Chapter 9 – Big Matter!

“Little Chenzi, not bad ah, breaking through the First Layer of Qi-Training so soon? I thought you would require a few more days!” This sudden sound, during the quiet morning, scared Xiao Chen’s heart to almost exploding.

This is Tian Lao’s voice! After Xiao Chen recognized the voice, and let out a sigh: “I say, Tian Lao, will you stop frightening me, don’t you know that if you suddenly speak, someone can be scared to death? Also, don’t call me Xiao Chenzi, it sounds like an eunuch’s name….”

“Then next time, when I want call attention to you, should I speak?” asked Tian Lao jokingly: “Xiao Chen, Little Chen, Little Chenzi, is there a difference?” ⌈1

“….” Xiao Chen was speechless, you want to call attention to me, but suddenly don’t want to talk? But thinking about it, Tian Lao and my contacts, is only speaking, so what does he want? As for what Tian Lao calls me, there aren’t any other people anyway, so let him.

“Never thought that ah, your XiaoZi’s strength is very pure, after just breaking through First Layer Qi-Training, it astonishes me.” Tian Lao wasn’t just a bit surprised, but astounded, suddenly cried “Hey”: “Not right, XiaoZi, didn’t you cultivate the mental mantra I gave you? Your strength and my strength aren’t the same ah….” ⌈2

“Naturally, but isn’t it the same as your awakening?” Xiao Chen, a bit surprised, said.

“Can use, I also wonder why you can use, however it certainly isn’t!” Tian Lao said with certainty: “Your body’s strength, absolutely is different from my strength, are you sure you cultivated the mental mantra I gave you?”

“It isn’t a lie!” Xiao Chen rolled his eyes: “If I had other mental mantras, I would have already been practicing, why would I push myself down a cliff? My practice, definitely is the ‘Final Battle to Control the Heavens’ that you gave me!”

“What?” Tian Lao was stunned for a moment: “What ‘Final Battle to Control the Heavens’, what thing is that?”

“The mental mantra you transferred into my mind ah!” Xiao Chen replied.

“Pff….” Tian Lao nearly laugh-sprayed upon hearing this: “What battle, it’s called ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’, it’s a mnemonics mantra, not a battle mantra, Xiao Chenzi, you’re blind ah!”

“Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra?” Xiao Chen was dumbfounded, looked carefully in his mind sea, that ‘Mantra’ certainly wasn’t a ‘Mantra’ chant, but the words were really similar, just a little different, Xiao Chen’s first impressions, looking at ‘Final Battle’, just always considered it ‘Battle’, that is to say, this word, is read backwards?

“Xiao Chenzi, don’t you know that these mental mantras are antiques? It’s to be read right to left!” said Tian Lao helplessly: “How can there be such a strange name, in addition to ‘Final Battle to Control The Heavens’!”

“This….Tian Lao, let me ask, those following mental mantras, each of them are read right to left?” Xiao Chen’s mind was a little apprehensive, and hurriedly asked.

“Yeah….” Tian Lao said up to here, then changed his tone: “I say….you’re not cultivating left to right are you?”

“Right….” Xiao Chen wanted to burst into tears, I’m ******, what is the matter ah, no one ever told me, that mental mantras have to read right to left ah!

These words occupy one line, each mnemonic not occupying more than one line, so when Xiao Chen was reading, nothing was out of the ordinary, so such cultivation continued, but, Tian Lao told him, he was practicing backwards….

“Then you can also cultivate?” Tian Lao felt it was a bit unbelievable, this is too genius right?

“If not by cultivating, then how did you awaken?” Xiao Chen was a little anxious: “I say Tian Lao, you aren’t misleading people? You won’t say that it’ll lead to a stupor? Currently I’m practicing backwards, there’s no harm right?”

“What do I know….” Tian Lao’s voice was somewhat odd: “Who would have thought, your cultivation is cultivating backwards, this is the first time I’ve heard of this! Moreover, you don’t understand Antique knowledge?”

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“Then what should I do now? Should I re-cultivate?” Xiao Chen asked with a bitter smile.

“That is absolutely impossible!” Tian Lao immediately said: “Every cultivation insight, can only practice one mental mantra, being faithful, should you change to a random mental mantra, then practice both mental mantras lightly, it can lead to an overstation to a disabled person! Therefore….you can practice backwards, then just continue to practice, I also don’t know what will happen….”

“What do you mean, will I not be able to become an expert?” Xiao Chen’s heart tightened upon hearing this, was unwilling, a good opportunity in front of oneself, but now wasted, this is really ****** up.

“This isn’t easy to say….however, your backwards cultivation, I actually remembered a matter….” Tian Lao said.

“What matter?” Xiao Chen asked.

“A long long time ago….when I was small, when I did obeisance to the sect, during the time my Master gave me the ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’, he said some strange words….” Tian Lao thought of some past events, said with some sorrow: “He said to me, ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’, following a rule has an opposite rule since time immemorial, although he studied it for a lifetime, without knowing the essence of this sentence, but I still have not understand, it could be possible that he meant, this ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’, can be cultivated backwards?”

“….” Xiao Chen’s heart was moved, but then he shook his head, it was too crazy: “Tian Lao, are you comforting me?”

“Not comforting, perhaps, your way of cultivation, is correct?” Tian Lao was also a bit confused: “But, in any case, you’re a First Layer Qi-Training expert!”

“First Layer Qi-Training, what rank is it?” Xiao Chen asked.

“Generally speaking, First Layer Qi-Training, in terms of strength, is approximately equal to a First Layer Inner Qi expert!” Tian Lao said.

“What?!” Xiao Chen was shocked: “Tian Lao, you mean, my one night cultivation, is equal to a First Layer Inner Qi expert?”

“It isn’t equal, it’s approximately equal.” Tian Lao replied.

“In other words, it’s a bit away compared to a First Layer Inner Qi expert?” Xiao Chen was thinking, just missed a bit is worth ah, my one night caught up with other people’s long time of cultivation.

“I say Xiao Chenzi, when did your thinking change ah? I have already told you, we are those who cultivate true virtue in order to fight those stronger. Right now you’re almost a First Layer Inner Qi expert, but your ability in magic is in fighting nothing else!”

“Magic?” Xiao Chen gave two hollow laughs, his problem wasn’t his change of thinking, but that First Layer Qi-Training was too easy to reach, it let Xiao Chen subconsciously think that a First Layer Inner Qi expert wasn’t powerful.


  1. TLN: First ‘Xiao Chen’ is his name, but second and third are endearing and joking names 
  2. TLN: XiaoZi means ‘kid’ 

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