Chapter 75 – Miraculous Detective Xiao Chen

“Hehe, auntie Su, okay, wait a bit!” Tang Tang smilingly answered.

“It’s nothing important, I’m not worried.” Auntie Su nodded. Then, she immediately went to chat with a woman nearby who bought deep-fried breadstick. The two people were obviously recognized each other and were quite familiar: “Oh, that’s right, Old Xu, didn’t your family’s husband begin a rental service? There’s a good matter, here’s an flyer.”

“What flyer?” The woman called ‘Old Xu’ took the advertisement flyer to take a look at it: “Looking for dog? Aware 100,000? Real or fake? This much money?”

“In the mahjong place next to my inn, a wealthy woman lost her dog and seemed very anxious. For the wealthy, what is 100,000 RMB considered? In their eyes, their dog is more important than other people!” Auntie Su gossiped: “This old lady even accused my hotel guest of carrying off her dog and even reported it to the police! What a person, is being rich so great?”

“Oh? What dog, 100,000 RMB?” The speaker was unintentionally speaking while the listener was intentionally listening. Just as Xiao Chen was deep-frying deep-fried breadsticks, his hand slightly trembled. He lifted up his head and feigned a nonchalant appearance to ask.

“I don’t know what kind of dog. The wealthy truly take money as though it isn’t money. Tell me, how long do you think it would take to make 100,000 by selling breakfast? These people spend it in a blink of an eye……” As Auntie Su was speaking, she took the flyer in her hand and shook it in from of Xiao Chen.

So it turns out that it’s a fully grown Tibetan mastiff. No wonder the award is 100,000, an ordinary puppy couldn’t be worth this much money! Xiao Chen swept the flyer and remembered the phone number contact. But when he heard Auntie Su’s latter words, he looked face to face with Tang Tang. The two of them mutually forced a smile. 100,000 RMB, with regards to the previous Xiao Chen and Tang Tang, what could that be calculated as?

But the two people were the type of people who took what came. Tang Tang spoke with a smile: “It’s another person’s money, however they want to spend it, we can’t control. Haha, Auntie Su, here’s your deep-fried breadsticks and soybean milk.”

“That’s true, Little Tang, here’s the money.” Auntie Su took the deep-fried breadsticks and soybean milk, then quickly left the breakfast stall.

100,000. A smear of difficult-to-detect excitement flashed through Xiao Chen’s eyes. Looking for a dog? If he didn’t have the previous experience of finding the young lady’s bracelet, Xiao Chen wouldn’t have dared to receive this assignment. But right now, Xiao Chen felt that he should give it a try.

In a blink of an eye, it was time to put away the stall. After Xiao Chen and Tang Tang placed everything onto the tricycle, they left for school. However, just as they reached the school entrance, Xiao Chen suddenly said: “Oh, that’s right, Tang Tang, I forgot to bring pencils and an eraser. I’ll go buy it, you got to school first.”

“That’s fine, but at this time, the culture and education store ought not to be open for business. You have to go back to the morning market street to purchase……” Tang Tang said.

“No problem, doesn’t today’s exam start at 10 o’clock? There’s enough time.” Xiao Chen smilingly replied: “Help me put my backpack on the seat!”

Today was the day of the simulation exam. The test started at 10 o’clock; one branch of study in the morning, another in the afternoon, and there was another whole day tomorrow. Those who arrived at the school early were merely doing study review in the classroom.

“Okay, don’t be late, don’t forget that about the scholarship!” Tang Tang reminded.

“Relax, I’m never late for money.” Xiao Chen nodded in response.

After saying goodbye to Tang Tang, Xiao Chen ran back to the morning market street. He wasn’t going to buy pencils and an eraser, how could he forget them when the exam was such an important matter? He was still counting on this scholarship to purchase medicine, even though it was currently an inadequate amount1.

Anyway, Xiao Chen didn’t immediately get in touch with the wealthy woman who lost her dog. Instead, he went to one of the morning market street stalls, intending to buy a mask. Seeing masquerade masks, Xiao Chen looked at how he was dressed up, then randomly chose an arctic fox mask.

Xiao Chen hadn’t taken off the chef clothes, but also didn’t want to expose his identity as a chef. Therefore, he bought an arctic fox mask to match his white gown, making it seem cool and dazzling.

The chef clothes that Tang Tang bought from the online flash sale actually wasn’t genuine. Rather, it inclined more to that of a COSPLAY2 style. It was the type that was skintight, so along with the mask, there would be nobody associating him with a chef.

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Xiao Chen temporarily didn’t plan on exposing his identity. Him selling breakfast was fine, but if he helped someone find their dog and actually found it, then who knew what the people of Cheng Clan would think? Would they doubt him or not?

These were all matters that Xiao Chen would have to consider. After buying a mask, Xiao Chen went to a network card stall to buy a SIM3 card. Nowadays, there were many parts of the country with prepaid cards. Just 5 RMB would give you several hundreds of nationwide, several tens of texts, and several hundreds of minutes of internet service with a cheap card. Although it was unknown where it came from, there were no people who came back to this person on the morning market street. There were actually quite a lot of repeat customers, so it could clearly be seen that it wasn’t fake.

Xiao Chen spent 200 RMB to buy a card and have the person cut it into the side of an Apple SIM card, then he put it into his Apple iPhone.

Although Xiao Chen was well-known for selling breakfast, the rear of the morning market street sold general merchandise for everyday use. They had nothing to do with the people selling breakfast in the front, so it was naturally impossible for them to recognize Xiao Chen.

After settling these matters, Xiao Chen looked for a place without people. Then he put the arctic fox mask onto his face and dialed that wealthy woman’s phone number.

“Who is it, calling me so early, tired to death……” The old lady took quite a while to answer the phone number, clearly not awake yet.

“Do you want to find your dog?” Xiao Chen directly asked her without speaking any superfluous words.

“Ah! Do you know the whereabouts of my little Blacky?” That wealthy woman obviously sobered up all of the sudden as she impatiently asked: “Feel assured that as long as you can provide a valuable clue, there won’t be a cent less from that 100,000 RMB reward!”

“I am a detective. If you want to find your dog, tell me where you are and we’ll speak face-to-face.” Xiao Chenr replied.

“Oh, okay okay okay, my home is in Qianhua Shui’An villa area, D region, 9th house.” The wealthy woman promptly reported her home address. She didn’t believe that Xiao Chen was going to rob her. Not to speak of the public security patrolling in broad daylight, there was still her servant, driver, and gardener in her home.

“Qianhua Shui’An villa area?” Xiao Chen was slightly distracted. Wasn’t this the neighborhood that he lived in? Xiao Chen paid special attention to the name of this neighborhood because Qianhua Shui’An was a real estate made by a very large development company in this province. Practically every city in this province had a flagship villa area: “Okay, wait a moment, I’m going there now.”

“Okay, then I’ll wait for you!” The wealthy woman hastily answered. Obviously, her dog was extremely important to her.

Like this, Xiao Chen wore the mask and wildly dashed all the way back to villa area. Of course, although Xiao Chen was strangely dressed and drew a lot of sideways glances from quite a lot of passer-by, it didn’t cause anyone to make a fuss out of nothing.

Nowadays, people were already desensitized by COSPLAYers and dragon-embroidered clothed people. If even Sun Wukong went to go buy a train ticket, then what could Xiao Chen be considered?

Just as Xiao Chen was running into the neighborhood, Xiao Chen passed by a red Beetle at his side.

“Oh damn, older cousin Mengying, quickly look at that arctic fox person!” Jin Beibei excited cried out as she pointed at Xiao Chen.

“It’s just a dragon-embroidered clothed performer, what’s there to look at?” Cheng Mengying shot a quickly glance and disapprovingly said. Jin Beibei had stayed overnight yesterday, so they were going to school together this morning.

“But, his back seems quite familiar, where have I seen it before?” Jin Beibei watched Xiao Chen who was running in the distanced and spoke with some suspicions.

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“Perhaps it’s a person in this neighborhood, otherwise without the entrance card, how did he come in?” Cheng Mengying didn’t think much of it.

“Oh……” Jin Beibei started the car.

Xiao Chen naturally saw the young lady and Jin Beibei inside the vehicle, but didn’t dare to stop. If he was recognized, then he would have disguised himself in vain.

After arriving at the entrance of the 9th villa in D region, Xiao Chen pushed the doorbell. Without waiting too long, a large old woman ran out. It was hard to correlate her obese body with the speed that she ran at!

However, when that wealthy woman saw Xiao Chen at the entrance, she was immediately frightened and called out in surprise: “You! You are?”

“Let me introduce myself, this person’s4 nickname is Arctic Fox, and has come to help you find your dog.” Xiao Chen introduced himself.

“Uh……then mister Arctic Fox……why are you dressed like this?” The wealthy woman thought that Xiao Chen looked somewhat strange: “Can you take off your mask?”

“Do you want to find your dog or look at me?” Xiao Chen coldly asked.

“This……certainly looking for my dog.” If it was in normal times, this wealthy woman might have already driven out Xiao Chen. She definitely thought that Xiao Chen was a scammer, but at present, her dog had been gone for a day without any news. Her man was a company boss and usually attended many social parties. He also had a mistress on the outside. She5 still didn’t have a child, and because little Blacky and she relied on each other, it could be said that little Blackly was like her son. Therefore, as long as there was a single ray of hope, then she wouldn’t give it up.

“Good, but we must first reach an agreement about the price.” Xiao Chen opened his mouth and said.

“Rest assured, since I sent out an advertisement, I will definitely not renege on the 100,000 RMB.” The wealthy woman speedily replied. She didn’t keep digging at the matter of the mask.

“The price, 100,000 RMB, is slightly lacking.” Xiao Chen shook his head.

“Then……how much does mister Arctic Fox want……” The wealthy woman slightly wrinkled her brows, thinking in her heart ‘is this person a scammer?

“120,000.” Xiao Chen replied.

“Ah? 120,000? Alright, no problem……” The wealthy woman thought that Xiao Chen would open his mouth and ask for a sum like 1.8 million, but didn’t expect that it was just 20,000 more than the original price. This wasn’t considered anything for her, so she immediately agreed.

When Xiao Chen saw the wealthy woman’s refreshed manner, he thought in his heart ‘am I too kindhearted, wanting very little?’ However, this was considered his first detective mission, so wanting a little more was fine. He feared that if he wanted too much, this wealthy woman would directly give up.

“Let me take a look at where your puppy usually lives.” Xiao Chen said.

“Okay.” The wealthy woman nodded and brought Xiao Chen into the villa. They arrived at the house pet room at the first floor of the villa: “It’s here.”

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Xiao Chen put on an act of examining the puppy’s room for a whole, but was actually remembering the puppy’s scent and the appearance of the puppy from the picture hanging in the room: “Let’s go, bring me to the place where you lost your puppy.”


  1. TLN: Remember, the scholarship is 10,000. 
  2. TLN: In English. 
  3. TLN: Also in English. 
  4. TLN: He speaks in a demeaning way to show respect to someone in a higher position. 
  5. TLN: Referring to fat wealthy woman. 

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