Chapter 6 – The News from Campus Spread Too Fast

“Did you hear? That trash Xiao Chen committed suicide by jumping off a cliff!” This had quickly spread around campus and at this moment, people who knew Xiao Chen had formed smalls groups to discuss it.

“Did you hear the news about Xiao Chen?” After a student had heard the news, he said loudly “If I was expelled from my family, was a useless trash and was exposed of spending money on match-fixing, I would have also committed suicide!”

“Yes, without the blessing from his family, Xiao Chen is just trash…No that’s not right, even trash is better than what he is!” Another student joined in. Those students who were jealous of Xiao Chen previously, had now started to berate him.

“Xiao…Xiao Chen committed suicide?” Lin Keer had just entered the room and heard her classmates discussing the news of Xiao Chen. After hearing another group discuss it, her face paled as she continued to listen.

“Yes!” An admirer of Lin Keer replied as he paid no attention to her reaction. “But it’s great news! That ******* Xiao Chen won’t be able to harass you and now you’re free to be pursued by others!”

The adorers name was Dou Xiaonan. He was the young master of a medium sized family, who felt he was superior to others. But before the news of Xiao Chen, he would not dare act this way around him. To him, Lin keer had become Xiao Chen’s private goods, but now that he’s gone, he’s able to pursue her. ⌈1

“Who…Who said this?” Lin Keer looked at Dou Xiaonan as if he was lying. She couldn’t believe that Xiao Chen had committed suicide, she had just talked to him a few hours ago. How could he do this?

“It is said that a taxi driver had dropped him off at Longshan cliff.” Dou Xiaonan knew these were just rumours, but in his heart he wished that it was the truth. Adding fuel to the fire, he looked at Lin Keer and said “After the basketball tournament, Xiao Chen went to eat but had no money. This resulted in Cheng Mengying paying for his meal, this would have dealt a huge blow to Xiao Chen’s pride. In which he asked the driver to drop him off at Longshan Cliff and then jumped off.

Dou Xiaonan saw that this news had shaken Lin Keer. He had thought that it was because she was too happy that Xiao Chen had died and felt relieved.

As Lin Keer listened to Dou Xiaonan, her mind had gone blank. She did not dislike Xiao Chen, on the contrary she was very grateful towards him. Even if Xiao Chen had pestered her by pursuing her, he had not made it difficult for her at all, nor did he do anything to embarrass her.

Xiao Chen was her saviour, could he not overcome what had happened to him? Lin Keer could not understand, even if he wasn’t a part of the Xiao family, he could have become outstanding through his own efforts.

“Lin Keer, why do you not speak? Is it because you are too happy?” Dou Xiaonan thought that she was happy to hear the news and to be able to chat with him. But he would never expect that she was lost on how to handle what had just happened.

Lin Keer started crying, she could not accept it! Not because she liked Xiao Chen, but because she though Xiao Chen was a good person.

“Dou Xiaonan…. Is what you said the truth?” Another student asked as he overheard their conversation.

Of course! That taxi driver is always waiting outside our school’s entrance. He’s here every day, if you don’t believe me go ask him yourself.” Vowed Dou Xiaonan.

Cheng Mengying had also heard of the news regarding Xiao Chen. But her first reaction was not to talk about it with other but doubt it. Even if Xiao Chen committed suicide, how would the news spread so quickly?

She did not believe that the taxi driver would wait for Xiao Chen after he had been dropped off at Longshan Cliff. That he would leisurely watch him jump off the cliff. This made Cheng Mengying not believe what she had heard.

Certainly the news about Xiao Chen was false. Though she did not like the relation between her and Xiao Chen, she still knew the personality of the playboy. Even though Xiao Chen paid no attention to her in the slightest and pursued other women, she still knew of his mischievous actions. ⌈2

“Daydreaming about Xiao Chen?” Shen Jingxuan jokingly said. She was one of Cheng Mengying’s friends and had witnessed Xiao Chen harass a girl. Shen Jingxuan did not belong to one of the nine families, but from a mystical family. This made her the object of pursuit by sons from influential families.

Unlike Cheng Mengying who had a cold personality, she was warm to everyone, making people feel like spring’s breeze had swept over them.

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“What do you think about the news? With this you will have lost a suitor, meaning less trouble for you.” Cheng Mengying did not want to admit that Xiao Chen had also pursued Shen Jingxuan, while he was engaged to her.

“I hope that the rumours are false, Xiao Chen was already born with bad luck.” Though Shen Jingxuan was concerned, she did not hold Xiao Chen in a special place. ⌈3

Cheng Mengying knows Shen Jingxuan’s personality, in truth, she also hoped that Xiao Chen has not died. Even though she dejected the engagement between her and Xiao Chen, as Shen Jingxuan said, he simply had bad luck. ⌈4

If were not for his grandfather, Xiao Chen would not be so unrestrained. Therefore Cheng Mengying always felt gratitude towards Xiao Chen, however did he ever put her in his eyes? ⌈5

Shaking her head, Cheng Mengying walked over to the book shelve to read and to forget about these things.

While the news was spreading around school, Xiao Chen had started to run back. This journey required him to run over twenty kilometres, though it would be difficult for normal people, every night for the past ten years he exercised to try cultivate his inner-energy. This naturally made his body very strong, if not he would be dead before he ran the whole way.

Certainly he could run halfway and use the remaining $40 or so dollars for a taxi. But currently Xiao Chen needed the money, so he continued to run. ⌈6

After sometime, Xiao Chen had made it to the school. To his surprise, the first person he bumped into was Chen Jingpeng!


  1. TLN: Dou Xiaonan = Small South 
  2. TLN: Slightly veered off from original translation. But made it in a way that made more sense as it previously disrupted the flow. 
  3. TLN: Referring to him not being able to cultivate inner-energy as “born with bad luck” 
  4. TLN: When it says “she also hopes…” It’s referring to her (Cheng Mengying). 
  5. TLN: Basically Xiao Chen not making trouble for her, thus her gratitude. 
  6. TLN: Remember, saving money is key! 

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