Chapter 74 – Identity Exposed

“Old grandfather, this time I……” Xiao Chen hesitated for a moment, then said: “This time I came to purchase a medicine that’s different from the last two times.”

“Oh? Different?” A smear of curiosity flashed through the old gentleman’s eyes: “Let me take a look.”

Xiao Chen handed over the copied version of the prescription to the old gentleman, then respectfully said: “Old grandfather, help me take a look at it. How much is this assisting medicine?”

When the old gentleman scanned through the majority of the prescription, he clicked his tongue and his eyebrows slightly raised: “Young man, this assisting medicine is not cheap!”

“I know, there are 2 Bitter Relief Fruits……” Xiao Chen bitterly smiled as he nodded. Truth to tell, in his opinion, if the previous medicine would have been 20,000, then this medicine would be at least 40,000!

“In this medicine, besides the Bitter Relief Fruits, the Bone-Quenching Grass is also not cheap!” The old gentleman pointed at Xiao Chen’s prescription and said: “Our external price for the Bone-Quenching Grass is 100,000.”

“10……100,000?” Xiao Chen had an urge to cry. He originally thought that it would be 40,000 at most, but it suddenly became 140,000. Where would this money come from? However, Xiao Chen was really embarrassed to ask for a discount again.

“This is a high-level medicinal herb that Martialists use when tempering their bodies, what are you going to use it for? Could it be that you are also a Martialist?” The old gentleman’s gaze was like a sharp arrow shooting onto Xiao Chen’s body, wanting to see Xiao Chen’s inside information.

But in old gentleman Chen’s eyes, Xiao Chen wasn’t a Martialist. Either his body didn’t have the aura of a Martialist, or his hiding was extremely good! Of course, if Xiao Chen was really able to hide his strength at his age, then that would prove how formidable he was.

“High-level Martialist body tempering?” Xiao Chen stared blankly after he heard this. He wasn’t one that cultivated the Martial Dao, what was he going to do with something related to cultivation of the Martial Dao?

“Martialists use Bone-Quenching Grass to strengthen the hardness of their bones by tempering them. Truth Cultivators use Bone-Quenching Grass to temper their bones in order to lay down the foundation of higher level cultivation!” Tian Lao’s voice sounded out timely beside Xiao Chen’s ears, dispelling Xiao Chen’s doubts: “Both sides use it pretty similarly, enhancing their body’s inner quality.”

So it turns out that it’s like this. Xiao Chen inwardly nodded. But Xiao Chen’s previous moment of distraction made old gentleman Chen somewhat hesitate. Seeing Xiao Chen’s appearance, it was unlikely that he was a Martialist. Moreover, which high-level Martialist would be so poor?

“Even if I gave you all the other medicinal herbs to you, the Bitter Relief Fruit would be 20,000 RMB each, and the Bone-Quenching Grass would be 20% off, so the total would still be 120,000 RMB. This isn’t a small figure, are you sure you want to purchase the medicinal herbs in this prescription?” Old gentleman Chen looked towards Xiao Chen: “If this prescription has no use to you, I think you shouldn’t waste money.”

“120,000……” Xiao Chen clenched his teeth: “Old gentleman, I will gather it as soon as possible, see you later.”

After he finished speaking, Xiao Chen turned around and quickly left the ********. There wasn’t much said, but he knew that old gentleman Chen wanted to fish for his words. But for some matters, Xiao Chen couldn’t say them to anyone.

“Quite an interesting boy……” Old gentleman Chen looked at Xiao Chen’s departing figure and faintly smiled.

“Grandpa Chen, that Bone-Quenching Grass, wasn’t it 1,000,000 for one? Why did you sell it to him for 100,000 and even added a 20% discount?” Hong Yan thought that Grandpa Chen was specially taking care of Xiao Chen.

“Hehe, our Hong Clan Chamber of Commerce can sell 10,000 of these things for a million each.” Old gentleman Chen smilingly replied.

“Grandpa Chen’s meaning is to not treat everyone impartially? But doesn’t our Hong Clan Chamber of Commerce carry on the tradition of good faith?” Hong Yan was somewhat baffled.

“Good faith is only when we promise other people matters, so we think up methods to achieve it.” Old gentleman Chen said: “As for the price, sometimes it’s a kind of emotional investment.”

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“Hong Yan understands……” Hong Yan nodded in half-understanding.


In a small bar’s theater box nearby Second High, Lou Zhenming and Yue Shaoqun sat facing each other.

“Young master Qun, didn’t you say that you would help me take care of that Xiao Chen? I feel agitated every time I see that kid, when will you kill him!” Lou Zhenming was truly a little anxious. His side hadn’t killed Xiao Chen, so he had no other choice but to pin his hopes onto Yue Shaoqun.

“Don’t be impatient.” Yue Shaoqun waved his hands. To be honest, he didn’t wish for Xiao Chen to die. It was very difficult for him to send off that fat girl Tang Tang; if Xiao Chen died, wouldn’t Tang Tang come back?

But it was impossible for him to speak of this to Lou Zhenming. If he spoke of it, Lou Zhenming would definitely despise him. At that point, why would Lou Zhenming want to be his little brother? Therefore, it was vital for him to emphasize strategy. Fortunately, he was a scheming-then-acting kind of person and had already clearly investigated Xiao Chen’s background.

“Louzi, do you know who this Xiao Chen is?” Yue Shaoqun lightly asked.

“Who is he?” Lou Zhenming was distracted for a moment: “Who could he be, does he have some background?”

“He is Cheng Mengying’s fiancé.” Yue Shaoqun tossed out a heavy bomb.

“Pfft……” Lou Zhenming had just drunk some beer, so he directly sprayed it out, spraying it onto Yue Shaoqun’s face.

“……” Yue Shaoqun had wanted to show off his skills, but didn’t expect for his face to be sprayed. It made him immediately somewhat speechless.

“Uh……young master Qun, sorry, that……I was frightened by you, your joke, really is……” Lou Zhenming apologetically picked up paper towel: “I’ll help you wipe it?”

“No need!” Yue Shaoqun beckoned his hand and said: “I haven’t deceived you, Xiao Chen’s identity is Xiao Clan’s eldest son.”

“What?!” Lou Zhenming opened his eyes wide, incredulously looking at Yue Shaoqun: “Young master Qun, you’re saying that Xiao Chen is that good-for-nothing that Xiao Chen expelled?”

“That’s right.” Yue Shaoqun nodded. Although Yue Shaoqun still hadn’t investigated Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying’s living-together matter, Xiao Chen’s identity was very easy to investigate. In particular, with regards to their aristocratic juniors rumors: “This is why Xiao Chen cannot be killed, his identity is very sensitive. Cheng Clan hasn’t begun yet, so if you went and did it, wouldn’t this be embarrassing Cheng Clan? Especially since you are pursuing Cheng Mengying.”

“That’s also true……I never thought that Xiao Chen was Xiao Clan’s eldest son, I even though that he was really a bumpkin that came down from a mountain village!” Lou Zhenming was extremely surprised: “No wonder Cheng Mengying watched me punch Xiao Chen with such vigor, so this was the reason!”

Lou Zhenming still thought that Cheng Mengying desired Xiao Chen to have bad luck.

“Therefore, Xiao Chen cannot die yet. But if you want to vent your anger, I can help you.” Yue Shaoqun said.

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“But if this kid doesn’t die, will I be able to successfully chase Cheng Mengying?” When Lou Zhenming heard about Xiao Chen’s identity, it made him want to kill Xiao Chen even more.

“He is already set up together with Tang Tang, what relationship would that have with Cheng Mengying?” Yue Shaoqun creased his brows: “Don’t look at his poor dandy ** appearance, he still searched for Tang Tang, my worn-out ** shoes. Do you think Cheng Mengying would still have a fancy for him?”

“You’re right.” Lou Zhenming thought that Yue Shaoqun’s words were quite reasonable after thinking about it for a moment: “Then how will I vent my anger?”

“Do you know what Xiao Chen currently lacks the most? As far as I know, Xiao Chen goes to the morning market street with Tang Tang every day to sell breakfast, so it may be assumed that he is poor to a certain degree!” Yue Shaoqun stated: “Tell me, if we make him spend money, then wouldn’t he be distressed enough to spit blood? Sometimes a psychological attack is more painful than being killed by a person. We must torment him, then we’ll feel refreshed!”

“True, but how can we make him spend money?” Lou Zhenming humbly asked.

“How about this, you invite Xiao Chen and tell him that I am treating him to a meal! When the time comes, you can just watch my plans!” Yue Shaoqun instructed.

“A meal? Young master Qun, you can’t be thinking of ordering a table of expensive dishes, then making Xiao Chen pay the bill? No good, this trick is ineffective. That kid Xiao Chen is very crafty, last time I used this trick, but the outcome was me being duped of hundreds of thousands!” Lou Zhenming felt pain when he thought about it.

“Louzi, either you say it’s no good, or I set my plan into action. Bring your ear close, I’ll tell you the plan!” Yue Shaoqun beckoned to Lou Zhenming.

Lou Zhenming promptly moved closer and listened to the plan Yue Shaoqun had, then immediately slapped the table and shouted with praise: “This is great! Let’s see if Xiao Chen can still act shamelessly! Young master Qun’s skill is much greater than mine!”
“En, okay, go!” Yue Shaoqun complacently nodded.

Early the next day, Xiao Chen crawled out of bed to make money. One hundred twenty thousand, Xiao Chen thought that it was very exciting, exciting enough to make him want to cry to death.

“Huh? What is this dress up? Uniform enticement or COSPLAY1?” When Xiao Chen arrived at auntie’s grocery store, he saw Tang Tang dressed up like ‘cooking girl2’ and was immediately shocked.

“Isn’t it because our vendor is flourishing? I reckoned that we might be on the internet, so I prepared a dress in advance, so as to avoid others thinking we’re not up to standards.” Tang Tang explained: “I bought a set for you. The main thing is that every day we go to school, the greasiness on the body is a bit uncomfortable! I previously didn’t deep-fry so many deep-fried breadsticks, so the smell wasn’t so apparent. Nowadays, my body feel quite uncomfortable every day.”

“Okay, how much money did you spend?” Xiao Chen felt a pang of pain in his heart when he saw Tang Tang take out a chef’s uniform in front of him.

“It was from a flash sale, 120 RMB for two sets, couple chef wear3.” Tang Tang replied.

“Pff……this toy is for couples?” Blood was dripping from Xiao Chen’s heart. There goes 1/1000th of the medicine money.

“Okay, quickly change your clothes, we’ll be greeting our good business with a brand-new appearance!” Tang Tang said.

“Fine.” Xiao Chen nodded. He took the chef uniform and put it on, then went towards the morning market street with Tang Tang, starting their busy day.

As expected, Xiao Chen and Tang Tang’s clothing drew the attention of many morning market street travellers. Their business became a bit better than usual. Of course, there were many people gathered around to see the liveliness, but if they tried out Xiao Chen’s deep-fried breadstick, they would definitely turn into repeat customers.

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“Little Tang, give me 5 jin of deep-fried breadstick and 10 bowls of soybean milk.” A fashionably dressed middle-aged woman arrived at the breakfast vendor. She was a small inn’s proprietress in the vicinity and also a frequent customer at the breakfast vendor. Every day she replaced the guests of the inn to buy breakfast, so the things she bought every day was quite a lot. Even before Xiao Chen came, she was very familiar with Tang Tang, and Tang Tang would give her a discount every time.


  1. TLN: Said in English. 
  2. TLN: Characterized by an apron with something worn on top of the head. 
  3. TLN: Chinese is “情侣厨师服”, please google it up if you’re interested. Taobao will probably be the first thing you see. 

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