Chapter 21 – Don’t Have A Master Ma, Only Have A Ma Kao

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. He could determine that he hadn’t seen this person, so could he have been mistaken?

“Xiao Chen? Young Master Xiao?” Just as Xiao Chen was wondering, an unsure voice came from his side.

Xiao Chen turned and looked at the person who said words to him. It was plump girl Tang Tang, thus it made Xiao Chen say with a bit of surprise: “Tang Tang? Did you say something to me? Do you know me?”

“Not too sure….seeing you in a school uniform doesn’t correlate with the information.” Tang Tang at this time determined Xiao Chen’s status: “Your matter, I have heard about, but I didn’t think you would commit suicide….”

“Suicide?” Xiao Chen strangely looked at Tang Tang. This plump girl seems to understand his ways? Who is she? ‘Tang Tang, where have I heard this name have heard this name before’, but Young Master Xiao didn’t remember: “You are?”

“From Tang Family, the girl who broke off an engagement. It created a sensation, so you should have heard of it, right?” Tang Tang said with self-ridicule then frankly said: “You and I are about the same, the same ‘falling from the skies’ people!”

“Pu….it’s you!” Xiao Chen suddenly remembered who Tang Tang is! In the Nine Aristocratic Families, she is Tang Family’s beautiful young girl! Although Xiao Chen hadn’t seen it, he had heard of it! It is said that her beauty rivals young miss Cheng’s beauty, and in Nine Aristocratic Families, she was Yue Family’s Young Master Yue Shaoqun’s fiancee!

It was just that when Tang Tang became 16, she had a major illness. After recovering, she became what she’s like now. Although she is chubby and didn’t lose her cuteness, it was very hard to match her with a beautiful girl, thus, Yue Family decisively broke off the engagement.

“Hehe, that’s me. Young Master Xiao, you see me growing into this and getting dumped, but I’m still happy. On the other hand, aren’t you handsome? Even if there’s anything difficult, you unexpectedly jumped off a cliff?” Actually, after Tang Tang heard news that Young Master Xiao had jumped off a cliff, she wanted to comfort him. In Tang Tang’s opinion, this Xiao Chen had the same bad luck as her.

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but smile after hearing this, saying: “Tang Tang, I really didn’t commit suicide, that’s a rumor ah….”

“Hehe, I understand.” Tang Tang winked at Xiao Chen. Aristocratic Family Young Masters love face, who would admit that they had commit suicide? But now it looks like Young Master Xiao has thought it through, so Tang Tang didn’t continue on this topic: “Right, isn’t Cheng Mengying your fiancee? How did she transfer over with you? Moreover, you guys apparently don’t seem to recognize each other?”

“Currently I am Cheng Mengying’s manservant, equal in status to a servant or attendant….this identity is bad to say in public, right?” Of course Xiao Chen wouldn’t say the truth. After all, this was the first day he knew Tang Tang. Although this plump girl may seem kind-hearted, she’s still too much of a gossip. If this spread out, he would die miserably.

“You’re Cheng Mengying’s manservant? Cheng Family wants to humiliate you?” Tang Tang frowned after hearing. She couldn’t help but be a bit outraged by this injustice: “On what basis?”

“Why do they need a reason? Transferring can also be considered a new start, at least only a few people here know me.” Xiao Chen said with a shrug.

“What you’re saying is also true.” Tang Tang nodded: “Young Master Xiao, I am the class monitor of Third Year First Class. Later on, I will protect you, so don’t let Cheng Mengying bully you!”

“Haha, then many thanks!” Young Master Xiao smiled. He didn’t expected that when he went to school for the first day, he would know Tang Tang, this tomboy. However, Tang Tang at this moment looks like she has no apprehension towards Xiao Chen. If not for once being a big beautiful girl, Young Master Xiao would have been afraid to open up.

One class quickly went by and Teacher Wang left. The one wearing a gold chain around his neck, Ma Gangmen, and a lanky smoker-like person went up to Xiao Chen.

“Kid, do you know why I looked for you?” Ma Gangmen was like a small mountain standing in front of Xiao Chen, looking like an animal with prey in its mouth, with a toothpick dangling out of his mouth and asked Xiao Chen. (TLN: I really wanted to say ‘bamboo shoot’, lmao)

“I don’t know.” Xiao Chen really didn’t know: “Whatever you say is fart!”

“****, you don’t know and you’re this arrogant? Hold this!” Ma Gangmen pounded the table. Xiao Chen’s table shook for a bit before stopping and Ma Gangmen pointed at Xiao Chen: “Kid, did you know that new arrivals have to come and worship this Master Ma?”

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“Worship you?” Xiao Chen funnily looked at Ma Gangmen. From the desk pounding that Ma Gangmen did, Xiao Chen could see at once that Ma Gangmen’s strength was just a little stronger than an average person and that he wasn’t a fighter.

“Right!” Ma Gangmen proudly said.

“Master Ma I haven’t seen, but there is a Ma Kao.” Xiao Chen looked at Ma Gangmen and lightly said. (TLN: The title is here.)

“Ma Kao? Who is Ma Kao?” Ma Gangmen was a little confused, a little bit puzzled.

“Brother Gangmen, that…Ma Kao has the meaning of ‘horse ***’. This kid is cursing you….” That lanky smoker was a bit cultured, so he knew the meaning of ‘Kao’ in the wording.

“******* little *******! What did you dare call me?” Ma Gangmen recovered and went to grab Xiao Chen’s hair: “I’m telling you, Grandpa Ma is called Ma Gangmen! He isn’t called ‘Horse ***’!”

Xiao Chen calmly avoided the former. Xiao Chen is now First Layer Qi-Training, so wanting to escape Ma Gangmeng’s attack was a breeze.

“Ah, ‘Horse Anus’ ah. Isn’t that ‘Horse *******’ ’s son? It also isn’t inferior to ‘Horse ***’!” After Xiao Chen said it, he chuckled sarcastically. (TLN: Xiao Chen says ‘Ma Gangmen’ the first time, but with a different ‘Gang’, leading to ‘Anus’ when combined with ‘Men(Door)’. The second one is just ‘Ma Piyan’, meaning ‘Horse *******’, still having the ‘Ma’ in his name. The third one is ‘Ma Kao’.)

“**** your mother, this little ******* wants to die!” Ma Gangmen hated it the most when someone took his name and made fun about it. Gangmen’s meaning is “Very Hard Door”, it indicated that Ma Gangmen was like a door protecting Lou Zhenming, but Xiao Chen, this kid, called him a horse’s *******?

“Ma Gangmen, what are you doing?” Tang Tang had gone to the bathroom. When coming back, she saw Ma Gangmen yelling at Xiao Chen, so she immediately became a little anxious. In her opinion, although Xiao Chen isn’t Xiao Family’s Young Master, his temper was still there. With Ma Gangmen’s attitude, wouldn’t they fight ah? When that time comes, Xiao Chen would definitely suffer a disadvantage. Who didn’t know that Xiao Family’s Young Master couldn’t cultivate?

“Tang Tang, you best keep out of Brother Ming’s affairs!” Ma Gangmen saw that Tang Tang had come over, so his complexion changed a bit. He still had some fear towards Tang Tang, after all, Tang Tang is the class monitor as well as being Tang Family’s person. Although Tang Tang basically doesn’t have a position in Tang Family now, a thin camel is still bigger than a horse. Who knows if Yue Family would change their opinion of Tang Tang in the future?

One has to know, Yue Shaoqun belongs to Yue Family and he also is a very powerful existence.

“Then keep it to yourself, Ma Gangmen. You have to remember, this is the classroom!” Tang Tang said with a cold face.

“Okay, to give you face, today I won’t move this kid. However, kid, listen to me well. Tomorrow morning, you best give me 10,000 for protection money, otherwise, heihei….” Ma Gangmen cloudily said while looking at Xiao Chen.

“I don’t have it.” Xiao Chen actually said it directly without giving any face.

Ma Gangmen was startled. Originally, in his opinion, Xiao Chen should be afraid or begging for mercy. Even if not so, he had to ask the reason for paying the 10,000, right? However Xiao Chen directly said that he didn’t have the money and did not put Ma Gangmen into his eyes ah!

“You….you’re very good! Wait for me!” Ma Gangmen heard the bell ringing. With Tang Tang to the side, it wasn’t good for him to fight in the classroom. However, in his heart, Xiao Chen already had a death sentence. If he doesn’t beat this kid into a deformed pig, then he isn’t Ma Gangmen!

Thinking these ruthless words, Ma Gangmen and the lanky smoker went back. This scene, was seen crystal clearly by the not-so-far-away Lou Zhenming. Lou Zhenming’s teeth were itchy, in his opinion, how could a transfer student be so arrogant? Could it be that due living in the mountainous area, when coming out, a person wouldn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth?

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“Brother Ming, sorry, I’m incompetent….” After Ma Gangmen went back to his seat, he said this to Lou Zhenming with a bitter face.

“I don’t blame you, that kid doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth, and he also has Tang Tang helping him….” Lou Zhenming shook his head, saying very unhappily: “It’s just that the plans for getting closer to Cheng Mengying will temporarily not work….”

“Brother Ming, then should we do the next….” Ma Gangmen asked quickly.

“The moment it’s lunch break, when Tang Tang isn’t present, we’ll teach a lesson to this kid, preferably in front of Cheng Mengying, so that we can make her know what fear is!” Although Lou Zhenming is an Aristocratic junior, Lou Family started relatively late, so he isn’t too familiar with all the Aristocratic Family juniors. Even though Lou Zhenming knew the Aristocratic Family juniors in Second High, however for transferees like Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying, he didn’t know of them.

“Okay!” Ma Gangmen nodded, saying: “At that time, we’ll go to the male bathroom to fix him up. Let’s see if Tang Tang can go in!”

Going to the male bathroom to beat people, this is the usual method used by Ma Gangmen. After all, the class monitor Tang Tang is nosy, so in order to hide from her, Ma Gangmen will bring people to the male bathroom. Like this, Tang Tang can only look on helplessly.

“****!” Lou Zhenming stared at Ma Gangmen, saying: “You stupid? Cheng Mengying won’t be able to go into the male bathroom, do you want to deter her?”

“E….that’s true! Brother Ming is wise!” Ma Gangmen was surprised for a moment, then said: “I had been driven mad by that ignorant country bumpkin! This afternoon, this father will definitely let him know of Grandpa Ma’s strength!”

Cheng Mengying herself saw Ma Gangmen’s wanting-to-teach-Xiao-Chen-a-lesson scene. She didn’t know why, but someone wanting to teach Xiao Chen a lesson, even though it is a way for her to vent, made Cheng Mengying a bit uncomfortable.

Moreover, when Tang Tang helped Xiao Chen get out of that predicament, Cheng Mengying was a bit uncomfortable. Even Young Lady Cheng didn’t know what was going on in her mind.

“Xiao Chen, Ma Gangmen this person actually isn’t worth fearing. However, behind him is Lou Family’s Young Master Lou Zhenming!” After Tang Tang waited for Ma Gangmen to walk away, she said to Xiao Chen in a low voice: “Of course, if this were traded to your previous status as Young Master Xiao, there wouldn’t be a need to be afraid of him. But right now, people under the grace of others have to bow their heads!”

One has to say, Tang Tang is a gossipy girl with a good heart. Xiao Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing her words, but when thinking about his previous ‘illustrious reputation’ hehe, the ‘refusing to lose’, it made sense that Tang Tang would try to persuade himself.

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