Chapter 78 – Stirring Up A Major Event

“Of course, of course, Mengying, feel relieved!” How could Lou Zhenming know that Cheng Mengying was fearing that people would pay attention to Xiao Chen, he was still thinking that Cheng Mengying disliked Xiao Chen! But what confused him was that since Cheng Mengying disliked Xiao Chen, why was she in the same class as Xiao Chen?

But this was most likely Cheng Clan’s arrangement. Lou Zhenming didn’t understand it and didn’t dare to inquire. His and Cheng Mengying’s relationship wasn’t close enough, so he could only secretly observe.

“Young master Xiao, Tang Tang, how about riding my car? Young Lady Cheng, Young Lady Jin, will you be sitting in little Lou’s car?” Yue Shaoqun seemed like he was a superior arranging for others. He was quite fond of this kind of being-in-a-commanding-position feeling, and his goal was to be a controller.

“I’m not used to riding in another person’s car.” Cheng Mengying lightly said and walked towards Jin Beibei’s Beetle.

“In that case, little Lou, you don’t need to drive, just let me drive.” Yue Shaoqun’s face was still light as if it was being bathed in a spring breeze as he spoke to Lou Zhenming. With regards to Cheng Mengying’s attitude, he wasn’t the slightest concerned. In his opinion, Cheng Mengying really wasn’t one of the targets he wanted to win over. Even if she was more beautiful and had a higher status, she would still be ridden by a man1. Moreover, with regards to his great future plans, she would not be any help.

“No problems here Young Master Qun!” Lou Zhenming opened the A8L’s copilot door and sat down.

Yue Shaoqun waited for Xiao Chen and Tang Tang to be seated in the back row before getting on and starting the vehicle. Jin Beibei’s Beetle followed behind Lou Zhenming’s car.

“Young master Xiao, you and I are people of the same level, so you should know about Tang Tang’s status. Since you like her, then I feel relieved. It’s not easy for people of our level to find true love, you must treasure it!” Yue Shaoqun seemed like an elder sincerely speaking to Xiao Chen.

“Young Master Yue, this is not something you need to worry about, I understand your meaning.” Xiao Chen didn’t deny the relationship between him and Tang Tang in order to give her some face. If he replied that he wasn’t Tang Tang’s boyfriend, then it was supposed that Tang Tang would be very embarrassed at this time and feel like nobody wanted her.

“Then that’s good! I won’t speak too much, we feast for lunch! Originally little Lou was going to treat us, but it’s better if I treat!” Yue Shaoqun’s goal was achieved, so he was naturally disinclined to speak any further to Xiao Chen.

After successfully getting rid of Tang Tang, and with one of the ‘Four Large Aristocratic Clans and Five Small Aristocratic Clans’, Lou Clan’s, son to bear witness, Yue Shaoqun also became a free person in the future!

Jade Sea Sky Palace is Songning City’s biggest, most luxurious, as well as most expensive, restaurant. It wasn’t number one, but many successful figures like entertaining honored guests here. Moreover, the young masters of the ‘Four Large Aristocratic Clans and Five Small Aristocratic Clans’ were also frequent patrons of this place.

After stopping their cars, the several people entered the restaurant together. The doorway security guard had some sharp eyes; he knew all the bosses and prestigious people like the back of his hand, so when he saw the group before him, his heart immediately tightened!

“Miss Cheng, Miss Jin, Master Xiao, Master Qun, Master Lou, Miss Tang, welcome!” The security guard knew the people before him, but he paid special attention as he called out the order of the names; it was done in the order of the ‘Four Large Aristocratic Clans and Five Small Aristocratic Clans’. Cheng Clan was the head of the ‘Four Large Aristocratic Clans and Five Small Aristocratic Clans’ while Lou Clan was the last of them. The matter of Tang Tang separating from the Tang Clan was something the security guard knew, so Tang Tang was placed last, but he still didn’t know about Xiao Chen’s matter.

Yue Shaoqun’s eyebrows twitched. Clearly, he was feeling a bit unwell at hearing the security guard place Xiao Chen’s name before his. If it was before, he would have endured it, after all, Xiao Clan was a bit stronger than Yue Clan, but now……

Of course, he didn’t say anything, it was just something he noted down in his heart. He planned on informing the diamond client manager at Jade Sea Sky Palace about Xiao Clan’s matter afterwards.

“I scheduled for the number one diamond private room.” Yue Shaoqun gave the security guard a glance as he indifferently spoke.

“Yes, Master Qun, please!” The security guard promptly made an inviting gesture.

Jade Sea Sky Palace adopted a membership card system. That is to say, without a membership card, even if you wanted to eat here, it would be useless because you had to show your membership card to come in. Moreover, either the server or security guard would arrange a room for you according to the rank of your membership card.

Of course, people like Xiao Chen and his group didn’t need to show their membership cards because their faces were their membership cards, furthermore high level diamond cards! Recognizing faces was an important job for the security guards and servers to accomplish at this place.

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Jade Sea Sky Palace’s first floor is a self-serve area, so naturally these things were free-of-charge. Any customers that ate here could take as they wished.

But this wasn’t any loss to their business because the customers with membership cards, which one of them would come to this place to eat free things? They would all go to a private room and order many specialty dishes. The restaurant already earned back its losses, not to speak of its yearly membership card fees.

The number one diamond private room was the most luxurious room for those with diamond cards, and it wasn’t that those with diamond cards could automatically enter. This place still had a lowest expense2!

Naturally, the decorations in this private room was outstandingly luxurious. All kinds of famous calligraphy and paintings hung on the wall. There were works of renown masters of the present age as well as antique calligraphy and paintings. On one side of the private room was a display frame with antique sacrificial offerings3 for customers to appreciate. In brief, this place’s taste was very elegant and luxurious. Using just a few words to explain, it was a high-end atmosphere!

The several people were led into the private room by a server. Xiao Chen was already a past frequent visitor here, so he didn’t show any peculiarities when he entered the private room and directly sat down.

After the people entered the private room, the diamond client manager Ma Xiaotian, who had just heard the news and rushed over, quickly stepping into the private room and spoke with a wide smile: “These young masters and young ladies, we are extremely flattered to have you here. Your humble servant has come late and has neglected you! In recent times, the number one private room has received some interesting toys, will these several young masters be appraising them?”

The client manager pointed to the antiques as she spoke about ‘interesting toys’. These young masters were born in prestigious aristocratic clans and outside of ordinarily having fun racing and play with women, they also liked playing with some cultured things. Jade Sea Sky Palace would regularly procure some antiques to give these young masters to appreciate. If there was a young master that took fancy to an item, recklessly spending money to buy it wasn’t a strange occurrence. To put it in simple terms, this was also one of the methods Jade Sea Sky Palace employed to earn money.

“Then let’s take a look!” Lou Zhenming stood up with a smile, but when he saw that Xiao Chen didn’t get up, he clapped Xiao Chen’s shoulder: “Young master Xiao, how about coming with me to take a look? I heard that you spent a lot of money to buy a jade thumb ring several months ago in this exact number one diamond private room.”

Lou Zhenming’s words weren’t wrong. Xiao Chen had indeed purchased a jade thumb ring from here several months ago, but that was a present for his grandfather’s birthday. At that time, his grandfather was still very fond of him and praised him with several sentences. But in a wink, several months passed by and he was already driven out of Xiao Clan. It was true that things stayed the same while people change, as that grandfather that used to spoil him didn’t even contact him after expelling him from Xiao Clan.

Xiao Chen didn’t wish to stand up, but when he saw Tang Tang get up in curiosity, he immediately stood up.

Tang Tang’s actions were entirely out of curiosity. Although she had come to Jade Sea Sky Palace to eat before, that was because she followed her elders here and didn’t pay any attention to the antiques and what not on the frame.

“Young Master Qun, Young Master Lou, young master Xiao, this bowl is from year XX and was used by Demon Sect Cult Master Zhang Naipao4……” Ma Xiaotian smiled as she pointed at a bowl on the display frame to introduce.

Ma Xiaotian’s words caused Xiao Chen’s heart to slightly stir. Her placing his name at the very end, what did this signify? Did this person already know about the matter of him being expelled from Xiao Clan? But the security guard at the restaurant entrance didn’t know, so could there be some internal problems? Thinking up to here, Xiao Chen was inwardly on guard. Naturally, this was a self-protection habit that he had formed in the past years.

“Oh? Demon Sect Cult Master? That’s a being from legends, I must examine this!” As he was speaking, Lou Zhenming reached out with his hand to pick up the bowl on the frame. He carefully scrutinized it as he observed and expressed wonder: “Holding this in my hand, I feel demonic qi, a kind of gloomy feeling! Young master Xiao, how about taking a look?”

While he was speaking, Lou Zhenming handed over the bowl in his hand to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was startled and subconsciously reached out to receive it, but when he extended it half-way, he instinctively stopped. Although there was a smiling expression on Lou Zhenming’s face, how come Xiao Chen felt that it harbored some evil intentions!

But even though Xiao Chen didn’t receive it, Lou Zhenming stuffed the bowl into Xiao Chen’s hand and let go before Xiao Chen could hold it steady. Plink! The bowl immediately fell onto the floor. Although there was a carpet spread on the floor of this private room, the bowl still broke into two halves!

“Ah! Young master Xiao, how could you be this careless? How could this bowl be broken by you? It’s truly unfortunate!” Lou Zhenming exclaimed.

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“Broken?” The nearby Ma Xiaotian stared blankly, but actually smiled indifferently: “No problem, it’s just a toy that’s worth 1 million. This kind of money for young master Xiao is a mere trifle!”

“Xiao Chen, you were the one who broke this bowl, so excuse me for being unable to pay for you. I will still be treating for the meal!” Yue Shaoqun said with a serious expression as he walked over.

Xiao Chen finally understood why Lou Zhenming made such a huge circle and detour, originally, Lou Zhenming had been waiting for him here! Previously, Xiao Chen was thinking that Yue Shaoqun simply wanted to treat him to a meal and solidify his and Tang Tang’s relationship. But carefully thinking about it, there wasn’t a need for this as Yue Shaoqun had already treated them before.

Jin Beibei was at the side holding a menu and about to order. When she heard some sounds, she looked at the broken bowl by Xiao Chen’s feet and was somewhat doubtful: “Older cousin Mengying, what are they saying?”

“Hmph! Who made him so gluttonous and insist on going to this feast, causing him to stir up trouble?” Cheng Mengying snorted but was very worried in her heard. Although 1 million wasn’t a lot and Cheng Mengying could also take it out, but what kind of excuse could she use to take it out?


  1. TLN: This is what Yue Shaoqun is thinking. This is in no way, shape, or form what the translator is thinking. Maybe the author has faint thoughts about that. 
  2. TLN: Doesn’t translate out well here. You need to pay a fee beforehand to reserve the room is what the author is trying to convey. 
  3. TLN: 古董供 Google this to see what I mean. Comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes because it’s just ‘供’. 
  4. TLN: This name could also be Zhang Naibao, but maybe it’s a reference as to what Zhang Naipao in School Beauty Personal Bodyguard will become. This web novel was completed before SBPB, so it’s possible. This is just speculation though. 

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