Chapter 64 – Shen Jingxuan Pays A Visit

The next day.

It is a Saturday and also the first weekend that Xiao Chen and the young lady experienced after co-renting.

But Xiao Chen had gotten up at the crack of dawn and immediately ** left the villa; Saturday was also a day to go sell breakfast. Moreover, not only was it to sell breakfast, but also to sell food for the entire day! It was very difficult to get a day of not going to school, so Tang Tang naturally wanted to earn a bit more money.

Every previous weekend, Tang Tang had spent her time this way, but this was the first time with Xiao Chen.

“Tang Tang, how come there’s so much flour?” When Xiao Chen arrived at the auntie’s grocery store, he just happened to see how many things were on top of Tang Tang’s tricycle. When he saw this enormous amount of dough flour, he couldn’t help but be astonished!

This was more than triple of what they usually got in the morning; who was Tang Tang going to sell this to?

“We can sell breakfast until noon today. During the weekend, many office workers have a long lazy sleep and get up at noon. Since the time to sell so long, it’s only natural to prepare some more!” Tang Tang explained: “Don’t worry, with your capability, selling this much flour is a mere trifle!”

Xiao Chen thought that it was right. Selling some more was some more money, but he was still somewhat puzzled: “Then we’re still selling breakfast in the afternoon?”

“Naturally we won’t sell that in the afternoon; we’ll be selling fried dough twists in the afternoon. The amount of flour that I prepare ordinarily is only ⅓ at most of what I’ve prepared today. However, now that you’re a deep-fried breadstick prince, the amount of fried dough twists being sold might also be a lot, so I prepared some more.” Tang Tang patted Xiao Chen’s shoulder: “Buddy, it’s all up to you! Don’t you currently have a lot of western-style lunches and western-style pig feet? You’ll immediately become a deep-fried breadstick and fried dough twist prince! Such a handsome lady-killer frying deep-fried breadsticks is very rare, and are very popular as opposed to those aunts or whatever……”

“Pft……” After Xiao Chen heard Tang Tang’s words, he immediately became speechless. However, his hands didn’t stop and incessantly helped Tang Tang move things onto the vehicle.

Xiao Chen was in the front pedalling the vehicle while Tang Tang sat in the back. The breeze blew past and scattered Tang Tang’s bangs. Tang Tang tidied up her hair and looked at Xiao Chen’s back, a trace of happiness emerging in her heart.

Just at this moment, a black limousine passed by the two’s side. The person driving the vehicle was a boss-style man, while the person sitting in the copilot seat was a book bag carrying student.

That student said: “Papa, look, those two people are very young ah. They really work hard, selling breakfast first thing in the morning……”

“Yes, this is the fate of those who don’t properly study. You think that it’s exhausting when I bring you to make up for a missed lesson in the early morning. Now, how you seen what is really called ‘exhausting’? If you don’t properly study, you’ll be just like them when you grow up; having no other choice but to rise early to sell breakfast and go to sleep late……” The boss-style man preached.

On this early peaceful morning, there weren’t many vehicles on the road. Since Xiao Chen is a Truth Cultivator, his sight and hearing is outstanding. When Xiao Chen all of the sudden heard the conversation of the father and son on the car, he became quite dumbfounded, I’ve turned into the other party’s teaching material? Looking towards that black limousine, Xiao Chen helpless shook his head. When he was formerly in Xiao Clan, this kind of several hundred thousand car was something he disdained to drive. There were several sports cars worth tens of millions though……

“But……I think that they’re pretty good, look at that older sister happily smiling……” The schoolchild said.

“What happiness? Look at her pig-like appearance, if you don’t properly study, then afterward you’ll also marry this kind of wife!” The boss put on a serious face and said: “Nowadays, a beautiful woman would rather sit in a grand car and cry than sit on the back of a tricycle and happily smile. Only this kind of person would smile!”

“Oh……” That schoolchild nodded in half-understanding.

Beforehand when Xiao Chen was being used as a negative teaching material, he indeed was in dire straits and didn’t fear others’ words. However, when this person went as far as to scold Tang Tang, it caused Xiao Chen to be at the end of his patience. He glanced to the side and saw a shattered triangle-shaped metal on a place not far away. As a result, Xiao Chen feigned a nonchalant appearance as he rode and used some strength to kick that triangle-shaped metal towards the small limousine’s tire ahead of them.

Only hearing a ‘whoosh’ sound, a big hole appeared as that tire was pierced by that triangle-shaped metal. The right rear wheel shriveled in a flash……

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That boss had no means and had no alternative except to pull up to inspect it. When Xiao Chen cycled past him, he faintly smiled: “Sometimes a tricycle is more useful than a small limousine.”

When the boss heard Xiao Chen’s words, he was somewhat bewildered. He didn’t know
that Xiao Chen had heard their previous conversation and also didn’t know that the wheel was burst by Xiao Chen, so he glared at Xiao Chen: “Who asked you to care!”

Xiao Chen didn’t respond to him and rode away on his vehicle.

“Xiao Chen, what did you say with the person just now?” Tang Tang was somewhat confused. She felt Xiao Chen wasn’t that kind of person who liked to spontaneously provoke and speak sarcastically. Could it be that the young master’s superiority feeling was offended?

“He cursed you.” Xiao Chen said.

“Cursed me?” Tang Tang stared blankly for a moment.

“He told his son that if he didn’t properly in the future, he would become like me pedalling on a tricycle and marry a wife like you.” Xiao Chen explained.

“Like me……” Tang Tang wasn’t stupid. She immediately understood Xiao Chen’s meaning; so it turned out that Xiao Chen had heard that person mocking her appearance!

“Haha, but I think you’re very good.” Xiao Chen smiled: “Actually, what he said was right; the two of us can be considered to be well-matched.”

Xiao Chen feared that Tang Tang would be unhappy, so he disparaged himself.

“It’s fine Xiao Chen, I’m not that weak. What you said is right, the two of us really are quite well-matched, haha……” Tang Tang said with a smile.

The two people bantered around with each other and arrived at the morning market street. Xiao Chen nimbly arranged their vendor stall and began a new day1.

Not long after the breakfast vendor stall was set up, it became filled with many people. The surrounding several breakfast stalls both extremely admired and hatefully envied Tang Tang. It was just that Tang Tang would leave after the morning, so they usually wouldn’t particularly repel Tang Tang.

But it was different on the weekend; these peoples’ eyes were red with envy. Only these people whose skill was worse than them didn’t have any pretext to find trouble with them. These people could only first endure.

When the young lady woke up2, it was already 8 o’clock. Furthermore, she was woken up by the noise of a phone call; the person telephoning was her best friend, Shen Jingxuan.

“Mengying, are you living a good ** life with Xiao Chen?” Shen Jingxuan said with a laugh.

“Jingxuan, what are you saying? How can it be **? He’s my servant, okay?” When Cheng Mengying heard her best friend call, she immediately became energetic.

“Then you aren’t living together?” Shen Jingxuan smilingly said: “Do you have time today? I’ll go to take a look at how you’re doing?”

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Shen Jingxuan was actually very helpless. Shen Clan had issued her a mission today; to visit as a guest to Chen Clan’s Chen Jinkun. Shen Clan wanting Shen Jingxuan to accompany Chen Jinkun to walk around outside could be considered to be the clan wanting them to understand each other.

To tell the truth, Chen Clan’s Chen Jinkun pursuing Shen Jingxuan wasn’t a secret and Shen Clan quite supported this person, Chen Jinkun. He was so young, yet was already a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist. His future prospects was limitless so Shen Clan made this statement to approve of the two clans’ matters.

Today could be considered the formal definite Shen Clan and Chen Clan’s connection through marriage. Therefore, no matter if the person involved, Shen Jingxuan, agreed or not, or had any contradictions, as a Shen Clan person, it was compulsory for her to abide by her elder’s wishes.

Shen Clan wanted to expand their influence in Songning City and Chen Clan was a pretty good choice, so used this connection through marriage.

Although Shen Jingxuan knew she was unable to defy this kind of matter, just like this previous Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen, now that this matter had fallen onto her head, she was still utterly unhappy.

She didn’t plan to be together with Chen Jinkun alone. Even if they were going to be together in the future, she didn’t plan for it right now. Therefore, she thought up an idea; that was exactly to pay a visit to Cheng Mengying together with Chen Jinkun. This was a high-sounding justification, so Chen Jinkun definitely wouldn’t reject.

As expected, when Shen Jingxuan raised this request, Chen Jinkun didn’t refuse, rather refreshingly agreed.

Actually, Chen Jinkun had his own plans. In his opinion, if he was able to cultivate affection with Shen Jingxuan, it didn’t matter where they went. Going to Cheng Mengying’s home was fine, going to the playground or cinema was also fine; doing it in accordance to Shen Jingxuan’s wishes also showed his elegant demeanor.

Moreover, the most important was that Chen Jinkun couldn’t cope with Xiao Chen! He was Shen Jingxuan’s pursuer and Xiao Chen also was. Xiao Chen publicly expressed himself liking Shen Jingxuan many times, so it could be considered that Chen Jinkun hated Xiao Chen to the marrow of his bones.

Of course, there was also the reason of his younger brother Chen Jinpeng. Chen Jinpeng and Chen Jinkun couldn’t deal with each other, but they were born from the same roots, why conflict with each other? But many big clans were like this; there could be only one successor, so internecine strife often occurred.

Although Chen Jinpeng already wasn’t Xiao Chen’s little brother, Chen Jinkun and Xiao Chen’s enmity still hadn’t dissolved. Since an opportunity to ridicule at Xiao Chen had come, how could Chen Jinkun let it slip by?

“Ah? You want to come over? Great, I just happened to be bored, come over!” Hearing that Shen Jingxuan wanted to come over, Cheng Mengying naturally agreed cheerfully.

After finishing the call, Cheng Mengying got up to wash her face and brush her teeth. As soon as she finished dressing up, the rumbling of a car’s engine sounded from outside the villa. She took a look outside the window and saw a Bugatti navigation sports car stopped at the gate of the villa.

Shen Jingxuan and Chen Jinkun got out of the car and when seeing them, Cheng Mengying slightly wrinkled her brows. Chen Jinkun also coming was actually somewhat contrary to Cheng Mengying’s expectations. Although Shen Jingxuan and Chen Jinkun shouting together was very loud, the elders of their respective clans hadn’t stepped up. Now that they were together in public, it may be assumed that this matter should be settled.

Thinking of Shen Jingxuan also undergoing the worries of a connection through marriage, Cheng Mengying inwardly let out a sigh, then went to open the door for them.

“Mengying, I missed you to death!” Shen Jingxuan immediately smiled faintly after she went in and gave Cheng Mengying a hug. As for Chen Jinkun, he stood confident and at ease on the side and gave a smiling nod to Cheng Mengying.

“Jingxuan, you two?” Although Cheng Mengying already roughly guessed the matter, she still couldn’t help but ask at this moment.

“Young lady Cheng, let me introduce myself, I currently am Jingxuan’s fiancé. I heard that you were Jingxuan’s best friend, so the two of us came to pay a visit.” Chen Jinkun stated.

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With regards to him addressing himself as her fiancé, Shen Jingxuan was actually somewhat helpless, but didn’t have any means. Her clan had already agreed to this matter, so what could she do? She had no other choice but to ambiguously interrupt: “Mengying, Xiao Chen?”


  1. TLN: Meaning ‘business day’. 
  2. TLN: No idea why ‘来’ was ‘**’. It was obviously going to be that(起来), yet the author censored it? 

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