Chapter 65 – Go To The Back To Line Up!

“He……” When Cheng Mengying spoke of Xiao Chen, she was somewhat helpless in her heart, but on the surface, she naturally couldn’t display her concern for Xiao Chen. If only Shen Jingxuan was here with her, it wouldn’t be too bad to speak about. But now that there was the outsider Chen Jinkun, she naturally had to put on a cold face and say: “Seems like he went to sell breakfast.”

“Sell breakfast?” Shen Jingxuan slightly stared blankly, but Chen Jinkun also stared blankly. Why is Xiao Chen selling breakfast?

“Oh, sheltering him here is already pretty good and he shouldn’t count on me giving him money. If he wants to live, he should earn his own money.” Cheng Mengying coldly said: “But since he’s such a waste young master, then he also doesn’t have any abilities, and can only be obliged to sell breakfast.”

Shen Jingxuan naturally knew that Cheng Mengying wasn’t this kind of cold-blooded person. Her speaking like this was probably due to some reason, but now that there was the hinderance known as Chen Jinkun, she didn’t have any means to ask for a clear understanding and could only say: “That Xiao Chen is really pitiful, Mengying, although he wasn’t too good previously and always attracted your anger, he’s now gone down in the world. Wouldn’t it be bad for us to not in the least be concerned?”

Shen Jingxuan had this kind of disposition, so her speaking out like this wouldn’t make people feel that it was inappropriate. In particular, when Chen Jinkun heard Shen Jingxuan’s words, a plan popped up in his heart. Remaining calm and collected, he smiled and said: “Since it’s like this, then how about we go to the place where he’s selling breakfast? We can go pay him a visit, eat some breakfast, and even assist him!”

Chen Jinkun’s true goal was to go humiliate him, as well as let Shen Jingxuan see that this type of trash simply wasn’t fit for pursuing her! Of course, Chen Jinkun didn’t think Shen Jingxuan was moved by Xiao Chen from the start, but he was a narrow-minded person and was fond of being jealous.

It was needless to say that Shen Jingxuan knew what disposition that Chen Jinkun had, since the two had been acquainted for so long. Although they weren’t explicitly together before, Shen Jingxuan still paid quite a lot of attention to Chen Jinkun, this person that was very likely to be chosen to be connected through marriage. So just as she wanted to refuse, what she didn’t expect was that Cheng Mengying would first open her mouth: “That’s fine, this young lady just happened to want to take a look at Xiao Chen’s ‘in-dire-straits’ appearance! Hmph!”

In reality, the young lady’s true thoughts was something she herself wasn’t too sure about. She wanted to understand how Xiao Chen’s present life was, she wanted to take a look at how he and Tang Tang sold breakfast every day.

Chen Jinkun feared that no one would support him to go humiliate Xiao Chen a moment ago, but now seeing Cheng Mengying’s attitude, he immediately felt relieved. At that time, even if Shen Jingxuan wasn’t happy, he could depend on her best friend to convince her.

The three people walked out the villa together.

When Chen Jinkun realized that his silver Bugatti Veyron sports car was a two-seater vehicle and that the young lady didn’t have a car, it made him feel somewhat embarrassed: “That……how about Jingxuan, you and Cheng Mengying drive, and I take a taxi to go there?”

Just as it was getting awkward, a Beetle car stopped in front of the villa; it was Jin Beibei’s car!

“Cousin Mengying, isn’t today the day we go buy a car?” Jin Beibei rolled down the car window and yelled: “Elder sister Jingxuan also came!”

“It’s Beibei!” Shen Jingxuan recognized Jin Beibei and greeted her.

Chen Jinkun complexion slightly changed. Regarding Jin Beibei, this little demoness, he had heard about and didn’t wish to have any dealings with her, and merely sent out a greeting in courtesy: “Miss Jin came.”

Jin Beibei glanced at Chen Jinkun, obviously not acknowledging his meaning. Rather, her gaze turned towards Cheng Mengying, inquiring her ‘what is going on’.

“Jingxuan, it just happens that I can sit on Beibei’s car, how about you guys go ahead?” Cheng Mengying looked towards Jin Beibei and said.

“That’s also fine……” Shen Jingxuan nodded and sat in Chen Jinkun’s car.

Cheng Mengying also opened the door of the Beetle and sat down by Jin Beibei’s side. The two cars slowly started up and drove towards the direction of the morning market in tandem.

“Cousin Mengying, where are you guys going?” Jin Beibei was still confused up until now. She only knew that she had to drive following after Chen Jinkun, but didn’t know what the destination was.

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“Jingxuan and Chen Jinkun want to take a look at Xiao Chen……” As she was speaking, Cheng Mengying went on to repeat what the several of them spoke before to Jin Beibei, then reminded: “Beibei, don’t chaotically shout in a moment. If we let people know that our and Xiao Chen’s relationship is pretty good, my family will definitely be unhappy. Therefore, you understand……”

“Don’t worry cousin Mengying, I’m not a fool, calling brother-in-law at home is fine. You should feel at ease, I won’t speak out your secret.” Jin Beibei patted her swaying chest and replied.

“You……what secret do I have!” Cheng Mengying immediately became annoyed, but didn’t dare to retort. She feared that if she retorted, Jin Beibei would say some inappropriate words.

The two cars stopped in front of the morning market street in tandem. Jin Beibei’s Beetle actually wasn’t too eye-catching, after all, cars worth 300,000 truly wasn’t considered anything grand nowadays. However, Chen Jinkun’s Bugatti Veyron sports car was somewhat cool, dazzling, and conspicuous.

Inside the morning market were vendor stalls and hawkers. Although some cars stopped by the roadside and their drivers went to buy breakfast, it was their first time seeing such a luxurious car!

Just as everybody was guessing what these people wanted to do, they didn’t expect that the four people would get out of their cars and directly move towards Xiao Chen and Tang Tang’s breakfast stall! The other hawkers couldn’t help but sigh, this deep-fried breadstick unexpectedly had such profit? Even second-generation rich who operate sports vehicles came by?

Xiao Chen naturally saw Chen Jinkun and the others. He wrinkled his brows; he didn’t think that the young lady and Jin Beibei, as well as Shen Jingxuan, would unexpectedly come. What were they doing coming over, to mock him?

If it was before, Xiao Chen would definitely think like this. But now that he understood the young lady’s disposition, he knew that the young lady absolutely wasn’t that kind of shallow person, so he decided to take a look before saying again.

Xiao Chen didn’t pay any attention and skillfully went towards the deep-fryer to admit the breadsticks. Although Tang Tang had also caught sight of Cheng Mengying and the others, she also didn’t know what this group of people coming over wanted to do. Since Xiao Chen didn’t speak, she naturally continued selling deep-fried breadsticks.

Actually, when Shen Jingxuan appeared, it made Xiao Chen’s heart slightly tremble. This was his……former truly somewhat liked girl, her gentle and soft temperament, genial smile. She was the number one goddess in all the male student’s minds in school.

But now, things changed with the passage of time. Xiao Chen knew his weight, so he concealed these thoughts into the bottom of his heart, not even daring to give her an extra glance.

“Hehe, isn’t this young master Xiao? I truly can’t see my previous brother. Xiao Chen, you’re an elegant person on the inside ah, hiding such a supreme skill in your body, having a miracle to protect your body. This deep frying deep-fried breadstick is simply better than a five star hotel’s!”

Although Chen Jinkun’s words seemed to be praising Xiao Chen on the surface, it was actually making cutting remarks towards Xiao Chen. How could Xiao Chen not hear it?

An indignant look surfaced on Xiao Chen’s face. Both of his hands shivered, and he nearly lifted up the deep fryer to splash it onto Chen Jinkun’s face. Of course, he was pretending; to tell the truth, he hadn’t paid attention to Chen Jinkun from the start.

Although Chen Clan’s people were repulsive, they were more easier to deal with compared to those concealed behind-the-scenes people who wanted to cause him to die. Xiao Chen was currently only maintaining his previous character. If he made other people become aware that he was still very calm even though he was in dire straits, then who wouldn’t believe that he had some reason?

Xiao Chen didn’t want to prematurely expose the fact that he was a Truth Cultivator.

“Many thanks for your praise.” Xiao Chen deeply breathed in a breath and seemed to calm down his mood. However, his following words seemed to bring the taste of gunpowder: “If you want to buy, go to the back to line up. If you don’t want to buy, then don’t stand here and be a hindrance.”

Xiao Chen’s action made Chen Jinkun feel unwell! If it was substituted for the previous Xiao Chen, he would definitely explode, but now, he could only swallow his anger and use ‘line up’ to counter attack. However, did he need to line up?

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Chen Jinkun straightforwardly took out five 100 RMB bills, shook it before Xiao Chen’s eyes and said: “Give brother four sets of soybean milk and deep-fried breadstick!”

“Go to the back to line up.” Xiao Chen coldly replied.

“Yes, why are you people cutting the line? We have lined up for a long time, but are we like you?” After Xiao Chen spoke like this, the customers lined up in the back immediately became discontent.

“I’ll buy with a higher price, so why should I line up? If you have the capability, you can also spend more ah1? If you can spend a thousand, I’ll definitely let you buy first, how about it? If you don’t have money, shut up!” In order to humiliate Xiao Chen, Chen Jinkun naturally couldn’t let it pass like this.

But, Xiao Chen seemed to not especially long for the 500 RMB in his hands. Xiao Chen’s appearance after going down in the world and becoming a poor-***, unexpectedly wasn’t moved? Pretending, absolutely pretending!

Chen Jinkun felt that Xiao Chen young master’s face was definitely flaring up. He probably felt embarrassed to accept his charity, so he tried a little harder: “1000 RMB, give me four sets, hurry up!”

“Go to the back to line up!” Xiao Chen still replied with a half-raised head.

“Xiao Chen, stop being concerned about face, what person do you think you are? If not for considering Mengying’s face, would I still come over here to have a meal?” Chen Jinkun’s face was somewhat unable to hang. He had come to humiliate Xiao Chen, but lost his face to this breakfast seller, Xiao Chen, instead! In his opinion, him taking out money to pay Xiao Chen was something that Xiao Chen should be welcoming with a smiling face and fawning. Could it be that he wasn’t short of money? That was impossible, if he wasn’t short of money, then he wouldn’t be selling any damn breakfast!

“5000 RMB! Consider brother bestowing it to you!”

“Uncle, how many deep-fried breadsticks do you want?” Although Tang Tang sucked in her tongue at Chen Jinkun’s “nouveau riche” behavior, since Xiao Chen clearly didn’t want this money, Tang Tang naturally also wouldn’t want it. She directly crossed over Chen Jinkun and asked the uncle behind him.

“10 RMB worth.” The uncle handed over a 10 RMB bill and replied to Tang Tang.

“Okay!” Tang Tang nodded and began skillfully weighing.

Chen Jinkun’s complexion was terribly gloomy in this moment. It wasn’t good for him to punch and beat up Xiao Chen in front of Shen Jingxuan. After all, he was here to flatter her and it wasn’t good for him to beat up Xiao Chen, so Tang Tang became his venting object!

“Smelly *****, did you not hear me?” Chen Jinkun was burning with anger. He smashed down folded bills directly onto Tang Tang’s face and a clear ‘pa’ sound echoed: “Hurry up and give me four sets of deep-fried breadstick and soybean milk!”


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