Chapter 4 – Becoming an Apprentice

Xiao Chen can’t help but being afraid. Although he never experienced this type of thing, he has heard numerous people talking about it. In this moment a spirit has entered in his body. Of course, but, who possessed him?

“Possessed?” This rashly voice, like it’s was not worth, started to laugh. “Of course, just now I used the magic gate to enter into your body, because possessing your body was not the most appropriate thing to do, it leads to a lot of problems. I’m merely living inside. I only exist in your body and that’s all.”

“Ah…” Xiao Chen relaxes, after all, its appear that this spirit didn’t possessed him. If not, why he would explain me many things? And not only that, he found that he has yet his free will so he took a deep breath and asked: “Who spirit… are you? Why did you choose to enter in my body?”

“Who I am? There is no meaning for you to know in the meantime. As for the reason why I entered in your body, is because your physique and mine are similar. Just in the time that you jumped down to the precipice, my soul was there. So right away I deposited myself in your body!” That voice faintly explained.

“Similar physique? You still think about possessing me?” Scared, Xiao Chen jumped and said it angry! Still, he sighed with sadness. I didn’t die from falling to the precipice but instead I must be possessed by a spirit?

“Don’t get excited, Xiao Chen!” One more time the voice echoed but this time with some funny tone: “You have to thank me because if not were for me entering into your body in the air at the time that you were falling, you would be by now a meat patty!”

“Why… Why you know my name? You are able to read… my mind?” Xiao Chen frightened asked.

“You are forgetting something; I’m inside your body. As long as you think, I can communicate with you, so you don’t need to speak with your mouth.” This voice continued explaining: “As for possessing your body, I’m not really interested. And even though your body and mine resemble, they only look alike and nothing more! Is not good if I possess your body, your thoughts will be lost, or rather, they are going to fuse with mine and form a new person…”

“Although it happened this way… Thank you for saving my life.” He didn’t know why he was talking loud but perhaps is because it was inside of his body. That let feel to Xiao Chen that he was being sincere, that he wasn’t deceiving him.

“This old man didn’t save you for nothing!” This voice let feel Xiao Chen that he didn’t care about his gratitude. “I only save you to saving me! I have some unfinished business and I want you to help me to fulfill them!”

“What?” The mind of Xiao Chen was filled with emotions! “You said that you didn’t save me from your kindness? But that you had to!?”

“Oh… Your father is missing and you were expulsed from your clan, even they declined your marriage. And the one who was your little brother is now bulling you… Tsk… It seems that you had a miserable life since birth…” Suddenly, the voice with a sarcastic tone said.

“****! You *******, you are peeping into my privacy!” Xiao Chen was thoroughly angry, so much that he had the urge to beat someone. Even if he raised his fist, who’s going to hit? Don’t tell me that I have to punch myself? That wouldn’t be idiotic?

“I only looked casually, rest assured; I don’t have any evil intention. I only looked to your recently memories, and that’s all.” This voice said it indifferently.“ You have a good physique but yet, you’ve finished this way. Tsk, tsk, it’s really lamentable!”

“You old *******, what you think that you’re saying?” Xiao Chen was gnashing his teeth in anger, but he didn’t have any other choice but to have this spirit inside of his body. I cannot beat him and insult him… Because it appears that it doesn’t have any effect in this brazen old *******!

“You don’t want to become strong?” The voice didn’t said it like a joke, but it was full of temptation.

Xiao Chen who was thinking of insult him later, suddenly thought about the words of this spirit. “A good physique?” What is a good physique in your eyes? Xiao Chen is not idiot, so thinking about testing this voice, he said: “Don’t tell me that you know about a method to cultivate inner energy?”

“No!” This voice said quite straightforward.

“…” Xiao Chen had a suddenly impulse of walking away. “You are not going to ask what is?”

“Maybe, you are saying that there are other methods? You don’t have to cultivate inner energy to become someone strong?” The voice said like he was asking to himself.

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“You… You are saying that do you have other way to cultivate, but that has the same effect as the inner energy?” Xiao Chen staring blankly asked at once.

“Hehe, that’s right!” The voice sure of what it said, said: “Otherwise, how can I let you help me to fulfill my wish? But everything depends of your talent?”

“Good. As long as you make me strong, in exchange I will fulfill your wish!” Xiao Chen slightly hesitated but then he made his decision. Sure of what he said, he said: “But before coming to an agreement, you have to let me handle a dangerous affair, if not, I can’t go!

“Hehe, certainly, that’s beyond my control. My first wish before dying was to accept a disciple. Xiao Chen, before accepting you as disciple you have to kowtow!” The laughter of that voice was filled with vulgarity.

“Becoming an apprentice?” Xiao Chen was staring blankly, but suddenly he understood that he was deceived: “I must become a disciple; you are my master now. But if I do what I want to do, where is our agreement?”

“When I said that this is a deal? You’re the one who said it!” The voice nevertheless continued speaking: “I will say again. Among my wishes, one of them was to have a disciple!”

“You…” Xiao Chen opened his eyes, stunned; he didn’t know what to say.

“Good. Frankly speaking, you are going to be my only and sole disciple. So how could I let you enter into a pit of fire? If you recognize me as your master, then you would gain only benefits!” That voice laughed.

“Good, I recognize you as my master!” Xiao Chen was thinking that he has no other choice but to only rely on this spirit. He trained more than ten years without effect. If there are other methods, he would have used them long ago!

“Good. Before becoming a disciple there is the ceremony. Forget about escaping, I can’t come out from your body and you can’t worship yourself!” Hearing that, Xiao Chen was fully satisfied: “You can call me master or Tian Lao.”

“Master, what should I do now? This precipice… How I can go back?” Since Xiao Chen naturally accepted this Tian Lao as his master, he was no longer confused.

“You don’t have to worry about returning!” Tiao Lao nevertheless said: “My spiritual force is already weak, but I can make you able to temporarily fly over the precipice but then I would exhaust all of my remaining spiritual force. Afterwards, I will enter into hibernation.”


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