Chapter 40 – Young Lady’s Princess Syndrome

“But you can use it.” After Ye Xiaoye finished speaking, she no longer paid any attention to Xiao Chen. Instead, she began to fiddle around with earthenware pot to brew medicine, preparing to boil the medicinal stew.

Xiao Chen did not expect Ye Xiaoye to speak these words and could not help but gratefully say: “Thank you, for the next few days I will be learning how to cook. Therefore, we will have to eat instant noodles for a few days. Wait for when I finish learning, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Since Ye Xiaoye was magnanimous, Xiao Chen naturally felt a need to release some good intentions. After all, they were all living under one roof and Xiao Chen did not want to make their relationship so stiff.

“Oh…” Ye Xiaoye seemed to think little of it, faintly responding. She did not raise her head, but carefully fiddled around with her pot of herbs.

Very quickly, the hot water was ready. Xiao Chen infused it into two bowls of instant noodles, carried it into the living room and gave one bowl to Cheng Mengying, the other bowl to himself. He opened up the lid, then ate it up like a tornado sweeping through a city.

Cheng Mengying slowly opened up the lunch box lid and ate the noodles in small mouthfuls. It really didn’t need to be mentioned, but the taste of the instant noodles was good. However, hearing Xiao Chen eating the noodles with a ‘Hulu hulu’ sound, she suddenly was a bit angry: “Hey, in front of this Young Lady, can’t you act like a gentleman? No wonder the engagement was broken off. From your behavior, who would want to marry you?”

“Pu…” Xiao Chen sprayed out a mouthful of noodles and they directly went into the Young Lady’s lunch box: “Cough cough…you were the one to break off the engagement. Didn’t you just now know that I eat a meal well? Listening to your tone, it seems like the one who broke off the engagement was other people?”

“Xiao Chen, I want to kill you!” Cheng Mengying could not manage the matter of breaking of the engagement regardless. When she looked down at the lunch box in her hands, which hung out half of the noodles that Xiao Chen sprayed out, Cheng Mengying’s eyes sprayed out fire: “How am I going to eat this?”

“Eh……sorry……” Xiao Chen helplessly scratched his head, could this be blamed on him? If Cheng Mengying had not said those strange words, would he laugh?

“What use does sorry have?” Cheng Mengying had just been eating happily, feeling that the taste wasn’t bad. Now there was no way to eat, unless she wanted to eat Xiao Chen’s saliva.

“I’ll eat this, I’ll make you another bowl.” Xiao Chen had not eaten his fill. With his appetite, one package would not do. After he finished speaking, he took the lunch box out of the Young Lady’s hands and directly poured it into his bowl, then walked towards the kitchen while eating.

When Cheng Mengying heard that Xiao Chen was going to make her another bowl of noodles, much of the anger in her heart dissipated: “This Young Lady will give you a chance to make up for it. Do not put the vegetables package into the instant noodles, dried food is not delicious!”

Cheng Mengying happened to not like eating the vegetable package that came along with instant noodles, so this time he could save some trouble.

However, looking at Xiao Chen eat with relish, Cheng Mengying suddenly discovered something wrong and angrily said: “Xiao Chen, you are taking advantage of me!”

“?” Xiao Chen was a bit confused, thinking in his heart ‘how did I take advantage of you’: “I bought the instant noodles, so eat two bags can’t be said that I took advantage of you, right?”

“You……you you you you……” Cheng Mengying did not know how to explain and choked on words for a long time, then only said: “You want to indirectly kiss me!”

“Haa?!” Listening to the Young Lady’s marvelous explanation, Xiao Chen understood at that moment. ‘So eating the Young Lady’s leftovers is an indirect kiss?’ Xiao Chen immediately did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“You go to a hotel to sleep, can’t you understand that many people go there to have sex?1” Ye Xiaoye happened to walk out of the kitchen, in order to go to the refrigerator to take out things. Upon hearing Cheng Mengying’s words, she suddenly coldly said: “Don’t use ignorance as personality.”

“You……you you you you!” After Cheng Mengying heard Ye Xiaoye’s words, she was immediately angered speechless: “Xiao Chen, explain for this Young Lady!”

“Beyond ordering other people, what can you do?” Ye Xiaoye took an unknown package from inside the refrigerator’s storage box, then removed a small fruit. After taking it out she put the package back inside the refrigerator and turned around back to the kitchen.

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When had Cheng Mengying ever received such anger? This Ye Xiaoye was truly bad, ever since they had moved in, she was in direct opposition for everything for these two days. If it went on for a long time, Cheng Mengying really feared that she would be angered to death!

Xiao Chen finished eating the noodles, washed the Young Lady’s lunch box clean, heated up some water, and remade the Young Lady’s instant noodles. Just as Ye Xiaoye came back into the kitchen, Xiao Chen could not help but say: “Ye Xiaoye, I have no problems with Mengying’s commands. I am her servant and these things are what I should be doing.”

“Miserable wretch.” Ye Xiaoye’s eyes flashed with a trace of contempt: “There are still people who want to be the servant of others.”

Xiao Chen could not help but bitterly laugh, it wasn’t that he liked being Cheng Mengying’s servant, but rather, he did not have any other means! Moreover, if it wasn’t for Cheng Mengying sheltering him, he would not have any idea on what to do. But these secrets, Xiao Chen could not explain them to Ye Xiaoye, so he only shrugged and laughed: “Everyone has their own helplessness. You can’t change your life, only adapt to it.”

Ye Xiaoye’s expression slightly changed, but she did not say anything. Instead, she took the small fruit she removed from the refrigerator and threw it into the medicinal stew that was brewing in the earthenware pot. Almost instantly, the kitchen was filled with the smell of herbs.

The medicinal stew’s smell was naturally a strong bad smell. ‘If this Young Lady’s instant noodles is polluted by the medicinal stew smell, then the smooth and fragrant flavor from before will be gone.’ This made Cheng Mengying reveal some dissatisfaction. Throwing the lunch box out of her hands, she shouted towards the direction of the kitchen: “Some people truly do not have public spirit. This house is shared, but someone actually messes around and wants to give others a dirty flavor. Do you want to smoke others to death? If you want to boil medicine, go to your own house to boil, don’t affect others!”

But what made Cheng Mengying dumbfounded was that Ye Xiaoye actually walked out of the kitchen. She coldly looked at Cheng Mengying’s eyes, went back in to unplug the power from the earthenware pot and came out of the kitchen holding the earthenware pot……

Cheng Mengying was shocked. This Ye Xiaoye wouldn’t be crazy enough to soak her with that pot of boiling medicine, right? However, Ye Xiaoye did not stay. Not fearing any burns, she directly went to carry the earthenware pot upstairs. After a moment, there was a sound of a closing door upstairs. It was obvious that Ye Xiaoye had brought the medicinal stew to her room!

This move made Xiao Chen a little surprised, but now it seemed that Ye Xiaoye was not an unreasonable person. As long as it was wrong, she would modestly comply.

Just, this suffering hardships Young Lady Cheng Mengying, with great difficulty, had found a reason to attack Ye Xiaoye, but the result was like punching cotton. Ye Xiaoye really modestly complied. She went back to her room to brew medicine, but the Young Lady did not have even a little sense of victory.

“Hmph!” Cheng Mengying picked up the lunch box and continued to eat. However, Cheng Mengying was gnashing her teeth as if the noodles inside the box were Ye Xiaoye.

Xiao Chen felt that Young Lady Cheng at the moment was very lovable. If he had understood her at an earlier time, perhaps he would like her very much right? After all, this proud disposition was very lovable and Princess Syndrome could be understood……

But the current Xiao Chen was clear about his position. He wasn’t Xiao Family’s Young Master anymore and the relationship with Cheng Mengying was only the one between a master and servant, thus Xiao Chen could not have any improper ambitions.

He did not want to anger Cheng Old Master before making clear of the mastermind behind the scenes. That old man was still immersing in the pain of losing a child and although Xiao Chen’s treatment was a bit undeserved, it could be understood. Who could be calm with a dead son?

After the Young Lady finished eating the instant noodles, she looked at Xiao Chen’s eyes, then said: “I am going to go upstairs……to sleep, you can rest.”

“He he, okay.” Xiao Chen knew that Cheng Mengying feared thinking about last night’s matter, but Xiao Chen cleverly did not mention it. If it was before, when he was still Cheng Mengying’s fiance, then Xiao Chen would not mind being a bit ambiguous with Cheng Mengying, but right now, it would be asking for trouble.

After Xiao Chen brushed the Young Lady’s lunch box clean, he casually picked a room downstairs and put all of his clothes into the closet. Because he was not at home last night, Xiao Chen did not have any time to organize his luggage.

Of course, the room Xiao Chen picked was a room relatively close to the villa’s door. As long as the villa entrance had the slightest sign of trouble, Xiao Chen would discover it first. After all, Xiao Chen currently has a Spiritual Force that others cannot match up to.

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After appropriately tidying everything up, Xiao Chen sat cross-legged on the bed and started revolving the “Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra” mental mantra, beginning his cultivation for the night.


Inside Songning City’s First People’s Hospital ward, Lou Zhenming and Shou Hou sat opposite to Ma Gangmen’s bed, anxiously waiting for Lei Dianfeng’s message.

All of the sudden, a rapid ringtone resounded from his cellphone. Lou Zhenming quickly picked up the cellphone: “Teacher Lei.”

“Young Master Ming, not good, Vicious Wolf died!” Lei Dianfeng voice was a bit anxious: “Just now, some news arrived. Vicious Wolf died in a small alleyway!”

“What?!Vicious Wolf died? How can this be? Didn’t he go to kill Xiao Chen? Could it be that Xiao Chen is an expert?” After Lou Zhenming heard this piece of news, he was suddenly very startled. He would have never thought that would Vicious Wolf die. How could a Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior not cope with an ordinary person that had strength less than a First Layer Inner Qi?

“It wasn’t Xiao Chen’s kill. The person who killed Vicious Wolf has an unknown identity, but evidently, his strength is about the same as Vicious Wolf because there are two bodies at the scene. From this scene, it should be that both people perished together. There are traces of fighting on the scene that perfectly match along with their injuries!” Lei Dianfeng said. After all, although Xiao Chen had dealt the last fatal blow, because Xiao Chen only punched once and due to these people’s impressions, they naturally ignored Xiao Chen’s presence.

“Who such minds other people’s business? Could it be that Xiao Chen has an expert on his side?” Lou Zhenming frowned. One has to know, Vicious Wolf’s strength was not weak. However, since this man perished along with Vicious Wolf, he was at least a Third Layer Inner Qi expert.

Moreover, Vicious Wolf had an underground boxing boxer background. He was an outlaw that dared to fight with his life on line. If one wanted to behead Vicious Wolf, anyone under Third Layer Inner Qi would be finished for!


  1. TLN: No idea…here’s what she says: “你去賓館睡覺,是不是可以理解為和很多人間接上床了?” 

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