use for them, they haven’t gone through matching……” Store manager Wang answered.

“Then can you give me one?” Jin Beibei asked.

“There’s no problem……” A key, although the price was considerable5, it was only a matter of several thousand RMB. The car sold just a moment ago had made an ample profit, and he naturally didn’t want to offend Jin Beibei because of this small matter: “Little Zhang, go find a Panamera key and bring it over.”

“Yes, store manager.” One of the staff responded and went to go take a key.

“Beibei, what do you want to do with this thing?” Cheng Mengying puzzled over Jin Beibei’s goal.

“To act pompous.” Jin Beibei replied.

“……” Cheng Mengying became speechless. Xiao Chen also became speechless. Store manager Wang was even more speechless.

Jin Beibei took the key and immediately left. Although Cheng Mengying was puzzled, she still left the car dealership with her: “Beibei, aren’t we buying a car?”

“Not buying, I just like being nouveau riche Jin Beibei version!” Jin Beibei had a lot of pent up rage since Chen Jinpeng had angered her. It would have been fine if he didn’t act pretentiously, but since he acted so in front of her, how could Jin Beibei let him off?

“Okay……” Cheng Mengying saw that Jin Beibei’s stubbornness was acting up and had no methods to fix it. It just so happened that there was an old car in her clan, an Audi A5. Although it wasn’t too good of a car, bringing it to use wasn’t a problem. It was just that she would have to go back to Cheng Clan for a while.

The several people left the car dealership because their moods had been disturbed by Chen Jinpeng, so they directly went home. At the villa gate, they discovered Ye Xiaoye at the flowerbed planting something. Ye Xiaoye’s cool image and her flowerbed gardener image was seriously inconsistent.

“Hey, how come you’re talking up half of the flowerbed?” Although Cheng Mengying didn’t grow flowers, when seeing that Ye Xiaoye didn’t bother to notify her after taking up half of the flowerbed, she immediately became annoyed. She was originally already unhappy at the car dealership, and when she returned, she saw Ye Xiaoye and became even more unhappy.

“Sorry, you weren’t home before.” Ye Xiaoye apologetically answered. This made Cheng Mengying feel very astonished and powerless. The other person notified you now and even apologized to you, what could you do about it?

“Sorry makes everything fine? This is public domain, what can you compensate us with?” Jin Beibei rolled her eyes: “I heard brother-in-law borrowed your electric earthenware pot? Do you still need repayment?”

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“No need.” Ye Xiaoye was surprised. Her thoughts turned in circles as she was thinking about who brother-in-law was, then refreshingly shook her head. She was a little puzzled, why would Jin Beibei call Xiao Chen ‘brother-in-law’?

“That’s good enough.” Jin Beibei valiantly went into the villa.

Cheng Mengying felt her anger being melted. If it was exchanged for her, perhaps she could only admit it. She didn’t have such a weird thought process like Jin Beibei. Although it was Xiao Chen obtaining the advantage right now, no matter what, Xiao Chen was part of their group of people.

After going into the villa, Xiao Chen went into his room to brew medicine while Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei went upstairs to play something.

The second auxiliary medicine was immediately going to be used up. This made Xiao Chen head hurt. The third auxiliary medicine definitely wouldn’t be a simple 10,000 RMB, but rather change into 20,000 RMB. Although working as a breakfast vendor earned money, it wouldn’t make this much money6.

Fortunately, the welcoming school exam would be coming up soon. If he obtained first place, he would be able to take the scholarship. However, there would still be another 10,000 RMB left, which made Xiao Chen have a headache.

But no matter what, he had to look after well what was currently in front of him. Xiao Chen boiled the medicine well, poured it out, drained it in one gulp, then began refining the medicine in his stomach.

Just as Xiao Chen was preparing to calmly refine it, suddenly, a thread of warmth welled up from his dantian and started. Xiao Chen didn’t take it seriously, but along the passage of Xiao Chen’s refining, it became increasingly warming. This made Xiao Chen immediately frightened!

This wasn’t his first time refining this medicine, but this feeling was indeed vastly different. Although there was this warmth last time, it was the type of really comfortable warmth. However, today was completely different. Today, the quantity of heat already turned into a scorching burn, roasting Xiao Chen’s dantian and meridian channels. It was so hot that Xiao Chen could even feel his own body sending out the sort of ‘chi chi’ barbequing sound. This made Xiao Chen fearful.

“Tian Lao, it seems like there’s something wrong, it feels like I’m going to be cooked.” Xiao Chen anxiously asked, but didn’t dare to voluntarily stop revolving his mnemonics. Who knew if there would be an even more terrible thing happening after he stopped?

“Indeed there’s something wrong.” Tian Lao’s voice made Xiao Chen’s heart cool. What was called ‘indeed there’s something wrong’, could it be that a problem in his cultivation arose?


  1. TLN: Maybe if he had more awareness, he would go get a job. It’s not like second generation wealthy kids don’t need to work anymore. 
  2. TLN: The character ‘位’ is used here, which is also an honorific version of saying ‘person’. In Japanese, it’s equivalent to adding a -san when you don’t really know the person and -sama if the person is nobility or the like. 
  3. TLN: Cellphones are mentioned, yet it’s like they don’t have cellphones. 
  4. TLN: Whenever someone called him or referred to him as ‘Young master Xiao’, it was technically supposed to be ‘Great/Big young master Xiao’, but I felt that it was awkward, so I changed it to ‘Young master Xiao’. 
  5. TLN: I’m pretty sure keys don’t cost much to make. The most expensive car key out there is only 34,000 USD. 
  6. TLN: In the short term, of course. 

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